The Road to Passion

By Koibito no Integra



Disclaimer: I don’t own Card Captor Sakura or any of the characters that appear in this story, so please don’t sue me. I wouldn’t want to steal credit for any works the lovely ladies of CLAMP create but, the story idea is mine. Also if girl/girl love is offensive to you then don’t read this.


Chapter One: Passionate Memories and Bunny Suits


"This is the last time I’ll ever do this again."
"Yes dear."
"No, I’m serious."
Tomoyo scrunched her face and looked upside down at her darling Sakura who was dressed in the special bunny outfit she had taken so much time to make.
"Tomoyo, honey, I am eighteen! How can I possibly be your wild and sexy lover dressed like this!" Sakura pointed at the whiskers hanging off of the pink nose she had on.
"Wai! Sakura-chan is cute in anything she wears!" Tomoyo put down the camera she was holding and righted herself on Sakura’s bed. The young raven haired beauty glanced over at her lover, right side up this time, and still found no problem "Sakura you look adorable! This outfit is for my eyes only so, there should be no problem."
Sakura stomped her foot on the floor and pouted, "Tomoyo-chan! I am the great Mistress of the Clow… I dun wanna be a rabbit."
Tomoyo smiled and remembered the last time Sakura had worn a bunny outfit she’d made, then she had only been twelve and thought it was only second to the neko outfit she had. Times had changed a lot since then, Tomoyo and Sakura had both persevered through many trails, Sakura was now the sole keeper of the cards and Tomoyo now held the heart of her genki best friend who was clueless for so many years.

Along with the times their bodies had changed also, Sakura was a head taller than Tomoyo and her auburn tinted brown hair now reached her mid-back. Sakura’s hair wasn’t the only thing that had grown Tomoyo’s favorite thing about Sakura, a guilty pleasure of hers, was her tall and lean girlfriends pert and well shaped bust. The two globes sat atop her chest in the most beautiful of ways, slightly bouncing when she stepped and gently swaying at other times… it was pure intoxicant to the helplessly in love girl. Tomoyo herself was a sight to behold; while being short in stature her porcelain skin made her beauty ethereal in appearance, soft and pale with raven hair that looked as if it was freshly spun silk was her natural contrast. Tomoyo’s small frame was complemented by her modest size, Sakura still says she should eat more, and her breast were small but, well shaped topped by pale dusky pink nipples that Sakura enjoyed dearly.

Tomoyo snapped out of her thoughts and smiled at her sweet little bunny "Sakura, I want you to wear it for a special reason."
Sakura raised and eyebrow, which in the last few years had replace her confused face.
Tomoyo began to speak and got that far off look in her eyes and Sakura smiled. She just loved Tomoyo’s thought face! It was so cute!
"I want you to wear the suit because it reminds me of the first fantasy I had about Sakura-chan!"
Sakura wiggled in the suit, for some reason it felt really tight around the chest area… she waived it off "I’ll just ask Tomoyo after this." thought the tall card mistress.
"-We were both twelve…" Tomoyo continued on.


Tomoyo lie on the bed upside down holding a camera as Sakura jumped around the room wildly spinning her key staff around.
"Tomoyo-chan! I love this new costume! You know what I like before I do." the genki girl turned on a pop cd and danced in her costume.
Tomoyo giggled a bit at the sight and smiled "Of course I know everything about Sakura-chan! My love can see through your heart and your mind too."
Sakura continued her little dance while replying to Tomoyo’s strange comment "Tomoyo your so weird…"
Tomoyo’s smile fell and her eyes shadowed "She’ll never understand me…" thought the taller girl. Tomoyo plastered a smile back on her face as Sakura’s dance turned her around towards her.
"Tomoyo dance with me!" as soon as the words were out Sakura had all ready pulled Tomoyo off the bed and started swinging the other girl around.
"Sakura-chan-" giggled Tomoyo "-how can you swing me around when I am taller than you?"
Sakura stopped spinning around and dipped Tomoyo "Because I am the mysterious keeper of the clow!"
Tomoyo poked the other girl and made a face.
"I need to keep my secrets." Sakura winked and then lightly pushed Tomoyo back to the bed as the song ended.
Sakura shifted the ears on head and twirled around "So Tomoyo.. Honestly what do you think? And don’t just say Sakura-chan is beautiful in everything."
"Sakura-chan is beautiful in everything!" ,said Tomoyo with too much conviction. The pale skinned girl blushed "I mean it is a lovely costume… I am sure Li-kun will notice it the next time you capture together."
"Really! You think so?" Sakura blush slowly took over her face as she thought of Li.
"I make everything to make Sakura look even more lovely than she all ready does."

