Card Captor Sakura Stories

Stories by Chibi Nuriko

Tomoyo's Moving On?

When Tomoyo finds a new love intrest, will her feelings for Sakura finally fade? Or will it only cause Sakura to realize her true feelings for her best friend?

Etai no Shirenai Ren'ai Kankei

Young love can be a confusing thing, especially for Sakura. When she finally realizes her feelings for Tomoyo how will she go about telling her?

Ren'ai Yuugi

Once in high school Tomoyo tells Sakura her feelings once more, hoping this time she'll understand them, but how will Sakura take the news?

Why Not Me?

Sakura recalls the time when Tomoyo confessed her love to her and how they grew apart and her realizing her true feelings for her best friend.

Trying To Let Go
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

A small glimpse into Tomoyo's thoughts about Sakura and Sakura's possible relationship with Syaoran.

Stories by Kamui Ikari


After Sakura has a dream about Tomoyo leaving she decides it's time to tell her best friend of her true feelings.


When Sakura gets a chance to study in America she's hoping that Tomoyo will give her a reason to stay in Japan.

You and Me Together
Part 1
Part 2

Tomoyo gets sick while the Truth card appears. Sakura in the meantime is forced to discover her true feelings for Tomoyo before the Truth card kills her best friend.

Christmas Gift

A sweet story about how the holidays bring Tomoyo and Sakura to admit their true feelings to each other.

We Meet Again

As Tomoyo and Sakura enter college their friendship suffers and Tomoyo leaves Japan to travel the world.

The End and Begining of Life and Love
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Just as Tomoyo is considering telling Sakura her true feelings something happens to her and Sakura must realize Tomoyo's feelings on her own.

Card Captor Kakumei

What happens when you cross Shoujo Kakumei Utena and Card Captor Sakura? Read on to find out...

Stories by Amazoness Duo

The Jealousy Card

The Jealousy card appears causing Tomoyo, Sakura and Li to turn on each other. Once Sakura figures it out she decides it's time to finally choose between Li and Tomoyo.

The End

A sorta sad poem about Sakura from Tomoyo's point of view.

Sleeping Beauty

Tomoyo is put into a sleep by the dream card so she'll be protected from her misery over Sakura. Sakura meanwhile stuggles to find Tomoyo's true love knowing that only a kiss from that person would wake her.

Fallen Horses

Sakura has a bad dream about Tomoyo and when she wakes up she regrets how she acted when Tomoyo told her of her true feelings. Worried about her best friend she rushes to Tomoyo's and hopes she's not too late in realizing how she feels...

Empty Coffin

A sad short from Tomoyo's point of veiw.

Final Heaven

A kawaii story about Tomoyo and Sakura in the future.

Stories by Samuraiheart

One Wish

It's Tomoyo's birthday but the celebration doesn't leave when the guests do. Sakura finally gives Tomoyo the present she's waited for all her life.


A sad songfic about Tomoyo's feelings for Sakura from her point of view.

I Could Not Ask For More

Another songfic from Tomoyo's point of view as she thinks about her and Sakura's relationship together.

Stories by Ricardo Chirino

Just Love Me

Tomoyo decides to finally tell Sakura of her true feelings and invites her to lunch in the park. Little does she know, Sakura already knows and returns the feelings.


Another short fic about Tomoyo and Sakura..Very Kawaii.. ^^

A Love Story
Chapter 1

A new card arrives one night while Sakura and Tomoyo are spending some time together.

Stories by Clayton Overstreet

The Dream

As Sakura notices something is wrong with Tomoyo the dream card appears and reveals Tomoyo's true feelings to her. (this isn't the complete version. It's intended to be a lemon but I cut that part out as I would like to keep this place hentai free..If you want to read the lemon version email the author. ^^)

Hidden Feelings

After Sakura captures the Sand card, she decides it's time to tell Tomoyo of her true feelings. Little does she know Tomoyo has the same thing in mind.

For The Love Of A Friend

Tomoyo realizes her best friend has a crush on her and is unsure of how to handle it.

A Dance To Remember

Sakura discovers Tomoyo's true feelings for her and decides there's only one way to handle things...But will she be able to love her friend back? (a little lemony type scene thing is in here)


When Sakura and Tomoyo tell their parents of their new relationship they are suprised by their parents harsh reaction to the news.

How Things Really Are

Sakura and Tomoyo spend the weekend together and end up telling Li and Maylin of their relationship.

Stories by Sara Jaye

I'll Have To Tell You I Love You In A Song

Tomoyo tries to find a way to confess her love to Sakura and Sakura realized things that were completly unknown to her before.

Stories by Johann Chua

Sayonra wa, Ame No Hi

A short fic about Tomoyo and Sakura..Kinda sad at first but it's really good.. *nods* Read it..^^;;

Stories by Hinako Shinjo


*sniffles* A very short sad fic from Sakura's point of view as she reveals her feelings for Tomoyo.


A much more happy fic than the last. Tomoyo leaves for a few years and when she returns to Japan something much unexpected happens..


Li-kun breaks up with Sakura when he realizes he has feelings for another girl... What will become of Sakura now?

Stories by E.W. Dowell

Dear Diary

Are Sakura and Tomoyo drifting apart? What does a large blue notebook have to do with all this?

Ever After - Prologue

A good story about what Tomoyo was like before she met Sakura, her first day of school at Tomoeda Elementry, and alot more.

Never Thought of Love

Tomoyo and Meilin fall out of love with Sakura and Li, but in love with two people you'd never guess!

Stories by Avenge X

Her Fate and Her Love

Sakura's a knight? Tomoyo's a princess? Find out what it would be like if these two existed in midevil times.

Stories by Meredith

Conjure Me

Sakura betrays Tomoyo with another, but after a long separation will their love prevail?

Stories by Ashko

Don't Fantasize About Me

If Tomoyo thought Sakura was acting a little weird before they went to sleep, she should wait until morning...

Stories by MSTenoh14

The Road to Passion

Tomoyo remembers exactly why Sakura-chan looks cute in everything. Contains a lemon scene.

Stories by Forever 3330

The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most

Sakura realizes to late that she has always wanted Tomoyo, but how will she make their relationship work at last?

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