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Sakura looked through her window, and she sighed sadly. She was nineteen years old, she was supposed to be happy but she wasn't. She remembered that she waited five years for him, when she was 11.

After they met again, she said that they'll be together forever, but all ended in nothing. They did many things together but about a year and half later they broke, even though they tried to make their best efforts to fix the relationship, all was over.

After that he returned to Hong Kong, they just said goodbye to each other in the airport, and then he left. She didn't know what to do, she wandered alone that day, and looked for the King Penguin Park, she just sat in one of the clings, with the head bowed and tears falling through her cheeks. She lost the sense of time and it was night, the cold wind blow against her body, she felt cold but didn't care about that.

She didn't notice that somebody was looking for her; she lifted her head to see a girl of the same age as her, with dark long hair and blue eyes. Tomoyo was looking desperately for Sakura, she received a call from Sakura's father, Fujitaka. He told her that Sakura never returned to her home after she went to do something. Then Tomoyo left her house and looked in every place where Sakura could be.

Tomoyo saw Sakura sitting on the cling, and ran to her but she stopped a few meters from her. Tomoyo had a clue about what happened with her. She came closer and put her coat on Sakura. After that she just stood there waiting for Sakura's response.

Sakura clutched the coat as she felt the cold and the understanding look of her friend. Suddenly she stood up and ran to Tomoyo, Tomoyo was surprised but she catches Sakura and put her arms around her. Sakura started to cry, whishing that her friend wouldn't leave her alone.

Tomoyo never left her.

Sakura looked at her nightstand that had a picture of her and Tomoyo, before was a picture of her and him. After that day, Tomoyo took care of her, sometimes she stayed in Sakura's house for weeks. Sakura was so hurt and Tomoyo tried her best to cheer her up. She didn't push Sakura to tell her what happened, but after a few months Sakura told her that she broke with him. Sakura just told that she didn't understand why happened, but she felt that was better end the relationship before going more deeply.

Tomoyo understood everything but inside of her she was blaming herself, she pushed Sakura and Syaoran into the relationship, she knew that Syaoran loved her and that she didn't have a chance to tell Sakura how she felt about her. She said that she'll be happy as Sakura would be happy. But now it seems that she made a mistake. For two weeks she called to Hong Kong searching him, when she finally get him, he said coldly that all is over and he had a new girlfriend now, the only thing he said before finishing the call is that Tomoyo would take care of Sakura, and then silence…

Through months Sakura was better, she finally broke the bond to him, she thought that she would be alone, but Tomoyo was there for her, her father and brother too. With them she never felt alone, she returned to her normal state but she knew that something is different, her heart will never be the same.

She looked at the photo, she and Tomoyo were smiling during the college's festival of the past year. She knew that she will never return what Tomoyo did for her. She wanted to do something for her but Tomoyo said that was okay. She wanted Sakura better, that was enough. Sakura and Tomoyo did many things together, even Sakura offered Tomoyo to stay a month in her house, she was accustomed to have Tomoyo in her house after the break with him. She pleaded to Tomoyo so much and Tomoyo couldn't say no to her, so she stayed on Sakura's house for a month. Sakura was happy and that month was memorable, sometimes she wanted to repeat that again, but she knew that is impossible now.

Due to her study profile, which was better in college than school, she received an invitation for a institute in America. She didn't know what to do, it's very interesting but she knew that if she goes to America, maybe she will never return to Japan.

Could she leave her family and especially Tomoyo behind? Her heart ached at the sound of her best friend's name, she was happy to have Tomoyo at her side. But Sakura returned to her sadly state, she was covering her pain, the pain is not of him, it was a special pain. Sakura thought about to make a decision and finally she decided what to do.

She went to pick the phone and dialed Tomoyo's number and waited for a response. Sonomi picked the phone.

"Hello, Daidouji residence. Sonomi speaking."

"Sonomi-san? It's me Sakura."

"Hi!!! How are you dear?" Sonomi said.

"Fine. Tomoyo-chan is there?" Sakura asked.

"No, she's not home right now" Sonomi said.

"Could you tell her that I will go to America for me, please?" Sakura said quietly.

"Yes, sure" Sonomi said surprised.

"Thanks" Sakura said and hung the phone.

After that she collapsed on the floor and started to cry.

"Please forgive me Tomoyo-chan" Sakura said crying.


When Tomoyo returned to her home, her mother told Sakura's decision. She understood and went to her room, she sat on the floor and remembered.


"What is it, Sakura-chan?" Tomoyo asked.

