Hidden feelings
By, Clayton Overstreet

Sakura dodged to the side as the wave of sand smashed into the spot where she had been. She turned to face the sand card again, but it had apparently changed its target. It was now headed towards Tomoyo, who had been video taping the capture. Tomoyo had turned to run but the card was quickly catching up.

Without thinking Sakura pulled out the fiery card and summoned it. "Fiery, protect Tomoyo!" The visible form of the fiery card flew ahead quickly blocking the sand card's path. The sand card stopped and rose up to bury the fiery card, but it let out a blast of fire directly into the sand. Suddenly the sand fell to the ground leaving the sand card's visible form frozen in place as a glass figurine. Sakura swung her wand. "Return to the form you were destined to be,Sand Card." The figurine shattered into sand again and swirled back into its card form, then it and the fiery card returned to her and she put it away.

Tomoyo ran up to Sakura and hugged her. Sakura hugged her back just as tightly. "Are you alright Tomoyo?"

Tomoyo smiled and hugged her again. "Yeah, thank you. You saved my life Sakura."

Sakura smiled, and then quickly let Tomoyo go blushing red. "Um... you sure you are alright?"

Tomoyo smiled and nodded. "And I got the whole thing on video. How did the new costume work out?"

Sakura blushed and looked down. She always thought she looked kind of silly in some of the outfits that Tomoyo made for her, but since Tomoyo always thought she looked good in them she would wear whatever her friend came up with. "It was great Tomoyo, thanks. When we get back to my house let's watch the video. Kero was asleep when I came so he missed it." Tomoyo nodded and Sakura summoned the fly card.

As they flew over the city Sakura smiled at the feeling of Tomoyo pressed against her back. Sakura closed her eyes enjoying the sensation for a minute. She had been in love with Tomoyo since they were eight years old, but every time she tried to tell her she balked. The closest she had ever come was when they were kids. Tomoyo had told Sakura that she loved her, but when Sakura said she loved her too Tomoyo had said something about telling her when she was older and then dragged her off to the fair grounds. That was when Sakura had realized that Tomoyo would never see her as anything more than a friend.

"Tomoyo, are you sure you want to keep video taping the Clow cards? You were almost killed today." Sakura said.

Tomoyo smiled and hugged her from behind. "Of course I do. Besides if anything happened to you and I wasn't there to help I could never forgive myself."

Sakura smiled and nodded. "I just don't want you to get hurt. If you did I don't know what I'd do."

Tomoyo nodded and pressed closer to Sakura. "Don't worry Sakura, with you there to protect me what could happen?" Sakura blushed at how tight Tomoyo was holding on. What she wanted to do was turn around and kiss her friend. But if she did that it might scare Tomoyo so that she wouldn't like her any more. Heck it scared Sakura that she felt that way at all some times.

As they flew Sakura spotted Li and Maylin standing on a roof looking around. She told the fly card to land near them. She and Tomoyo stepped off and smiled at them. "Hey Li, Maylin. What are you two doing?"

Li frowned and looked at her. "We were going after the sand card, but you beat us to it."

Maylin stood next to Li and nodded. "Li probably could have caught the card a lot better than you did."

Sakura smiled at them, then looked at Li. "We were going back to my place to watch Tomoyo's video tape of the capture. Do you two want to come?" Li looked at Maylin who just shrugged. Then he turned back and nodded.

Sakura smiled, but was inwardly cursing herself. She had hoped that Lee would say no so she could have some time with Tomoyo and had only asked to be polite. Oh well, at least Tomoyo would be there. She summoned they fly card again and used the float card to pull Li and Maylin behind them as they flew off towards Sakura's house.

Tomoyo sighed as she sat on Sakura's couch watching the tape. She had been more than a little jealous when Sakura had invited Li with them. She wanted to spend time alone with Sakura. Lately she had been getting up enough courage to tell her friend how she felt about her. Sakura saving her life like that made it seem like it would have been the perfect time and so romantic.

She glanced down the couch at the others. Li was besides her watching with interest. Maylin was sitting between her and Sakura. For some reason Maylin seemed to think Sakura and Li liked each other. Maybe they did. Maybe Sakura and Li would get married, move away and leave Tomoyo and Maylin to grow old and live with cats. If she did though Tomoyo had sworn she would try to be happy for her. She glanced at Kero who had fallen asleep on the couch arm next to her. At least someone was carefree.

