"We meet again"

Hi!!! I'm back with a new story of CCS. I remembered that I promised time ago I would make a story called "We meet again", but I forgot it. Then I did "You and me, together forever", "Maņana" then finally I did this story. This story will closure that period that I started with "She won't cry for you", "Don't lose Hope" and "Tomoyo's Farewell Letter", these ones are about Tomoyo's destiny after the ugly ending of CCS, especially "She won't cry for you" where Tomoyo's destiny is facing at her fifteen years old her own death. Really, I never thought why I made these stories. It was a moment a depression, but I finally decided not make these type of stories nevermore. Because I realized that I was giving the reason to the Sakura x Syaoran fans. Why?. Maybe in my opinion, for them this topic is closed, but for me not. They have their happy ending, then why I would make more stories only to give them the reason? Honestly, I would accept the official ending, but I don't and never. Why?. In my opinion, the ending was very forced, Sakura started to see Syaoran as a friend but in the last volume of manga, she fell in love with him so fast, and ended with him in the end. For me it's ugly, but for the S+S fans it's okay, they ended together and that's all. But for me that relationship is not convincing, Sakura fell in love with him so fast. That kind of "fast relationship" is not convincing for me. Another point that I don't like it, is that Tomoyo was the only character that ended alone in the end, all ended with someone in the end less her. Well, enough of thoughts but I need to get out of my chest.

Some points:

-The story takes places after the end of CCS.
-It seems for the title that is a S+S story, but I'm sorry. It's a yuri fic, of course you must know what is yuri but I will explain: is a term designed for love between girls, women, etc. So if you don't like these type of stories please leave, if you like please go on.

I hope you liked it and I will see you at the end of story.

Disclaimer: Card Captor Sakura belongs to Clamp, Kodansha and other companies. This history was only made by amusement, don't sue/kill me.


"We meet again"

How did it start? It started when I was ten years old, I remember that I was waiting on my seat when I met her. She gave me an eraser and said that she was glad to give me that. We became best friends and we did many things together, but all that changed. She found the Clow Book and opened it, then she became the Card Captor. I made costumes for her, recorded her on video, anything that she needed I was willing to give her.

He came too. A Chinese boy that was her rival first, later her friend and finally her number one person.

It's true that I said I'd him give a try, I was hoping that she will be happy with him, I was hoping to stay with her until the day that I would tell her my true feelings.

She choose him as her number one person, she and him gave the names to the bears. He left to Hong Kong and she promised to wait for him. I remember when she left to find him and tell her feelings.

I was smiling, then I knew that my true feelings would be sealed forever and went to my house. I think that my mother entered in my room, she found me in bed. She looked at me with an understanding look on her face, she embraced me and didn't say anything.

I remembered that I cried so much.

She was naive as I was. I was naive because I was hoping that she would choose me as her number one person. But she didn't. She is my number one person but I wasn't for her. I was in love with her, but she ended with him. After he left, things seemed to return to normal. We did the same things that we did together before, but she usually said that she couldn't wait to see him again. She thanked me for being her best friend.

I smiled at her, but inside me I knew that was the end for my chances of telling her my feelings. After five years he returned to Japan, I saw their meeting and she said that they will be together forever.

Once again I smiled but my heart broke again.

Then all changed, we started a new period on college. A new group of students came to our classroom. She was very popular in class, they became her friends and I was happy. Chiharu, Rika, Yamazaki and Naoko weren't with us. They parted from us, looking for their own path.

When the classes were over, she waited for him, he came for her and they leave as usually they did. They greeted me as always they did. Then I walked to my home alone as I always did.

Life was showing my destiny, a destiny that suited me, alone.

During that time she didn't call me at my house like the times she did before, the calls were distant. In school, I was wishing to do something for her. I asked her if she needed something many times. Her response was the same:

"No, I don't. Thank you."

I asked her if she wanted to talk with me, but she said that she didn't.

I knew when I wasn't needed.

I didn't press her to have a talk with me or need something. I just let her go.

I saw many times how she went to her new friends to ask something, need something and how they agreed. She was happy with them. She and him went with them to their dates. She was happy with him.

