notes: well this is definatly weird for me to write. I always swore I would never ever write anything that involved Sakura and Syaoran as a couple but this was just a crazy idea I got while being bored in school. As for Meiling's character, I'd like some feedback about that. I've only seen her in the movie so I don't know much of her personality to know if she's out of character or not. But I did the best I can. As for ages, let's just say that they are in high school. ^^ Send all feedback to, onegai.

Tomoyo's moving on?

By Chibi Nuriko

"Tomoyo-chan?" Sakura asked her friends name to see if she was asleep or not.. When she felt Tomoyo shifting in the bed she knew her friend was still awake. "I'm sorry for coming here so suddenly tonight. It's just I had no where else to go, and your the only one I can turn to."

"Daijoubu, Sakura-chan," Tomoyo said, her voice seeming loud to her as she held her best friend in her arms. "I'm glad you feel like you can still come to me like this."

"I told you Tomoyo, I'll always love you as my best friend, and I'll always need you. I just dont feel the same as you. Gomen ne."

"I know, and I couldn't ever ask for more than your understanding of my feelings. I'm glad your still my best friend." Tomoyo said as she enjoyed the feel of having Sakura in her arms. When she had told Sakura of her true feelings she expected that they would grow apart. That Sakura would hate her. Much to her suprise, and Sakura's, they two grew even closer. Just not in the way Tomoyo had always dreamed of.

At first it was hard on Tomoyo knowing Sakura would never return her feelings. But when she thought of nights like the one she was having now, everything seemed okay. She still had Sakura, and was very important to Sakura. After a few months the pain went away and she learned how to enjoy what she and Sakura had.

"So you want to tell me what happened with him?" Tomoyo asked still unsure of why Sakura showed up at her house crying and how she ended up in her arms.

"He got mad at me. I don't why or what happened even. He was just so cold to me. He..he said he hated me," Sakura stopped as tears once again claimed her eyes. Tomoyo held on to her tightly as she ran her fingers through Sakura's hair trying to calm her.

"I'm sure he didn't mean it. Syaoran isn't the type to do that. He's probably just stressed about something and I'm sure he regrets the whole thing now," Tomoyo assured her friend. She saw Sakura look up at her in the dim lit room and wiped the tears from her eyes. "It'll be okay. I promise you. I know how much he loves you. Almost as much as I do," Tomoyo stopped to laugh for a second. Never had she imagined being able to talk about her feelings so openly to Sakura.

"Arigatou Tomoyo-chan. I don't see how I could ever live without your support," Sakura said as she snuggled closer to Tomoyo. "I know I don't make it easier on you, but you really should get over me." Sakura told her friend.

"Maybe one day. But as for now I don't think there could ever be anyone that can live up to you. I know you and Li-kun will be together forever so I'll have to get over you eventually. But I don't see any need to force myself to get over you." Tomoyo was content with being like this. Sakura was still by her side. She learned to give up the false hope that one day Sakura would change her mind, but she still enjoyed these nights. Minus the fact that Sakura was usually hurt whenever she needed Tomoyo so much.

After a few minutes of silence Tomoyo noticed that Sakura had finally fallen asleep. 'Things could definatly be much worse for me,' Tomoyo thought before falling to sleep herself.


The next morning Tomoyo woke up when she heard a soft knock on her door. She realized Sakura was still in her arms, and not wanting to wake her she silently told the maid to come in her room. "You have a visitor Tomoyo-san," she informed her. "It's that boy Li-kun."

As Tomoyo knew he would, Syaoran was there to apoligize to Sakura and make up for the other night. He came into the room and Tomoyo still had Sakura in her arms. She finally got out of bed and left Syaoran with his girlfriend. "She's all yours now. Just don't make her cry anymore," Tomoyo told him as she left her room.

Sakura finally woke up when she felt cold fingertips on her cheeks. She smiled when she saw him, then pulled away from him as she remembered the previous night. Syaoran looked away from Sakura with shame in his eyes.

"Gomen nasai Sakura. I never meant to hurt you or make you cry. Forgive me please?" He sounded so desperate Sakura thought. She knew he truely regretted it but she didn't want to just go running back to him. "I love you," he said breaking the silence. "I won't hurt you anymore. I'm just not good at this sort of thing."

