The legendary 300 mph, 1980s series is now on the Sci-Fi Channel!
"Knight Rider! A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist: Michael Knight — a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law."

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     Previous Knight Rider episodes / movies on the Sci-Fi Channel

           Michael Knight  ..... DAVID HASSELHOFF  
           Devon Miles  ........ EDWARD MULHARE  
           Bonnie Barstow  ..... PATRICIA McPHERSON (Seasons 1, 3-4)  
           April Curtis  .....   REBECCA HOLDEN (Season 2)  
           Reginald "RC3" Curtis III ..... PETER PARROS (Season 4)  
           Voice of KITT  .....  WILLIAM DANIELS (the spirit of 1776) 
        Creator & Executive Producer  ..... GLEN A. LARSON  
        Executive Producer  ....... ROBERT FOSTER (1983-86)  
        Executive Producer  ....... R.A. CINADER (1982) 
        Supervising Producer  ..... JOEL ROGOSIN (1983-84) 
        Supervising Producer  ..... BURTON ARMUS (1985-86) 
        Supervising Producer  ..... BRUCE LANSBURY (1985-86) 
Fun fact: Don Johnson of Miami Vice also auditioned for Knight Rider. The network didn't like either Don or David but the producer insisted on one or the other and they went with David. Larson says his worst nightmare was that people would compare it to My Mother The Car
Official Knight Rider website at - with description of the series, bios, etc. (archived in 2006)

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Episode Guide, Seasons 1 to 4

Knight of the Phoenix, Parts 1 & 2 (originally broadcast as a 2-hour TV-movie)
Michael Long, an undercover police detective, is shot and left for dead. The shot is deflected by a plate in his head, but ruins his face. He is resuscitated and his face reconstructed by the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG), and given the new identity Michael Knight. He reluctantly agrees to use the high-tech, artificially intelligent car KITT to help fight criminals who are "beyond the reach of the law." Richard Basehart (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) portrays the dying benefactor Wilton Knight, who believes that "one man can make a difference." Guest stars: Vince Edwards, Phyllis Davis, Pamela Susan Shoop, Charles Napier (the Sheriff in Skeeter), Victoria Harned, Lance LeGault, Barret Oliver, Tyler Murray.
Debut 9-26-82

Deadly Maneuvers
Michael investigates the suspicious traffic death of an Army colonel who had stumbled onto a scam; KITT navigates a missile test area at great peril. General: Alan Oppenheimer.
"Don't blink!...or you'll miss the premiere of the hottest car on television! Don't blow it tonight! Keep an eye out for the heroes! From the Producer of Quincy!" TV Guide 10-1-82, followed by the debut of "Remington Steele" starring Pierce Brosnan & Stephanie Zimbalist

Good Day at White Rock
Michael's tranquil vacation is interrupted by a motorcycle gang preparing to do battle with a rival club. Title spoofs classic suspense movie Bad Day At Black Rock, which was about a one-armed veteran investigating the mysterious disappearance of an army buddy in a remote desert town

Slammin' Sammy's Stunt Show Spectacular
Michael joins an auto-daredevil show whose owners unwittingly took out a second mortgage from a crook who arranges "accidents" so he can take over the business.

Just My Bill
Michael and KITT come to the rescue of a senator, Maggie Flynn, whose views on an environmental bill make her the target of a group of unscrupulous politicians.

Not a Drop to Drink
Michael protects a hot-headed rancher from herself as locals fight over water rights against a tycoon while FLAG attempts to acquire a peace bond. However, the tycoon will try to get the valley any way he can — even if it means flooding out the rival ranchers.

No Big Thing
A couple of corrupt police officers arrest Devon after he commits a "traffic violation" — driving past a hidden stop sign, their crooked speed trap. Arriving to bail him out, Michael finds Devon has disappeared. Teaming up with a young reporter whose husband has also vanished without a trace, Michael must race to protect Devon, who unexpectedly breaks out of jail.

Trust Doesn't Rust
Two petty crooks inadvertently reactivate KARR (Knight Automated Roving Robot) while trying to rip off the Knight Museum of Technology. Michael and KITT are then assigned the highly dangerous mission of tracking down and immobilizing the renegade car. William Sanderson (Blade Runner) guest-stars.

Inside Out
Michael poses as a renowned getaway driver to infiltrate a corrupt colonel's plot to steal a gold shipment worth millions.

The Final Verdict
After a friend is accused of murder, Michael travels to Albuquerque to find the man who is her only alibi — an accountant who has his own problems with the law.

A Plush Ride
Michael goes undercover with a group of survivalists to smoke out a political assassin gunning for a group of Third World leaders. With no leads, he has less than a week to find the assassin — who might not even exist.

