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This page is devoted to Sliders, starring Jerry O'Connell, previously known as the fat kid in Stephen King's movie Stand By Me (based on his story The Body), then star of the bubble-gum crowd's favorite tv series My Secret Identity, and subject of Sliders books & videos.
His first movie as an adult was "Joe's Apartment" (1996), based on a previous short he did for MTV about a guy sharing his apartment with hundreds of singing cockroaches - Monstervision review & host segments for Joe's Apartment.
Sci-Fi channel episodes, times shown are EST / Pacific:
07/19/2005  Sliders marathon -
           8:00 AM  RULES OF THE GAME    
           9:00 AM  ELECTRIC TWISTER ACID TEST    
          10:00 AM  THE DREAM MASTERS    
          11:00 AM  THE PRINCE OF SLIDES    
          12:00 PM  MURDER MOST FOUL    
           1:00 PM  THE LAST OF EDEN    
           2:00 PM  STOKER    
           3:00 PM  THIS SLIDE OF PARADISE 

   No broadcasts of Sliders are scheduled after 7-19-05
If you speak Spanish, check out The Scifi channel's Night Gallery website in Spanish from the defunct Sci-Fi Channel/USA Network Sabados channel, or check the Spanish-language sabados index page (my archive version, with working links) which included Alfred Hitchcock Presents, American Gothic, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (the Gil Gerard series), The Twilight Zone, Sliders, The Incredible Hulk, seaQuest DSV, War of the Worlds (the syndicated series), Back To The Future (Saturday morning series), Star Trek, The Next Generation, Star Trek (1960s series), Swamp Thing, etc.
Note: all series & movies on the Scifi Sabados Channel and Telemundo have been dubbed into Spanish:

Sliders description in Spanish

La nueva serie de los alucinantes Sábados de Sci-Fi, el canal dentro del canal de USA. Cuando hablamos de Ciencia Ficción, siempre nos preguntamos ...¿Que Pasaría sí...? Y eso es justamente lo que este grupo de jóvenes encabezados por Jerry O'Connell como Quinn Mallory y Sabrina Lloyd como Wade Wells hacen diariamente con la ayuda de un científico amigo, Maximillian Arturo interpretado por John Rhys-Daires y su inusual invento.

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So far the Telemundo channel has only dubbed sci-fi movies into Spanish, no TV-series

Sliders is also currently showing on the UK Sci-Fi Channel in Great Britain and South Africa, but not on their SciFi Channel in Germany

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Sliders episode titles list, by season (silent)

Sliders episode titles list, by season, with Sliders themesong/narration

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