"The End and the Beginning of Life and Love"


Hi!! I'm back with a new story of CCS, this piece is something that worked in my head for a time and I decided to write it. It's kind of depressing, but please read it until the end.

Some points:

-It's settled after the end of manga
-It's a fic of love between girls

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The always present disclaimer: Card Captor Sakura belongs to Clamp (I love their works, but I'm deeply and fully disappointed about the manga ending of CCS, T_T), Kodansha and the other companies that have the respective rights. This was made for fun and for contribute to the Tomoyo/Sakura relationship, which for me it's the best of all of CCS. Please don't sue/kill/e-mail with spam to me


"The End and the Beginning of Life and Love"

Sakura was in some unknown place, like an abandoned house. She was nineteen years old, her staff on her hands, all the cards standing before her. Blood was dripping from her body and tears formed of water and blood coming out from her eyes. The Dark and The Light looked while having something in their arms, The Light came to Sakura with what they had, Sakura smiled sadly with tears as she extended her hand to what The Light carried. She whispered something unknown and she clutched her heart tightly. As she did that, she coughed blood.

She looked to the thing that Light carried and started to remember what happened some time ago...


Sakura and Tomoyo were walking on their way to home. Sakura was happy because Syaoran was waiting on her for a date. Tomoyo was beside her.

"You will have a date with Syaoran-kun?" Tomoyo asked smiling.

"Yes, he's waiting for me, Tomoyo-chan" Sakura said to her.

Tomoyo smiled at Sakura. They saw Syaoran and Sakura ran to him and kissed him. Tomoyo smiled but her heart received a lot of pain for seeing that scene.

"Are you ready to go Sakura?" he asked.

"Yes, I will call you later. Bye Tomoyo-chan!" Sakura said to Tomoyo as both left.

Tomoyo smiled and she went to the King Penguin Park, she sat in one of the swings and looked to the children and the couples that were there.

Slowly tears started to fall from her cheeks.

For years she tried to look for someone to love but she failed. She wished Sakura happiness, and she tried to find her own but she found loneliness. She still loved Sakura and she couldn't break that bond.

Many times she had the urge to scream to the world that she loved Sakura. To tell Sakura her true feelings, to embrace Sakura, to kiss Sakura, to make Sakura happy. But she pushed that urge into the depths of her heart, since she was a child she was accustomed to feel pain inside her body, a pain that was consuming her.

She thought many times about if things were different if she told Sakura about her love, but she knew that could destroy their friendship. She only could stay as Sakura's best friend, nothing more.

Tomoyo stood up and wiped the tears from her face and she headed to her home. When she entered she saw her mother and father talking about things, she was glad that her parents solved their differences and ended again as a couple. She went to her room and picked one of the videos that she had and put it in.

The video was about Fujitaka's second marriage, he married a teacher that he met in the university, her name was Yui. Sakura was happy to have a mother, and everyone looked happy. Touya and Yukito were a couple, and her friends Rika, Naoko, Chiharu had someone in their lives. Everyone had someone except her.

She switched off the TV and went to the box and opened it, she looked to the eraser that Sakura gave to her many years ago. A tear ran down her cheek and she put the eraser in the box and locked it.

After she had dinner, she went to her room, she was in bed when the phone rang and she picked it up.

"Hello, Tomoyo speaking."

"Hi, Tomoyo-chan" Sakura said.

"Sakura-chan! How was your date?" Tomoyo said happily.

"It was nice, he's kind," Sakura said cheerfully.

"Sakura-chan?" Tomoyo asked.


"Have you found true happiness?" Tomoyo asked seriously.

"Yes, I'm happy," Sakura said happily.

"It's good. I'm happy, Sakura-chan, because you're happy," Tomoyo said as the tears fall down her cheeks.

"Tomoyo-chan, what are you trying to say really behind that words?" Sakura asked

Tomoyo was shocked of hearing that.

"What Sakura-chan?" Tomoyo said trying to be calm.

"You were different the past days, you always said that words, I was thinking that words are hiding something more deeper. What are you trying to tell me really Tomoyo-chan?" Sakura said.

"Well... I..." Tomoyo tried to say something when she heard Yui's voice through Sakura's receiver.

"Sakura, dinner is getting cold!!" Yui said.

"Okay, I will go. Sorry, Tomoyo-chan, I will meet you in college tomorrow and you will explain it to me, ne?" Sakura said.

"Yes, I will,"

"Bye, Tomoyo-chan" Sakura said and hung up the phone.

