The characters in this story are based of the ones from the manga and anime series, Card Captor Sakura created by CLAMP.

Dear Diary

by E.W. Dowell

Her sparkling green eyes closed and she parted her lips. The girl softly kissed the boy in front of her. I love you Syaoran, she whispered in his ear as they embraced. I know, was his reply. I hid behind the corner of the building and felt myself slump to the ground, wavy locks undoing themselves from my hair band. They were so perfect together, Sakura-chan and Li-kun. It was if they were a match made from heaven.

“Uh hum.” I looked up toward the direction of the voice. Red eyes stared back down at me.

“Where is Syaoran?” she asked. I wiped the tears from my eyes glad that she had not noticed me crying.

“I don’t know, sorry.” She glared at me in disbelief as if she thought I were lying, and then walked away.

It was true. I was lying. How could I tell her that I just saw him around the corner kissing his angel when she loved him? I couldn’t. For one, she would get madder and spoil it for Sakura-chan and Li-kun. Secondly, even if she did act like a brat and get mad whenever Sakura-chan was around Li-kun, it did break her heart; she truly did care for him. To Li-kun, Meiling-chan would never be anymore to him then his annoying cousin. It was hard not to take pity on her. Therefore, it was best not to clue her into Sakura-chan and Li-kun prior arrangements. I slowly got up and wiped the last tears from my eyes, and then I headed for home. I was supposed to meet Sakura-chan in front of the high school at the end of the day to go home with her, but I wasn’t much up to that anymore. I would just tell her I wasn’t feeling well if she called to ask. That wasn’t exactly a lie either.

I decided not to call the house to have one of the bodyguards come pick me up, I felt like walking. It would give myself some time to emotionally calm down before I made it home. My mother was going to be home which did not happen very often. So I wanted to have a smile on my face when I saw her, which I did not think I could do at the moment. I loved Sakura-chan. I loved her ever since the first day I met her. That was way back in elementary school, now we’re in the tenth grade, sixteen. When we were younger, I had said, “I love you Sakura-chan.” She had replied with a simple, “I love you too Tomoyo-chan.” I knew that she did not understand and commented, More than you will ever know. She just looked at me innocently and asked, What is that suppose to mean? I told her that I would tell her when she was older. She’s defiantly older now, but it did not feel like the right time, or maybe I was just to scared.

Just like Meiling-chan was nothing more but an annoying cousin to Li-kun, I was nothing more to Sakura-chan than her best friend. But I shall always favor that friendship because that meant I could be close to her and share happy moments with her without any suspicions and what not.

I turned the corner and found myself at the park which had the all-famous king penguin slide. I sat down on one of the benches and found myself taking a picture out of my book bag. It was the one of Sakura-chan when she was in the fourth grade holding up the slide using the strength from the power card. I couldn’t help but smile. It was a very cute picture and I was fond of the memory. I stayed there for about ten minutes and then put the picture away. I started to head for home again so that I could be there by dinner to greet my mother. I put on my usual fake smile and entered the front gate of my home.


I let go of Syaoran and smiled at him, holding him around the neck and staring into his red eyes. How could we have ever been rivals? He’s so sweet, kind, caring and good looking on top of that. I kissed him again and he looked at me thoughtfully.

“Were you suppose to meet anybody after school today?” he asked.

I thought about that. Was I? Uh, I don’t remember. I smiled embarrassed. I hope not. You keep of forgetting to meet people that you said you would because you always come out here to meet me.

“Where you suppose to meet your father?”

“No, he’s out of town.”

“You brother then?”

“No, he has a soccer game right now.”

“How about Tomoyo-chan?”

“Tomoyo! Oh, I’m so stupid. I was supposed to meet Tomoyo-chan.” Syaoran looked over at me and kissed me softly.

“Don’t worry, she’s your best friend, I’m sure she will understand,“Syaoran replied.

