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The Dream
By, Clayton Overstreet

Sakura looked around suspiciously. The fact that she couldn't see three feet infront of her nose was irrelvant. The mist was everywhere. Suddenly she called out a card and tossed it in front of her. "Windy! Blow away the mist so I can see it's visible form." The card glowed and suddenly Windy spead out, taking the mist with her. Sakura smiled as she saw a small cloud. "Mist, return to your power confined. "Mist!" She swung the wand and the Mist card and Windy returned to card form, then floated to her hand. Sakura smiled and put them away with the others.

Tomoyo and Kero came running up behind her. "Way to go Sakura!" Kero yelled.

Tomoyo focused her camera on Sakura's face and smiled. "I agree. And you look great."

Sakura blushed and looked down at her costume. Tomoyo was always making them for her. "Well I wouldn't look so great if it weren't for you Tomoyo."

Tomoyo blushed slightly. "Thanks Sakura."

Suddenly Li and Maylin were there too. Maylin looked down at Sakura and snorted. "Li could have done it better." Sakura looked at Tomoyo and they both rolled their eyes.

Li stepped forward. "Good capture Sakura." Sakura blushed and Maylin made a nasty comment under her breath. Sakura also noticed Tomoyo blanch slightly.

"Are you alright Tomoyo?" Sakura asked looking at her nervously.

Tomoyo smiled same as always, "I'm fine Sakura." The words sounded like they always did, but something seemed wrong. Oh well, if something were bothering Tomoyo she would tell Sakura. She was her best friend after all.

Meanwhile Kero had perched on Sakura's shoulder. "Well I have to say Sakura is getting way better at capturing cards."

Maylin walked up and looked into Kero's eyes. "What do you know? You're just a stuffed animal!" They continued fighting like that for several minutes, until Sakura got fed up.

"Stop fighting right now you two or I'll have the change card switch your bodies like it did with Li!" Sakura said. The two of them immediately quieted down, though they both stuck their tongues out at each other again. Sakura sighed and glanced at Tomoyo who giggled back. "Some times this seems like more trouble than it's worth."

Tomoyo smiled at her and shook her head. "You wouldn't do that Sakura. You are too good a person to leave the card running around like that."

Maylin shook her head, "You could always just let Li do it." She stopped and looked at Tomoyo. "And why are you always complimenting Sakura like that anyway?"

Tomoyo blushed and stammered, "Because she's my friend..." Sakura smiled and put her arm around Tomoyo's shoulders. "That's right, best friends."

Tomoyo shrugged and looked at Li. "You could probably do it better than she could right Li? You are so good at everything." Li frowned and turned to walk away without saying a word. Maylin ran after him leaving Kero, Tomoyo and Sakura alone.

Tomoyo turned and smiled at Sakura. Sakura smiled back. "Hey, want to have a sleep over at my house?"

Tomoyo's eyes sparkled slightly. "Yeah, that would be great Sakura. And we could watch my video of your last card capture."

Kero meanwhile tugged on Sakura's ear. "Hey, don't forget we still need to eat dinner. I'm starving." The two girls laughed as Kero's stomach growled. Sakura summoned the fly card and Tomoyo got on the wand behind her.

"Hold on tight Tomoyo." Tomoyo wrapped her arms around Sakura's waist and held on.

Once they were high into the air she looked down and smiled. "You know Sakura, I can't picture a better moment than this." She hugged Sakura a bit.

Sakura nodded in return. "I know what you mean. It's a great view from up here."

Tomoyo nodded and bit her lip. "Especially here with you Sakura." Sakura smiled and turned back to her. Tomoyo smiled at her and Sakura giggled. "Well as long as we're friends we can always do this any time. Especially after I catch all the cards."

Tomoyo smiled, then leaned in to get a better grip. "I'd like that Sakura... I really would."

When they arrived home Sakura turned the wand back into the key and opened the door. Toya was sitting in the living room. "Hey squirt. What's with the get up?"