Turning back to the movie she saw the wall of Sand being blocked by the fiery card. Hearing Sakura send it to protect her had made her heart swoon, despite her terror. For a brief moment on the tape she saw Sakura watching her nervously not even glancing at the fighting Clow cards. Maybe there was hope after all.

Sakura glanced at Tomoyo and saw her sitting by Li smiling pleasantly. Did Tomoyo like Lee? Sakura felt a slight pain at that. Then she shook her head. If Tomoyo liked Lee that was all right. It wasn't like she was hers or anything. Just because she had always been there for Sakura didn't mean she always would and that was all right.

"Sakura, why are you crying?" Maylin asked.

Sakura put her hand to her cheek and noticed that a tear had trickled out. She quickly wiped it away and smiled. "No reason, I was just thinking of something else.

Sakura noticed Tomoyo and Li looking at her too. "I said I'm fine." Li shrugged and looked back at the screen just as Sakura sealed the card. But Tomoyo kept looking at her.

"Sakura, do you think I could stay the night this weekend? Tomorrow is Friday after all." Tomoyo asked a tad nervously.

Sakura nodded and smiled. "That would be great Tomoyo. Bring some videos for us to watch too ok?" Tomoyo nodded and they both felt a bit better as the tape ended.

Maylin and Li got up to leave. "Great capture Sakura." Li said as he walked out. Maylin frowned and shot Sakura a dirty look. Once they were gone Tomoyo decided that she had better go to.

Sakura asked if she needed a ride. "No, that's alright. I called my mom and she'll be here in five minutes. I'll see you tomorrow on the way to school alright Sakura?"

Sakura smiled and said, "Sure thing Tomoyo. I can barely wait." Just then there was a knock on the door. She opened it and Tomoyo's mother was there. As she closed the door behind them Sakura leaned against it and sank to the floor. Maybe this weekend she could tell Tomoyo how she felt. She just had to figure out how.

Kero floated through the air next to her. "So you haven't told her yet huh? You humans make this stuff so complicated."

Sakura shot him a look. "Oh you be quiet."

Tomoyo lay back in her room looking around herself at the pictures and drawings hung on her walls. All were of Sakura of course. Tomoyo kept every picture she had taken of her since they met. Everything Sakura had given her she had in a special box in her closet. Even that dumb pencil she had given her to do her math with.

Tomoyo decided to design a new costume for Sakura to wear. Maybe something a bit more form fitting than usual. Kind of like that cat costume only different. As she drew out her idea she smiled and carefully drew out Sakura's face. She never forgot a single detail no matter how much time it too.

About an hour later her mother came in. "It's time for you to go to bed now Tomoyo." Tomoyo smiled and put her pencil down and got into bed.

As her mother turned to leave Tomoyo asked her. "Mom, what's something you give someone so that they know you like them."

Her mother turned back and smiled. "Do you have a crush on someone Tomoyo?" Tomoyo nodded.

Her mother smiled and said, "Well then I suggest something with hearts and straight forward. If you are too subtle they may not get it." She sat down on the end of her daughter's bed. "Can you keep a secret?" Tomoyo nodded. "A long time ago I had a crush on Nadeshiko-san. I didn't act on it and she eventually married Fujitaka-san. I always regretted I never told her. Do you understand?"

Tomoyo nodded and looked at the picture of her and Sakura she kept by her bed. Then she looked back at her mother. "Do you think I have a chance?"

Her mother grabbed the locket that she always wore around her neck. Tomoyo had never seen inside it, but she could now guess whose picture it was. "I know that if you don't try you'll never know." Tomoyo leaned forward and hugged her mom. Her mom hugged her back then turned to leave. As she did Tomoyo smiled and lay back, thinking about what her mother had said. Whether or no she lost Sakura this weekend didn't seem to matter any more. She had to tell her how she felt and take what was coming.

Sakura smiled as the bell rang to signal the end of the school day. Ms. Mitsuki didn't have any homework for them this weekend but on the way out she smiled at Sakura. Sakura smiled back and left the room. Tomoyo was right behind her. "So does your mom know you are come over to my house or should we call her?" Sakura asked.