He looked down at his watch then back up at me. “Your only five minutes late, just say you had to stay in class a few minutes later to finish a test of something.“ I smiled.

“Thanks Syaoran.” I then ran off toward the front of the school. I got there and to my surprise did not see Tomoyo-chan anywhere in site. It’s not like her to be late. Did she leave already? No, she would have waited, even an hour if she had to, maybe I should wait for her.

I walked over to a step leading into the school and sat down. If I knew Tomoyo-chan was going to be late, then I could have stayed longer with Syaoran. I felt a little angry at Tomoyo-chan then realized how I felt. Why did I feel like this toward Tomoyo-chan every once in awhile? She was my best friend. Was I breaking apart from her? No, that couldn’t be. I couldn’t possibly live without her. I needed her. She was always there when Syaoran and I got in fights. She always made things better.

I sat there for an hour and finally decided to call my brother on my cellular phone to come pick me up. He didn’t answer, so he was obviously wasn’t done with his soccer game. Instead, Yukito-san answered the phone. He and Yukito, my elementary school crush before Syaoran, lived together. They lived in town near the college where he and Yukito-san went. Touya, my brother, played soccer for the college team and was the top scorer. He’s really good and I’m proud of him, in fact envious sometimes.

“ Yukito-san. This is Sakura.”

“Oh, hello Sakura-chan. How are you?”

“Fine thanks. Touya isn’t around is he?”

“No, I’m afraid not. He is at a soccer game. They should be done very soon though.”

“Oh, could you have him pick me up from my school when he is done?”

“I could pick you up right now if you like.”

“No, you don’t have to.”

“No. I don’t want to make you wait. I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.”

“Thanks a lot Yukito-san.”

“No problem.” He then hung up the phone. I put away the phone and smiled. Even if I didn’t have a crush on him anymore, I couldn’t help but feel all fluttery when I talked to him. Yukito-san was true to his word and showed up in a couple of minutes in his car. I got in and looked down at the floor.

“Is something wrong Sakura-chan?” Yukito-san asked. How come he could always read my feelings?

“Yeah. I’m worried about Tomoyo-chan,” I admitted. Or maybe it might be I am more worried about weather or not I am being true to Tomoyo-chan.”

“Really? How is that?”

“I’ve been letting her down. She is my best friend but I haven’t really spent as much time with her as I have before and when I’m suppose to meet her I forget.” Yukito-san thought a moment. “Do you still love her?” I side glanced at him.

“Would I do such things if she was really my best friend? That is what is confusing me.”

Yukito-san snickered a little. “But what I asked you is do you still love her? You can love some one with out even noticing.”

I rubbed my head. “This is very confusing.”

Yukito-san laughed. “I don’t think you have ever really sat down to think about your and Tomoyo-chan’s relationship.” Yukito pulled up to my house.

“What is that suppose to mean?” I asked very confused now.

“I’ll leave that to you to think about.” I got out and Yukito-san drove away. Does everyone always have to be so confusing?


I walk in to the house and started to head toward my room when a maid stooped me. Your mother wanted me to let you know that she will not be able to be here tonight little miss. She also said that she will make it up to you this week end since she will be home. I felt like throwing everything and crying. Why did this day have to go for the worst? I was way to emotional, I had to get to my room. I mumbled a thank you to her and ran up the stairs of the elaborate staircase.

I ran into my room and shut the door throwing my book bag on the desk chair and flinging myself onto the bed. I buried my face in the covers of my bed. I felt streams of tears come down my face. It was actually kind of a relief to cry. The tears had been building up because I had not cried in so long. I did not cry just because of one bad day, but of a build up of events, the events of Sakura-chan slowly drifting away from me. We no longer went everywhere together, had the same classes, or even talk as much. I would dearly like to, but she always seemed to be busy. If she was happier doing whatever she was doing instead of spending time with me, then I would let her go. I hated to admit it, but she no longer seemed to need me any more. She and Li-kun hadn’t had a fight for a while now; they have probably solved all of their problems. Li-kun had taken my place. I would have to step aside.

