by Hinako Shinjo

Aiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Warning, warning! First fic of an amateur writer! Anyway, bare with me, people. I'm a real BIG fan of shoujo-ai couples, but Sakura and Tomoyo are my fave! It's a kinda depressing one, although kinna short. Tell me if ya like it, and tell me too anyways if you don't like it. ^_^;; Send em all! Insults, praises, or comments to hinako_shinjo@yahoo.com

All we can do is weep over things we have lost. - ME


It's only been a month since you've been gone, but now I realize just how you are important to me. Is it a month?...more like years to me. Tomoyo...

Since you've been gone all I that I found myself doing was thinking about you. Your eyes. Your hair. Your lips. Your smile. Everything that is you, I now long for.

I was so dumb, Tomoyo, I'm sorry. Remember when you told me you love me? I thought...yes, as a friend, you probably do, and I loved you back that way. But now...now...

Why am I saying all these things just now? Why?

Because I was content with you being always there by my side. You were always there, as a friend...and I thought I was in love with him. You were my friend, he was my lover. Everything was so right for the three of us, as it seemed for me.

I'm so sorry Tomoyo for what I had to put you through. I can only imagine the hurt you felt when I was with him. When we were together, you always smiled, as if nothing was hurting you. You put me and him together. You always wanted the best for me, no matter what it was, no matter how much it hurts you. You loved me that much, you loved me that much, Tomoyo.

Before you left, Tomoyo, just before you left, I finally saw the hurt in you. I hurt you. My stupidity gave you so much pain. You changed. Your smile was that of sadness, your eyes were of loneliness, but you were still there. Beside me. Rain or shine. You were beside me, there for me.

Goodbye Tomoyo. You didn't answer. You just looked at me with those beautiful eyes of yours. Once again my blindness for your feelings plagued me. I asked if there was something wrong. You just smiled. I'm happy for you, Sakura, because you're happy. That's what you said. You needn't tell me that. I know you're always happy for me. But why did you go?

Why did you have to go?

I'm not happy.

Not now.

Not ever.

When you're not beside me, I'll never be.

But that's all over now, Tomoyo. I'm here. I'm all yours.

I promise that you will never have to feel lonely again.

I love you. I love you so much Tomoyo.

I'm ready now to accept your love, Tomoyo, and reply with a love that will be with you for all eternity.

...but I know you'll never hear me now...

...and I know you'll never answer.

Because I'm too late...because you've left me forever.

Lonely, forever.

Sakura sobbed helplessly as she stood up from the grave she kneeled upon. She just stood there, looking at the name engraved upon it.

-Daidouji Tomoyo-

And all she could do was cry.