Cheap gifts

p Spencers, you go some 'splainin' to do!

Well, I have just recieved two christmas presents from friends. Hemroid cream from my dear friend Brandon, and an electronic middle finger from another friend we'll call A. Rizzo. No no, that's to obvious. Anthony R. That's better. As I type this I continue to press the remote button for the finger. Brandon's hemroid cream came after I gave him a pair of womans underear for his birthday a year ago. They were nice underwear too. I would have gotten him a thong, but think of what I would look like checking out! To be fair, he also got me movie tickets and candy canes. But he knows I'm addicted to candy canes! I'm trying to quit. I'm on a dependancy of Candy Canes, Coca~Cola and chips. I'm on a downward spiral! But man, this finger toy is cool as hell!! The remote option is bitchin'! I'm going to make a dummy and put the hand on it. Then I'm going to to set it outside my house and use it on passing cars. Man, old Mrs. Higinbotham sure will be supprised! HA! So to sum this thing up. I got a few presents and wrote about them. SO I have waste about a minute of your life. GO ME!