Sakura smiled knowing just how true that was. "I love you too," she said as he took her in his arms. After a few minutes of silence Syaoran started laughing as he remembered who was downstairs waiting to talk to Tomoyo.

"What's so funny?" Sakura questioned.

Through his laughter Syaoran managed to tell Sakura that he found someone who wanted to date Tomoyo and that they were downstairs talking now. Sakura's eyes lit up at the possibility of her best friend finding a new love. One that could give her what Sakura couldn't.

"Are you serious? Who?" Sakura began to pound her boyfriend with questions.

"Heh, well lets just say it's someone you know. She.."

"She?" Sakura intterupted him.

"Yes, she. She's someone you know. She's not shy at all. She's pretty smart and always goes after what she wants. I don't know how or why, but now she claims to have fallen for Tomoyo." Syaoran finished glad that Tomoyo might finally have a reason to stop pining away for his girlfriend.


"You know I'm not shy like my cousin, and I'm not blind like Sakura." Meiling said moving towards Tomoyo. She wasn't sure of what she was doing exactly but she had a plan. "I know your in love with her. Heck, I'm still in love with him. But both of us know we have to move on. Please, love me instead of her. Give me a chance. I really like you Tomoyo," Meiling said as she stopped in front of Tomoyo.

Tomoyo stood in shock not believing what her friend was saying. "You like me?" Tomoyo asked not knowing what else to say. She loved Sakura, and only Sakura.

"Hai, suki desu." Meiling said as she sat down on the couch.

"I.. I don't know what to tell you. I love Sakura still. I've never thought of you like that. You are beautiful but why would you want to be with me when I'm in love with her? And your in love with him?" Tomoyo was down right confused. She couldn't believe this was happening.

"I just want a chance. I know if you gave me a chance, we could learn to love each other." Meiling said seriously. Of course she wasn't just going to stop being in love with Syaoran, but if all worked out right, everone would be happy in the end.

Tomoyo on the other hand remembered what Sakura told her the night before. That Sakura said she should really get over her. 'Whatever makes Sakura happy makes me happy,' Tomoyo thought. "I'll do it," she said to Meiling. "You know I'm not in love with you. And I know your not in love with me. But it would be good for us to get over them. And it would be nice if I did end up falling for you."

"And it would be great to have you love me, because I know I'll fall for you easily." Meiling said moving closer to Tomoyo.

"There is just one condition," Tomoyo told her.

"What's that?"

"Your have to promise me you won't hurt me like your cousin hurts Sakura."

"I'll never hurt you," Meiling said moving her face just so it was inches from Tomoyo's. "I do like you a lot. I know I've been kind of cold to you and Sakura, but I really do care about the two of you. Especially you. Your so amazing. I just never realized it before."

Tomoyo blushed at the compliment. 'This may not be too bad after all,' she thought. Noticing that no one was around, and just how close they were to each other Tomoyo leaned forward slightly so that their lips just barely brushed against the others. Meiling didn't pull away and Tomoyo deepened the kiss.

'Eww, she kissed me," Meiling thought. 'I didn't think I'd actually have to kiss her.' Meiling already convinced her cousin she was falling for Tomoyo, and now she finally convinced Tomoyo. She knew if things didn't work out as she had planned she'd be in big trouble, but she had to risk it.

"I've never actually dated anyone before."

"Thank you for giving this a chance Tomoyo. I know you probably think I'm immature and selfish, but there's a lot you don't know about me."

"I'm willing to learn about it all. I'm glad we're doing this too."

"So what do you want to do on our first day as a couple?" Meiling asked wrapping her arm around Tomoyo. Tomoyo leaned into her warm embrace. The first thing she thought was how it was so different from Sakura's arms. Then she realized she couldn't go on comparing Meiling to Sakura or she'd never get over her.

"Let's go see what Sakura and Syaoran are doing in my room. I've think they've had plenty of time to make up with each other by now."

"Make out you mean?" Meiling teased. She stood up bringing Tomoyo with her and took Tomoyo's hand into her hand. "This is definatly going to take some time to get used to. But I think your well worth the effort." Meiling said to Tomoyo just before they started heading up the stairs.


When Tomoyo and Meiling entered the room where Syaoran and Sakura were everyone's mouth dropped. Sakura and Syaoran's because Meiling was clinging to Tomoyo's arm protectivly, and Meiling and Tomoyo's because of seeing Sakura and Syaoran kissing so passionatly.