Sakura looked down at the silvery costume she was wearing. "Oh, Tomoyo made it for me." Tomoyo came in the door behind her and blushed a bit.

Toya just shook his head. "Well anyway, dad is working late tonight and I'm going to a movie. You two will be on your own tonight."

Tomoyo looked at Sakura, "Can I use your phone to tell my mother where I am? She gets worried if I don't check in every now and then." Sakura nodded and Tomoyo ran to make her call. Toya walked out and Sakura headed upstairrs to change her clothes and let Kero in. When she came down Tomoyo was in the kitchen making some soup.

"You took off the costume?" Tomoyo asked.

Sakura blushed, "I didn't want to get any food on it."

Tomoyo smiled and nodded.

While they were eating Kero came flying downstairs to get some soup of his own. While they were eating Sakura looked over at Tomoyo. "So why do you keep video taping me and making all those great costumes? It must be alot of work Tomoyo."

Tomoyo smiled and shrugged. "I like to do it Sakura. It makes me feel good when you wear one of the costumes I make. You look terrific in them." Sakura blushed and took another sip of her soup.

"Well then thank you Tomoyo. I realy appreciate it." Sakura said.

Tomoyo blushed and looked down. "You have no idea how good it is to hear you say that Sakura. Your opinion means alot to me."

Sakura smiled and put her hand on Tomoyo's. "You are my best friend Tomoyo. Are you sure you are alright? You look worried about something."

Tomoyo took her hand back and smiled. "No, I'm fine." She smiled and looked up at Sakura. Sakura looked back and noticed something in Tomoyo's face. She seemed like she was having trouble keeping the smile there.

Sakura had seen that look before. "Tomoyo could you please at least promise that if anything is bothering you, you'll tell me?"

Tomoyo bit her lip and looked away. "Um... hey, we haven't watched the video yet." She grabbed her camera and ran into the livingroom before Sakura could say anything. Sakura looked at Kero who looked back and shrugged. They both got up and walked after Tomoyo. When they got to the livingroon Tomoyo had already slipped the tape into the VCR. Sakura and kero at on the couch while Tomoyo grabbed the remote control and plopped down next to them.

Once the video go going Sakura got so caught up in it that she tuned everything else out. Tomoyo had a night vision attatchment so it could see through the fog and darkness. Sakura watched amazed at herself. Meanwhile next to her on the couch Tomoyo was watching Sakura's face. "Wow Tomoyo, that costume looks realy good."

Tomoyo nodded and smiled. "You look beutiful Sakura." Sakura didn't actually seem to hear her, since she was still watching the movie. Kero on the other hand had noticed that when she said that Tomoyo's eyes had been nowhere near the television. He shook his head and turned back to the screen.

After the movie was over Sakura turned to Tomoyo. "You always get the best shots. Even before I found out about the Clow Cards. How do you do that?"

Tomoyo blushed and got up to put the video away before somebody else saw it. "Oh you know, it just deepends on what I'm shooting."

Sakura giggled, "Well I'm like the only thing you ever take pictures of."

Tomoyo smiled again and looked confused. "Are you? I guess I really didn't notice." She picked up the camera and yawned. "I think I'd like to go to bed." Sakura looked at her strangely.

"Well, alright. Maybe tommorow we can go to the park and hang out. For now though I'll put our dinner dishes away alright?"

Tomoyo looked at her, "Do you need any help?"

Sakura shook her head. "Nah. Besides it will give you a chance to get ready for bed without me being in the way."

Tomoyo smiled and shook her head. "Thank you Sakura, but you have never been in my way." Sakura smiled and Tomoyo ran up the stairs.

Once she was gone Sakura headed for the kitchen. "So Kero, is it just me or do you think something is bothering Tomoyo?"

Kero flew behind her as she loaded the dishes. "I don't know for sure Sakura. But yeah I think so." He twitched his tail slightly.

Sakura looked at him. "What do you think it could be?" Kero bit his lip and shrugged. This was one of those things Sakura would have to figure out on her own.

