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Etai no Shirenai Ren'ai Kankei

By Chibi Nuriko

"Hoe!!! I'm going to be late again.. Kero-chan why didn't you wake me??" Sakura shouted at Kero-chan frustrated as she grabbed her hat off the back of the chair. She was out the door before Kero-chan even had a chance to remind her that last time he tried to wake her up, he was almost seriously injured by her.

"Ohayou onii-san. Where's papa?" Sakura asked as she shoveled her breakfast into her mouth.

"He left this morning for his business trip remember?" Touya reminded her trying not to piss her off this morning.

"Oh.." Sakura said sounding dissapointed. "Wah! I'm going to be late. I'm suposed to be there early today." Sakura yelled towards Touya as she rushed to put on her roller blades and took off towards school. Sakura sighed as she skated towards school taking in the sight of the flowers that are begining to bloom now that spring has come again.

"Yo! Sakura-chan. Chotto matte." Yukito yelled as he saw Sakura skating in front of him. She turned around and slowed down waiting for him to catch up. "Ohayou, Sakura-chan." Yukito said smiling at Sakura. She tried not to blush but failed and could only manage to mutter "Ohayou, Yukito-san" back at him. Feeling shy around Yukito, Sakura couldn't think of anything to talk about so she just decided to enjoy riding to school with him.

As Sakura's school came into view she started saying goodbye to Yukito and turned into her school where Tomoyo was waiting for her. She stopped to watch as Yukito rode on towards his school and he turned around throwing something at her. "A present for you." He said as he rode out of sight tossing a piece of candy to her. Sakura blushed again and Tomoyo noticed.

"He always has something for you doesnt he Sakura-chan." Tomoyo said as she watched Sakura blush even more. "Come on now, we can't be late to class."

"Hai!" Sakura shouted for no reason. Taking Tomoyo's hand into her own she took off towards class. Tomoyo just looked down at her hand that was holding on to Sakura's reminding herself that Sakura is just to young to understand. "When your older. I'll tell you again so you can understand...Just how much I love you Sakura-chan," she thought to herself.


During their break Tomoyo and Sakura sat outside watching as Meiling chased Li-kun around trying to get him to be her boyfriend. The two girls giggled as they discussed how persistant she is. "Ne, Tomoyo-chan. Would you like to come over after school? Papa-san is away on a business trip and Touyo is going to Yukito's tonight to study so I'd be all alone and it'd be nice to have your company for a while," Sakura concluded looking at her best friend.

"Of course!" Tomoyo smiled at Sakura and sighed to herself. "This becomes more difficult every day. Now I know how okaa-san felt when she was in love with Sakura's mom. It is depressing when the other is completly oblivious to your feelings."

Sakura noticed the change of expression on Tomoyo's face and asked her if something is wrong. Tomoyo just forced a smile trying to convince Sakura. "Why dont we go help Li-kun get away from Meiling for a little bit? All she does is chase him around. It must get tiring." Tomoyo suggested trying to get her thoughts of Sakura out of her mind. Sakura nodded and the two took off after Li-kun.


"Tadaima Kero-chan!" Sakura shouted as she entered her home tugging Tomoyo behind her. "Eh, where's Kero-chan? He usually comes to the door to greet me."

"Didn't you say you have a fight with him the other night?"

"Yeah, but I thought he got over it. Maybe he's just up in my room sleeping or playing that new game he got." Tomoyo nodded at her friend and they headed upstairs to Sakura's bedroom. As Sakura opened the door and stepped inside her room her jaw dropped to the floor. "KERO-CHAN," Sakura said trying to keep her temper in check. "What have you done to my stuff?" She asked looking at pricless contents of one of her desk drawers. She noticed all the notes that Tomoyo had given her were laying on the floor along with other keepsakes.

Tomoyo placed a hand on Sakura's shoulder calming her down and went to pick the stuff up off the floor. She noticed that Sakura had kept the notes from her and blushed slightly. "Maybe there is hope," she thought to herself. She decided to take a chance, and asked Sakura why she kept all of them.

