How things get dirty


Question. How many of you do chores? Just about all of us right? RIGHT. And a bet a good mAny of us have to clean. Clean the Bathroom, our room, living room, whatever. Ever notice that in the eyes of your mother, IT'S ALWAYS DIRTY! Now, my version of clean is everything is picked up, room looks neat, smells good, and there are no stains. But apparently, THAT'S NOT CLEAN ENOUGH! That's right, in my mothers eyes, clean is better than what I do. I write this right after having to clean the tub so my sister SISTER can take a bath. Two things struck me odd here. 1) Why do I have to clean for her and 2) Why can't she take a shower? Now, I had juSt gave the bathroom a FULL CLEANING 3 days before. I had taken 2 showers since. HOW THE HELL IS IT DIRTY? It looked clean to me. Infact, I think more dirt came off the sponge than that was oiriginally in the tub to begin with! It's takem me 10 minutes to start writing this and my sister still is not in the bath. I'll probably have to clean it again before she takes one. Jeeze, I just get in, stand under the water, wash in this order, face, hair, crotch, done. Hop out, dry in very same order, and I'm clean. Plus, isn't the tub really self ceaning? If you use soap (not the bar, I hate the bar. Use liquid soap, feels better) then it sould clean itself. So if My sister needs a clean tub to bathe in, I say, CLEAN IT YOURSELF!!