Annoying repetative Midi music

Do you hate annoying repetative Midi music too?

I like visiting web sites, I do. See what all is going on, but you know what I cant stand? If you guessed 'Annoying repetative Midi Music,' then you've been paying attention... By the way, don't you just hate the one you're hearing now? Isn't that annoying? Now think, what if my whole page was like this... Would you ever come back? NO! I would destory this page if it sounded like that. The high pitched squeal of a keyboard over my turned up speakers is enough to make vomit come out my nose and blood run down my ears.

And all the sites made with excite, with the moving letters and the hippie backgrounds... I hate those pages. The people that make them always talk about temselves and add pointless graphics all over the place. Question, why would people go back to those sites? How much can you know about one person? I was thinking about adding a few profile pages for me, Brandon, Clay, Josh, rizzo, zack, and brady (have since). But then I thought, 'Who cares who we are?' All anyone needs to know is that we are very pissed off.

For all who care, I just got done with my 5th coke in the period of 15 minutes

But I'm getting off topic, the anoying repetative Midi music must stop! We must lay waste to any site with Midi music that is to loud and funkless. If you need music, get some good music. James Brown is always good for sites. Okay, I'm out, take care and bite me!

P.S. Give to your Local Hookers, they need the money!