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Her Fate and Her Love

by Avenge X

It was raining that day. Sakura had just finished her training as on of Princess Tomoyo's knight. Tomoyo waited restlessly for the return of her knight. She thought back on the day when Sakura requested she wanted to protect her best friend.


"Please Princess Tomoyo!!!" said Sakura.

"You don't have to be formal with me Sakura… we're best friends aren't we? Why would you want to be my knight?" Tomoyo asked Sakura who was looking very serious.

"Well… it's because I…I" Sakura said blushing. "I just wanted to … uh… please just accept me, okay?"

Tomoyo looked into Sakura's eyes. She remained silence for a moment and finally made her decision. "I don’t know why but I'm sure there is a reason behind it, ne?"

"Um… hehehe …I'll take that as a 'yes' then hmm? " Sakura said blushing again.


"To-Tomoyo! I mean Princess…what…"said Sakura shockingly

"Sakura-Chan…"Tomoyo sigh briefly. "Remember … what I told you…"

"Opps…sorry, it’s just that … you are a princess and … "said Sakura.

"It doesn't matter right? Well let’s stop all this small talk… Sakura-chan, you're soaking wet. Come now, I'll make sure you don't get sick." Tomoyo said and leaded Sakura to Tomoyo's room.

"Am I actually allowed in here?" Sakura asked worryingly.

"Of course you are. Don't be shy Sakura-chan" said Tomoyo as she giggled at the looked on Sakura's face.

"Uh… well… thank you Tomoyo. You have been such a good friend," said Sakura.

Tomoyo smiled at Sakura and gestures Sakura to the bathroom to take a nice warm bath. Sakura thought to herself the reason she wanted to become Tomoyo's knight. She still remembers the day they met. It was when Sakura's father became Tomoyo's private teacher. It was then when Sakura got lost in the castle. Tomoyo had just finished her studies and maybe it was Fate that brought them together. From that day onwards, they became very good friends. Every time Tomoyo finished her class, they would meet each other.

"Sakura-chan? Are you alright in there?" Tomoyo's voice could be heard on the other side of the door.

"I'm fine Tomoyo! I'll be out in a minute" Sakura blushed and smiled to herself.

The reason she thought to herself again," It’s because … I love her very much… we share so many memories together… and I … guess… I had a crush on her too… Should I confess my love to her … today? Will she hate me? Or … will she feel the same way as I do? She always treated me very good."

"Sakura-chan? Are you sure you are ok?" asked Tomoyo again.

She knew that Tomoyo was always worried about her. She noticed the look in Tomoyo's eyes just know, after her training.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Tomoyo-chan. I just…hoe?!" Tomoyo traced Sakura's cheek gently. Her face was worried.

"Tomoyo-chan…? I'm … fine … "

"Are you sure? You seem to be absent minded. Please tell me if something is wrong Sakura… I'm worried about you and I don’t want anything to happen to her. Why don't you just stay by my side …hmmm?" Tomoyo started to brush Sakura's hair slowly. Sakura blushed. She stared at her Princess' eyes. She secretly smiled but Tomoyo managed to notice it.

"Sakura-chan… are you really sure you are ok?"

Sakura thought to herself, " This is it … I can't it anymore … I'll just have to tell her the truth … she may not like it but … I won’t know until I try. Tomoyo-chan… here goes."

"Tomoyo-chan… I … well… do you still remember the time I wanted to be your knight? I'm going to tell you why. It's because…" Sakura paused momentarily. Glancing into the eyes of Tomoyo, she started to lean closer to Tomoyo. Her heart started to beat even faster. Her breathing was uncontrollably. Sakura gazed at Tomoyo.

"You're so beautiful Tomoyo. I wanted to be your closest friend Tomoyo. I wanted to protect you. Knowing that this part of the land is always infested with demons… I… I…"

She couldn't bring herself to say it but eventually she did. " Tomoyo-chan… I… love… you…" Sakura shut her eyes tightly and pray." Please don’t hate me!!!"

Tomoyo smiled sweetly and moved even closer to Sakura," I will never hate you … Sakura because I'm also in love with you."

