A love story

Chapter I:
Sakura: A courageous soul

by Ricardo Chirino



I do not own Card Captor Sakura. CLAMP does! Other companies do! However, I used their characters and ideas without permission. Still, this is just for fun, and I'm not capitalizing on this, so please, don't sue me X_x Be forewarned: This tale doesn't contain yuri scenes, but it's a sh˘jo-ai story nonetheless (love between girls). Enjoy!



Hello once again, fellow readers/writers. I'm back with another Tomoyo x Sakura fanfic. This time is a long one. This is the first chapter of it. It could be considered my first T x S novella, but it could also be considered my first Card Captor Sakura fanfic, since it contains a lot more than that (but the T x S tale is still the main focus of the plot). Well, I'm going to tell some stuff about this so you can understand some things I included. First of all I took some events directly from the TV series but for fanficdom sake I changed some of them. Heck! I even invented some stuff of my own (like new cards, characters and some different relationships). Oh, BTW, the story is from Tomoyo-chan's POV.

Since I used some japanese terms (more that my usual -chan stuff) on this work I'm pointing them out. (Methinks most readers should already be familiar with them, but this is just in case ^^)
1) -chan: this suffix is used to identify someone who is dear to you. Eg: Tomoyo can call Sakura "Sakura-chan" and viceversa, since they are great friends, and perhaps more than just "friends" ^_~
2) -san: just like -chan, but -san is a suffix applied to people you treat with respect. There are other suffixes for names like -sama, -kun, -sempai, etc... Eg: Fujitaka-san, Sonomi-san. Sensei, for example, is used to refer to someone who is teaching you something. Eg. Terada-sensei.
3) Moshi moshi: that's what japanese people say when answering the phone.
4) Hoe!: it's a expression of surprise frequently used by Sakura-chan.
5) Arigato gozaimasu: direct translation is "Thanks a lot".
6) Ja ne!: "goodbye" or "see you" but very informal. Other possibility would be Sayonara.
7) Daij˘bu: means "Are you ok?"
8) Onegai: means "Please"
9) Jikai yokoku: roughly translates to "In our next meeting" but you could just say "Next episode" ^^

Well, at the end of this fic you'll see me again... See you then and enjoy!

It had to happen. We were bound to meet and to live for each other.

I remember clearly. That was indeed a very special day for me. That was the day I met my Sakura-chan for the first time. At the very moment I saw her heavenly smile I knew she was going to change my whole life. I know she's related to me by blood links. However, I knew she was going to be a lot more important for me than just that. She gave me a present; a cute eraser that I treasure more than any other possesion I have. It's so important to me that I have it stored on the chest, the special chest. What chest you ask? Well, its a little box where my mommy keeps the biggest treasure for her. I also knew about it at the very moment I saw Sakura-chan. I somehow felt the magical energy, the destiny she had ahead of her. Anyway, I'm going to tell the story of our experiences... A love story.

My room's phone rang. I knew it was Sakura. My heartbeat speed increased. I mean, just at the bare thought of hearing Sakura-chan's celestial voice I got excited. She is the most important thing for me in this world. So, without hesitarion, I ran to pick the phone up, leaving the new dress I was finishing on the table.

"Moshi moshi?" I said very softly, knowing that Sakura-chan was on the other end.

"Hi Tomoyo-chan!" said Sakura. God, her voice, even on the phone was priceless.

"Hello dear." I felt such a happiness inside of me. A little jolt turned my body on. I was so happy to talk to her.

"Tomoyo, I was wondering if you could come to my place." Sakura said. I heard Kero's voice on the background. "Dad's working and T˘ya went to Yukito-sama's place, so I'm feeling a little lonely here..."

She was lonely. I felt the urge to run to her place and talk to her in person. When I heard those words from her I felt some sort of joy. I mean, she contacted me because she wanted my presence there.

"Oh Sakura, of course I can go to your place. In fact, I was hoping to pay you a visit too. I certainly admire Fujitaka-san. He's such a hard worker."

"Hoe! Yeah? That's great." Sakura said cheerfully.

"Indeed. I'm giving the finishing touches to a new dress for your epic card battles, and I wanted you to try it, Sakura-chan."

I wasn't seeing her lovely face, but I knew she was surprised.

"Hoe hoe! You don't need to do that for me, Tomoyo-chan!" She argued.

"Don't worry, Sakura-chan. It's a pleasure crafting them for you. And besides, you look so sweet on them. Like an angel from the heavens!"

I blushed at the thought of seeing sweet Sakura wearing my newest creation. However, my mind was still excited about the idea of visiting her. I desired being near her more than anything else in this existence. She was the reason of my living. I'm sure Sakura liked my compliments too. Bringing a smile to her lovely, cute face really makes my day up.

"Arigato gozaimasu Tomoyo-chan! You are my bestest, sweetest, biggest friend!"

"Oh Sakura. Well, I'm going now. See you there." I replied, feeling a great happiness on my heart. Seeing her happy was the most important thing for me.

"Ok. Ja ne!"

Sakura hung up the phone, and I stood there a few seconds, still enjoying the sound of her angelic voice echoing on my mind. I decided it was time to go to her house, so I took a quick shower and dressed with one of my finest dresses. Visiting Sakura-chan was a really important event for me. On the way out I picked up some cake I baked that morning. I took two pieces. One for my beloved Sakura and the other for Kero. He would've killed me if I didn't bring cake for him. My mind was full thinking only about Sakura-chan.

