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Ray Bradbury (6-15-07, Coast To Coast)
Here are listings not generally detailed in TV Guide.
Listings in color can be clicked for current movie descriptions and/or episode titles:

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All In The Family clip

"Gun control and hijackers"
There are former MonsterVision movies on the following entire-month channel's pages. Whenever possible, I have made the movie titles on these pages MonsterVision review/host segments description links:
American Movie Classics ... Turner Classic Movies ... A&E ... History Channel ... Independent Film Channel ... Encore ... Starz ... Starz in Black ... Starz Edge ... Starz Comedy ... Encore's Mystery ... Drama and Action Channels and Wam ... HBO & Cinemax ... Showtime ... Showtime's Flix Channel ... The Movie Channel ... Showtime's Family Zone and Sundance ... Showtime #2 (Showtime Too), Showtime Showcase, Showtime Extreme, Showtime Beyond, Showtime Women ... Showtime Next. Showtime HD appears to be the same as Showtime
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Starz Cinema ... Starz HDTV ... Encore Westerns ... MoviePlex ... RetroPlex ... Starz Kids & Family and Encore's Love Channel ... SciFi Channel movies & TV-marathons ... USA Network movies...Bravo ... Fox Movie Channel
See Dinner & A Movie page for upcoming TBS Dinner & A Movie (Fridays), Movie & A Makeover (Saturdays), TBS Movie Extra (Thursdays & Sundays)
The Presidential Inauguration got the highest TV ratings of any Presidential Inauguration in 20 years, almost 5,000,000 viewers. But people still prefer entertainment over politics. Here are the top 10 ratings for the first week of January, 2009:
27,800,000 watched the Colts/Chargers NFL game
14,4000,000 Desperate Housewives
13,4000,000 each watched the Sugar Bowl or NCIS
12,7000,000 Cold Case
12,3000,000 watched 60 Minutes (ever notice how annoying that is?)
11,900,000 Two And A Half Men
10,900,000 Extreme Makeover Home Edition
10,6000,000 Superstars Of Dance
Looks like over twice as many people wanted to watch other people dance than watch any inauguration!

***** Sci-Fi Channel *****

Monday to Friday on the Sci-Fi channel (all times EST / Pacific), with a brief 44-hour detour into The Twilight Zone marathon each January 1. All listings on SCIFI channel are 8am to dawn (6am) for dates shown
Current Sci-fi movies and TV-episode marathons, usually 8am-4pm weekdays, 9am Sat & Sun. For Sci Fi Channel movies this month, also go to the Sci Fi Channel Movies page

Star Trek clip with a surprise ending

TV Collector has complete episode listings for several of these series in their backissues, see their link on Recent Losses page. The earliest issue I have is #11 from 1978 which has part 2 of 3 on Get Smart and it shows each ep title, description, and guest stars. Their most recent issue has ep listing for all 110 eps of Voyage to Bottom of the Sea - writers included Harlan Ellison.

V is coming to ABC. The Visitors are your friends. The Visitors will bring peace to Earth and solve all problems. Submit to The Visitors. Pay no attention to Earth's rebel underground, they are troublemakers. We bring you only this friendly greeting

The following SciFi Channel tv series have no episodes scheduled this month, but the website links still work & they turn up occasionally in the marathons.
Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) and Andromeda seems to be seen occasionally on the SciFi channel
Forever Knight, no relation to the movie Vampire Cop