When Valentine's Day came I made chocolates for her. I was hoping that at least she would receive them. When I gave it to her, she thanked me but she returned them to me. She said that I would give them to a boy, because all girls do that, giving chocolates to a boy. I said that I didn't have a boy and I would like to give them to her. But she said that she wouldn't receive them, she said that when we're children it was normal, but that now it was different. Because a girl that did that it wasn't "normal".

My heart broke again.

She gave them to me and left. He was waiting for her and had a box of them for her, they embraced and kissed. Once again I smiled.

I left the place and when the class was over I went to my house. I left them on the desk and I collapsed on my bed crying. The next day I looked for her and said that I was sorry but I wanted to give it to her because she was my best friend. She said that Valentine's Day is a day for the ones who were in love, not friends. She asked if I saw someone of the girls doing that. I said to her no, she said that I was the only one who did that and her friends said to her that I wasn't normal. Then she said that became a rumor through college. I asked her if she believed it. Her response was simple:


I asked to her what she saw on me that could be considered "not normal". She said that I was obsessed with her. I was in love with her, I was worried about her, I wanted her to be happy, is that called obsession?

It seems that for others is, but not for me.

For me it's to be in love with her.

She said that her friends said that I'm different, I asked her what they said.

"They said that you're... a lesbian."

Once again, I asked her if she believed it.

"I don't want to believe that you..."

"That I'm?" I asked her serious.

"No, I don't want to believe..."

Maybe a talk could help it...

I extended my hand but she said:

"Please... don't touch me, please don't look at me, you... scare me" she said to me with tears in her eyes.

Then I smiled to her and said:

"You believe them, don't you? Please be honest" I said smiling.

"At first no, but now it seems that yes" she said with tears.

Before saying something, she said:

"Please go, please go, please go... please" she said crying.

I smiled with tears and then I left her alone but I said something:

"I just want you to be happy , that's all"

She didn't say anything and I left.

The following week was harder.

When I entered in the class, nobody greeted me. I heared them saying that I was a freak, a lesbian, a error of nature. Nobody wanted to speak me, to ask me something, and needing something... nothing from me.

She didn't talk to me, when I was looking for her she avoided her gaze, she changed her seat. She went far from me. When the class was over, I just went to my house. My mother was taking care of my little brother, Kenji. He born when I was 13 years old. She saw me and left him and came to me.

She embraced me again and said:

"Just let it out, let it out"

Once again I cried.

After that I went to my room and locked it, I went to my bookshelf, I chose one of her videos. I put it on. It was one of her battles againist a Clow Card. I looked to my camera, I haven't used it for many years, always I found something about her that I wanted to record. Anything about her, I wanted to record.

After that I looked to my sewing tools, I remember how much time I spent making the costumes for her. I was happy to make costumes for her, just saw her with my designs made me so happy. I did many things for her. Time ago I heard that if someone did something they will get a reward.

Maybe what's happening to me is my reward for all I did.

Then I went to my bed and I thought about making a decision about my life. At the next day I talked with my mother about the decision. She was surprised but she said if that was I really wanted she would accept it.

"Thank you, mother," I said with tears.

After that my mother helped me with arranging things, after a few days I made a bear for my brother. Then I knew that there was one thing left to do.

I dialed her number.

"Hello, Kinomoto house."

"Hi, Fujitaka-san. Is Sakura there?"

"No, she went a date with her boyfriend. Do you need something?" he asked.

"Yes. Please could you tell her "Farewell" for me?" I asked.

"Yes, but did something happen?" he asked worried.

"No, but could you tell her "I won't interfere with your life anymore, just be happy. It's the only thing I most desire," for me please?"

"Yes," he said uncertainly.

"Thanks for eveything, Fujitaka-san. Send my regards to Touya-san and Yukito-san" I said and hung up the phone.

After that I went to see my brother, he was sleeping with the bear that I made. I smiled and kissed him on the forehead.

I left his room and picked my things. My mother was waiting for me.

"It's almost time."


We picked a car and went to the airport.

"Will you write me?"

"Of course, I will be back someday. Don't worry about me, but I need to do this. Take care of Kenji-kun, please," I said to her.