Forget Me Not
Investigating a death threat against a visiting South American president, Michael and KITT discover their only chance of finding the potential assassin lies in the memory of a beautiful amnesiac (Judy Landers). Maria Conchita Alonso (Predator 2, Vampire's Kiss, The Running Man) guest-stars (as Maria Conchita) in one of her earliest American roles.

Hearts of Stone
Michael and KITT travel to Houston, Texas, to cut off the sale of black-market weapons, and find themselves caught up in a war between rival gangs.

Give Me Liberty...or Give Me Death
Michael and KITT enter an alternative-fuel road rally in an attempt to discover who has been sabotaging the race.

The Topaz Connection
Michael and KITT are called in when the publisher of a men's magazine is murdered to protect the contents of an exposι he was writing. Entitled "Topaz," nobody is able to access the exposι due to a complex computer code. Tina Louise (Gilligan's Island) guest-stars.

A Nice, Indecent Little Town
Michael and KITT's pursuit of a counterfeiter leads them to Alpine Crest, a sleepy town that is seemingly still frozen in the 1950s and has the lowest crime rate in the state. There they meet a young reporter eager to find a break into big-city journalism, and a corrupt cop who will go to any lengths to keep the town "nice and decent."

Chariot of Gold
Michael and KITT investigate the deaths of two members of a society for brilliant thinkers, of which Bonnie, KITT's chief engineer, has just been made a member. But during his investigation, Michael discovers that the organization is more interested in KITT.

White Bird
After she is arrested on charges of conspiracy, young lawyer Stefanie "Stevie" Mason (Hasselhoff's then real-life wife, Catherine Hickland) finds herself being protected by Michael Knight, a man who reminds her of her former fiancι — the late police officer Michael Long.

Knight Moves
Michael and KITT investigate a series of attacks being made on independent truckers.

Nobody Does It Better
An investigation into stolen computer software leads Michael and KITT to a murder. In the meantime, Michael also finds himself protecting an inexperienced private eye who is determined to solve the case. Episode title was previously hit themesong title of 1977 James Bond movie "The Spy Who Loved Me"

Short Notice
Michael is charged with second-degree murder after shooting a biker in self-defense. Unable to clear his name, he pursues the only witness, an elusive young woman on the run from her criminal ex-husband. When Michael catches up with her, she agrees to help him only if he can get her young daughter back from her ex-husband's clutches.

Season 2

Goliath, Parts 1 & 2
Wilton Knight's estranged son Garthe — the physical template for the surgically reconstructed Michael — returns from Africa to help a band of mercenaries steal nuclear missiles from a secret government facility. With the aid of his mother, Elizabeth (Barbara Rush, star of 1953's It Came from Outer Space), Garthe steals the formula for KITT's molecular-bonded shell, then applies it to a 14-ton, 18-wheeled monster he calls Goliath. Hasselhoff appears in the dual roles of Michael and the goateed Garthe Knight.

Brother's Keeper
Michael and KITT break a prisoner out of jail because the inmate might hold the key to finding a bomb hidden somewhere in the city. While the clock is ticking down, Michael and KITT must avoid a police dragnet determined to catch them and the reluctant escapee. Catherine Mary Stewart (The Last Starfighter) guest-stars.

Merchants of Death
A mission to Southern California is aborted after one of Devon's former lovers disappears. Michael and KITT's investigation leads them to the SX-411, a deadly attack helicopter that a corrupt official has stolen and intends to sell on the black market.

Blind Spot
After an evidence drop goes badly wrong, Michael finds himself protecting the only witness — a blind artist struggling to be independent.

Return to Cadiz
About to test KITT's new Third Stage Aquatic Synthesizer — which will allow him to drive on water — Michael discovers a diver with the bends washed up on shore. After saving his life, Michael discovers that the young diver had been removing treasure from a sunken galleon — in particular, an ancient statue that one unscrupulous archeologist will do anything to acquire.

KITT the Cat
Returning to the Foundation following another working vacation, Michael and KITT encounter a cat-burglar who disappears right before their eyes. Investigating further, Michael finds himself protecting the prime suspect from an obsessed cop. Future Oscar winner Geena Davis (The Accidental Tourist, Beetlejuice, The Fly, Stuart Little) guest-stars in one of her earliest screen appearances.

Custom KITT
After Devon loses a friend's valuable classic car in a bump-and-run robbery, Michael and KITT follow the trail to a custom-car show, where KITT becomes the bait in Michael's plan to trap the thieves.