I got up and walked over to my desk and opened up a drawer, which held inside my most precious thoughts, moments, and secrets, all inside a deep blue note book. I sat down in my desk chair and took out a pen to write with. Dear diary,
This diary has held all of my thoughts and longing of one girl, my best friend and the one who stole my heart. But in the last year, I have noticed we have started to drift apart. I no longer see the smiling face of Sakura-chan waiting happily for me at the park, but a girl who shows up late in front of the school to meet me only when I ask her too, looking like she rather be doing other things. Is this what it is like when all girls who get a boy friend? Nothing else matters, not even their best friends when the boy is around? In that case, I have decided to let her be. If she is happier spending time with Li-kun than myself, then I shall not interfere. I will let her be happy, that is what I live for, her happiness. But if I do live for her happiness, then why am I not happy if she is? Or am I just being selfish? In any case, it is better not to ask. From this day forward, I will have to replay the memory of her on my television screen, from photographs and in my heart.

I jumped up in surprise when the phone rang. I normally didn’t pick up the phone if my mother wasn’t home, because it was usually for her, but I did any ways for no particular reason this time.


“Hi. Tomoyo-chan?” It was Sakura-chan. My heart skipped a beat.

“Oh, hi Sakura-chan.” I said trying to sound normal and a bit on the happy side. This took much effort.

“Uh, Tomoyo-chan, you didn’t meet me. I was wondering if you were alright.” Sakura sounded a little disoriented.

“Yes Sakura-chan. I am fine. Thank you for calling. I just wasn’t feeling very well this afternoon, but I am fine now.”

“Oh, ah, okay. I was wondering if it is all right with you of course, if I could sleep over. I know I haven’t been spending very much time with you lately, so I was wondering if I could make up for it.” I sure did want her to come over, but it just didn’t seem right, not after what has been happening lately. My thoughts immediately were won over by Sakura-chan when I heard her in a very desperate voice say, “Please.” She was to come an hour later that same night.


I slowly put down the phone and started yelling. “Why in Hell did I do that? Gosh. I don’t want to go over there. If I am to spend the night at someone’s house, I want it to be Syaorans!” I flung myself onto my bed in rage. Kero fluttered over to me and sat on one of the bedposts.

“You are usually happy to see Tomoyo-chan Sakura. Plus, Yukito-san has never leaded you wrong before; I think you should take his advice. Like I said earlier, going over there and spending time with her might help you in figuring out what Yukito-san said.” Kero fluttered of the bedpost and sat in mid-air.

“Then again, you are so dense-”

“Kero!” I threw one of my pillows at him but he dodged it. “Why are you living here with me still anyway? All of the Clow card collecting is over.”

Kero made sure he was out of throwing reach of any objects this time. “Cause, you need looking after. You are still a confused little girl to me deary. So I am going to be here for you. Plus, your dad is a great cook!” Kero smiled with delight. “I’m going to go get a snack.” He then fluttered out of the room and down the stairs toward the kitchen.

I grumbled. What did Kero-chan mean by I needed looking after? I’m sixteen for heaven’s sake! Why did everyone treat me like a child? Everyone always told me, “When you are older,” or ,“You won’t understand,” and even, “You need looking after.” It pissed me off sometimes. Could I not comprehend what they were going to tell me? I quickly stuffed some clothes and necessities into my book bag and headed for the bus stop.


I hurriedly made my bed and cleaned up. Even if she didn’t care weather my room was clean of messy, I wanted it to look good for her. I then rushed down stairs to tell a maid that if a person were to come to the front gate named Sakura Kinomoto, let her in. I rushed back up stairs again and changed into a nice, floral, informal dress that matched my violet eyes.

Why was I doing this, running around and making everything perfect for her? Would she even notice? I didn’t stop to answer my own questions, I just knew I had to make it all right.

