Uncle Sam

Okay, Uncle Sam's Pissed

As I was laying in my bed around 4 o'clock last night, sore from a long day of sledding, I saw a comercial for a Pearl Harbor coin. And I thought to myself, 'Ha, that just pissed Uncle Sam off!' That got me thinking. In every war we have ever been in, someone thought they could sneek up and mess with us. The Revolutionary war, Britian tried to Tax us. Kicked them in the balls. World War I, Germany tried to take over the world, kicked them and their buddies in the balls. World War II, Japan thought it would be cool to bomb Pearl Harbor. Boom, Kicked them in the balls, and Germany's again. So now comes along old Afganistan. Now, looking at our track record, Messing with us is not a good Idea, but what dose the genius Osama do? He drives a few planes into us. Okay, now we're REALLY pissed. Like knocking over a few buildings is really going to hurt us. Good 'ol Uncle Sam just stands up, dusts off, puts a band-aid on his cut, and is ready to kick some balls again. So come on Iraq, try something, see what happens. I dare anyone to mess with us. We're big, bad, and have a bitchin' temper. When we find Osama, I know we'll have a punishment much worse that death in store for him. Just like everyone else who messed with us. Now, I know this wasn't as funny as some of the others, but jeeze, I needed to write it. I know Osama has the Internet. SCREW YOU BIN LADEN! Time for Uncle Sam to kick some ass and take some names!