Casto the Hutt

Butcher Butcher, eeeeee, ha ha!!

Why Mrs. Casto could truly be Jabba the Hutt in disguise…. Let's review the facts first….

1. Mrs. Casto seems to talk in many racial slurs when she is poorly insulting someone for their lack of intelligence. She mixes all them together and it comes out as a "bow-shoo-dah," which is a common Hutt phrase for, "I have potato chips in my back." She most usually has this problem. Well, you could just create a racial slur by saying "racial slure" slure, sllure, salure, sluuurrr…..

2. Hutts have big eyes. Casto may look like one of those fat, squinty teachers, but she actually uses those glasses to magnify her eye's size to that of a Hutt's. She is normally as blind as a bat, as Mike and I have gotten away with several schemes without her noticing so much as our arms containing half of the chapter before a test.Note from Mike: It's true

3. Hutts have little or no feet and therefore don't wear shoes a lot… I rest my case on that matter…

4. The Body proportions are identical - 10,000x10,000x10,000 The perfect size for a Hutt. I have also discovered many remains of small animals and rodents that have wandered into her ravenous grasp and have been cast aside in a long, Chicken Pot Pie box under her desk…. And she says that the smell is the garbage….HA!!!

5. She says she lives out in the middle of nowhere to conceal her whereabouts. Every night she returns to the Mothership to suck up life giving rays of her planet's artificial light source to sustain her for another day. The hills of West Virginia are the only places secluded enough to hide her massive bod……I mean, Ship.

6. Whoppers with extra nasty Onions are the Hutts' main food source. She eats one almost everyday.

7. People dodn't die in CAR WRECKS…It's Casto's feeding time and she needs to eat anything…even a moving car. She spits up the remains.

8. She has a little pet friend like on the Star Wars Trilogy, and that my friends, is a creature in the disguise of Ms. Butcher. Frequently, after school, you can hear them reciting fiendish chants such as "Escachone-ka-kemalia" and "Butcher, Butcher, eeeee, ha ha!!!!"

As you can see, almost all the evidence points to Casto. Please help us in this desperate attempt to save the world. Please send Cash or Money Orders only to: THE UNITED MARCH AGAINST HUTTS DISGUISED AS FAT ALGEBRA TEACHERS 1695 Mary Lou Retton Dr. Fairmont, WV 26554

Act now before the Skate shop gets sold out of Bam Mar-----I mean,…before she takes over!!!!!!!!