Sakura and Syaoran immediatly broke apart blushing deeply. "So you actually told her?" Syaoran asked his cousin.

"Hai, I'm just glad everything worked out well." Meiling said as she looked lovingly at Tomoyo. 'I don't know how long I can keep this up,' she thought.

"Ne Meiling, can I talk to you for a minute in the hall?" Sakura asked as she stepped off of Tomoyo's bed. The two girls stepped outside of the room and Sakura shut the door behing them. "Alright, I know you. Your straight. What are you doing dating my best friend?" Sakura wasted no time. She knew this couldn't be happening.

"Why shouldn't I?" Meiling knew this would be the perfect oppertunity to put her plan in motion. She was going to get Sakura and Tomoyo together if it killed her. Then the fact that Syaoran would be single afterwards was a definate perk of the whole idea.

"Do you even care about her?"

"Why do you care?" Meiling said agitating Sakura. She didn't mean to sound like a bitch but it was the only way this would work.

"Answer me, onegai. Do you really care about her? I just don't want her to get hurt."

"I won't hurt her. I'm just lucky you never realized how much you love her." Meiling stopped there not wanting to push the subject. She turned and walked back into Tomoyo's room. After a few minutes Sakura finally recovered out in the hall and came back into the room as well. 'What did she mean by that?' was her last calm thought as she saw Meiling look at her then kiss her friend.

'She's kissing Tomoyo. Why does this bother me? Is it because I've never seen two girls kiss? No, that bitch is kissing my best friend. I want to scream at her. To tell her to leave MY Tomoyo alone. Matte, what am I thinking? She's not mine. I just don't want to lose her. I need her to much. What's going on? Hoe.' Sakura had no idea what was going on in her mind. She had Syaoran to love. She was in love with him, wasn't she?

"Gomen ne minna. I have to go and uh.. go home and do some school work. I'll talk to you later." Sakura said suddenly walking out of Tomoyo's room. When she was out of eyesight she ran out of the house to make sure she was alone. Tomoyo tried running after her friend but Meiling took hold of her hand and stopped her.

"Daijoubu Tomoyo. She's fine," Meiling hoped if Sakura had time alone she would think of what just happened and hopefully come to terms with her real feelings for Tomoyo. 'Onegai kami-sama. Let this work out.' Meiling said under her breath. "Come on, let's go out somewhere."

"Okay," Tomoyo agreed trying to get her mind off of Sakura. She didn't know what, but something was definatly wrong with Sakura.


Once Sakura was alone she just kept walking around trying to figure some things out. She had no reason to be against Meiling dating Tomoyo but it bothered her deeply. She knew if she asked Tomoyo to not see Meiling she wouldn't see her anymore. Then Sakura knew she would feel bad. Almost as if she was using Tomoyo.

She never realized how much she needed Tomoyo. Tomoyo was always there whenever she needed her. Now what if Tomoyo wasn't around anymore? What if Tomoyo didn't need her anymore?

"I'm being selfish. I just want Tomoyo to love me even though I don't love her. But why?" Sakura said to no one. "Maybe I should just talk to her. But then what if I blew this for her? She finally found someone to make her happy when I can't."

"Sakura-chan?" A familiar voice scared her out of her thoughts. "Daijoubu desu ka?" the voice asked when Sakura didn't answer him.

"Yukito-san," Sakura turned around to face her friend. "Gomen ne, you scared me."

"Why are you talking to yourself Sakura? And why are you crying?" Yukito asked her, the concern evident in his voice.

"I'm crying?" Sakura asked as she lifted her hand to her face and felt the wet tears on her cheeks. "I...I didn't know I was. I don't know what's going on at all anymore."

"Something you want to talk about?" Yukito asked her as he sat down on a nearby bench.

Sakura sat down next to him and began to tell him what happened earlier. "..And now I don't know what to do." she finished her story. Yukito was definatly shocked. He knew Meiling was right, she was in love with Tomoyo and just hasn't realized it yet.

"So you realize how much you need her to be around for you?"

"She's the only one I can turn to. She always makes me smile no matter how bad things are. But if she's with Meiling all the time who will I turn to?" Sakura asked.

"I understand where your coming from," Yukito said as he remembered a situation similar to this he was once in. A situation that made him realize his true feelings for this girls older brother. "Why do you feel selfish for needing her?"