Tomoyo smiled. "Yeah she knows, but I want to pick something up from my house first ok? I'll meet you at your place in about an hour alright?"

Sakura smiled and nodded. This would be the perfect chance to find a gift for Tomoyo. As her friend disappeared around the corner Sakura took off running into town. Looking around she tried to think what would be the perfect thing to get Tomoyo. Then she saw the Hallmark store. "I'll get her a card." Sakura smiled and giggled. Maybe after this Tomoyo wouldn't like her anymore, but she'd rather give it a chance than never know. Sakura quickly went inside and looked around for a while. When she felt she had the perfect card she left to head back home, slipping the card into her backpack.

When she got home Tomoyo was just arriving. "What took you so long Sakura?" Tomoyo asked.

Sakura smiled. "I just thought I'd take the long way home. Did you get what you needed from your house?"

Tomoyo nodded and held up her backpack. "Yeah, I needed to get some video tapes." And a card, she mentally added.

Sakura smiled and went to open the door. As she did Toya stepped out. "Hey squirt, I'm going out of town to got over to a friend's house tonight. Dad called and said he'd be home Sunday from that trip he had to take. Think you'll be alright by yourself tonight?"

Sakura nodded, "Yeah, Tomoyo is spending the night and we're going to watch some movies." Toya nodded and walked past them.

Sakura smiled and opened the door so they could go inside. When she did she called out to Kero. "We're home!"

Kero came flying down the stairs. "It's about time, I'm starving!" Sakura and Tomoyo giggled. Tomoyo went to the living room to set up the videos while Sakura went to the kitchen with Kero. Once they were there Sakura got a sandwich out of the fridge for him. "So are you going to tell her tonight?"

Sakura blushed and shushed him. "She might hear you. And yes I'm going to tell her. I don't suppose you would mind sleeping on the couch tonight would you?"

Kero rubbed his chin. "Ok, if you will give me a piece of that cake that's sitting in the refrigerator."

Sakura nodded. "Deal."

Tomoyo yawned as she changed into the nightshirt she had brought with her. She and Sakura had spent hours watching some of Tomoyo's video collection then had traded stories of what had been happening in school lately. Finally they had decided to go to bed. Sakura had already changed and was in bed with her eyes closed. Tomoyo slipped into the covers with her card hidden in her hand. She turned and smiled at Sakura. "Goodnight."

Sakura turned to her. "Goodnight Tomoyo." She yawned and turned back closing her eyes again. Tomoyo smiled and looked over her face. Sakura was even more beautiful asleep... no she corrected herself. Nothing could make Sakura any more beautiful. She smiled and lay back waiting for Sakura to fall asleep.

Sakura however was anything but sleepy. She was so nervous she could barely keep her eyes closed. She had slipped her card to Tomoyo under her friend's pillow and was waiting for her to find it. . After a while she turned and glanced at Tomoyo who was still awake. Tomoyo smiled at her. "What's wrong? Can't sleep?"

Sakura smiled, "I think... I think I need a drink of water. Do you want any?" Tomoyo shook her head. Once Sakura got up she quickly slipped the card under Sakura's pillow and grinned.

After Sakura got back both of them were awake for quite some time, but pretending to sleep has a tendency to turn into real sleep and eventually they were both out.

The next morning Sakura yawned and stretched. Suddenly her hand came in contact with something under her pillow. She picked it up and saw that it was the card she had left for Tomoyo. She bit her lip and choked back a sob, then turned to look at her friend's sleeping face. So... she had decided not to embarrass Sakura. Sakura hadn't thought she could love her any more but now she did. It hurt that Tomoyo had basically said no to her, but it was apparent hat she still waned to be friends.

Sakura got up, still carrying the card and went downstairs to the kitchen. She would make Tomoyo a breakfast to remember to make up to her. On the way she saw Kero asleep on the couch and smiled. "I should have listened to him."

Tomoyo woke up to the smell of sausages and pancakes. As she slid out of bed her finger caught on something under her pillow. It was the card she had left for Sakura. Tomoyo smiled. So that was why she was making breakfast, to show that they were still friends. Tomoyo picked up her card and turned to walk down stairs. Sakura was such a good person.