Sakura was so happy she embraced Tomoyo tightly. She wanted to kiss her but was interrupted. "Excuse me, Princess, dinner will be ready in five minutes." A voice called out from outside the room. Tomoyo answered back and Sakura wanted to kiss her again… However, she was again interrupted. "I'm sorry Princess but the prince from the neighboring land just arrived surprisingly and wanted to meet you…huh?"

Tomoyo whispered something to Sakura. Sakura opened the door. She was irritated by all the interruption she gets when she was about to kiss Tomoyo.

"I'm sorry but Tomoyo is not going to meet any Prince. She already has one… well sorta…"Sakura said angrily.

"Oh? And who might that be?" said the maid who kept interrupting their kiss.

"Me! Now leave us alone! I'm trying to kiss her and stop bothering us! Goodbye and … have a nice day!" Sakura slammed the door and lock it so no one will bother them.

The maid was dumbfounded standing outside the door. She turned around to face Tomoyo who was giggling at Sakura.

"Um… did I say too much?" Sakura said shyly.

"You didn't, Sakura-chan. That was just fine." Tomoyo smiled.

Sakura leaned forward and embraced Tomoyo. Soon, they found each other kissing passionately.

That was her love … and the beginning of their love for each other. And it was also the beginning of her Fate as a knight.

One week passed. The girls were getting along very well. It was a bright morning and Tomoyo decided to take a look at Sakura's training. Sakura soon became a guardian when since she had special powers and it would come in handy when her loved one, Tomoyo gets into trouble. Times these days are not safe. The demons were moving up to the continent and sooner or later, they will probably overthrow the castle. However, Sakura is not going to let that happen. Time passed. The demons are already moving up fast. Watch guards had spot a few demons roaming around the castle.

"TOMOYO-CHAN! Please follow me… I don't want you hurt. I'm glad I manage to find you." Sakura said with a very worried face.

She wanted to embrace Tomoyo but realized that she covered with some demon blood. Tomoyo stared at Sakura for a moment. She was afraid that Sakura might be hurt.

"Sakura-chan, daijõbu?" asked Tomoyo.

"Hai~ I'm okay. But… the castle…"Sakura said as she looked around the place sadly.

She wasn't certain if she could protect Tomoyo but she is willing to do it even if she has to take her life away. Their love was growing stronger.

They manage to escape to the garden. Most of the demons are dead anyway so it should be safe. There was, however, one more demon. It seems to be fate for Sakura to encounter it.

"Stop demon! I will not let you get away this easy!" Sakura shouted as she slowly draw out her sword. The demon was way much bigger than Sakura. She thought that this must be the leader of the pack.

"Tomoyo-chan, be careful." Sakura turned slightly to see if Tomoyo was still there, alive.

"Sakura-chan, you be careful too. I… don't know what will I do if you…" Tomoyo break off her words. She knew Sakura would understand it.

Sakura fought with the demon for quite sometime. She slashed and thrust the demon. It was so angry that it gave a big blow to Sakura. She stumbled and falls on her back. Losing her grip of her sword, she tried to retrieve it and regain her consciousness. The demon slowly moved towards Tomoyo.

"TOMOYO-CHAN, RUN AWAY! GO!" Sakura shouted and frowned at the demon.

"Hey, you're not done with me yet!"

"Sakura… I can't leave you alone here…" Tomoyo said and cried.

"No Tomoyo… you must go … I…I will be alright. I promise… but you are the princess so you must be alive … please leave now…" cried Sakura.

"No … I don't care Sakura!!! I don't care who I am!!! I love you and that's all that matters to me. I want to stay by your side forever! I will wait for you here. I don't care about my life … all I care is you, Sakura…you are the one I care so much." Tomoyo started to burst out in tears.

"Tomoyo-chan… I… TOMOYO, LOOK OUT!" Sakura shouted as the demon started to attack Tomoyo.

Sakura was so scared. Her eyes grew wider. She got back up on her feet and jumped towards Tomoyo and pushed her away from danger. The demon thrust its claw to Sakura's chest. She groans in pain as blood started to spew out from her mouth. She quickly cast the fire spell and shoots directly at the demon as she fell to the ground. It burns in the flames and turned into ashes.