Lost in thought Sakura drifted over to the full size mirror and turned to the side. She popped her chest out in front of her and sighed she thought the dress was too loose around the chest area. Mei-Lin all ready started to grow larger breast than hers and she wanted to impress Li before the dance next week. "He just has to take me." ,thought the green eyed girl.
Tomoyo watched from the bed admiring the shorter girl her thoughts were running away with her. "Sakura-chan is beautiful just like mom says Nadeshiko was. Her eyes are two deep swirling emeralds that I could look in forever, her hair is short and soft, and her smile is brighter than a thousand pearls in the moonlight." The usually genki card captor must of forgotten Tomoyo was in the room, she was now cupping her hand over her still growing chest and blushing. Tomoyo was too bewitched by the sight to even remind Sakura she was in the room.
Tomoyos’ eyes grew wide as she noticed Sakuras’ hardened nipples through the bunny outfit.
"Sakura-chan…" she whispered as she fell back on the bed and let her mind carried her away.

Tomoyo walked over to Sakura who was evaluating her body in the mirror and wrapped her arms around the small waist.
"Sakura, your perfect how you are and if it takes sexy clothes for someone to realize it then you don’t need them."
Sakura leaned her head back on to Tomoyo’s shoulder and let out a small sigh "Oh, Tomoyo you always know what to say to me…" suddenly Sakura turned around in the taller girls arms and stared in to her eyes.
Tomoyo was frozen, lost in a dream that she couldn’t escape, her best friend was looking at her like she had always wanted her to. Tomoyo’s hart rate tripled, her knees shook, and her breaths were deep, Sakura led her over to the bed and sat Tomoyo down.
"Tomoyo for as long as I have known you you’ve always had something nice to say to me or have given me confidence to fight when I have had none on my own-" Sakura gently took one of Tomoyo’s hands in her own and looked down at her best friend sitting there and blushed "- and I thank you for that Tomoyo. There is something else I wanted to say to you."
The raven haired girl blushed even harder from the contact and let out a meek whimper.
"What is that Sakura?"
"I wanted to tell you that you don’t have to wait until I am older. I understand now. I love you with all my heart in the same way you love me."
Tomoyo eyes began to water but, Sakura quickly put her free hand on the other girls cheek and leaned over to kiss the forming tears away. "Tomoyo, this is no time for crying… there is something better."
Tomoyo nodded clueless as to what Sakura meant she soon found out as Sakura turned on a slower tune from the radio and danced but, this time more slowly, rubbing her hands over her chest and her nether region. Tomoyo eyes were wide as she watched the dance, her palms were getting sweaty, she wanted nothing more than to be exactly where she was. Sakura traced the bunny ears and bent over to touch the floor rolling her hips and touching on the furry bunny tail just above her firm and impossibly rounded buttocks. Tomoyo swallowed hard and put her hand over her chest, her heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest as Sakura slowly stalked over to her pushing her firm chest up, making Tomoyo painfully aware of her hardened nipples. The raven haired girl was experiencing a world of emotion as new feelings dropped down on to her as Sakura traced her face with her finger, it was pure electricity. The sensation shot down from where Sakura touched her to her center… the deep brown pools of Tomoyos’ eyes were swirling as Sakura closed the distance between them kissing her gently.


Sakura was broken out of her Li imposed coma and noticed Tomoyo lying on the bed with her eyes closed "She must of fallen asleep." ,smiled Sakura as she went back to adjusting herself in the mirror so that her new costume was tighter around the bust area.