"It's an envelope. The principal gave me." Sakura said as she held the envelope.

"Open it" Tomoyo said.

Sakura opened the envelope and read the contents.

"It's an invitation… for study on America" Sakura said quietly.

Tomoyo was shocked but she hid it, and congratulated her best friend.

"Congratulations!!! You will go to America!!!" Tomoyo said happily.

Sakura sweatdropped and looked at her friend.

"I don't know Tomoyo-chan, I like to stay here. Stay here with you…" Sakura said.

Tomoyo blushed a little.

"It's nice of you. But at least try to consider it, okay?" Tomoyo said.

"But, why me? You are better than me." Sakura said.

"But my profile lowered, many things did that, I don't mind." Tomoyo said as she put her hands on Sakura's shoulders.

"Sakura, maybe this is the only chance that you have to start a new life. You have a path in front of you that surely will lead you to the true happiness. We could write letters, make phone calls, we will still be friends through the distance. Just think about it, okay?" Tomoyo said.

"I will try." Sakura said.

"It's okay. Let's go to the class" Tomoyo said and they left.


Tomoyo finished reminiscing and the tears started to fall.

"Sakura-chan, I lowered my profile on purpose. I knew I must be the one who would receive the invitation, but I couldn't leave you. I just wanted you happy, for that I pushed you to confess your love for Syaoran. You waited for five years, but the time you two were together didn't reach those five years." Tomoyo said.

She went to her bed and fell over it.

"How could I leave you in your state? I am the only responsible of your sadness. I'm there for whatever you need. I knew from the beginning that you would never return my feelings, but yet I want you to be happy. But I know when you'll leave… you will never return. The same happened when we had ten years old, you found out your feelings for him, and I knew that all was over. Only I can stay as a friend, not something more. For me the dream of you loving me will never become true. Now you'll leave and then the memories will become nothing, you'll forget… but I don't want to forget you. You're my reason to live, you are the one who will leave from me, not me from you. Finally the real day will come, the day that you don't me anymore."

Tomoyo started to cry.

"I will understand. I understand everything about you, because I love you, Sakura-chan" Tomoyo said crying.


The next day Tomoyo appointed to join the college's festival. She wanted to sing a song, from then she was looking for a song that serve her purposes.

Sakura looked at her with sadness.

"Tomoyo-chan…" Sakura said nervously

"Hi!! Mom told me, that you will go to America, that's good" Tomoyo said.

"I said yes, but…" Sakura said quietly.

"Sakura-chan, are you regretting your decision?" Tomoyo asked still smiling.

"I'm not sure, I would like to go, but at the same time I don't want. I want to stay here, with father, my brother, you…" Sakura said looking directly to Tomoyo.

"Sakura-chan, I told you before. Don't bother about me, we will be still friends through the distance…" Tomoyo said but inside her she knew the end of this.

"Tomoyo-chan…" Sakura said.

"At least you will be at the school's festival, won't you?" Tomoyo asked as she looked for the lyrics of the song.

"Yes, I want to see you singing" Sakura said.

"Daidouji-san, could you go with me? There are things you must set for the festival," said a girl.

"Sure, I will see you later Sakura-chan" Tomoyo said and left.

Sakura saw Tomoyo leaving and thought.

"I was hoping that you would give me a reason for staying." Sakura said and the tears started to fall.


In the followings days, Sakura couldn't see Tomoyo. Tomoyo was busy learning the lyrics of the song she had chosen. Sakura didn't know what song Tomoyo will sing, Tomoyo only said that the song touched her heart.

Sakura was making her luggage for the trip, she finally decided go to America. Her father noticed that and went to talk with her.

"You're making a mistake Sakura" Fujitaka said.

"I made mistakes before, one more won't change anything" Sakura said. "Yes, I'm doing this because I don't want to suffer. When he left me, I thought that all was over, but I started again with my life. But now it seems that all will be over again," Sakura said almost to cry.

"If you don't try, how you know what will happen? Maybe tomorrow's festival would be the last chance that you will have. I know the true reason of your escape, but try. Maybe you're right but try." Fujitaka said putting his hand on Sakura's shoulder.

"I will try… Thanks, father" Sakura said crying,

"After tomorrow you'll go to America, the last chance is tomorrow. Don't make a mistake that will lead you to suffer" Fujitaka said as he comforted her.

"I will" Sakura said still crying.


The next day at the college's festival, everyone was enjoying the things the festival gave. Sakura was there looking for her friend, and enjoyed herself, she decided to give something a try. She looked for the event's chart.