"Because if I tell her how much I do, she'll never stop loving me. She should move on since I love Syaoran but in a way I don't want her to I just can't seem to make her happy.. Hoe, I'm so confused."

"You are confused, but not about what you think. You just have one simple thing backwards. It'll be very easy for you to make her happy once you figure that out." Yukito said as he stood up. "Well I gotta go meet your brother so I'll see you later Sakura-chan."

"Backwards?" Sakura said to him as he started to walk away.

Yukito just shook his head and smiled. Over his shoulder he just told her it was something she had to figure out on her own. 'Backwards?' she thought to herself. 'What's backwards? He was of no help at all.'

Sakura sat on the bench still and let her mind drift back to the previous night. Her fight with Syaoran and how she came straight to Tomoyo. How Tomoyo let her cry in her arms and held her all night so she'd feel better. Who was going to make her feel better if Tomoyo was always with Meiling. Who was going to make her happy?

Now she thought of her talk with Meiling and how Meiling told her she was lucky she didn't realize her true feelings for her friend. How much it hurt to see someone kissing Tomoyo. As if someone were taking the air out of the room so she couldn't breathe. 'My Tomoyo' she thought to herself.

'Now if I only knew what Meiling and Yukito are thinking. My true feelings for Tomoyo. And having something backwards?' Sakura didn't bother to stop thinking about the whole situation as she walked home. Finally as she reached her house she figured out what the two of them meant. 'Do they mean I have my true feelings backwards? But how are they backwards?'

Sakura took a break from her thoughts as she greeted her father and walked up to her room. As soon as she layed down in her bed she let all her thoughts come back to her. 'Now how are my feelings backwards? I love Tomoyo and I'm in love with Syaoran. Tomoyo's my best friend and she's always been there for me. I've come to depend on her so much. If I didn't have her who would I go to when Syaoran gets mad at me? He does that a lot lately.' Sakura frowned as she looked at her nightstand that had a picture of her and her boyfriend.

'He gets mad at me and whenever I'm upset I go to her. She's always there for me because she loves me. More than anyone or anything else she loves me. And all this time I've never realized how amazing she is.'


"I can't do this Meiling. Gomen." Tomoyo said as she stood next to her new girlfriend. "I can't love anyone but Sakura or pretend to. I don't even want to try to love anyone else. I like being your friend but I can't be more with you."

'Perfect,' Meiling thought trying not to smile. "Oh," is all she said as she bowed her head so Tomoyo couldn't see her face. "I'm sorry I asked you then."

"Daijoubu Meiling. Besides, your a really good kisser." Tomoyo told her friend getting a laugh from her. "I hate to do this but I gotta go see Sakura."

Tell her I say hi will ya?" Meiling gave Tomoyo a farewell hug and Tomoyo took off towards Sakura's house. So far Meiling thought things were going perfect. She had her chance to make her impression on Sakura and no one got hurt in the process. Tomoyo was still happy and now it was in Sakura's hands. All she had to do was figure out who she loved.

As Tomoyo reached Sakura's house she noticed Syaoran was arriving there at the same time. "What are you doing here?" he asked her as they stopped in front of the house.

"I was coming to make sure Sakura was okay." Tomoyo told him as she walked up to the door and went to knock on it.

"Well I'm here so you don't have to worry. She doesn't need you so you might as well go home."


"It's fine. Just go home, I'll take care of her." Syaoran told her. Tomoyo was deeply hurt but didn't say anything. She turned around and started walking towards her home. Syaoran knew he was being mean but he couldn't risk losing his girlfriend to her. He knew, just like everyone else, just how much Sakura loved Tomoyo. In fact thats why he got so upset and fought with Sakura. Because his girlfriend would rather be with Tomoyo than him. He didn't mean to show Sakura it upset him but sometimes she could tell he was mad about something. And she always ran to Tomoyo.

Once Sakura opened the door she didn't know if she should be relieved to see her boyfriend or not. Syaoran could tell she had been crying and immediatly took her in his arms. "Don't worry, I'm here for you Sakura."

Sakura wrapped her arms around him and let him hold onto her. It felt so good to be in his arms. She always felt protected when he held her. It was different from when Tomoyo did. Tomoyo's arms were loving, and soft. When Tomoyo held her all her troubles seemed to go away. Sakura closed her eyes and pictured Tomoyo holding her and just thinking of it she felt better. She had almost forgotten her boyfriend was even there.