At first the pressure was gentle with a slow mount but, soon Tomoyo found herself under the much stronger girl and didn’t mind. Tomoyo stroked the bunny ears atop Sakura’s head wanting to remember everything about this moment for a brief moment they broke for air and looked in to each others eyes, the unspoken words pouring between them. Love made Tomoyo take every action she had over the past few years, love of her genki, energetic, clueless, and sweet best friend and love made her draw her Sakura closer and kiss her again. This time the raven beauty took initiative and parted Sakura’s reddened lips and slowly slipped her tongue in tasting her love for the first time. Sakura tasted sweet but, not like any pocky or sugar sweet she’d had before. It was more like strawberries with a tinge of something that made it all the better. Tomoyo’s hands were now resting on Sakuras’ back as she probed the sweet inside of the other girl, her tongue felt like sheer silk sliding against her own slowly wrapping her own inside its smooth spool. Tomoyo was in heaven until Sakura pulled away "No! Sakura-chan" Tomoyo gasped as she tried to pull the other girl back.
"No Tomoyo there is something else…"
The brown eyed girl got her breathing under control and wondered if she was ready for whatever was going to happen, after all they had only just- her thoughts were cut off as Sakura put her hand on the spot that had pleasantly ached since Tomoyo saw the bunny dance.
Tomoyo flushed a deep red as Sakuras’ hand crept inside her panties…


Sakura was once again pulled away from her adjustment when she hear Tomoyo whimper.
"Are you having a nightmare?" thought the green eyed card captor.
Tomoyo never told Sakura anything about her dreams most of the time she’d just say "Sakura-chan protects me." or "In my beautiful dream I am with Sakura-chan forever." Sakura didn’t want to wake the girl because she never got to see Tomoyo sleep usually it was the other way around, Sakura decided to leave her alone for now.
"Yeah she’ll be okay."


Sakura was touching her, Tomoyo eyes were fixed on the form of the girl above her whose hand had disappeared inside of her clothes. Tomoyo unconsciously spread her legs to give Sakura access. Sakura used her pointer and ring fingers to part the swollen walls of her partners sex.
"Oh Sakura I…" Tomoyo’s words were cut lost in to a quick moan that escaped her lips when she felt Sakuras’ middle finger enter her slippery, tight love channel. She had never felt anything like it before, it was like a itch inside was being scratched in the most pleasant of ways. Sakuras’ finger was rubbing against the soft walls of her insides forcing her body to produce the warm sticky fluid which was trickling down on the her underpants. Tomoyo was now unashamedly undulating against the finger and her breathing increased. Her only thought had degraded to only "Sakura… Oh god… Sakura."
Tomoyo gazed intently at the hand beneath her clothing the feeling were so strong… suddenly something happened a touch sent the most pleasant shock through her. Sakura was rubbing her thumb against her pleasure center and working her finger inside and Tomoyo was helpless. Her breaths were all pants and her face flushed to the deepest red it had ever been, she was about to explode in to uncontrollable tremors.


Sakura walked over to the bed and looked down on Tomoyo, she was whimpering and clutching her chest.
"Maybe she needs help…" Sakura said as she lightly shook Tomoyo.
Nothing happened, Tomoyo only flushed to a deeper color and started gasping.
"Touya! Touya!" called Sakura with concern on her face. In no time Touya appeared at the door.
"Sakura you kaiuu! What is all the noise for? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?"
"Look-" Sakura pointed at Tomoyo "-she won’t answer me. I think she is having a asthma attack."
"Touya leaned over Tomoyo and placed his hands on her shoulders and shook her very hard. Tomoyo was snapped out of her fantasy and saw Touya staring at her.
"Tomoyo-chan are you okay?" asked Sakura.
Her breathing was still uneven and shallow "Just take a deep breath. You were having a asthma attack in your sleep." said Touya with concern in his voice.
Tomoyo took deep breath and covered her face she couldn’t bare to look at Sakura after having he mind play such an awful trick on her. Her eyes started to water as she pulled her cell phone off of the bed and called her driver.
"Come pick me up as soon as possible." Tomoyo hung up the phone and looked out the window and Touya and Sakura smiled with relief that she was okay.