Outer Limits (classic 1960s black/white episodes or the newer color episodes)
Star Trek (1960s version or Enterprise episodes)
The Night Stalker
Friday the 13th tv series (no relation to the movies)
Quantum Leap (Scott Bakula) has moved to ION (formerly Pax)
Xena and Wonder Woman
Incredible Hulk
Alien Nation
Babylon 5 (letterboxed)
Battlestar Galactica
GvsE / Good vs. Evil
Tales From The Crypt has moved to AMC
Rod Serling's Night Gallery is sometimes seen on Encore's Mystery Channel
Episodes & movies of RoboCop
Lost In Space
Poltergeist, The Legacy
Time Tunnel
Land Of The Giants
Time Cop
Monsters tv series ("Tales From The Darkside" is on WGN)
Planet Of The Apes (1970s Roddy McDowall tv eps)
Thunderbirds has moved to Tech TV channel
Ray Bradbury Theater
Highlander, The Series, based on Highlander the movie, and spinoff "The Raven"
Swamp Thing based on the Swamp Thing movie
In Search Of
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
$6,000,000 Man/Bionic Woman (1970s eps)
Amazing Stories
Space: Above & Beyond
Invisible Man
Beyond Reality
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction
Earth 2
Dark Skies
The Sentinel
Night Visions
First Wave
Earth: Final Conflict
Code Name Eternity
Seaquest DSV (archived website, some graphics & links don't work)
Man from UNCLE
Adventures of Jules Verne and Roger Corman's Black Scorpion are on hiatas. Reruns of "The Secret Advs. of Jules Verne" are now seen in syndication & once a week @ 5am on the Sci-Fi Channel
Viper, borrowed from USA Network (no relation to Knightrider)
The Chronicle, about tabloid reporters who really find all those freaks & monsters they report, has moved to the British Sci-Fi Channel
Ripley's Believe It Or Not moved from the Sci-Fi channel to TBS, Jan. 12, 2000, with Dean Cain of "Lois & Clark" replacing Jack Palance as host of new eps. Now the Dean Cain eps are showing on A&E's Biography channel in reruns, and occasionally back on the SCIFI Channel
The early tv classics Tales of Tomorrow and Lights Out, not to mention Boris Karloff's Thriller have disappeared from the SCIFI channel

***** TCM (commercial-free Turner Classic Movies) *****

(times shown are EST, subtract 3 hours for Pacific Time)
Click here for this month's TCM movies
TCM has shown both "Dr. Strangelove," the cold-war classic directed by Stanley Kubrick, followed by his "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968) and the sequel "2010" (1984), which predicted merged US-Russian space programs (though the cosmonauts are wearing Soviet hammer-&-sycle emblems). If you missed it, all 3 are on video. AMC (American Movie Classics) is now the same times EST/Pacific.

***** TNT (Turner Network TV) *****

Sometimes shows the sci-fi / western tv series Wild Wild West, or the Man from UNCLE
The New Twilight Zone is on occasionally @ 5am, and somebody announced plans to produce some more new eps
TNT also shows all 4 seasons of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (official site, archived 2001) including a List of episodes
And by the way, The Adventures of Superman (the 1950s tv series) had a 48-hour marathon on TV Land channel
TNT daily listings are at
Monstervision is no longer on TNT but the movies show up on other channels from time to time. is in the process of revamping the Monstervision and Joe Bob's Summerschool websites, with host segments for movies like Christine and Carrie . . . Beetlejuice and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Crater Kid has moved to page 2 along with tv listings for TBS, TV Land, A&E, Comedy Central, USA Network, Cartoon Network, Odyssey/Hallmark, etc.

ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, UPN & WB network prime-time shows/movies are usually fully covered in TV Guide magazine.
Note: Batman (1960s) has moved somewhere, and the 1966 movie is seen occasionally on American Movie Classics

The Black Cat may turn up in the next "Spider-Man" movie and Paramount has bought the rights to the "John Carter of Mars" novel series, with the first of 3 movies going into production soon.

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AFI has announced results of the 100 Greatest Heroes and Villains poll, and Arnold the Terminator made both lists!
Click here for Planet Of The Apes (1968) monstervision review & host segements

Radio Drama Online for this year including Suspense, X-1/Dimension X, and sometimes The Shadow
Network schedule for 2001/2002 as announced before Sept. 11th, 2001

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