Tomoyo hung up the phone and went to her bed. She thought about telling Sakura the true meaning of the words, but Sakura had found the happiness and Tomoyo couldn't break the happiness of the one she loved by saying that she was in love with Sakura.

Tomoyo wasn't sure of what she must do and fell to sleep.

During the night Tomoyo was dreaming of being with Sakura as a couple, going out, doing the things that the ones in love do. But the pain she carried through years finally was free, loneliness, tears, suffering, sadness, all them seizing her body and finally her heart.

When morning came, Sonomi went to awake her daughter, she found Tomoyo sleeping with a tiny smile, she tried to awake her but Tomoyo didn't awake, Sonomi only could do was scream to her husband for a doctor.

Sakura was at college worried, Tomoyo wasn't there and she was thinking of what they talked about the last night.

"I don't understand why Tomoyo-chan always said those words 'I'm happy because you're happy', must be something deeper behind that words but what?" Sakura asked to herself when the cold air blew her and started to feel something inside her.

"I'm feel something is wrong" Sakura said worried.

When the class was over Sakura was worried, she had a bad feeling and rushed to her house. When she entered to her house, her step-mother was surprised and Sakura asked if something was wrong. Yui said to her step-daughter that nothing was wrong but Sakura wasn't convinced and went to her room, and fell to sleep from exhaustion.

When Sakura woke up, Yui was there with a sad look in her eyes. Sakura was sure that something was wrong.

"Sakura... I have to tell you something... and it's something sad..." Yui said quietly.

"What happened?" Sakura said nervously.


"What happened to her???" Sakura asked desperately and worried.

"She... passed away...last night when she was asleep" Yui said.

Sakura froze as the sad words entered in her mind.

"What... are you saying?" Sakura asked shocked.

"Tomoyo-san died... that's what I'm saying..." Yui said to Sakura.

"No... can't be... CAN'T BE!!!" Sakura screamed.

Yui embraced her and Sakura started to cry uncontrolably.


Sakura stopped her memory and looked to the cards, the cards had a sad look but they agreed with what Sakura was planning. The Light and The Dark approved Sakura's decision. Sakura was bleeding and sat on the floor, The Dark embraced her.

"It's not going to be easy and you must know that," The Dark said to her mistress.

"I know that but I must do it, I have to do it" Sakura said with tears.

The Dark looked to her and nodded.

"We can't stop you... we're aware of that" The Light said while carrying the thing Sakura was looking.

Sakura smiled to The Light.

"Are they coming?" The Dark asked to Sakura.

"Yes, I hope they can be here" Sakura said.

The Dark nodded and Sakura started to remember again...


Many people were at Tomoyo's funeral. Her classmates, her parents, and Sakura was there with her family and boyfriend.

Sakura was the most hurt of all them. After the funeral ended she just stood there and cried over and over, later she left the cemetery and wandered alone until she reached her home. When she entered all were waiting for her, but she said to them that she wanted to be alone even to her boyfriend. He understood and left. Sakura entered to her room and collapsed into bed and started to cry.

When morning came she woke up hardly, she cried all night and still tears were coming out of her face. She went to school and entered her classroom. She sat and looked to the empty seat next to her, again tears started and she wiped them away. When the class was over she left and her boyfriend was waiting for her. Sakura told him that she wanted to be alone to clear some things by herself. He understood and left again. Sakura walked through the streets and found a flower shop. She bought some flowers and went to the cemetery. She put the flowers over the grave and remembered when she met Tomoyo for the time, the things that they did together, etc.

Without notice an old woman came to the grave and looked to Sakura. Sakura saw as the old woman put some flowers in the grave.

"It's sad when people die, life is this way, every day people must die so others can live," the old woman said.

"Did you know her?" Sakura asked.

"No, I never met her but I saw you crying sadly yesterday after the funeral ended, it seems she was important to you," said the old woman.

"She is important to me," Sakura said to her.

"Would you like to come to that grave with me? I must put some flowers and I would like to have someone with me," the old woman said.

"Sure" Sakura said and both went to the grave.

Sakura saw as the old woman put some flowers in the grave, she looked to the name engraved and found that was a woman.

"A friend?" Sakura asked.

"At the beginning yes, but now she is much more to me" the old woman said.

Sakura looked to the old woman, the woman was with tears as she looked to the grave.

"She died at young age" Sakura said.

"Like your friend" the old woman said.

"Yes. I just can't understand why she died, why she had to die. I can't accept that. Not now and not ever" Sakura said as she started to cry again.

"Have you told her how important she is to you?" the old woman asked.