"Because they are from my best friend and they are very important to me. Just like you Tomoyo-chan," Sakura said giving Tomoyo a warm smile.

Tomoyo blushed again and looked at the desk. "So where'd all this stuff come from?" Sakura pointed at the drawer Kero-chan removed them from and Tomoyo tapped on the drawere. "It's safe to come out Kero-chan," Tomoyo whispered.

Kero-chan poked his head out of the drawer and looked at Sakura. "Gomen nasai Sakura-chan. I only wanted to have some space for myself."

"Daijoubu Kero-chan." Sakura said finally after calming down. Just ask next time you do something like that, ne?" Kero-chan nodded his agreement and the trio went downstairs to fix something to eat.

As Sakura was preparing some food Tomoyo was videotaping Kero-chan and finally turned the camera on Sakura. "Aww.. Sakura your so cute when you cook," Tomoyo said drawing Sakura's attention. When Sakura noticed she was being taped a rather large sweat drop appeared on her head. "If only she knew how much I meant it."

"Arigatou Tomoyo-chan," Sakura smiled at her friend and went back to cooking. After their food was done the girls along with Kero-chan sat down to eat and talked about school and their friends. Tomoyo frinally brought up how she thought Li-kun was starting to get a crush on Sakura even though Meling was after him.

"Hontou?" Sakura asked blushing. "Do you really think he likes me?"

Tomoyo only nodded that he does like her. Then she felt like kicking herself for bringing it up. She felt herself slipping into a depression over it. "Can something really hurt so much? But I have to keep torturing myself. Why???" she thought silently. Sakura noticed the change in Tomoyo's facial expressions and asked her friend if she was alright.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Tomoyo tried to convince Sakura. It seemed her best friend knew her better than she thought. Sakura still wasn't satisfied though.

"Thats why I asked you here Tomoyo-chan."

"Huh? I dont get it."

"You seem...distant lately. Like there's something on your mind all the time. And I just want you to know, if there's anything wrong, or anything you need to talk about I'm here for you." Sakura said smiling gently at Tomoyo. "Actually, why dont you stay here tonight? Tomorow we dont have school and we could go on that picnic we were suposed to have a while ago."

"Are you sure?" Tomoyo asked not wanting to be a bother to anyone. Sakura nodded at her friend and took one of Tomoyo's hands into hers.

"Let's go shopping ne?" Sakura suggested. They both cleaned up after eating and decided to go out for a while.


Once the girls returned from their shopping trip is was already dark outside and they were both exhausted from their busy trip shopping. "I can't believe you spent a whole months allowance already Sakura-chan. But that shirt will look so good on you." Tomoyo said complimenting Sakura for the millionth time that day.

"Why dont we go to bed now Tomoyo-chan? I'm so exhausted." Sakura said leading the two upstairs. When they entered the room they found Kero-chan still playing his new game and yelling at the tv screen. They both laughed at him getting his attention.

"Did you two get me anything?" He asked with a hopeful look in his eyes.

"Gomen ne Kero-chan. Not this time."

"Oh well. I guess I'll just go to sleep then he said saving his game.

"Ano.. Sakura-chan. I came here right after school so I dont have anything to sleep in."

"It's okay Tomoyo-chan. You can wear something of mine." Sakura looked through her clothes and found something that would be good for Tomoyo to sleep in. After the two girls changed Tomoyo began to head downstaris when she felt Sakura take hold of her hand. "Its always when she touches my hand that makes me hurt the most." Tomoyo thought quickly.

"Where are you going Tomoyo-chan?" Sakura asked her friend.

"I was going to sleep on the couch."

Sakura just smiled at her for a moment. "Baka, your sleeping in my room with me." Sakura told her not giving Tomoyo much choice. "Great. Being that close to her. Watching her sleep. I wont sleep at all tonight." Tomoyo only smiled and followed Sakura to her bedroom.