"I will wait for that day" she said crying.

"Me too," I said crying.

We embraced tightly, then I picked my things and took my flight.

A flight which will make me leave Japan and her.


I travelled the entire world, it was easy because of the family's fortune. My mother settled things about my studies and I didn't have to worry about that. The trip was the last chance to start a new life without her. The trip was about healing my broken heart.

I never imagined how the outside world was. I went to many countries in Europe, North America, South America. I learned many things from these places.

My mother sent me photos of Kenji and her. My brother was growing up and he was cute. He asked about me many times, when I would return to Japan. I would like to tell him the real reason of my departure but I didn't want make him sad. My mother also asked me about my return, that she missed me so much. I missed them so much, I knew that I would return someday but I wasn't ready. I send them the things that I got in the countries that I stayed, photos, gifts, anything of these places.

I travelled the world for almost six years but as the time passed, I felt empty...

I missed her so much.

During that time, I tried to break the bond to her, but I failed. I looked for someone special but I didn't find anyone.

Once again, life was showing my destiny, alone.

Before heading to Japan I stayed for a time in Argentina. I met someone, an old woman who tells the future. She said that I was wrong about the reward. That the real reward will come from someone unexpected. After that I left Argentina and went back to Japan.


During the flight back, I read the letters my mother sent me, I was surprised to see a letter from Eriol-san. We wrote some letters before but curiously the letters were distant, sometimes I didn't receive anything from him. I read the letter, he wrote that he finally began with his life after choosing not to be a magician anymore. He was studying to become a lawyer, that Nakuru-san was in couple with a man, that Spinel was working on a TV program for kids. He wanted to know how was everything in Tomoeda, but I wasn't in Tomoeda for almost six years. After that he said that he was married with Kaho Mizuki-sensei and she was waiting a child from him. He was excited and couldn't wait to see his child. He asked if I got someone special. I would like to say to him that I didn't.

In this six years I realized that I can't love anyone but her...

Soon I noticed I was in Japan. I left the airport and went directly to my house.

After a time I reached my house and I pressed the doorbell.

"Who is it?" asked the voice through the receiver.

"It's me, Sonomi's daughter, Tomoyo Daidouji" I said happily.

The door opened and I entered. I waited for my mother to come out of the house.

She did, she was crying with joy.

"You came, as you promised." she said crying.

"Yes, I'm back. I never forgot the promises I made. I waited for this day, mother," I said crying.

We embraced crying.

"Why you didn't tell me that you were returning? I would have gone to the airport to pick you up," she said worried.

"I wanted to give you a surprise mom," I simply said.

"It's so good that you're here now, I just thought that you would never return..." she said crying again.

"I promised you that I would return to Japan, remember? I'm here" I said.

After that we entered the house, I saw Kenji with a beautiful girl of his same age.

"Tomoyo nee-san!!!"

"Hi, Kenji onii-chan!!!" I said happily.

He embraced me crying..

"I missed you so much, nee-san" he said crying.

"I missed you, too. You're a strong boy, onii-chan. And cute" I said smiling.

He blushed.

"Will you leave again?" he asked.

"No, I won't. I will stay with you, onii-chan. I will never leave you alone, and mother too" I said.

My mother was smiling.

I was glad to stay here with my mother, my brother, with the people that loved me...

If only she could understand my true feelings...

"You brought me something?" he asked happily.

"Of course! I have many things for you, onii-chan. Who is this beautiful girl?" I asked politely.

"I'm Hinako, I'm pleased to meet you, Daidouji-san"

"Just call me Tomoyo. You're really cute Hinako-chan."

"Thanks, Tomoyo-san" she said blushing and bowed before me.

I talked with them about the things that I did these six years. While I was talking with them I noticed that Kenji-kun and Hinako-san were holding hands, I smiled at the sight of that.

They were talking about many things and my mother and me left them alone. We entered in the kitchen and the maid prepared two cups of tea for us. We went to my room for a talk.

"Kenji onii-chan and Hinako-san are going out, mom?" I asked to her.

"Yes, it seems for me, they didn't accept yet. But I saw the love between them. I'm glad that he found someone special like her" she said.