"No, I never told her really how important she is to me. I said to her that she was my best friend, but I never with the sincerity I should have" Sakura said crying.

"I felt the same. With her I was so special but when she died I realize the true nature of my feelings towards her and this is my punishment for being so blind" the old woman said.

"You never realized it before her death?" Sakura asked as she wiped the tears away.

"Never, she was in love with me, I never realized it. She pushed me and a friend of mine together, she wanted me to be happy, even if she suffered from it. One day she told about the happiness and just before left forever of my life she said that she was happy because I was. The next day she was gone and I never was the same. With time I realized that she is part of me, and I fell in love with her. My boyfriend told me to give up on her and return to him. I told him that I was in love with her, she loved me so much more than him. He told me that I was in love with her only for guilt, but I realized that I really was in love with her. So I broke with him and every day I come to see her until the day we can be reunited again and live our love forever" the old woman said.

Sakura looked to the woman surprised.

"Tomoyo-chan always wanted my happiness, she said 'I'm happy because you're happy' but I was thinking that there is something deeper behind that. Yesterday we were going to talk about that and then she died..." Sakura said.

The old woman smiled slightly.

Sakura was realizing something but she needed more clues to realize it.

"What's your friend, I mean 'special person', told about happiness?" Sakura asked.

The old woman smiled to Sakura.

"The true happiness is seeing the one you love happy" the old woman said.

Sakura looked to her with surprise.

"Tomoyo-chan told me that when we were eleven years old. After that we bought materials to make a teddy bear..." Sakura said.

The old woman smiled slightly again and went to her.

"It's late now and the cemetery will close soon. Why don't go to your house and think about how important she is to you, how much she means to you..." the old woman said.

Sakura thought about that and agreed.

"I will. What's your name?" Sakura asked.

"My name is not important, just think about what I told you" the old woman said.

"Will I see you again?" Sakura asked.

"Sure, if life can give me more strength to me for live," the old woman said smiling.

Sakura thanked the old woman and left the cemetery, the old woman smiled as she felt the presence of another person.

"Both of you are sure that she will find her true feelings about Tomoyo?" the old woman asked.

"We gave her the clues, now all depends of her to realize the true feelings of Tomoyo" the mysterious voice said.

"But, what if she finds the true feelings of Tomoyo and doesn't fall in love with her?" another voice said.

"She is like me, na´ve but I saw her crying badly so I suppose that she could be in love with her" the old woman said.

"I don't know, she claims to be in love with the future head of Li family" the mysterious voice said.

"That's why she must find her true feelings about Tomoyo, in that way she will find if she really loves him," the another voice said.

"If she doesn't love him?" the old woman said.

"Then all can happen" the mysterious voice said.

"I thought after what happened to me with her, that thing will never repeat again, but did. Things... tend to repeat through ages, it's a unbreakable circle" added the old woman.

"Could be. I just hope that she can feel something more than friendship for Tomoyo" the another voice said.

"Yeah, me too" the mysterious voice said.

"I thought she was my best friend but when she died, I realize what I really feel for her. If only I realized them before of she leaving..." said the old woman with tears.

"For some people, it's the only way to realize their true feelings," the mysterious voice said.

"We want to thank you for your help," another voice said.

"No, I'm really glad to be helping that girl to realize her true feelings for her best friend" the old woman said.

"She's waiting for you" the mysterious voice said.

The old woman opened her eyes and tears fell down her cheeks.

"What?" the old woman asked.

"She never stop loving you. After her death she prayed happiness for you and when you said that you love her, she cried of joy and from then she looked over you and cared for you," the other voice said.

"You two will be reunited again. Your wish will be fulfilled. You two will live your love through eternity" the mysterious voice said.

The old woman cried for a long time and stopped her tears.

"And that girl? If she finds her true feelings for Tomoyo, no one will stop her to follow the same path that Clow Reed did or do the same things that he did" the old woman said.

"No, it's different. Her purposes will be different than his" the other voice said.

"Clow Reed is Clow Reed. Sakura Kinomoto is Sakura Kinomoto" the mysterious voice said.

"There is a difference" the old woman said.

"Sakura Kinomoto not only will realize her true feelings for Tomoyo" the other voice said.

"Also she will realize the true mean of being the Most Powerful Mage in the World..." the mysterious voice said.

The old woman nodded as the sun started to disappear into the horizon...

To be continued...

*Orignally this one was going to be an one fic but it seems that will be very long. So I decided to divide it in parts, the next will be posted as I write it.

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