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Paul Harvey died 2-28-09. He had been in broadcasting the news for over 50 years.
Paul Harvey also delved into the forgotten or little-known facts behind stories of famous people and news events. Harvey's widely known The Rest of the Story had been broadcast since 1946, similar to the weekly story segment of Bill Stern's Sports News Reel. Substitutes when Paul was away or ill have included Mort Crim (1980-84), Gil Gross and Paul Harvey, Jr.

For What It's Worth: Poodle surprise

Good morning, Americans here's a cow with big horns

Stand by for news! I try to select those stories you want to know and those stories you need to know

For what it's worth Send me strength

Harry Potter was more fun as a book than as a movie

Gonads are fine for their purpose, but they are no substitute for brains

These visits will resume 7/17/08, after Angel's passing

Paul Harvey's evening comment on 11-22-63 (JFK Assassination)

Paul Harvey, on September 11, 2001. What was Osama bin Laden thinking? The War On Terror

Mohammad Ali refuses to be drafted, 1966, so Paul refuses to use his new name

Paul on the futility of the Viet-Nam War

Advice to Powell: never run for Vice President

An entire broadcast from 1966 courtesy KRSI

A picture is worth 1000 words, or is it?

Entire broadcast by Paul (12/07) GM in trouble, Iraq War, etc. For what it's worth: Angel says thank you for your cards & letters

Morning update 2/5/07 Superbowl news, fire in the sky, For what it's worth: Lassie come home

Noon news for 2/5/07 Mexican drug wars, underwater forests, man drives to court date in stolen car

Morning update 2/6/07 Female astronaut accused of attacking husband's girlfriend. For what it's worth: 182 different kinds of microbes live on every square inch of your skin, you are a zoo

For what it's worth: Hillary Clinton is scary

Love letter to an addict (Walt Disney, Rod Serling, Edward R. Murrow, etc.)

No room in the Inn Is the inn-keeper getting a bum rap?

The man and the birds He didn't buy that story of Jesus coming to Earth

Meditation on the Mystery of Christmas What kind of God is this? 12/25/08

Gil Gross substituting on 12-31-07 (entire broadcast, WAV)

Tony Snow substituting on morning of 1/4/08 Obama takes Iowa, McCain & Hillary both came in 3rd

Rest Of The Story:

Silent Night written because of hungry church mice

The new no-nonsense Sheriff in town, a future President

The boy who loved trains but wasn't allowed to have any toys

The boy stuck in snow with his mum

The boy on crutches, determined to go 5 blocks to school without help

Paul Harvey, Jr. The man who thought Mankind should be drowned again, without an ark this time

The brave little light

Paul Harvey, Jr. The Goldwater Girl who became a Democrat and now works for President Obama

Paul Harvey obit by Doug Limerick

Paul Harvey obit by Gil Gross

Walter Cronkite's final goodbye in 1981

From Paul Harvey's home station WGN Radio in Chicago:

Paul Harvey is the most listened to radio personality in America.
Paul Harvey ranks first among all radio network programs.
Paul Harvey is the number one news personality in network radio.
Paul Harvey is the number one broadcaster in network radio.
Paul Harvey literally grew up in radio newsrooms.

Paul Harvey has said that he was "raised in radio newsrooms." During his time in those newsrooms, he has broadcast the news to millions, built an active professional life and created an awesome reputation.

His daily broadcasts emphasize the viewpoints of "the heart of America" those who still cherish the personal qualities that have made this country great. From that point of view, Mr. Harvey frequently makes emphatic comments on events at home and abroad.

Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma (1918), Mr. Harvey began his radio career in 1933 at KVOO-AM, Tulsa, while still in high school. When he attended the University of Tulsa, he continued working at KVOO as an announcer, then program director.

After graduation, Mr. Harvey spent three years as a station manager for a local station in Salina, Kansas. From there, he took a newscasting job at KOMA-AM in Oklahoma City, then moved on to KXOK-AM, St. Louis, where he was Director of Special Events and roving reporter.

Mr. Harvey moved to Hawaii in 1940 to cover the U.S. Navy as it began to concentrate its fleet in the Pacific.
He was returning to the United States from that assignment, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Paul Harvey enlisted in the Army Air corps, where he served until 1944.
After leaving the corps, Mr. Harvey moved to Chicago where, in June of 1944, he began broadcasting from then-ABC affiliate WENR-AM. He quickly became the most listened-to newscaster in Chicago.

Harvey reached audiences beyond the Windy City in 1951 when he began his coast-to-coast News and Commentary o the ABC Radio Networks. On May 10, 1976, Mr. Harvey began another series of programs on the ABC Radio Networks entitled "The Rest of the Story," which delve into the forgotten, or little known facts, behind stories of people and events.

Today, "Paul Harvey News and Comment" can be heard Monday through Saturday, and "The Rest of the Story" Monday through Friday. Paul Harvey News is the world's largest one-man network, consisting of 1300 radio stations, 400 Armed Forces Network stations that broadcast around the world and 300 newspapers.

Mr. Harvey's nationally syndicated column runs three times a week, and he has written numerous books, articles and inspirational records. His broadcasts and newspaper columns have been reprinted in the Congressional Record more than those of any other commentator. Off the air, Mr. Harvey is in constant demand as a lecturer at conventions and organization meetings over the country.
Paul Harvey's wife "Angel," the former Lynne Cooper of St. Louis, passed away after a yearlong battle with leukemia on May 3, 2008. Their son, Paul Jr., is often heard filling in for Paul, especially on "The Rest of the Story" broadcasts

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