"Card Captor Kakumei Sakura"
By Kamui Ikari

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-Both girls are ten years old.

-It's a fic of love between girls.

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Card Captor Kakumei Sakura: Prologue

Sakura was looking at something in her dresser for Tomoyo. She invited her best friend to spend the night with her. Meanwhile Tomoyo was making a dress for Sakura, and she was finishing it when Sakura came to her.

"I think this would be good for you Tomoyo-chan" Sakura said as she showed Tomoyo the cloth.

"It's okay Sakura-chan, anything you give me is okay for me," Tomoyo said smiling and Sakura blushed.

Sakura looked at the dress that Tomoyo made for her. It was like a princess dress. Sakura smiled at the sight.

"It's for the school representation, and for me? You think that I will win the role of the princess for the representation?" Sakura asked as she gave Tomoyo the cloth.

"Of course. You're beautiful and I'm sure you will win the role," Tomoyo said smiling.

"Thanks, Tomoyo-chan. You're a great friend" Sakura said smiling.

Tomoyo smiled at her best friend, but the smile turned into a sad one for a short moment.

"Tomoyo-chan, what's wrong?" Sakura asked worried.

"No, nothing's wrong. I'm fine," Tomoyo said still smiling.

Sakura wasn't convinced.

"Can you wear the dress, Sakura-chan?" Tomoyo asked as she gave Sakura the dress.

"Sure" Sakura said and she put on the dress.

"Wow!!!! You're so beautiful Sakura-chan!!!" Tomoyo exclaimed excited.

Sakura blushed at the compliment of her friend.

"Thanks Tomoyo-chan" Sakura said smiling.

"You're the most beautiful princess I have ever seen," Tomoyo said again with excitement.

Sakura blushed again.

"Tomoyo-chan can we go to sleep now? I'm tired and we must get up early tomorrow," Sakura said as she changed herself.

"Sure Sakura-chan" Tomoyo said smiling.

Both girls crawled into the bed and Sakura was sleeping quickly. Tomoyo looked at her with a sad smile and she kissed Sakura's forehead and turned around.

"Aishiteru, Sakura-chan" Tomoyo said as she fell to sleep.


Sakura was standing in some place, behind her was Tomoyo. Sakura looked at her cloth, and it was something like a costume. Something caught Sakura's attention; in her breast pocket a white rose was there. Suddenly rose petals and something like cards were floating in the air surrounding both of them. Sakura looked to Tomoyo, she was wearing a red dress that made look her like a princess. Suddenly, she arched her back and a baton came out of her chest. Sakura looked surprised but when she tried to get the baton the place faded away...


Sakura woke up and turned to see Tomoyo sleeping quietly. Sakura sighed relieved at the sight of her best friend.

"It was only a dream" Sakura said relaxed.

"Do you think that?" a voice said.

Sakura quickly turned to see a person, a man who was wearing Chinese clothes and golden glasses, dark long hair and having a smile.

Sakura was scared as she felt that the man was a spirit and she was afraid of ghosts.

"Don't worry. I'm here because I saw something in you" said the man.

"Something in me?" Sakura asked quietly trying to not wake Tomoyo.

"Yes, strength and nobility, a prince's qualities" said the man.

"I'm not a prince, I'm a girl and I want to become a princess for the school's representation" Sakura said.

"It's true but you can become a prince as well," said the man smiling.

"Why?" Sakura asked.

"A prince has a noble task: protect the princesses in disgrace and people from disaster" the man said.

"I don't understand," said Sakura

"You will understand. With time you will" the man said.

Sakura was uncertain and the man looked to Tomoyo.

"She's your friend right?" the man asked.

"Yes, she's my best friend" Sakura said smiling.

"She cares about you in a special way" the man said.

"In a special way?" Sakura asked surprised.

"Yes, you will find it with time." the man said.

Sakura looked puzzled.

"She's the key..." the man said.

"Eh?" Sakura asked.

"This girl is special, with time you will find it, she will give you the reason you're looking for to become a prince," the man said.

"Tomoyo-chan will give me the reason?" Sakura asked.

"Yes" the man said.

Sakura looked at Tomoyo and then she remembered the dream, she'd seen Tomoyo like a princess and then the sight of the baton coming out of Tomoyo's chest made Sakura wonder about the dream.

"The dream was..." Sakura said.

"It's time and I must go," the man said.

"Wait... Will I see you again? The dream... Tomoyo-chan is..." Sakura said but the man smiled.

"With time you will find it" the man said.

"If anything happens to Tomoyo-chan, I won't forgive myself," Sakura said.

The man smiled again and came to Sakura.

"Will you do anything for her?" the man said.

"Yes, anything to make her happy," Sakura said.

"Even if she would suffer from that?" the man asked.

"I don't want her to suffer... I don't," Sakura said.

"You have a noble purpose, a noble heart and power," the man said.

Sakura looked puzzled again.

"Keep these noble qualities in your heart, in that way we will see again," the man said.

"I will," Sakura said.

"I will a give you a reminder of this encounter; keep them," the man said.

The man lift his hand, and from nowhere two things appeared. Sakura looked at the things, it was a book and something like a card. Both things placed on Sakura's hands.

Sakura looked to the card, it had the image of a woman and a name; "The Windy". Then she looked to the book, a lion was incrested in the front and a name was there; "The Clow".

"These things will lead you to me again," the man said smiling and disappeared.



"Sakura-chan, please wake up. We must go to school," Tomoyo said trying to wake her best friend.

Sakura opened her eyes and looked at Tomoyo, she smiled weakly.

"It was just a dream..." Sakura said sleepily.

"Eh?" Tomoyo asked puzzled

"I had a dream, it was so strange, you looked like a princess..." Sakura said and Tomoyo smiled.

"It's nice but you won't become the princess for the representation if we don't go to school on time," Tomoyo said smiling.

"Sure..." Sakura said smiling and both left the room.

In the kitchen, Fujitaka and Touya were having breakfast when Sakura and Tomoyo sat down.

"Hi, dad and onii-chan," Sakura said smiling.

"Hi, Fujitaka-san and Touya-san," Tomoyo said smiling as well.

"The breakfast is ready" Fujitaka said smiling.

Sakura and Tomoyo ate the breakfast, and after cleaning the dishes, both were ready to go the school.

"Onii-chan left so soon?" Sakura asked.

"Yes, he said that will pick up Yukito" Fujitaka told her.

"Oh, I forgot my book!" Sakura exclaimed as she checked her school bag.

"And the dress!" Tomoyo exclaimed as well.

Both went to Sakura's room to find the things, Sakura grabbed the book.

"Sakura-chan..." Tomoyo said.

"Yes, Tomoyo-chan?" Sakura asked.

"What are these things?" Tomoyo asked.

Sakura looked and froze, over Tomoyo's dress, the book and the card were there.

"Can't be..." Sakura said.

To be continued...


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