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"You and me, together forever" (Part 1)

Sakura woke up and looked at her clock, she was right on time for the first time, so she left her room dressed and ready to go school. She sat in the table and began to eat her breakfast, she was worried about Tomoyo. She saw her best friend was sad lately, even Tomoyo tried to deny it. Sakura wasn't convinced. Besides Tomoyo got an illness and couldn't come to school for a few days. Sakura had to give her the homework, and Tomoyo's bodyguards gave her Tomoyo's homework for the teacher.

"Kaijuu, you're going to be late," Touya said to her sister.

"Eh?" Sakura was snapped out of her thoughts.

"Can I ask you a question?" said her brother.

"Um, sure" said Sakura still thinking of Tomoyo

"You seem so worried these days, is anything wrong?"

"No, I don't think so," said Sakura.

"Well, if anything's wrong you can tell me okay?" said her brother as he sat.

"Sure, thank you onii-chan" said Sakura.

"You'd better go now, I'm sure that your friend's bodyguards are waiting for you"

"Yes, see you!!!" Sakura said and went to school.

Sakura rushed in her roller blades towards to school. When she arrived Tomoyo's bodyguards was waiting for her, Sakura stood before them. She greeted them and gave Tomoyo's homework.

"How is she?" asked Sakura.

"She's a bit fine today," said one of the bodyguards.

"Could you please tell her 'Hi' for me?" said Sakura.

"Don't worry, ah, she said 'I'm sorry for causing troubles for you'" said the bodyguard

"No, she's not causing any problem," said Sakura.

"We have to leave now, we'll be waiting for you at the end of class"

"Okay" said Sakura.

Sakura saw the bodyguards leaving and headed to her class, but suddenly she stopped, and laid her hand over her heart. She was hurt from what Tomoyo said, she felt her heart being ripped.

"You're not causing any trouble, Tomoyo-chan. Maybe I am the one who does," said sadly.

She entered to her class and sat. She turned to see the empty seat next to her. She was never before to be in class without her best friend. Tomoyo always was in her seat, now she wasn't.

"Tomoyo-chan..." Sakura whispered.


During the break, Sakura and her friends sat wanting to talk about many facts, and Yamazaki brought up Tomoyo. "I think there is something wrong with Tomoyo" said Yamazaki.

"Huh?" said Sakura.

"What do you mean, Yamazaki-kun?" said Chiharu.

"Well, Tomoyo was so strange these last days, before she fell ill. She was sad and I think that she almost cried while she was leaning against a tree, and whispered something," said Yamazaki with concern in his eyes.

"How do you know that, you're lying again!!!" said Chiharu as she stepped on her boyfriend's foot.

"Aww... I used a special earphone... that hurt," said Yamazaki.

"What did she say... onegai, what'd she say?" Sakura asked Yamazaki, worried.

"I think that she said: 'She will never understand'...." said Yamazaki. Sakura didn't respond and began to eat, as she tried to figure what her best friend said, it was sure that Tomoyo was talking about her.

"Ah, I had that illness before but I recovered in a few days, but she is recovering so slowly, that or..." said Yamazaki.

"Or what?" said Sakura as she looked at Yamazaki.

"She has recovered and she isn't coming to school because she is avoiding something or someone. In few words: She is trying to not see something or someone that can hurt her" concluded Yamazaki.

That moment the bell rings and the group entered their classroom, Sakura sat in her seat and her mind was full work.

"She is avoiding school, for me? Is she trying not to see me? Am I the one who hurts her? And... what is it that she said I will never understand?" Sakura's thoughts were running like a wheel of fortune.


When the class was over, Sakura leaves the school and outside Tomoyo's bodyguards were waiting for her, Sakura gives them the homework for Tomoyo, and they leave. Sakura went right to her house; she entered her room and fell on her bed, trying to think and found the answer of her problems, all she could think is about Tomoyo. After hours of thinking she felt exhausted and went to sleep.


Sakura was dressed in one of her battle costumes; it was something that she used before. She was dressed as an harlequin, and was running ready to fight a Clow Card but she wasn't sure how to find it. She slowed her tracks and now was walking. She walked to the King Penguin and found someone leaning against a tree. She froze at the sight of two angel wings stained in blood. She ran to the tree and she froze and trying to deny what was she seeing.

Tomoyo was leaning back on the tree, her wings stained by blood, her white dress with bloodstains and her face showing her perpetual smile. Sakura recovered form her shock, and came closer to her friend.

"Tomoyo-chan???? Tomoyo-chan!!!! What happened to you?!??! Are you all right?!?!?" Sakura desperately asked her friend. Her hand brushed the cheek of her friend and she felt worse, she felt the coldness of Tomoyo's cheek, her body was cold, Sakura moved her head to Tomoyo's heart, trying to listen something but nothing came, there is no heartbeat coming from Tomoyo.

Sakura didn't believe this was happening, it must be a dream. She felt the coldness of her friend coming right to her heart, tears coming from her face, their taste was the most bitter. She took the dead body of her best friend, the one who was at her side in the worst moments, of the one who made Sakura smile. Sakura pulled the body closer to her and started to cry, crying loudly to the heavens, crying the loss of Tomoyo.