"I have still time to see the other events, before seeing Tomoyo" Sakura said.

After a time, Sakura looked her watch and she realize that she is late.

"Hoe!!! I'm late!!!" Sakura said before going to the auditorium.

In the auditorium Sakura looked in every place for an empty seat, when a voice called her.


Sakura turned to see Yukito and her brother calling for her. She went where they were.

"Hi. Onii-chan. Yukito-san" Sakura said smiling.

"Tomoyo told us that you have this seat" Yukito said pointing the seat.

"Oh, Tomoyo-chan…" Sakura thought to herself.

"Thanks." Sakura said to them.

"Ah, here, this for you. It's the lyrics of the song Tomoyo will sing and the translation, but don't read it until the end of song, right?" Touya said as he gave the paper to Sakura.

"Yes. Thanks." Sakura said as she sat.

"We will go to our seats, the show is going to start" Yukito said and they left.

Sakura looked at the stage when the lights went off, and the announcer appeared in front of them.

"First of all, it's an honor starting this show here in our college, many students will show of us their talents, the only thing I will say is I hope all of you like the effort of the ones whom did this. Now, let the show begin" the announcer said as he left.

The show started and many students showed their talents to the people there. Sakura waited to see Tomoyo appear, after two hours the announcer appeared and said.

"Ladies and gentleman, this is the end of this show, and of course a last performance will happen. For this, a student of this college will sing for us a song that she selected. We have the honor to the present one of our best students. Ladies and gentleman, with us, Daidouji Tomoyo" the announcer finished as Tomoyo walked on stage.

Sakura didn't believe that Tomoyo was so beautiful, she didn't have the words to describe her best friend. She was wearing a special dress that made her an angel.

Tomoyo picked up the microphone up and began to talk.

"It's an honor for me to see all of you in this auditorium. This song is played in a foreign language, that's why all of you have the lyrics and the translation, for all of you can understand it. I want to dedicate this song to someone who is very special to me, that person is the best thing what happened to me. I just hope that person will like my performance," Tomoyo said as she was looking to Sakura.

Sakura looked to Tomoyo, Tomoyo's look was different, it seems that Tomoyo was trying to tell something to her. Tomoyo smiled to Sakura and the music began to play.

The first notes of the music gave the sensation that the song would be sad in certain meaning, Tomoyo clutched the microphone tightly and began to sing…

Que triste es saber que todo terminó
Que triste es decirle a un amor adiós
Si tú me comprendieras no te irías de mí
Lo que yo más quería es que fueras feliz Porque tú te irás, y no volverás ya jamás a mi lado
Y mañana, mañana ya será un día muy triste
Porque el sueno de amor que lidiamos tú y yo ahora
se ha despertado Ni quiero preguntarte para adonde vas
Ya se que tu has venido a decirme adiós
Que tengas buena suerte, hasta nunca amor Porque tú te irás, y no volverás ya jamás a mi lado
Y mañana, mañana ya será un día muy triste
Porque el sueño de amor que lidiamos tú y yo ahora
lo has despertado.

At the song's end all the auditorium stand up to gave Tomoyo a standing ovation. Tomoyo just smiled and a tear fell through her cheek, she bowed before the auditorium and then she left the stage.

Sakura could feel her heart beating so fast that it was almost to explode, she looked to the paper and read it. After she read the translation she left quickly the auditorium and looked for her best friend with tears in her eyes.

After minutes of searching she found Tomoyo leaning back on a tree crying.

"Tomoyo-chan!!!" Sakura said.

Sakura went where Tomoyo was. She saw her best friend crying and smiling.

"Did you like it?" Tomoyo asked crying.

"Yes… I loved it" Sakura said crying.

"But, did you understand the true meaning of the words?" Tomoyo said.

"Yes, I did. Is this what you were going to tell when we're older?" Sakura said.

"Yes. I thought when I saw you with him, that didn't make sense anymore. I'm in love with you since I met you for the first time" Tomoyo said crying.

Sakura looked at her best friend and saw that Tomoyo's dress was dirtying.

"Your dress. It will become dirty" Sakura said.

"I can make another dress like this. I can make thousands of dress. But I can't make you loving me as I want." Tomoyo said crying.

Sakura hold Tomoyo's face with both hands, she started to cry again.

"Tomoyo-chan, why?" Sakura asked.

"Because I want to see you happy. I pushed you together with Syaoran, and you were sad after the break. I blamed myself by let that happen. You will never return my feelings. I thought that you going to America would be the best for you. Tomorrow you'll leave. I was scared to be rejected when I told you my feelings, but I wanted to tell you, because of the trip. I wanted to show my true feelings for you through the song, because this song express what I really feel for you" Tomoyo finished.

