Is it really worth it?

Well? Is it worth it?

Christmas is finally here. Well, if you looked, Christmas was here is October... Don't get me wrong, Christmas is my 2nd favorite holiday next to Halloween. But is all the Christmas hype really worth it? Everywhere I go it's Santa this, Christmas that, Buy Buy BUY! Now let's think about this. A foriegn man with a beard flying around and coming into our homes while we sleep... Is this really what we want? I mean, santa's a bum. He comes into our house and eats our cookies! I'm going to stay up this year and kick santa right in his ornaments if he touches my fruit by the foot. He's vulger too. Running around yelling for his hos... I mean, what kind man lives with a bunch of midgets and make 'toys'. I think Santa's got some issues. And all the guy brings me is clothes, Why doesn't he bring me someting I can use, like an anti-Osama missle. Or maybe a cheese ray! We glorify this day of Jesus' birth. My quetion is, if the wise men brougt Jesus gold and riches, WHY DID THEY STAY IN THE MANGER? And how did a fat man get assosiated with Christ? So if you ask me what my favorite part of Christmas is, I'd have to say, no, not the presents, but the food! Oh Glorious food! Thank You lord for haveing such great food on your Birthday! So to sum it up, Santa scary, Bigfoot hairy, Manger's crued, I love food.