When she got to the bottom of the stairs she saw Kero still asleep on the couch. She was actually quite surprised. Usually Kero was the fist one at the table and the last to leave. Oh well, maybe Sakura had used the sleep card on him.

Tomoyo walked into the kitchen. "Hmm, that smells wonderful Sakura."

Sakura smiled and looked at her. "Thanks Tomoyo. It should be done in a little bit."

Tomoyo smiled and put the card on the table beside her. Sakura finished cooking and turned to put the food on the table. She saw the card there and blushed, looking up at Tomoyo. "Look, about that... I understand how you feel."

Madison smiled at her and nodded. "I know Sakura. It's just..." She looked down.

Sakura smiled at her. "It's ok, I just thought you should know." She looked around the room, then her gaze stopped in surprise.

Tomoyo looked up and saw her staring, then turned to see what she was looking at. On the counter was a card identical to the one by her hand. Sakura and Tomoyo turned to look at each other, then at he card on the table, then back at the one on the counter. Sakura quickly jumped out of her seat, knocking the chair to the ground, and ran to grab the card off the counter. At the same time Tomoyo grabbed the one off of the table.

Sakura opened the card. Inside was the same message she had seen at the store: I love you more than anyone else in the world and I want you to be mine. But at the bottom, instead of her name was Tomoyo's. She turned to Tomoyo who was looking at the card in her hand in growing shock. "But... but I thought..." Tomoyo looked up at Sakura with her jaw hanging down slightly.

Sakura walked slowly to her seat and picked the chair up and sat down quietly, still staring at the card in her hand. After a few minutes she looked up to Tomoyo who was smiling at her and had tears in her eyes. Sakura saw this and smiled back as a tear dripped down her own cheek. Then suddenly Sakura started to laugh. Tomoyo giggled and put her hand over her mouth. Finally they stopped, but neither of them was quite sure what to say.

Sakura looked down at the card again, going over the words in her mind. Tomoyo smiled and watched Sakura's face. Then Sakura looked up at her and whispered a single word. "Yes..."

Tomoyo's heart leapt into her throat. She took a deep breath and nodded. "Me too Sakura." Slowly she and Sakura got up from the table and smiled at each other. Sakura took the first step, but before they knew it they were in each other's arms, each holding onto the other one as if they were afraid it was only a dream.

Sakura and Tomoyo eventually loosened their grip and pulled back slightly to look into each other's eyes. Both of them were smiling, and both had tears in their eyes. Tomoyo closed her eyes and leaned her head closer to Sakura. Slightly surprised Sakura realized what was happening and met Tomoyo half way in a kiss that sent shivers through her spine.

When they broke apart both of them started talking at the same time. Phrases like "I thought you didn't want to be more than friends." and "I love you so much." could be heard occasionally. They both told the other that they had been in love since they were young, but had thought the other one had only wanted to be friends. Sakura smiled and shook her head. "Let's promise never to keep something like this from each other again alright Tomoyo?"

Tomoyosmiled and nodded. "I promise Sakura." She leaned forward and kissed Sakura gain. "I love you."

Sakura kissed her back. "I love you too Tomoyo."

Suddenly Kero flew into the room and saw them in each other's arms. "It's about time!"

Both girls looked at him angrily then at each other. "Are you thinking the same thing I am?" Sakura asked.

Tomoyo looked at the table and the cards. "I think that's a safe bet." She and Sakura each reached for a bottle of syrup from the table then turned to Kero.

Kero looked at them nervously. "Now come on you guys... can't you take a little good natured teasing?" He flew back into the wall nervously. Sakura and Tomoyo grinned and shortly there after the guardian beast was covered in maple syrup.

The End

Author's note
Hope you like it. Near the end I kind of had trouble thinking of things for them to say. The way I saw it though is if two people, let alone two people who are in love, would probably think along the same lines. I thought it would be a nice touch if not only did Sakura attach special meaning to that childhood conversation, but had the same idea as Tomoyo on how to show her feelings. If you agree, write me at clayton_n@hotmail.com and tell me what you think. If not, well you just spent a lot of time reading a story you didn't like.
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