We're Sorry

We're sorry

Recently, I've been getting a few words and messages about the language use on our site. Although I have had many people compliment on the rants and opinions on this page, a minority has spoken about the use of words that might offend them or others. So I shall now issue the following statement.

We're fricking sorry that we fricking fricked up your fricking lives. Our fricking site takes full responsibility for what we fricking put on it or fricking wish to fricking say. If you no fricking longer wish to view the fricking site with it's fricking language, I will soon create a fricking mirror site for a fricking cleaner fricking page. But before I fricking do that, I will need to know what you fricking think about it. So fricking talk to me or fricking E-mail me your suggestions. I'm sure yo will make a fricking difference in the way this fricking site look in the fricking future. Thank you so fricking much.