"Maybe you could use a Clow Card to find out?" Kero said.

Sakura looked at him shocked. "Kero! I am suprised at you. She's my best friend. If she doesn't want to tell me it's her business." Sakura stopped and sighed. "I just wish she'd trust me more is all."

From her spot at the top of the stairs Tomoyo let out a tiny sob. She wished she could tell Sakura. Wished that Sakura would understand. But it would never happen. Tomoyo considered herself lucky to be Sakura's friend, even if it hurt to be so near her sometimes. But if Sakura found out how Tomoyo realy felt about her... well then she might not even have that any more.

"I think I'll sleep down here tonight Sakura. I read in the TV Guide that there was a anime marathon on tonight." Kero said.

Sakura nodded and turned to walk up the stairs. "Good night Kero."

Wiping the tears off her face Tomoyo turned and ran into Sakura's room. It wouldn't do for Sakura to see her crying. If Sakura got sad it always hurt Tomoyo. Once she was in the room she quietly closed the door and sat back on the bed. Next to her on the night stand was a picture of her and Sakura together. She had an identical one at home next to her bed. While she was looking at it Tomoyo fronwed again. Maybe she should tell Sakura. If she felt like Tomoyo didn't trust her maybe it wasn't worth it to keep it from her. And if Sakura never wanted to see her again or was afraid of her... well that was something she would just have to live with. "That's right, the second she comes through that door I'll tell her."

Sakura came through the door at that moment and smiled at her. "Tell me what Tomoyo?"

Tomoyo blushed and her words caught in her throat. Ok, so much for that idea. "Um... I was just going to tell you... that I designed a new costume for you."

Sakura smiled. "Realy? You'll have to tell me about it." She ducked into the closet to change and so Tomoyo didn't see the look on her face. It was obvious that Tomoyo had not meant a costume when she had said that. And it hurt Sakura alot that her friend wouldn't tell her what she had realy meant.

Meanwhile Tomoyo was doing her best to sound cheerful and describe one of the new costumes she had been working on. After Sakura came out Tomoyo smiled at her. "So... what do you think about Li? Think you and he might get together?"

Sakura smiled. So that was it. Tomoyo had a thing for Li and was afraid that Sakura liked him. "No, he's not really my type. If you want him go right ahead." For some reason though she couldn't quite picture Tomoyo and Li together though. And when she tried it actually seemed to hurt a bit. Quickly she looked around at Tomoyo who looked back at her in shock.

"Me like Li? You must be kidding Sakura." Tomoyo laughed.

Sakura looked at her angrily. "Well then what is it? You've been hiding something from me all night. It's like you don't trust me or something." Sakura turned and sat down in the chair at her desk, facing away from Tomoyo. Suddenly from behind her she heard a slight intake of breath. When she turned around Tomoyo was crying heavily and looking right at her.

"Oh I'm sorry Tomoyo." Sakura quickly ran over and hugged her friend. Tomoyo hugged her back, but still kept crying. "It's alright if you don't want to tell me."

Tomoyo sobbed again and said, "But... but I want to tell you. I'm just kind of scared that if I do you wont like me any more."

Sakura turned and smiled at her. "Tomoyo, there is nothing you could possibly say that would make me not like you. You're my best friend." Tomoyolooked at her still uncertain. Sakura smiled and sat down. "Suppose I guess, do you think that would be alright?" Tomoyo bit her lip, but couldn't hide the smile that creapt onto her face. Sakura smiled back. "This'll be fun we can see how good of friends we really are."

Tomoyo snickered a bit at that. "If you guess this then I think we'll be alot closer..." She shook her head and looked down. "... or you'll not like me any more."