Just after finishing picking a few things up off of the floor and trying to make it look as neat as I possibly could on top of my desk, I heard the bell ring. I ran down stairs and to the front door so by the time she got there I could open it for her. Looking out the window, I saw her approach the door and I opened it up and put a bright, fake smile on my face.

“Sakura-chan! How nice to see you. Come in.” Sakura-chan entered my home looking around with amazement.

“Well, may as well try to have fun while I am here.” Sakura thought. “Wow! I have forgotten how big your home is Tomoyo-chan.” I smiled awkwardly thinking, “Is she as nervous as I am right now? I haven’t seen her for a long time now and now I am sleeping over at her house!”

I noticed the discomfort look in her eyes. I had to do something to make her feel more comfortable, even tough I was feeling just as nervous as her at the moment. Before I could think of anything, a maid walked up to is. “Little misses, dinner will be ready in ten minutes in the dinning hall.”

I thanked her and she walked away. “Um, shall we go to my room?”

“Sure,” Sakura-chan replied not sounding very enthusiastic. I was beginning to that this could turn in to a long, horrid night. We walked up the stairs and into my bedroom; just as we entered I heard a thump against the window. An orange face was squashed up against the window. I giggled and I heard Sakura-chan moan. I opened the window for Kero-chan to come in and he tumbled on to my desktop. Sakura-chan stomped over to him, “Why are you here?”

Kero-chan rubbed his head, and then flew over to my shoulder where he rested. “Because, Tomoyo-chan makes delicious cake,” he announced. He looked up at my smiling face. He was always hungry and funny too. “You will make cake after dinner won’t you Tomoyo-chan?”

“Of course,” I replied. That wasn’t part of the original plan, but I guess I could fit it in.

“Yes!” Kero-chan started to fly around in circles repeating, “I get cake!” over and over.


Kero is such an idiot. I sighed and sat down on Tomoyo’s bed to think about what Yukito had said. What was my relationship with Tomoyo-chan? We use to be best friends. He we demoted to friends that just says hi to each other in the hallway? That thought didn’t sound very good to me, but it did seem like that what has been happening. Maybe it was something that was more far fetched. What could that be though? I looked up at Tomoyo-chan who was smiling watching Kero dancing on the desk. Kero knew something about Tomoyo-chan to, something that I didn’t. What could Yukito-san and Kero possibly know about Tomoyo-chan that I didn’t? After all, she was my best friend, or at least used to be.

Suddenly an idea popped up in my head out of nowhere. Did she have a crush on someone? Is that why we have been separating apart? We both liked some other person so we have not been spending as much time with each other? But if she did have a crush on someone, who could it possibly be?

Syaoran? The moment I thought that I felt rage stream through out my body. How could she possibly like Syaoran? He was mine and mine alone. But, what if she did? I did all fit. Is that why we have been separating? My thoughts where interrupted by a knock at the door. Kero hid behind some books on Tomoyo-chan’s desk.

“Come in,” Tomoyo-chan invited once Kero was well hidden. A maid opened the door and stepped in.

“Dinner is ready misses,” she announced. Tomoyo-chan and I followed her, although I reluctantly did. I wanted to think more.

“Jeesh! I hate playing hide-and-seek as my life!” Kero announced even though no one was around to hear him complain. He then socked the books in front of them and they fell into Sakura-chan’s book bag.

“Damn.” He fluttered down to Sakura-chan’s book bag and put some smaller books back on the desk. He then tried to lift an extremely large, blue notebook, but couldn’t even get it higher than an inch above the bag. He dropped it.

“They can figure it out for themselves if the note book is that important.” He then flew over to Tomoyo’s bed and fell asleep.


Sakura-chan handed the maid her plate and cup. I walked over to her from the other side of the table.

“Well, do you want to start on Kero-chan’s cake?” I asked her. She didn’t look as if she really wanted to, but she agreed anyway.

