by Ricardo Chirino

Every day is a new chance to reach happiness. When I'm near Sakura-chan, nothing can go wrong. She's my reason to live. Whenever I see her lovely smile, my life is filled with joy. I'm so lucky. I live near an angel. I feel alive when we are together. Although this is not really difficult. We were meant to be together. My dear Sakura-chan.

Every day, when I go to Tomoeda Gakuen I find Sakura there. She's always smiling. She's always cheerful. God! I certainly can't even think about my life without Sakura. I guess it's fate. My dear mother, Sonomi, also had a crush on Nadeshiko. Definately, our blood ties us together. Today I'm going to spend a long, long time with my sweet and tender Sakura-chan. That's what I really want. That's what we both want...

"Tomoyo? Tomoyo-chan?"

I felt the voice grow. It was getting me back to reality. Her lovely voice was calling me from the void of my mind. Sakura-chan was calling me.

"Yes dear?" I said as softly as possible to my beloved.

"You were daydreaming, ne?" Sakura asked me. She was stunning. So beautiful and attractive. She was the captor of my heart and soul. "Class is over, you know..."

"Yes... I. I was thinking on you, Sakura-chan." I said, blushing.

"Oh Tomoyo!"

Sakura leaned against me. She was so close! I could feel her warm breath, her soft skin, her angelic eyes staring at me. I was in paradise. She used her hands and softly hugged me.

"Tomoyo. You are so sweet."

I could feel her soft, baby-like smell. Her brown short hair was soft and silky. I love how her cute head felt on my hands. I want to protect Sakura. I want she to stay with me like that forever. Sakura-chan!

"Sakura-chan. I love you with all my might."

"I love you too, Tomoyo-chan. Just hug me, please."

We stayed like that for a long time. Chiharu entered the classroom to pick the flower vase, and saw us together. She already knew about our relation, and she smiled at the lovely sight.

"See you tomorrow, Sakura, Tomoyo."

"Bye, Chiharu-chan!" we replied at the same time.

We were alone. It didn't matter. If the classroom was full it would be the same. We were in love, and we could find happiness anywhere, as long as we were together. I'm in heaven whenever I'm near my Sakura-chan.


Sakura looked at me directly. Those beautiful green eyes of her captivated me with each stare. God... She's so beautiful. I, without noticing, following the desires of my body and my mind, leaned forward to her. My lips only a few milimeters from hers. Now I could smell the air coming out from her... I could feel the warmth of my beloved Sakura-chan.

"Please, kiss me... I want to love you." She said caringly to me.

I couldn't resist it anymore. My heart was galloping. I was so happy and excited. I took the last step and placed my mouth on hers. We kissed for a long, long time. We kissed and hugged like never before. I can't describe how I felt at that moment. The feeling of joy and love was overwhelming.

After a few minutes, we went outside. We leaned against a tree. The sunset was beautiful. I don't know if it really was, but I guess that being with that special person can make anything look gorgeous.

Sakura sat beside me. Her head rested on my shoulder.


"Yes, my love."

"Can you sing for me?"

"Of course, my angel."

It was a pleasure for me to sing to her. I really enjoy singing to her. God, I really love her! I'll do my best to make her happy, since her happiness is mine too.

I sang for her a long time. Soon she fell asleep on my lap. I softly caressed her hair. After a while she woke up, and we both went to my house. There we spent the night together.

Tomorrow I'll be there for her! Tomorrow she'll be there for me...

"Sakura-chan. I love you..."


Hello once again! I really enjoyed writing this shortie. I really love this sweet couple. Long live Sakura & Tomoyo. Pretty please: If you find any grammatic or spelling errors please, PLEASE, e-mail me @ I'm also looking forward to reading your comments! I'll be back!


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