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This page is devoted to the Leonard Nimoy hosted series "In Search Of", who is also subject of a books, videos & audiobooks, and may be the subject of one of A&E Biography videos available.

Host Leonard Nimoy travels the world as he probes the world's greatest & most enduring unsolved mysteries; natural and supernatural phenomena [TV-G], one or two half-hour episodes on The History Channel:

    No episodes scheduled except for a marathon a while back
New episodes with a new host are occasionally on the Sci Fi Channel:
  No broadcasts are scheduled on the SYFY Channel until further notice
Descriptions of "In Search Of" History Channel tv series episodes, in alphabetical order and hear the In Search Of themesong

Rod Serling narrated In Search Of Ancient Astronauts.

This series was created after two successful TV documentaries narrated by Rod Serling: In Search of Ancient Astronauts (1973) based on the book Chariots of the Gods, and In Search of Ancient Mysteries (1975). Robert Vaughn of Man From UNCLE narrated the pilot episode, but declined to host the series; Serling died before the regular series began.

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