Sakura frowned again. "Now stop saying that! I told you that nothing will ever make me stop liking you. Now let's see, you've been acting this way since Lee showed up earlier right?" Tomoyo shook her head. "Before that?" A nod. "Well then let's see... are you afraid one of us could get hurt capturing Clow Cards?" Tomoyo shook her head again. "Then are you afraid I don't like your costumes? Cause if that's it you are all wrong, because I love them." Tomoyo's breath caught in her throat at the mention of love, but she still shook her head.

Sakura bit her lip thinking. "Well can you give me a hint? I mean some clue?"

Tomoyo looked up at her and shook her head. "I... I can't. I'm sorry Sakura." Sakura looked at her sadly, but then her attention was taken to the window. Tomoyo looked too. "What is it Sakura? Is it a Clow Card?" Sakura nodded and they walked over to the window to look out. Suddenly a huge bat flew past the window causing both girls to scream.

Kero came flying into the room. "What's wrong?" Sakura pointed outside. Kero flew to the window. Outside he saw that the neighbor's swimming pool was filled with ice cream. "Ah, it's the dream card."

Sakura looked at him. "The dream card?"

Kero nodded. "The dream card makes whatever your fondest wish is a reality. Unfortunately if someone is having a nightmare around it..." Sakura nodded thinking of the bat.

Tomoyo grabbed her camera and turned to Sakura. "Let's go!"

Sakura and Tomoyo landed next to a large house. Sakura picked the wand up and looked around them while Tomoyo video taped everything. Suddenly there was a movement from behind them and the dream card appeared. It looks at Tomoyo and smiled pleasantly. Suddenly it's form began to change.

Sakura looked at Kero. "How can I catch this one?"

Kero rubbed his chin and nodded. "I'd say the create card has the best chance."

Sakura nodded and turned back to the dream card. It had formed into Sakura herself and was still looking at Tomoyo. Tomoyo however was staring in horror having figured out what the card was doing. She looked at the fake Sakura, her eyes begging her not to say what she knew was coming. Meanwhile Sakura had grabbed the create card.

"Create, make a dream catcher." She tossed the card and swung her wand. The create card turned into a bood with a quill and began writing in itself. Around the dream card a north american dream catcher appeared binding the fake Sakura.

Sakura walked towards the other her and held up the wand. Unfortunately the card was still focused on Tomoyo. It looked at her with what looked like totaly understanding and just as Sakura swung the wand it said, "I love you too Tomoyo."

Sakura was so shocked by this that she was totaly speachless. Her arms contunued forward however and sealed the dream card, which floated along with the create card into her hand. Automatically putting the cards away Sakura turned to look at Tomoyo.

Tomoyo looked back at Sakura with tears in her eyes. She brought her hand up to me mouth and bit her knuckle. Sakura and Kero both looked at her. Then Sakura noticed the blood dripping from where her friend was biting her hand. "Tomoyo..." Before she could finish Tomoyo turned and ran away into the darkness. Sakura wasn't sure what to do so she just stood there, watchign her friend run away.

Tomoyo ran for a long time. She wasn't even sure where she was going until she saw the penguin slide at the park. She quickly climbed up the ladder and hid inside. "Why did it have to do that? Why couldn't it have picked Sakura or Kero? Why me?" She cried for a long time. Blood dripped from her hand the entire time, but eventually stopped. Tomoyo leaned against the wall and before long she was asleep.

Sakura sat down on the curb and stared off into space. Tomoyo was in love with her... it was almost too much to believe. Kero flew infront of her and frowned. "What's your problem?"

Sakura looked up at him. "She... she's in love with me..."

Kero snorted. "So? What's the big deal? You humans always complicate this sort of thing so much. Look, I'm heading back to the house." He turned and flew away leaving Sakura alone.

Sakura watched him go and shook her head. Sometimes she didn't understand Kero at all. Didn't he see how totaly crazy this was? Probably not since he wasn't human. But for some reason that didn't make Sakura feel any better. She sighed and leaned back.

"Hello Sakura. You are out late tonight." A voice said from behind her.

Sakura jumped up and looked around. Finaly she saw Ms. Mitsuki standing behind her. She smiled weakly at her and nodded. "Yeah, I had to catch the dream card. Is that why you are out here?"

