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Okay peons, It's time...

Well, After being attacked by a bobcat while sledding wit Mike, I'm back (as if ya missed me) and will try to update more. One thing bothers me. Mike and I need your help! You must link our page to yours, tell your friends about us, we must become popular. I think it's a Napoleon complex, but I must be number 1! So, I came up with a little treat for ya, well, Mike made it, but I stole it as he ate Cheeze Balls and watched a cheers rerun! HA! So here it is, our stealable linking button!

take the and put it on your site with our link by it, or even embedded for you web-heads out there. And you people without webs, E-mail your friends and tell them to go and take a peek at our childish behavior if your know us in real life, you know this is just the tip of the ice burg. So come back often as updates will continue again! Hey, and sign the guest book you lazy bums!!!