"You feel better now?" Syaoran asked as he felt Sakura relax in his arms after a few moments.

"Yes, I do thank you." she said as she came back to reality.

"I saw Tomoyo on the way here too," Syaoran told her. "She was worried about you as well but I told her that you wouldn't need her since I'm here so she went home." He felt Sakura tense in his arms and knew he just made a fatal mistake.

"You told her I don't need her?"

"Un." was all that would come out of his mouth.

"I always need her. I always will. I can't live without her. I have to go see her. I'm sorry Syaoran."

He bowed his head as she pulled away from him. He lost, he knew there was no hope of holding on to her any longer. "Tell her how much you love her for me will you?" Sakura hugged him tightly and smiled.

"I'm really sorry. I just figured it all out. What everyone's been trying to tell me. I'm in love with her. I have to go." Sakura said as she ran out her front door after her friend leaving Syaoran standing in her living room.

After what seemed like hours of endless running she got to Tomoyo's house and as soon as she was let in she ran stright to Tomoyo's room. She didn't bother to knock as she ran into Tomoyo's room and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Tomoyo sitting on the floor crying.

Slowly she walked over to her friend who didn't seem to notice her until Sakura sat down beside her. "I never meant to hurt you Tomoyo. I'll always need you, and now I need you more than ever."

Tomoyo stopped herself from crying. She always found it weird how Sakura just popped into her room without her noticing. "I don't understand what your talking about Sakura."

"I'm talking about what's been going on today. How in the course of one day my entire life has completly changed. I realized when I saw you with Meiling how much I need you. I thought I was just jealous because you wouldn't be around as much if you were with her. Then I talked to Yukito and after a lot of thought and I realized I was scared."

"Why were you scared?"

"Well Meiling likes you and your her girlfriend now and I thought I was going to lose you, and not have the chance to love you."

"I told Meiling a while ago that this wouldn't work, because I could never love anyone but you."

"And I realized just how in love with you I am thanks to her and Yukito." Sakura said as she placed a hand on top of Tomoyo's. "I love you Tomoyo, with all my heart. I realized that you love me more than anyone ever has before, and I wasn't really in love with Syaoran. I was meant to be with you, I just hope it's not to late."

Tomoyo's eyes filled with tears as she realized what Sakura was saying to her. Her dream had finally come true, Sakura was in love with her. "I love you Sakura."

"I love you Tomoyo," Sakura leaned forward and kissed Tomoyo softly. "I'll never hurt you again. I promise you that." Sakura kissed Tomoyo again as she took Tomoyo into her arms and the two stayed in that position for the rest of the night content knowing they finally found their true love.


When Syaoran told Meiling about Sakura finally realizing her true feelings for Tomoyo and how she ran off Meiling felt proud. She wanted to tell her cousin about her plan but knew he would never forgive her if she did. "It wasn't so bad you know."

"Huh?" Syaoran asked looking at his cousin.

"Dating Tomoyo wasn't to bad. I'm kinda upset it didn't work out."

"You always told me they would end up together and not to go out with Sakura."

"I knew they loved each other yes, but I didn't know they'd actually get together. I just told you not to date her because I wanted you to date me."

"So what do I do now that she left me? I knew it would happen sooner or later so I'm not too upset, but it really sucks."

"You can always date me." Meiling added clinging to his arm.

"Aren't we a little old for that now? It was fine when we were kids but I think we're a little to old for that."

"Who says? We were supposed to get married when we were little. Then you came here from Hong Kong and threw it all off. So if we can get married why can't we date?"

"Yare yare. Whatever you want Meiling." Syaoran said falling onto the couch. He was much to tired and confused to care. Meiling sat down next to him and grabbed his arm again. Meiling was definatly proud of herself for what she did. It was one hell of a day for all four of them and she despratly wanted to tell someone of her great plan and how well it worked out. "Some things are best left unsaid." Meiling thought aloud.

"Nani?" Syaoran looked at her confused.

"Nan demo nai!"Meiling said with a nervous laugh. She hadn't meant to say that out loud. "Well I'm going to bed. See you tommorow Syaoran." Meiling stood up and kissed her cousin on the forhead and took off.

"Some things never change no matter how much you want them to I guess." Syaoran thought before going to his own bed for the night.