Unimportant Rants Volume 1

Here's our first 23 rants, full of stupid humor and potty mouths. This is where it began!

Unimportant Rants Volume I

Men vs. Women Who's the boss? -by Mike
Is it really worth it? -By Mike
You Know what I don't Get...? - By Brandon
Weekly Rant 12/21/01 -By Clay
If I were a cartoon... -By Mike
I Hate you LoL -By Brandon
Rubba dub dub, I HATE the tub -By Mike
Coca~Cola you've done it again! By-Mike
How's the weather up there? -By Clay
Xmas and moving...ON WEED -by Josh
Warning: Deals with Fingers and Butts -By Mike
Casto the hutt? -By Josh
Merry Osama Hating Christmas -By Josh
Random Thoughts -By Mike
Bovine Bullies... -By Mike
You don't want none of U.S. -By Mike
Go to my site! -By Brandon
2001, A year in Review -By Mike
If the Prez. was my dawg... -By Mike
I got a clown bike. I'm big pimpin' -by Josh
I hate annoying repetative Midi Music! -By Mike
We're Sorry -By Mike
Penile Complaints -By Clay