"He will pass the Daidouji's name to his future sons and daughters. But I'm not glad for this, I'm glad because he will not suffer as we suffered all these years. If someday he's going to suffer, his pain will be different from ours, he was born fated to follow a different path that us" I said with a smile.

"It's true, his path is different than ours" my mother said sadly.

"Do you still love her, mother? Do you still love Nadeshiko-san?" I asked her.

"Yes, even I tried to break the bond to her, I didn't. It was my first love, but it was unrequited. I continued with my life after she get married, I found your father and married him. I loved your father, but it wasn't the same that I still feel for Nadeshiko, she is still in my heart," my mother said.

I nodded at her.

"And you? Do you still love Sakura?" she asked me.

"Yes, it's my first love too. I thought that the trip would make me forget about her, but I still love her. It seems that we can't break that destiny. I believe that we can't control love, love controls us. The first love is special but is more special when it's your first love and your true love." I said sadly.

"You thought about marriage, Tomoyo?" she asked.

"Yes, I thought about that. But I decided that I will not marry. Because I can't love anyone but her. Even I tried to letting go of her but I failed, she is like a seed that is strongly implanted on my heart. What would happen if I have a child, a daughter? She would fell in love with her daughter, and then the same would repeat again. I don't want that child suffer. I want to end this cycle that began with you mother. It started with you, it will end with me." I said.

"You're strong, Tomoyo" she said.

"We're strong mom, you and me. We're strong because realizing that you're in love with a person of your same sex and accepting it made us strong, being rejected made us strong. Your unrequited love and mine made us strong. Life made us strong for standing up when we fell. If my destiny is to be alone, I will accept it then" I said.

She embraced me.

"Ah, I have some news of your friends," she said.

"From whom?" I said.

"From Chiharu-san, Yamazaki-san, Naoko-san and Rika-san" she said.

"Really?!" I said happily

My mother told me about their destiny. Yamazaki and Chiharu got married and waiting a child. Naoko got a boyfriend. And Rika got married with Terada-sensei. I knew that Rika and Terada were going out. She told me before heading her own path, I was surprised but I whished her luck.

After that, when it was almost midnight, I decided to take a walk. My mother sent the bodyguards with me. After a time, I told them to leave and I will call them when I was ready to leave. I walked to the King Penguin Park, it seemed that nothing changed in these almost six years of absence.

I sat in one of the swings and looked to the stars, they were shining and so was the moon. Then I heard something...

"Last night, I dreamt that you returned to Tomoeda" said a voice.

I froze at the sound of that.

"We meet again" said the voice again.

I had no doubt, it was her voice.

I turned around to see her, and I found her. I saw something different, she was different. She was smiling sadly, and a tear ran through her cheek. Her hair was still short but a little longer, her eyes were so different... they could tell a lot of emotions, but it seemed that they showed... pain.

I saw her sitting in another swing then I turned my head.

"You travelled the entire world, didn't you?" she asked.

"How did you know?" I asked surprised.

"Because I did a lot of reaseraching. I did anything to find where you were" she said quietly.

Before saying something, she said:

"I broke with him" she said darkly.

I was shocked to hear that, I believed that she and him would be together forever. She chose him as her number one person, it could't be.

"Why did you brake with him?" I asked surprised.

"Because, in the end we didn't match. In the beggining all was right, but as the time passed, we started to have fights. He was jealous of any person that approached me. I tried to make him have trust in others, but I failed. As we were growing we'd changed, he was different as I was. After a some time, we decided to break the relationship and he returned to Hong Kong." she said.

"But you loved him..." I said.

"Yes, I did. But not now. I learned one thing: a relationship, any relationship must be built between the parts. I believed that I fell in love with him, but I realized that only I had a crush on him. I waited five years for him, but I never thought if I really loved him. I didn't want to lose him because what Eriol told me, I didn't have any idea that he loved me. I saw him as friend and didn't want to lose him, then I realized that I was in love with him, but I never thought if they were my real feelings. How could I be so blind? I was blind of love but I never thought that we changed during these five years of waiting. With the fights I started to wonder if I really loved him or didn't. In the end I realized that I wasn't in love with him" she said.