"And that is the first fantasy I ever had about you."
"So that is why I am in this suit, why didn’t you tell me before?" said Sakura as she raised an eyebrow.
Tomoyo went over to her dear confused lover and kissed her on the cheek. "Because your so cute while clueless."
Sakura blushed and pulled her dark haired girlfriend off of the bed and held her tightly.
"You know what?" asked Sakura.
Tomoyo shook her head no.
"I like the thought of you having fantasies about me." Sakura stated while giving out her best seductive smile. Tomoyo giggled and pulled off the rabbit nose with made her girlfriends seduction attempt look utterly ridiculous.
"Sakura your so cute." the delicate porcelain beauty said while staring at Sakura.
"Mmmhmm." mumbled Sakura as she pulled the other girl closer for a kiss.
"There is something your fantasy missed and I don’t like it."
Tomoyo smiled in to the kiss, Sakura had an odd way of talking while kissing that was so good and a bit weird to say the least.
"You didn’t experience my tongue." Sakura flicked it around inside of Tomoyos’ mouth to accentuate her point. And just as quickly as she found herself standing up she was pushed down to the bed and being stripped of her clothes, sometime Sakura has too much energy and enthusiasm but, by now Tomoyo didn’t mind.

Sakura stripped off her clothes and finished off what was left of Tomoyos and stopped to look over her girlfriend. Tomoyo was all ready worked up, she could tell because her two dusky pink nipples were so diamond hard it almost looked painful, Sakura decided to correct that. Leaning over Tomoyo she use her right had to stroke across her belly and brought her mouth around the hyper sensitive bud. Tomoyo gasped as Sakura sucked on her nipple alternating between hard sucks and gentle nips, it felt so good Tomoyo lost touch with reality like she was back in her fantasy. Sakura was now gently dragging her long nails across her erect nipple causing a trail of fire to shoot through her small body.
Tomoyo groaned as Sakura switched nipples and sucked on the other while now rolling its mate around and gently pinching it. Tomoyo arched her sex in to the tall woman’s brown thatch to let Sakura know she couldn’t take the intense feeling anymore, she knew Sakura was proving her dominance again by making her cum quickly but, Tomoyo didn’t mind.
"I know what you want." Sakura said wiggling her eyebrow seductively "But first… I want to do something else. I know you said its only for making love and not sex but, I love you all the time! So we should do this more."
"Sakura I thought we had this-" Tomoyo was cut off by her girlfriends whimper.
"Damn it" thought Tomoyo "She knows my weakness." She took smiled and looked at Sakura "Okay we can do that."

The card mistresses face lit up as she positioned herself in front of Tomoyo’s wet and glistening sex. Sakura used her fingers to slightly part the engorged lips and thrust her own womanhood against it, moving her hips with Tomoyo’s undulations. The friction between the two rubbing nubs was pure ecstasy for Sakura; this was her favorite way to get pleasure. There was something so intimate yet, sexy about her love juices mingling with Tomoyo’s. The smaller girl was breathing heavily and making little groans which she knew drove Sakura crazy. The tall card mistress increased the pace frantically, working towards a beautiful release of passion.
Tomoyo gazed at her lover she knew Sakura was about to fall over that edge to passion while she was close herself but, not there. Tomoyo pressed against the swollen clitoris of lover and Sakura started to spasm and moan loudly.
"Oh.. Kami-sama… Tomoyo…" gasped Sakura who had just peaked.
Tomoyo smiled at the sight she loved it when Sakura lost at this game of hers.
"I win Sakura."
Sakura made a face at her and tried to regain her breath "This time but, I’m not done with you"
She promptly went over to Tomoyo’s still sticky midsection and took a hold of her target; the little pearl of pleasure that was Tomoyo’s love center. Sakura wasted no time taking the object in to her mouth and sucking on it, Tomoyo’s reaction was immediate… she fell over the edge as her body shook under Sakura’s ministrations.

After it all, the pair lie in each others arms quietly reveling in the joy of being sure about the love they share when Sakura deiced to speak. "Tomoyo?"
"Honey, I understand the suit but, what was with the whiskers and nose?"
Tomoyo smiled in the darkness imagining Sakura’s facial expression.
"Sakura-chan looks cute in everything."
Sakura giggled and fell back in to a memory after hearing the phrase that dominated her childhood.


Coming Soon! A sex free chapter two where in Sakura remembers the uphill battle Tomoyo fought to win her heart.


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