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July 26th 2004

New fiction is here!

Gomen ne minna! LONG time no update! I'm such a lazy kaijuu -_- Anywho, I come bringing fiction with me! All in the SM section, so you only have to make one trip ^_~ We've got up to part 13 of ShaneJayell's story 'Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice'. It's great and full of surprises! Also, we have 'Believing in an angel by April Eagle. A very touching Christmas story, and there's nothing like Christmas in July! I would have updated more, but I didn't have much. *prods all the writers* Send me those fics! Or at least mail me suggestions! Umi out! ^__^ On another note, our official message board is Shoujo Ai Goddess Heavens! Go and have a look around, I'm sure you'll enjoy!

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