No More Osama, and X-mas tales!

For crying out loud, people; the Osama crap is over…so Stop JOKEING ABOUT IT!!!

Really people, this Osama thing is getting even more homosexually retarded than that Jingle Bells Batman Smells thing in 2nd grade…(and by the way…Batman rules and is WAAYY better than Superman or that green guy with the ring). The first week it was hilarious, the second, pretty funny, the third, ok, I've heard the Taliban Song on WVAQ already too, the fourth, it….well it got pretty funny again, the fifth, downright queer. Just stop it, OK?! We all know that Osama is a sociopathic happy boy that trains his little assassin sons with Arcade Flight Simulators in his caves to kamikaze on hapless US monuments, but who needs him? I can make plenty of jokes on just about anything else……uhhh……like Mike!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Take THAT MIKE!!!! YOU COCA COLA ADDICT!!! J/K…

Well, anyways, that's all I really have to say. Weeeel, maybeee not.

I have some funny stories for your listening pleasure of this past week. See, I was at the Mall in Bridgeport looking for the perfect present for Mike, which by the way is (whisper, whisper) and does not flip it's middle finger on remote command, but is still interesting in it's own right. I was then tempted by the greasy, delicious aroma OF Long John Silver's Fish and Chicken Combo Meals that are soaked in grease and the tender loving care of the illiterate teenage skanks that prepare them. Ok, so I go up and order the #4 meal with 2 chickens and 1 fish. And I am waiting……yep….waitin…. After about a minute, I noticed that for a measly .99, you could add three succulent Shrimp to your order for a limited holiday time. I quickly halted the impatient teenage skank and stated that I would like to shrimpisize my meal. She scowled at me as if I was the devil himself. I was all like "back up, Beeotch, and hook me up wit soma dem dayum sharimp along wit my extra greasy silver's meal deal!!" Then, embarrassed, I exclaimed, "I didn't just say that out loud, did I?" It was…not fun… I tell you what, when those mall cops take you behind In those back rooms for interrogation, it is cold. Plus the one guy had a huge booger in his nose and I could not stop staring at it, or laughing for that matter. I could tell you about taking the trucks off my skateboard and trying to snowboard on it, but I am sure you are ready to settle down for a long winter's nap, so merry xmas to all, and to all a good night!!!