Ms. Mitsuki laughed pleasantly. "My my you must be focused on something. Usually you atleast pretend not to know about the Clow Cards." She carefully sat down next to Sakura. "So do you want to tell me what happend?"

Sakura bit her lip. "I'm not sure if I should. It's kind of personal." She sighed and looked up at Ms. Mitsuki. "Have you ever had it turn out that some one was in love with you and you didn't even know it?"

Ms. Misuki thought about it and shook her head. "I'm afraid not. But I think I can sympithize. Do you think you should talk with this person?"

Sakura raised an eyebrow and looked at her. "You always have a way of making it sound like you already know everything that's going on."

Ms. Mitsuki tried to look innocent. "Why whatever do you mean Sakura?"

Sakura smiled at her, but it quickly faded. "You said 'this person' and 'they' an awful lot."

Ms. Mitsuki blushed and smiled. "Well so much for the wise and mysterious teacher. You are right of course. I've been here for a half hour and saw the whole thing. But what are you going to do about it?"

Sakura shrugged and looked up at the sky. A full moon and a lot of stars shown down. "If I knew I'd probably be doing it."

She sighed and stood up. "But for now I think I just need to talk to Tomoyo."

She started walking towards Tomoyo's house, then stopped and looked back at Ms. Mitsuki. "See you in school on Monday."

Ms. Mitsuki nodded and turned to go in the other direction.

When she got to Tomoyo's house Sakura checked to make sure there were no lights on. Then she walked to Tomoyo's window. It was open, so Sakura climbed in and looked around. Tomoyo was no where to be seen. Sakura sat down on the bed and looked around the room. She had been here before. Tomoyo was her best friend after all. But she had never realized just how prominently she figured in it before.

The walls were covered with pictures of her and Tomoyo together, all in expensive frames. Tomoyo's desk was covered with drawings of her in costumes Tomoyo had made. The shelves were full of video tapes with Sakura's name on them. Sakura got up and walked over to the desk. A note book was open on it. Feeling a bit guilty to be reading her friend's private thoughts Sakura casualy flipped through it. Several of the pages were just Sakura and Tomoyo's names mixed around: Sakura Kinomoto, Tomoyo Daidouj, Sakura Daidouji, Tomoyo Kinomoto. Sakura could barely belive it. She turned another page and read what was written there.

I never expected Sakura to feel the same way as I do. I am just happy that we are so close. Maybe I should tell her how I feel. After all she deserves to know. But what if it scares her. What if she never talks to me again or smiled at me? That would hurt more than her not knowing. I can't do that to her. I can't rob her of that care free feeling that she shows around me.

But what if she feels the same? No. No that isn't going to happen. If she did I would know by now. I will just have to try to cherish what I have with her. At least I still have my videos and pictures of her. She looks so beautiful in those costumes. It always made me feel so good to see her wearing something I made for her.

I think Lee likes her too though. I don't know if she likes him or not. If she does what will I do? That's an easy one. I'll smile and be happy for her. No matter how much it hurts I will be happy. I just wish it could be me. I love her so much. I just wish she could love me too.

Sakura stopped reading and ran her fingers over a crinkly part of the paper. It looked like something had dripped on it.

"She must have been crying." Sakura bit her lip and sat down in Tomoyo's chair. It was all rather obvious now why Tomoyo had been keeping this from her. Sakura knew that no matter what happend now things were going to be different between them.

She looked up at the mirror that sat on the stand next to her. She saw herself looking back. There was nothing special she could see. Not anything that could make Tomoyo feel like she did. Sakura wondered if she could feel the same way towards Tomoyo. They had been friends for their entire lives. Whenever she felt bad Sakura had always known to talk to Tomoyo about it.

Sakura wondered how long Tomoyo had been in love with her. Was there any indication of it before now? Her mind wandered back over the years. Every valentines day Tomoyo always gave her chocolates and cards. She never seemed to give any to anyone else. Sakura smiled remembering how she had told Tomoyo that she should be giving them to the person she loved.

