Hello everyone! ^-^ This is a weird poem-like thing from Tomoyo's point of view. It's kind of depressing, but I was crying when I wrote it, so that's part of the reason. Anyway, I hope you like it. ^-^ Please tell me what you think!

The End
By Amazoness Duo

Once again, its time for things to come to a close.
This chapter is over, life moves on to the next.
I will never forget you, no matter the pages till the end.
We will always have this dream, no matter the roads ahead.

If that's the case, why I can't I bring myself to close this?
Why can't I agree that this time and place can now rest?
Through tear stained eyes, I shake my head,
Unwilling to say goodbye.
This may be the finale, our last duet,
But please let me pretend a last time that this is when we first
met once more.

There's so much I would tell you, so much I wish to show you in an
outpouring of my heart.
But I'm too choked up with tears to utter a word.
No goodbye greets your sad eyes as you turn to leave.
I will forever regret that, I know now.
If only...

I'm being torn in two, ripped in half.
This can't be the way things are meant to be.
How can I lose my other half now?
The missing piece of my soul, you complete me.
You're my better self.
But why must I be left alone weeping? Broken and half complete?

The cold courses through my body now,
As I watch your receding form.
Now I am truly alone once again.
I wonder if perhaps I was the dream, destined to be forgotten as such.
Or am I the dreamer?
Blessed with you as a beautiful dream.
Cursed to have that pulled from my grasp.

I stand paralyzed with fear.
Both for the new future and for the death of our cherished time together.
Why can't we stay this way forever?
You don't have to go.
You and me, together we'll pretend that our melodies have first crossed
paths all over again.

Through my tears, I see your face.
Why do you tease me?
My lonely heart screams out silently, wishing you were near.
I'd strangle you for leaving, kiss you for being there by my side again.
Sparkles of my tears, no, my shattered dream trickle to the floor,
A crystaline pool of blood as my dream lay dying.
Why must the dreamer awake?
Just one more minute is all I ask.
One more minute with you...