Year 2001 in Review

p It's 2002 and we an't never gunna stop!

Last night I rang in the new year by being the first person to say Buger Snot in 2002. I have held that record for over 4 years.

But Anyway, we're here to take a look back at 2001.

Now, I don't have a whole lot of memory about 2001, since it was pretty hectic for me. So I'll just go over a few of the finer points of 2001

first and foremost, President Bush. But to do Bush. We must look at it two ways. Before and After Sept. 11. Before, Bush was an idiot who used words like 'coincidancal' and 'furthersuch.' I remember one quote of his was 'Hardly is the question asked 'is our children learning?' Well... Then there's after Sept. 11. Now Bush is a leader, a hero, a man in the face of danger. Hey, that sounds like another person we all know!

Rudolph Giuliani, the Times Person of the Year. I remember back when He was Broke cuz his woman took all his stuff. And then Sept. 11 rolled around.

I guess our entire year revolved around Sept. 11. Before, we had things like Gary Condit and Shark attacks, then a couple Planes came along, and now we're an Eagle ready to strike. I remember back when people talked trash about America, and now, we're all on the same topic:

We're all pissed

If you ask me, 2001 was to long. 2002 should go by much faster. and yeah, I know this wasn't much of a look back, but I just got down looking at a strobe light with Clay and Brandon for an hour and a half. I'm more than a little dizzy, and my ass hurts from sitting here for so long. So read this, shove in your ass, maybe enjoy it, maybe not, I don't care. I'm trying to run a decent site but you people aren't making it easy!