"That's why I'm giving them to you Sakura." It was so obvious.

Then Sakura remembered a day a long time ago. She and Tomoyo had been going some where... a carnival or something. On the way Tomoyo had suddenly stopped and looked at her. "I love you Sakura." Sakura had thought she meant as a friend. They were only eight yeard old at the time. Sakura had smiled and told her she loved her too. Tomoyo had looked at her and shook her head. "I'll tell you when you are older."

But she hadn't. Instead Tomoyo had grown scared and lonely, despite being with the one she loved. Sakura shook her head and closed her eyes. "How could I be so stupid!" A tear fell down her cheek. She turned and looked at the pictures of her and Tomoyo again. In many of them Tomoyo was hugging her, smiling at her, or holding her hand. But as Sakura looked closer she could see a sadness in her friend's eyes. No matter how big the smile was something was stopping her from looking truely happy. And now she knew what.

"I can't believe how much I hurt her." Sakura looked at the mirror again. She did love Tomoyo of course. They had been together their entire lives. But could she love her for the rest of her life? Her eyes were drawn back to the papers on the desk. Tomoyo obviously thought that she and Lee might end up together, or had until tonight. She remembered how Tomoyo had brought it up earlier. Sakura shook her head remembering her words. So if Li wasn't Sakura's type what was? She looked at Tomoyo's picture again and tried to imagine life without her... and couldn't.

Suddenly her eyes snapped open. "What if she's hurt? If she isn't here then where is she?"

Sakura began to panic. When Tomoyo had run away her hand had been bleeding. Her eyes had looked so hurt. Sakura would do anything to stop Tomoyo from hurting like that again.

"I guess... I guess I do love her. But if she's hurt or lost that wont do me any good. I need to find her." Sakura looked around the room for some clue. Her eyes passed over the mirror again.

"Of course!" She pulled the mirror card out and summoned it, ordering it to show her where Tomoyo was.

Tomoyo's eyes opened slowly and she pulled her arms around herself. It may not have been winter but it was still cold. Looking out at the nights sky she sighed, causing her breath to show up in the air. She started making a fist, but flinched and looked down at her hand. It had blood all over it and she could see tooth marks. Quietly she cursed the dream card. Her life was ruined now. Sakura would never want to be near her again after this.

She could just imagine what Sakura's face would look like. Disgust, fear, and maybe even hatred. Sakura would never want to wear her costumes again. Would never let her video tape her any more.

New tears replaced the dried ones on her cheeks. If she had only stayed back this one time. Suddenly she stopped and shook her head. No, Sakura wouldn't hate her. But she would never be as free around Tomoyo any more. Would never get to hug her again and her dreams of ever kissing Sakura were gone. She had thought that maybe one day she could slip in a tiny kiss right on Sakura's lips. But now her friend would know what she was doing.

Still crying Tomoyo lay back inside the slide. She was cold and tired. She needed to get some sleep. Her last thoughts before she went to sleep were of Sakura.

Sakura saw Tomoyo's eyes close as she went to sleep inside the penguin slide. A breeze blew intot he room from the open window.

Sakura shivered, "It's cold out tonight." She looked back at the image of Tomoyo. "I can't let her stay out like this. She could get sick or something."

She put the mirror card away and grabbed the fly card. As she jumped onto her wand and out the window Tomoyo's mother came into the room.

"Is someone here?" She shivered and walked to the window. As she closed it a single white feather fell onto the window sill. She picked it up and looked at it for a minute. She set it down on Tomoyo's desk and closed the window.

Sakura, meanwhile, was flying over the city looking down. Less than an hour ago she and Tomoyo had been doing this exact thing. Sakura now realized what Tomoyo had been telling her then. Sakura would give anythign for Tomoyo to be there with her now. Sakura almost smiled remembering the feel of Tomoyo's arms around her and her face buried between Sakura's shoulder blades. But a sudden breeze across her back washed the feeling away.