"WHY?!?!? TOMOYO, DON'T LEAVE ME!!! PLEASE!!!!! WAKE UP!!!! TELL ME YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!" said Sakura screaming from the depths of her soul.

There was no response from Tomoyo, her wings dripping blood. Sakura's body was stained with the blood of her friend. She held it tighter. She stopped screaming and started to cry without consolation, holding Tomoyo tightly. Sakura remembered when she met Tomoyo for the first time, all things they done together, Tomoyo giving her comfort, hearing Sakura's troubles and understanding Sakura, but no more now.

"My mother left me and now you... Did I hurt you?, Did I make you sad? Answer me...please" Sakura's voice wavered as she spoke. Her tears falling down onto to Tomoyo's smiling face. Anything that Sakura could say was useless now. Tomoyo won't open her eyes. Tomoyo won't give her a costume or tape her on video, Tomoyo won't smile at Sakura anymore.

"Tomoyo..." said Sakura still crying.

"No matter how much you cry, she won't awake. It's an angel that is dead" said a voice.

Sakura at the sound of that, she stood up holding Tomoyo, she looked in every place, and didn't find anything.

"WHERE ARE YOU???? ARE YOU THE ONE WHO DO THIS TO HER?!?!? SHOW YOURSELF!!!!!!" Sakura screamed enraged, her anger was full and the only thing she desired was to found the one who did this to her friend.

Suddenly a person appeared and Sakura froze. It was herself, a Sakura dressed in black clothes with bloodstains, and smiling at her, her face covered with blood as well.

"You... The Mirror Card?!?!?" asked Sakura surprised.

"No..." said the dark Sakura.

"Who are you then!?!?!?" asked Sakura with rage in her eyes.

"I won't tell you but I will give you a piece of advice... this will happen if you don't find the truth; if you don't, you will learn that the truth has a price. Sometimes this price is higher, like the death of your friend, and you won't realize how much you cared for something until you lose it. Think about it" said the dark Sakura and turned to go away.

"MATTE!!!!" screamed Sakura.

The dark Sakura saw as Sakura left Tomoyo on the tree again, now Sakura is facing the dark Sakura with eyes mixed by tears and rage.

"Whatever you are... you will pay, I will not stop until I saw you DEAD!!!" screamed Sakura and her hand went to her neck and grip on the key, the dark Sakura saw it and her smile turned into an evil one.

"Key that hides the power of darkness, I, Sakura, I command you under contract!!! RELEASE!!!" Sakura screamed and her key becomes a baton, the dark Sakura pulled out her own baton and prepared to fight. Sakura pulled the Firey Card and used it but the dark Sakura used the Shield Card and blocked it. Sakura used the Fly card and two angel wings appeared in her back. She flew directly to the dark Sakura and used the Sword card, but dark Sakura's Shield deflected the strike leaving her free to use her baton to strike a blow in Sakura's stomach, the blow made Sakura fell to the ground wounded by the strike on her stomach. The dark Sakura comes closer to her and smiled, her bloodstained hand going to Sakura's cheek.

"No matter how many cards you use it, you're not able to defeat me, if you don't find the truth that involved your friend, forget the idea of defeating me" said the dark Sakura.

"Are you saying that what happened to Tomoyo-chan is my fault?" said a Sakura wracked by sobs.

"Yes. If you're able to find the truth, maybe you can save her, but you don't have time, two days is that you have, find the truth" said the dark Sakura and started to fade away.

"Two days" whispered the dark Sakura before disappearing. Sakura stood up and hardly had she went where Tomoyo was, she let herself fall over her friend and her arms wrapped Tomoyo. She started to cry again.

"What is that I will never understand? What truth is it? You were trying to say something and I wasn't able to figure it out? What?? WHAT!?!?" said Sakura crying.

Suddenly a familiar voice come.

"Sakura, wake up!! You're having a nightmare!!!" said her brother, and suddenly the place started to fade away.


Touya rushed to Sakura's room and trying to awaken her sister. He was awoken by the cry of Sakura, he tried to wake up her and finally Sakura opened her eyes. "Yokatta. Imouto-chan" said Touya. Sakura was still crying and she threw herself in her brother's arms, she cried with all her might. "Let it out, cry. This will make you feel better " said Touya softly. Sakura cried and cried. In her mind the image of Tomoyo on the tree was fixed it and how much she tried she didn't get rid off.

"Onii-chan..." said Sakura.

"It's all right if you won't tell me what happened. I won't pressure you, but I don't want to see you sad" said Touya with a concern in her eyes.

"Thanks" said Sakura a little better.

"Are you sure you can sleep again?" Touya asked Sakura. She nodded and her brother went to his room.

She looked for Kero-chan, when she felt something under the blanket. "Kero-chan?" asked Sakura. Kero-chan poked his head out of the blanket, and looked at Sakura.

"What happened?" he asked, Sakura told him what happened, and Kero-chan had an idea about it.

"Yes, there's no doubt" said Kero-chan convinced.

"If wasn't the Mirror Card , then who was it?" asked Sakura worried.

"The Truth Card" concluded Kero-chan.

"The Truth Card?" asked Sakura surprised.

To be continued...