The two crawled into Sakura's bed and Kero-chan turned off the lights after they were situated. "O-yasumi" He said to the two girls as he layed down in his new bed in Sakura's desk drawer. As the two girls lie there in the dark they talked until almost midnight. Sakura moved so that she was now laying on her back and as she resituated herself her hand brushed up against Tomoyo's. "What is that weird feeling I just got?" she asked herself. Tomoyo had stopped talking and Sakura just laid there not bothering to move her hand away from Tomoyo's.

As Tomoyo tried to think of anything in the world other than the fact that Sakura's hand was touching her (and trying to remember to breathe) Sakura was deep in thought. She was thinking about her relationship with Tomoyo and all the things they had done together. She thought about all the comments Tomoyo had given her. And then one incident stuck out in her mind. "I love you Sakura." then later. "I'll tell you when your older." Sakura thought as much as she could trying to figure out what that meant.

Finally she figured it out. But could Tomoyo really like her..like that? No, thats not the problem. She knew Tomoyo liked her. She just pretended not to.. But the problem was..Did she like Tomoyo back? Yes. she did. She loved Tomoyo too. "Hoe. What am I going to do?" Sakura thought to herself. "What do I do now? Do I tell Tomoyo I love her? No, I wont tell her. Then what?" Sakura's mind was whirling as she lay next to Tomoyo frozen in place. "That's it. I'll show her." she concluded.

Sakura moved her hand ever so slightly so that it was resting on top of Tomoyo's. She held on to Tomoyo's hand and entertwined their fingers. "Sakura-chan?" Sakura didn't say anything to Tomoyo leaving her best friend full of questions. Sakura then rolled over wrapping one of her arms around Tomoyo's waist and fell to sleep. Tomoyo, not daring to move a muscle, was wondering what was going on here. "Is this a joke? Could it be, that she likes me? No, she'd never feel like that. She's to young to understand."


When morning came Tomoyo's mind was still at work wondering why Sakura was holding on to her so tightly. She hadn't slept one bit. Sakura woke up in Tomoyo's arms and smiled to herself. She held on to Tomoyo a little tighter letting Tomoyo know she was awake. Sakura looked up at her friend innocently and asked, "Sleep well?"

Tomoyo could only mumble a few words that didn't make sense. "Your so cute Tomoyo-chan," Sakura smiled at her and got out of bed. "Evil. She is evil," Tomoyo thought. "Tomoyo-chan, after we shower lets go on our picnic, ne?" Tomoyo could only nod at her friend, as she still lay paralized.

A few hours passed and the girls had gotten dressed and they were just finishing with packing their lunch. "Todays the day. I'll tell Tomoyo-chan how I feel today at our picnic." Sakura told herself. "Are you ready Tomoyo-chan?" Sakura asked and the two girls headed out the door.

Ano..Kero-chan isnt coming Sakura?" Tomoyo asked.

Sakura thought back to when Tomoyo was in the shower earlier and how she bribed Kero-chan not to come along today. "Onegai Kero-chan? I'll make you a whole cake just for you if you just stay behind today. There's something I have to tell Tomoyo and there can't be anyone around when I tell her." Sakura pleaded with the guardian beast.

"What do you have to tell her?"

"You'll see soon enough. Just trust me."

"Fine, but I get a whole cake tommorow. All to myself." He demanded crossing his arms.

"Arigatou Kero-chan!" Sakura exclaimed hugging him. Sakura laughed as she was remembering the conversation and turned to Tomoyo. "He said he wanted to stay home and finish his new game today," Sakura informed her friend. "Well, you ready?"

The girls headed to the park and Sakura's heart was racing. "This isn't going to be easy. I can't believe this. What if something goes wrong? At least I know she wont reject me." Sakura's mind was going a mile a minute and she couldn't wait to get to the park and get this off her chest.

They found a nice spot under a tree to place their blanket and sat down. Tomoyo began to unpack their lunch when she felt Sakura take hold of her hand. Tomoyo stopped and looked at Sakura. "What is it Sakura, is something wrong? You look scared."