She looked down and saw the dark shapes below her. The zoo wasn't too far from here and in the distance Sakura could just barely make out the penguin slide. She rememberd when she had been cleaning up after the power card. That picture of her with the slide on her shoulders had almost gotten her into alot of trouble. If Tomoyo hadn't claimed that she had done it on her computer things could have gotten difficult. She always did things like that for her.

When Sakura landed by the penguin slide she wasn't sure what she was going to say. Quietly she walked over to the slide and slowly climbed up the ladder leading to the top. When she got there Tomoyo was sound asleep inside. Sakura reached for her, then balked. Did she realy love Tomoyo like this? If she didn't... if it was just a spur of the moment thing she could hurt her friend alot more. Looking over Tomoyo's face however she knew the answer.

She reached out again and rubbed Tomoyo's cheek softly. It was soft, but ice cold. Worriedly Sakura shook Tomoyo's shoulder. When she didn't wake up Sakura got very worried. "Tomoyo? Tomoyo are you alright?" Tomoyo's eyes remained closed. Sakura put her ear to Tomoyo's chest and listned closely. She was still breathing, but her heart beat was slow. Sakura had to get her someplace warm and fast. She tried to pick her up,but Tomoyo's limp form was too heavy. No way could she fly them like this.

Reaching into her clothes she brought out the power and dash cards. She summoned them and felt a tingling sensation go through her body. Sakura turned back to Tomoyo and gently picked her up. Then she turned and jumped out of the slide. Once she hit the ground she began running. The landscape flew past like a blur. Sakura was using her arms to block off as much of the wind as possible while she ran.

Once she got to her house Sakura leaped up and practicaly flew through her open bedroom window. She lay Tomoyo on her bed and put the Clow Cards away, then closed the window. Looking around she saw that Kero was nowhere to be seen. He had probably fallen asleep on the couch watching television. Sakura immediately turned back to Tomoyo who was still asleep on her bed. Reaching behind her she dragged the chair from in front of her desk and sat in it next to the bed, holding onto Tomoyo's hand. "Please be alright Tomoyo. I can't loose you." She noticed that Tomoyo's hand was bleeding again and got a bandaid from the bathroom. After that she simply sat next to her friend.

Hours slipped past. Sakura eventually fell asleep, laying across Tomoyo's stomach. The warm blankets seemed to bring the color back to Tomoyo's cheeks. At about 5:34 a.m. Tomoyo yawned and opened her eyes. The first thing she noticed was that her nose felt stuffed up. The second thing she noticed was that she was in a soft bed instead of the penguin slide. For a moment she had the hope that the entire night had been a dream and things would be back to normal. But when she saw Sakura laying across her she knew for a fact that it had all happend.

Sakura felt Tomoyo move underneith her and her eyes snapped open. Sitting up Sakura saw Tomoyo looking at her and immediately wrapped her arms around Tomoyo's neck holding her tight. "You're awake! I was so worried about you. Promise you'll never run off like that again." Tomoyo was too stunned to say anything and just lay there stiff as a board. This wasn't working out anything like what she had thought. Not only was Sakura happy to see her but she was actually hugging her.

"I... I promise..." She managed.

Sakura pulled back and smiled into her eyes. "And you also have to promise not to keep stuff like that from me any more. That's not what people who love each other do."

Tomoyo stared at her in shock, not actually believing what she had just heard. "But you can't... you don't... I mean..."

Sakura smiled at her. "I want to apologize to you Tomoyo."

Tomoyo shook her head, "Why would you need to apologize. I'm the one who embarrassed you."

Sakura frowned and looked right at her. "Now Tomoyo that isn't true. I've never been less embarrassed in my life. And I want to apologize to you for not seeing how you felt. If I had I think things would have been alot better for you and you wouldn't have hurt so much."

Sakura reached out and put her hand on Tomoyo's cheek and smiled at her.