My chauffeur left me on Sakura's house porch. I rang the bell only once. I stood there, expecting her to come up and open the plowshare of the porch. In a little basket I carried the cake pieces and the newest dress for her. This new design was inspired by a couple of butterflies I saw a few days ago on King Penguin park. Sakura and I were there and the butterflies darted happily around us. One of them stopped on Sakura's auburn hair. And the other one followed. She looked so sweet like that. Fortunately, I was carrying my camera and took a record of the lovely instant. I also carried my trusty video camera there. Just in case. My mind was still circling these past events when I heard Sakura's beautiful voice, calling for me.

"Tomoyo-chan!" She called.

"Hello Sakura-chan!" I said. A wide smile was my reaction after seeing her.

Sakura came and opened the plowshare. There she was. She was wearing an orange cotton shirt and light brown shorts. Her smile showed me her sparkling white, perfect teeth. Her lips were also perfect. Was anything wrong with her? I don't think so. Her mannerisms were also cute and very lovely. She was indeed the materialization of all that was beautiful. A great happiness took over me instantly.

"I have something for you." I said. I wanted to see her in the new suit. However, little I knew that moment was getting close fast.

We were chit-chatting on her room. As I said, little we knew about what was to come. Suddenly, in middle of our conversation the bell rang. It rang and keep ranging. Whatever reason the one who was ringing it had was very important. We ran down quickly and saw through the windows. It was Chiharu-chan, and she was crying. Sakura opened the door and the cage in a swift and Chiharu bursted in tears on Sakura's arms.

"What's the matter, Chiharu-chan?" She asked tenderly. Chiharu couldn't say a word.

"Daij˘bu?" I said to her, putting my hand on her shoulder. She was trembling, and she was really afflicted by something.

"Pull together, Chiharu-chan." Sakura said, now very worried. "Please, tell us what happened."

"It... It was awful."

I was shocked. Chiharu was crying like mad. I've never seen her like that. Sakura was starting to lose her composure. I took my gaze away from the horrible sight and looked to Sakura's house. Thru the window I saw Kero's little head peeking. However, I noticed something wasn't right at all. He had that cunning stare... The one he used when he felt a magical presence...

After a while we received a phone call. It was from the hospital. Naoko-chan was knocked down by a car, and her condition was critical. She was on the Tomoeda Clinic, on the special care unit. Chiharu told us what happened. As she said, it was awful. Naoko was acting normal when suddenly she started to mumble some nonsense and ran to the middle of the street. Chiharu also told us that they yelled at her, trying to let her know it was dangerous, but she didn't answer the calls. She told us that Naoko-chan looked at them with a weird look on her face. Chiharu described it as a mix between sadness and madness. She was like "possesed" by some unknown, dark force. It's kinda ironic. Naoko always talked a lot about paranormal events, ghosts and other related topics, and she was the victim of...

"It's definately a Clow Card..." Kero said, being very serious about it.

"I didn't knew Clow Cards were capable of such... Such atrocities!" Sakura said, almost yelling. Her eyes were almost on the verge of letting the tears go. She felt responsible for what happened to Naoko-chan.

I stood there, worried and shocked. Now we knew that the Clow Cards weren't just sweet little magical creatures waiting for a master. Some of them were evil by nature. Some of them were frightened by the idea of being sealed again...

"Judging by the events I can assume it's The Control." Kero said, looking at the red moon that shone upon the night sky. "Sakura... It's very dangerous."

"I don't care!" She said, bursting into tears. "I made the Clow Cards run amok! I'm the one who needs to fix this mess..."

I couldn't bear the sight. She was crying. Her beautiful face was covered by warm tears. Tears that were falling down the cold floor. I slowly walked until I reached her. Caringly, I moved my hand to her face, caressing her soft cheek, wiping her smooth tears with my hands. She looked at me. Those green eyes penetrated my very soul with their deep gaze.

"Please, Sakura-chan... Don't cry." I said to her. Seeing her like that felt like a hot knife piercing my spirit.

"Oh Tomoyo-chan!"

Sakura was really affected. Naoko was our friend. I could understand her perfectly. Sometimes I thought that this destiny was a really big burden for such a sweet and dense girl as Sakura-chan. However, we humans must fight against it.

"Don't cry, onegai." I said to her in a comforting tone. "I'm sure you'll be able to seal that card too... It's allright."

My words made Sakura's smile to show on her cute face again. I'm here hoping that with all my little love signs she notices how much she matters too me, and seeing how she was positive again made me very happy.

"You're right, Tomoyo-chan!" She said, with an strong and cheerful attitude. "I must be strong to protect those who I love!"

"That's more like it, Sakura-chan!" Kero said. "Now you sound like a real Card Captor!"

After our conversation we went to the King Penguin park together. It was night already. Sakura wore my dress, and she called the power of the Key. She was now ready to fight the new card. With my camera in hand I awaited for the moment of the conflict... I was very worried for Sakura, remembering what Chiharu-chan said.

"Sakura-chan... Please, take care." I said sofly. A sigh escaped my lips.



Sakura and Tomoyo awaited at the park and the card finally came. A tough fight ensues, and Sakura must do her best effort to seal it. What will the outcome of the raging battle be? Stay tuned for the next chapter of A love story!

Chapter II:
Card battle! The Control


Wow! Hope you enjoyed this chapter of my new CCS project. I really enjoyed writing this one, but its been a toughie X_X I want it to be interesting, so I'm using more diverse vocabulary and more resources. If you find anything wrong (I mean grammar, syntax, etc...) please e-mail me at riel@telcel.net.ve. See you next time, and please, PLEASE!, write me with your comments! They can do wonders for us artists! ^^


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