“Sure.” I lead Sakura-chan to the kitchen. Just like all of the other parts of my house, it was expansive. I grabbed some things out of cupboards and handed them to Sakura-chan. The making of the cake went smoothly and without much talk, that is, until we came around to the decoration of it.

“What color do you think we would use for the frosting Sakura-chan?”

“Doesn’t really matter,” she replied. “Kero will eat it anyway, not matter the color.”

I sighed inside my head. “It doesn’t matter what Kero cares, it matters what you care.”

“Okay then, how about light blue?” I asked. “And light yellow for the flowers and trimming.”

“Okay,” she agreed. I handed her a bottle of light blue frosting and got one for myself. Half way through covering the cake; I felt a bit of frosting hit my cheek.

“Oh! Tomoyo-chan! I’m sorry!”

I saw her trying to control her laughter through her apology. I slowly dipped one of my fingers in my frosting it hit her square in the nose. Sakura-chan looked stunned for a bit then started laughing and fell to the floor. I continued on decorating the cake when I felt more frosting go in to my ear. Going to play like that huh? I grabbed the nearest squeeze tube of frosting, (which turned out to be pink) and squeezed it out at her. It got all over her hair, shoulder, and face.

“Hey!” She smiled and lunged for a squeeze tube to. Out came the purple frosting all down my hair and forehead.

By the time we were done, the cake was multiple colors along to match with us. Sakura-chan sat on the floor laughing.

“That was fun.” This is the first time I’ve seen her over here in a long time when she wore an actual smile on her face. It made me feel like crying with happiness. I just saw the Sakura-chan I knew from long ago that I had not seen in a long time. These were the moments that truly told me I was in love with her, and never would be able to escape it.


I was actually having fun. This is what it had been before. I had reached it again. I had almost forgotten the feeling of spending time with Tomoyo-chan. I can’t believe I almost forgot. But then the thought of Syaoran loomed in my mind again. Did Tomoyo-chan actually love him? My thoughts must have been showing because Tomoyo-chan walked up to me worried.

“What’s the matter Sakura-chan?“ I felt one of he hands go on my frosted shoulder. I brushed her hand away.

“Can I talk to you after I take a shower?” Tomoyo-chan looked worried and looked as if she wanted to talk immediately, but she agreed anyway. I headed for the guest bathroom on the bottom floor while she went up to hers.


I had no idea in the world about what Sakura-chan wanted to talk to me about. But I was extremely worried. Her bright green eyes and bright smile went immediately to dull eyes and a frown, it scared me to death. Had something between her and Li-kun happened. No, she would have come in the house crying or at least close to it. Then what else would worry her so much? That I couldn’t figure out. It would have to wait until the talk.

After changing into my nightgown and drying my hair, I exited the bathroom to see Sakura-chan already sitting down on my bed. When she saw me, she got up and I took her place on the bed.

“What did you want to talk about Sakura-chan?” I asked her.

She slowly paced back and forth in front of me for a minute or two as if trying to put what she was going to say in the right words.

“Tomoyo-chan,” she said softly. “Do you like Syaoran?”

I stared at her wide-eyed for a moment. Me? Like Li-kun? Was I really the type of person that would like Li-kun? I laughed at the thought, in fact, I laughed so much it became unbearable and I feel to the floor. Sakura-chan looked down at me sternly.

“That wasn’t meant to be funny.”

I stopped laughing and looked up into her face. She hadn’t guessed my secret! She thought I liked Li-kun instead! I giggled a bit more. It was really funny how innocent Sakura-chan was. For heaven’s sake, I told her every day as a child that I loved her. She just never caught on. “No,“ I replied trying to choke back the bits of laughter that were trying to overcome me. I don’t like Li-kun.” Sakura-chan looked very surprised by this news.

She stomped over to Kero-chan who was quickly devouring his cake. “Kero! Listen to me, we need to talk. Sakura-chan then exited my room holding Kero-chan by the tail who was yelling for his cake.