"I see..."

"I broke with my friends too..." she said.

"What?" I said.

"Yes, I broke because I didn't want to be popular. Because I didn't want to follow their advice anymore, because of that advice... I almost lost you." she said.

"I don't care about what will happen to me. Only seeing you happy it's enough for me" I said.

"I know that..." she said as she stood up and came to me.

I looked at her, she was crying softly and smiling at me. I extended my hand but I stopped.

"What's happened?" she said quietly.

"It's just... you said that you didn't want me touch you, remember?" I said sadly.

She took hold of my hand and laid it in her cheek.

"I want you to touch me, to see me... I was so stupid saying that, I almost destroyed our friendship. You were there when I needed something, even you were there when I said that I didn't need something. You were always worried for me. I'd changed in these almost six years. I never hated you, just I couldn't understand that you were in love with me..." she said.

"How do you know that I'm in love with you, couldn't it be another girl?" I asked her.

"You said that you wanted your special person happy, didn't you? I realized that I'm that person, for what you said and what father said to me when you left Japan" she said.

"Are you angry with me for loving you?" I asked her.

"No..." she said and made me stand up.

She embraced me, I tried not to embrace her but I failed. My arms went around her and we embraced tightly. She rested her head in my shoulder.

"Welcome back, Tomoyo-chan" she said crying softly.

"Thanks, Sakura-chan" I said crying.


I will never forget that day... when we met again.

After that day, we did many things together as before. It was a restart of our friendship, she was fine with me, even knowing that I still loved her. One day she called asking me if I could go to her house. I agreed and I went to her house, she was waiting for me. She said that wanted me to go out with her. In other words, she wanted a date with me. I was surprised, but she erased my doubts kissing me.

From the day we met again until the day that she kissed me four years passed. And two more years of going out.

Without knowing it, we built a loving relationship between us.


I was looking to the stars in the sky when I felt her arms around my waist.

"What are you thinking Tomoyo-chan?" she said.

"Remembering what happened between us all these years, from the first day than I met you, eighteen years ago" I said still looking at the stars.

She turned my head and I was looking at her.

"I never meant to hurt you, but I did. But I promise you that I will never hurt you again. I don't know if I will be able to heal the pain I caused you" she said sadly.

"We have to live with pain, every person has a type of pain, and pain will be present in every person of this world. Things would be different if pain doesn't exist, but it does exist. But if two people meet each other, they could be able to heal the pain they have." I said.

I caressed her hair, it was smooth.

"I love you Tomoyo-chan. You're my true number one person" she said.

"I love you too, Sakura-chan. You are always my number one person. I don't mind my pain, because in the end I have you, and we will be able to heal our pain" I said.

"It's true" she said.

We kissed each other and went to sleep.


I wake up and I look to her, she is sleeping nicely. Then I remember what the old woman told me before, that the real reward will come from someone unexpected. I never thought that Sakura-chan falling in love with me would be the real reward for all I did. I just thought that I would be alone for the rest of my life. But it seems that is not.

"I love you, Sakura-chan" I whisper.

"I know. I really love you too, Tomoyo-chan" she says opening her eyes.

"Are you awake?" I ask smiling to her.

"I was awake, I was only imitating that I was sleeping." she says smiling.

I smile to her.

"Tomoyo-chan, I want to know one thing: Will you stay with me forever?" she asks me.

"Of course I will. You are my reason to live, I promise I will make you happy" I say to her.

"You know what? One thing will make me happy" she says.

"What thing?" I ask.

"You marrying me, someday" she says blushing.

I open my eyes and I feel tears coming down my cheeks.

"Are you serious?" I say crying.

"Yes, I'm serious. But you don't have to give me an answer right now, but until that day come; promise me that you will stay with me" she says taking my head between her soft hands.

"I promise, I promise" I say still crying.

We kiss each other and leave the bed, we look to the stars.

We embrace tightly knowing that there is a path in front of us that will lead us to the happiness.

"We will be together forever" she says happily.

"I know..." I say.

"I know we will be together forever..." I say before kissing her.

OWARI (The End)