Men vs. Women. Oh boy..

The age old confentation. Stick Wo- infront of man and you get a whole new lifeform... The differences go far deeper than just the outward appearence, oh yes. Men are lazy animals who like things their way and when they want it. Women are active, always pissed about something, and never want to do anything for a man. Case in point, a man drops the remote. He'll spend half an hour trying to reach it without getting up. We're so lazy we'll just watch whatever's on instead of getting up and turning the channel ourselfs. The buttons on the TV are meaningless to us. Women drop the remote, hell has broken loose... Not only wil they pick upthe remote, hey will pick up everything else in the room, or yell at men and make them pick it up. Women see us men as pets, which we basically ae. All we need is food, water, and a place to sleep and men can stay pretty happy. Women, they need it all. Every electronic devise that cost more than it's worth, they need. You ever see a man in a commercial for a foot massager? NO! Take my father. My father was once fixing the washer my mother had broken, shocked himself and got a cut 2 inches into his hand. Did he cry and go to the hospital? No, He duct taped his hand back up and fixed the washer because my mother told him to. Woman have us men whipped. They ask for expensive diamonds for Christmas, we ask for tools and get clothes. Women want to stay thin and sexy, men, after a certain point, don't care and get fat. Usually a beer belly. We have to drink to muffle woman yelling at us. THE DEATH STARE! The death stair is used by women to control Men. We've all seen it


and it always happens when men are doing somthing we're not suppose to do. Like talk. Or even worse, Talk to our friends! Men of America, it is time to revolt against our woman slave holders an take back our right to behave like men! Be rude! Be stupid! Watch football during dinner! BE A MAN!!!