Even though I knew it was wrong, I followed Sakura-chan anyway. It was so obvious she was keeping something from me. I just had to know what. Sakura-chan had brought Kero-chan into one of the halls bathrooms and had locked the door. I leaned up against it, pressing my ear to it.

“Kero. Look. I need answers! I know you and Yukito-san know something about Tomoyo-chan I don’t. Why can’t you just tell me?” Sakura-chan sounded desperate.

Kero just faced the other way ignoring Sakura-chan because she had just separated him from his cake. “You can figure it out for yourself. You’re old enough now to use your mind in ways you have not before, so do it already! I mean your answer is pretty much just staring you right in the face. You just need to learn to observe better. But, you said it was something about Tomoyo-chan’s and my relationship!” Sakura-chan exclaimed.

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about,” Kero-chan retorted.

I smiled. So that is what they were talking about. I laughed inside. That was the naive Sakura-chan I knew. No matter how much she had changed on the outside, she was definitely the same on the inside. I even saw part of that earlier this evening while baking the cake. I had told her that I would tell her when I was older. Was this a good time? After all, Kero-chan and Sakura-chan were discussing that exact topic this very moment. Should I just fill Sakura-chan in on everything and spill it out? No, I just got her back. I can’t loose her again. I quietly walked back to my room and waited on the bed, exactly where I was before.


You are so annoying Kero!” I exclaimed. “I just can’t see why you can’t tell me!” I opened up the bathroom door and stomped off. The only thing I was thankful for at the moment was coming here though. I hadn’t realized I missed Tomoyo-chan until coming here. Maybe I should apologize for not spending as much time with her as I usually did. I came back into Tomoyo-chan’s room finding her back where she was before on her bed. I stood in front of her and looked at my feet.

“Tomoyo-chan, I’m sorry.”

Tomoyo-chan looked confused. “For what Sakura-chan?”

“For not spending as much time with you as I use to and only coming to you when I need help not when I just want to have a little fun. Ever since I’ve gotten with Syaoran, I have slowly been separating you, especially after we got really serious in the eighth grade. I’m sorry Tomoyo-chan.” I felt a tear run down my cheek but I whipped it away before Tomoyo-chan could see it.

“I had a lot of fun this evening, and I was wondering if we could do more things like this? Like what we did before.”

I felt Tomoyo-chan’s hand go on my shoulder. Then she pulled me in close to her in a tight hug. “Of course Sakura-chan. I would love to. I will always love you. You know that right?”


Sakura-chan did not resist the hug but leaned in. I was so happy. We were back to old times. I could, and would have if I didn’t know how to control my self, kiss her. Sakura-chan was back. “Yes I know. I love you too.” Yes, there they were, her empty words of love. We defiantly were back to old times again.


I emptied my book bag on the floor of my room and started throwing clothes and such in the laundry and sorted out my books for school. I then found a blue notebook. I did not ever remember having it. I flipped it over looking for a name then opened it up to find page after page of beautiful hiragana, katakana and kanji. I didn’t read it thinking that would be a little too snoopy, but if I were going to find out whose it was I would have to read some. I went to the first page of the massive notebook and started reading.

Dear Diary,
This notebook was never meant to be a diary, but rather a notebook to store class work and notes. But today I could not help myself and found myself writing this. I have fallen in love, in love with my best friend; my only friend as well at the moment. I just moved into a new school in the middle of the third grade and met a girl named Sakura Kinomoto. She was so kind and beautiful. She became my first friend, and I found in the last week I have fallen in love with her. So this notebook, or rather a diary now, is dedicated to her, from now until forever. I am in love with Sakura Kinomoto.

I stared at the book wide-eyed. In love with me? Who besides Syaoran had ever been in love with me? I thought back to the third grade. You had transferred in the middle of the year? Syaoran? No, that was the fourth grade. Plus, he wasn’t exactly the type to write in a diary. Who was my best friend then? For as long as I could remember I have only had one best friend. Tomoyo.