"Oh, Tomoyo-chan. You gave me the reason I most wanted. The reason that would make me forget about the trip. I thought that my destiny was to be alone, but you were there. You made me embrace life again, with your grace, your smile and your beauty. Sometimes I wished to be like you, but you're different. You're a guardian angel… my guardian angel. And now more than ever I want to be your guardian angel." Sakura said crying yet smiling.

"I don't understand Sakura" Tomoyo said.

"Tomoyo-chan, I'm in love with you. I realized that I love you so much than when I loved him. You're my reason to live now. I was scared too, scared of if I told you my true feelings you would reject me. I couldn't support to be heartbroken again, the idea of losing you would make me feel dead. The trip only serve to make an escape from pain of not be with you as I wanted. But you loved me since we were children. You thought you will never win my heart, you won it. I don't love you because I choose you on impulse of cover my feelings from the pain. I love you for what you are. I love you Tomoyo-chan" Sakura finished her confession and looked to her best friend.

Tomoyo cried again, she thought that her dream will never become true, but now is true.

"I love you Sakura-chan. Since I was a child I loved you and I love you more than ever" Tomoyo said crying.

Sakura lifted Tomoyo up. She leaned to Tomoyo and kissed her on the lips. Tomoyo closed her eyes and let Sakura have her in her arms, after a long time they broke the kiss.

"Tomoyo-chan I want you to stay with me tonight, I want you to stay with me every day of my life. I want to be your soul mate. And I will never leave you" Sakura said before kissing Tomoyo again.

They kissed again for a long time, after that they looked to the stars.

"Tomoyo-chan, we don't have to wait until 'mañana' to start a life together" Sakura said taking Tomoyo's hand in her own.

"No, we don't Sakura-chan" Tomoyo said happily.

"Our life together starts right now" Sakura said smiling.

Tomoyo embraced Sakura, she was happy to have Sakura in her arms, Sakura embraced her too for a long time.

"Come on, let's have a photo" Sakura said.

They left the tree and went to the festival looking for the photo stand, after getting the photo, they went to Sakura's house. Tomoyo helped Sakura to undid her luggage for the trip, after that they laid on the bed holding hands.

"What are you thinking Tomoyo-chan?" Sakura asked.

"A lot of things, but especially about this new day" Tomoyo said.

"About what?" Sakura asked.

"What path is in front of us, now you won't go to America?" Tomoyo said

"Tomoyo-chan, whatever path there is in front of us, I will take it with you, together" Sakura said as she cuddled next to Tomoyo.

"Yes, I love you Sakura-chan" Tomoyo said.

"I love you too Tomoyo-chan" Sakura said.

They kissed again and looked through the window, the stars were shining and both smiled to each other. Tomoyo was the first who was sleeping, Sakura smiled and carefully replaced the photo for the new one in her nightstand, after that she went to the bed, she wrapped one arm around her love's waist.

"I love you Tomoyo-chan." Sakura said before falling to sleep

Tomoyo smiled sleepily.

Owari (The End)


Author's notes:

1) What is mañana? Mañana is the Spanish word for "tomorrow".

I'm glad to finish this story, the idea about using this song for a Tomoyo x Sakura story was very interesting, the song is very special to me.

Well, here below is the translation of the lyrics of the song, this time I made a special effort to translate it, my English is no good, I still have grammatical errors but I'm willing to be better with practice. Here is the song.


It's sad to know that all is over.
It's sad to say a love farewell.
If you understand me you wouldn't leave from me
The most I wanted is that you were happy

And tomorrow, tomorrow, it will be a very sad day.
Because you will leave, and you will never return
to my side nevermore.
And tomorrow, tomorrow it will be a very sad day
Because the dream of love that you and me dealt,
now it's awakened up

I don't want to request you to stay more
Neither I want to ask where you will go
I know that you have come to tell me farewell
Have you good luck, farewell love.

And tomorrow, tomorrow, it will be a very sad day
Because you will leave, and you will never return
to my side nevermore
and tomorrow, tomorrow it will be a very sad day
Because the dream of love that you and me dealt,
now you've awakened up.

Well, I hope you can understand it, it's not the ultimate translation, but a standard. Now all of you know why Tomoyo picked this one.

Well, that's all for now.

If you liked it, don't, anything, please let me know by e-mail me at:

I hope you liked this story.

Until the next one!!!!