Tomoyo stared straight ahead in shock. Sakura noticed her look and pinched her cheek pulling it to the side. "Ow! What did you do that for?"

Sakura grinned and looked at her. "To snap you too your senses. You know you almost got yourself killed running off like that last night?"

Tomoyo looked down at herself and Sakura smiled at her calmly. "I don't blame you Tomoyo. I might have done the same thing in your possition."

Tomoyo breathed in slowly. "You weren't supposed to know."

Sakura smiled and moved onto the bed next to her. "I know Tomoyo, but did you realy think I could be happy with you so sad? Or live without you?"

Tomoyo looked up at her and smiled, tears brimming at the edge of her eyes. Sakura smiled back at her, her hand still on Tomoyo's cheek.

Slowly, Madison reached up and put her hand over Sakura's. "I love you Sakura. I have ever since I've known you."

Sakura smiled and nodded. "I love you too Tomoyo."

Tomoyo let out a quiet sob and leaned forward to hug Sakura, burying her head into Sakura's shoulder. Sakura put her arms around Tomoyo and held her close, running her fingers through Tomoyo's long dark hair. Tomoyo's fingers closed onto Sakura's clothes. "I have wanted to hear you say that for so long." Sakura smiled down at her and nodded.

"I also have to apologize about something else. Before I found you in the slide I went to your house and checked your room. I saw your notebook." Sakura blushed and looked guilty.

Tomoyo smiled at her. "That's alright now. You don't have to worry Sakura."

Sakura smiled and looked at Tomoyo's eyes. "You know, for once you really look happy."

Tomoyo giggled and nodded. "I am." She looked over Sakura's face. "I don't suppose... I mean would you mind if I kissed you?"

Sakura blushed and smiled at her. "I would love to Tomoyo. But don't get your hopes up. I've never done this before." She and Tomoyo leaned closer and looked into each other's eyes. Their noses bumped and they turned their heads in the same direction for a minute. Then they finaly got into possition and closed their eyes. As their lips met an electric shock went down their spines. Sakura felt something move against her lips and realized with a start that it was Tomoyo's tongue. Her eyes snapped open and she saw Tomoyo kissing her. Suddenly it didn't seem like that big of a deal. Sakura opened her mouth and let the tongue slide in.

Tomoyo was in heaven. She had dreamed of doing this on so many nights she had lost count, but she had never thought it would actually happen. Now that it had she never wanted it to end. She slid her tongue into Sakura's mouth and opened her own eyes in suprise as Sakura's moved against hers too. When she did she saw Sakura looking back at her. Finaly after they realised that eventually they would need to breathe they broke apart, both breathing heavily. Sakura smiled at her and said, "That was great Tomoyo."

Tomoyo smiled at her. "Same to you Sakura." Tomoyo reached up with a pale hand to rub Sakura's cheek. Her skin felt so soft and warm. Sakura smiled at her and pulled her in for another hug and kissed Tomoyo behind the ear. Tomoyo shivered slightly and buried her face into Sakura's neck kissing her too.

Suddenly Tomoyo pulled back and looked Sakura in the eyes. "Are you sure you want to do this? I mean you feel alright with me like this?"

Sakura smiled at her and nodded. "Tomoyo there is not a doubt in my mind. Why? Are you..?"

Tomoyo shook her head. "I would love to Sakura. I just wanted you to be sure." They held each other again as the sun came up. When they looked at each other's faces they looked like they were glowing in the golden dawn's light.

The End

Author's note.

So what did you think? I usualy use my best endings for the non-lemon stories, hence the double ending in this one. I never actually planned for this to be a lemon, but like other stories I have written sometimes it is just part of the story. If you didn't like it then please, don't read it. If you did email me and tell me what you think at clayton_n@hotmail.com Oh yeah, I almost forgot. WARNING:This is a lemon. If you are underage, despite the fact that this was most likely listed as a lemon to begin with, you probably shouldn't read it.

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