It came to me from out of the blue. Tomoyo. She was the one in love with me. I sat down on my bed and stared out the window. Now that I thought about it, it seemed so obvious! The answer was right in front of my face all along. Tomoyo-chan was in love with me. She told me so every day of my life as a child. I just never understood. “I’ll tell you when you are older,” she once said. This must have been what she meant. Then why hasn’t she told me? Did she think I was still too much of a child? No, that wasn’t it. Ever since I had gotten with Syaoran I had been separating from her. I was no longer her true best friend, just an old best friend. I hadn’t deserved to be told something like that the last couple of years.

I must have been breaking her heart those last couple of years as well. Not spending time with her. Always walking down the halls holding Shoran’s hand and kissing him as well. If I was in her position I would be depressed beyond belief. But now that I think of it, I hadn’t seen Tomoyo-chan truly smile in a long time. Just the fake one she put on ever now and then as a child.

That’s all over now though. I’ll be there with her everyday after school. I forgot how much fun she had been. I forgot what having a best friend felt like. But still, that did not solve the problem of her being in love with me. I was in love with Syaoran. Or was I? Sure we kiss and say, I love you. But, have I ever meant it? Just last night with Tomoyo-chan was the most fun I have had in years. More than I had ever had with Syaoran. And are loved ones suppose to quarrel so much between each other as Syaoran and I did. I would always run to Tomoyo-chan and she would make things better. She always made things better. She was always there for me.

I was in love with Tomoyo.


I went around my room with and extra skip in my step cleaning up. I reorganized my drawers, which I had hurriedly stuffed the night before. After cleaning I noticed an empty spot on my desk where I usually kept my diary, I looked everywhere for it with out any luck. Could Sakura-chan possibly have accidentally taken it? The thought lingered in my mind the rest of the night as I worried. What if she read it? She would know everything. A maid walked up to me.

“Excuse me little miss. There is a girl at the front gate that would like to see you.” Who could possibly want to see me? Especially at ten at night? “Her name is Sakura Kinomoto.” I stood frozen in the middle of the hallway for a minute or two. “Miss?”

“Sorry. Let her in.” I ran back up to my room quickly and brushed my hair then ran back down stairs to greet Sakura-chan.

I opened the door with a smile. “Hello Sakura-chan. Is there something I could do for you?”

She stepped into the entryway and handed me the blue notebook. “Here, I believe this is yours.” I took the book in shock and looked at Sakura-chan worriedly and frightened. Had she read it? It didn’t appear so because she continued to advance down the entryway.

“Is you mother home?”

“No, she won’t be home until late tomorrow. Why?”

“Just curious. My father is not home tonight as well.” Sakura-chan turned around and faced me. She then took my hand and led me to my room. “I have a present for you. One you have been waiting for a long time now, and one that took me a long time to find.” What was Sakura-chan talking about? I didn’t want anything. And the only thing I did want was never going to happen any way. What could she be talking about? She guided me in to my room and faced me taking both of my hand softly in hers. “Tomoyo-chan, I love you.”

I stepped back then stumbled onto my bed. Could what I was hearing possibly be true? No, she probably meant it in a friendly way. Before I could think anymore she continued. “I’m sorry it took me so long to realize. I was never in love with Li-kun; it was all just a lie to myself. I broke up with him over the phone. After reading the first page of your diary I sat down for a long time and thought about it. I realized that I was in love with you, not him.” I felt streams of warm tears fall down my eyes. This couldn’t possibly be true. I was dreaming it all. I felt Sakura-chan wipe the tears of my cheeks. “Are you alright Tomoyo?”

I half laughed and half cried. “It just can’t be true Sakura-chan. I must be dreaming.”

“Your not, and I’ll prove it to you.” She slowly bent down and her lips met mine. My heart skipped one, not two beats. It was the kiss from an angel. A kiss with sealed her and my fate forever after. My dear diary, the one who brought her and I together.

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