"No nothings wrong," Sakura shook her head and conintued. "Its just, there's something I have to tell you. You see, it's that, I...I.." Sakura paused, looking at Tomoyo's eager face. She was sure Tomoyo knew what she was going to say but she was still scared to admit it out loud.

"Hey, Sakura have you seen Li-kun around here?" Meling shouted as she saw two of her friends. "Must kill," Sakura thought looking at Meiling with an evil smile. "What's with the evil look Sakura? Something wrong?" Meiling asked innocently.

"I'm trying to have a private conversation with Tomoyo at the moment." Sakura retorted.

"Oh? What about?" Meiling was being persistant and was getting on Sakura's nerves. "Oh food, mind if I have some?" she said already with food in her hands almost to her mouth.

"Meiling, could you please leave us. I need to talk to Tomoyo privatly." Sakura was on her last nerve and about to use one of her clow cards to dispose of Meiling.

"Tell me whats so important first."

"No." Sakura crossed her arms over her chest.


"No." Sakura now extremly pissed and losing her temper.


"I'm trying to tell Tomoyo I love her okay? Now leave me alone and go chase Li-kun. Do whatever you want. But let me tell Tomoyo I'm in love with her okay?" Tomoyo and Meiling's jaws were dropped to the floor. Meiling could practicaly see flames coming from Sakura's head and decided to quickly make her exit.

"Excuse me for a moment. I think I have to go umm.. Chase Syaoran for a while or umm.. something." Meiling said as she ran from Sakura. Sakura smiled proudly at herself for getting rid of Meiling and then frowned. "Great, it was supposed to be special when I told her I love her," Sakura thought out loud.

Sakura-chan," Tomoyo startled Sakura out of her thoughts. "If you really do mean that, it was very special just hearing you say it."

"I did mean it Tomoyo-chan. I'm in love with you, not Li-kun or Yukito-san. Your the one who makes me feel special. Who's always trying to make me happy. I'm just sorry it took me so long to realize it. Last night, when I was laying in bed..." Sakura trailed off thinking how nice it was to be laying with Tomoyo. "Last night you held me in your arms. I know you didn't sleep at all, and I'm sorry for not telling you sooner. I just needed to be sure. But when I was laying, listening to your heart beat, feeling your arms around me. I felt happier than I had ever been in all my life. I love you Tomoyo-chan." Sakura finished and looked at her best friend. Tomoyo had tears in her eyes and Sakura wiped them away.

Tomoyo tried to speak, but once again no words would come out. All she could do was throw herself into Sakura's arms and hold on to her with all her might. "I love you Sakura. I always have" Tomoyo said as she released her hold on Sakura. She looked up at Sakura who was now crying tears of joy. Tomoyo smiled at her and leaned in so she was only a few inches from Sakura's face. "I promise I'll make you happy Sakura-chan," she said.

"You already do silly." Sakura closed the distance between them and kissed her friend on the lips. "Now what do you say to eating all this food you brought?" Sakura suggested as they broke apart. Tomoyo smiled and began to eat. After they finished the two spent the rest of the day at the park. Sakura was leaning back against a tree holding Tomoyo in her arms. Neither spoke much, but instead enjoyed the others warm embrace and they both knew, nothing would ever be able to come between them from now on.


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Japanese Terms:

1) Ohayou - good morning 2) onii-san-brother 3) Yo -kinda obvious but it's a greeting in case there's some baka people out there 4) chotto matte - wait a minute, hold on 5) hai - yes 6) Tadaima - I'm home 7) Gomen nasai - I'm sorry 8) Daijoubu - It's okay 9) Arigatou - Thanks 10) Hontou - Really? 11) ne - basically asking for agreement.. like putting 'okay?' at the end of a sentance 12) Ano.. - ummm 13) Baka - silly, stupid...a million things really..all depends on the context 14) O-yasumi - goodnight 15) Onegai - please