The Legend of Fat an



Let me make myself clear. I HATE LOL! It's overused, and it's annoying! I'm talking to people, and after everything they say, there's that dang 'LOL'! IS IT REALLY THAT FUNNY!?!? What's so funny? It can just come out of the blue.

ShyguyFmont: Hey Man

AnnoyingGuy: Oh hey

AnnoyingGuy: LoL

WHAT WAS THE POINT OF SAYING LOL? People laugh when there is something funny, something embarrassing, or when they are CRAZY! Are you crazy!? Laughng at every little thing. lol lol lol LoL LoL LOL LOF'NL!!! It's driving me insane! People, use it when you're really laughing! Same think with the 'k' and 'oic' bull. I love the internet, it's the only place where the word 'ok' is to long to type, so we use 'k'! And 'oic'. I didn't know what the heck this was until I looked at it for a while. 'Oh, I see' WHY CAN'T YOU JUST TYPE THAT!?!? Do me a favor, next time you see someoneuse 'LoL' 'K' or 'OIC' SMACK THE LIVING HELL OUT OF THEM! I'm pretty sure Osama uses them, you wunna be like Osama? Do ya?