Tomoyo rushed to Sakura's side. Blood covered Sakura's body. She started coughing out blood too. Tomoyo cried. Her tears were blurring her sight of Sakura. She lays Sakura on her lap and put her arm around Sakura's waist and the other arm trying to stop the blood from flowing out of her wound. She cried and cried and couldn’t stop crying. Sakura was in tears too but she manages a smile to Tomoyo. Sakura rubbed Tomoyo tears away.

Sakura muttered since her energy was decreasing," T-T-Tomoyo-chan… I'm sorry… I almost couldn't… p-protect you but … I'm happy to see you alive…so stop crying…"

"Sakura-chan… don't say you are sorry … don't leave me now. I have still much to do with you. We are still young … you can't leave me now ... You just can’t … I won't allow you to leave now… not now and ever…please don't close your eyes…" cried Tomoyo.

The skies were rather cloudy and it started to drizzle.

"To-Tomoyo… I'm getting… cold… what's going on?"

Tomoyo could only stared at Sakura who was losing more blood. "Of course … it's raining… that's why you feel cold…" Tomoyo lied.

"…Are you sure? I feel so pain… Tomoyo … promise me you won't leave me and please don't forget me in death…" Sakura was losing her strength and soon her consciousness.

"Baka! You will not die … you must live…Sakura? S-S-Sakura?" Tears were flowing out even more from Tomoyo's eyes.

"I love you, Tomoyo-chan … I'll always love you … in death or in life…I'll miss you … please stop crying for me. Promise me that you'll live happily…"

Tomoyo couldn't say anything. She was paralyzed. She thought this could be the end.

"It's my fate and we should accept it… good or bad… I'm … sorry I have to leave you now… I'm so sorry…and I love you…Princess Tomoyo…" Sakura's voice slowly faded away leaving Tomoyo crying. Sakura's eyes slowly close as she gave Tomoyo a final smile.

Tomoyo leaned closer to Sakura and kissed her. Tomoyo cried as she embraced Sakura tighter. "I … will never forget you and your bravery, Sakura-chan. I will love you forever…I love you, Sakura-chan…"


One week later…

"Princess, … don't you want to come out and eat something? You haven't eaten well these few days." Said a voice outside Tomoyo's room.

"No, thank you. You may leave me alone…"

"Sakura-chan … when will you open your eyes? You have been in a coma for almost a week. Don't you want to wake up and see the new World? The demons have been banished all thanks to you and your courage. If you wake up now … no… it's useless… I want to see you open your eyes… but …I"

Tomoyo was sitting nest to Sakura who was lying on Tomoyo's bed. Every night, Tomoyo would cry herself to sleep unless Sakura wakes up. She traced the shape of Sakura's cheek slowly. A tear could be seen rolling down from Tomoyo's cheeks. She closed her eyes and bent slightly towards Sakura and kissed her. Suddenly, Tomoyo felt as if she her kissed was return by another. She felt someone's arms wrapping around her waist. Tomoyo slowly break off the kiss and opened her eyes to see that the person she wanted to see the most opened her eyes too.

"Please tell me I'm not dreaming…"

"You're not and I'm not lying about it too…Tomoyo-chan…"

"It's really happening? Sakura-chan! You're awake…finally!!! I'm so happy! You have to let me worried for one weeks about you, haven't you?"

"Sorry … but I was trying my best to wake up so I can see you again … "

"It doesn't matter now that you opened your eyes…" Tomoyo tried to hide her yawn but Sakura spotted it.

"Have you been sleeping properly, Tomoyo-chan. Please don't worry me too. Tell you what, I'll make up for it…" Sakura pulled Tomoyo gently to her bed and wrap her arms around Tomoyo." I love you Tomoyo-chan…"

"I love you too...Sakura-chan…" Both of them smiled at each other and kissed. Soon, they fall asleep in each other's arms.

Life was going to be beautiful for them. Sakura had accepted her love and her Fate.

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