Soul Survivor
Michael loses KITT in an elaborate sting by a villainous art dealer who intends to use the car to commit a robbery. Michael is reunited with KITT in a different form after the criminals discard the vehicle's CPU, and April places KITT's artificial intelligence in a portable television set. Together, Michael and KITT-the-TV recover their car and save a young computer hacker who is about to outlive his usefulness. A pre-Murphy Brown Robert Pastorelli (Michael) plays LeRoy.

Ring of Fire
A tape recording alerts the Foundation to the plight of a young Cajun girl whose dangerous husband has escaped from a chain gang. Trying to protect her, Michael and KITT become trapped in the bayou and are hampered further when a soggy KITT begins to malfunction.

An explosion renders Michael amnesiac, a situation that causes him to revert to his previous identity of Michael Long. He checks himself out of the hospital and finds that the world as he knew it has changed — his face is different, his apartment building has been torn down and he has been presumed dead. With KITT's help, he sets about unraveling the mystery of the case he was wrapping up when the accident occurred.

Silent Knight
Michael finds himself protecting a young gypsy boy from three bank-robbers, from whom the youth stole a valuable watch. It's the only evidence that can tie them to the crime, and they'll do anything to get it back.

A Knight in Shining Armor
After a renowned explorer (and friend of Devon's) is killed in the Foundation guest house, Michael is sent to protect the man's arrogant daughter from her guardian — who is obsessed with recovering a lost treasure discovered by the girl's slain father.

Diamonds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend
Michael poses as the boyfriend of a model while investigating a murder and the theft of costume jewelry that might be more than just cut glass. The case takes Michael and KITT to Mexico City, where Devon and April work undercover.

White-Line Warriors
Michael and KITT investigate a series of robberies on the seafront that are being blamed on a gang of teenage hotrodders calling themselves the Weekend Warriors.

Race for Life
Michael and KITT race to find the only compatible donor for April's niece, who is seriously ill and in the hospital. Matters are complicated when Michael and KITT learn that their target is on the run from a rival gang, and might not be willing to donate his bone marrow in the first place.

Speed Demons
An anonymous letter informs the Foundation that a motorcycle accident that resulted in death was the result of sabotage. Michael and KITT investigate the murder at a motorcycle derby and must enter the race itself — becoming "the first four-wheeled motorcycle team in history" — to prevent another murder.

Goliath Returns, Parts 1 & 2
Garthe Knight escapes from prison with the aid of Goliath, rebuilt and now completely invulnerable thanks to the efforts of Adrianne St. Clair (Ann Turkel, Deep Space, Humanoids from the Deep), who has also evaded justice. Together they set about kidnapping a prominent scientist in order to sell him to a foreign power — but not before Garthe has also kidnapped Devon and April to force a final confrontation with Michael and KITT.

A Good Knight's Work
Master criminal Cameron Zachary (John Vernon, Animal House, Dirty Harry, The Questor Tapes, Killer Klowns from Outer Space) learns of Michael's true identity and seeks revenge for the death of his lover — Tanya Walker, the woman who shot Michael Long. While attempting to produce a laser handgun, Zachary also turns his attention to stealing KITT.

Mouth of the Snake, Part 1 & 2
Michael and KITT are called in to investigate the murder of a prominent attorney. Their investigation leads them to pursue a rocket-launcher across the country while teaming up with a mysterious government agent who has exceptional physical capabilities.

Let It Be Me
Michael is called in to investigate the murder of a prominent musician and is unexpectedly reunited with his former love, Stevie (Hasselhoff's then real-life wife, Catherine Hickland). Going undercover as the new lead singer of the pop group Class Action, Michael finds tensions running high because Stevie was romantically linked with the victim.

Big Iron
Michael and KITT investigate the theft of heavy construction equipment, and find themselves being buried alive at a rock quarry.

Season 3

Knight of the Drones, Part 1 & 2 In San Francisco, Michael and KITT are alerted when a murderer with ties to the Foundation's past escapes from jail in an armored car that appears to drive itself. The mission forces Michael to enlist the help of an old friend who might hold the key to breaking down the drone car's complex CPU. In the meantime, Michael must face radio-controlled robots and the martial-artist bodyguards of Chinatown criminal Margo Sheridan (Barbara Stock, Wizards of the Lost Kingdom, TV's Spenser: For Hire), who sells secrets to the highest bidder. NFL Hall-of-Famer Jim Brown (The Dirty Dozen, Slaughter, The Running Man, Mars Attacks!) guest-stars.

The Ice Bandits
After a couple of thieves steal jewels from a Foundation-sponsored charity auction, Michael and KITT are led to the Napa wine country and a monastery that provides criminals with new identities.

Knights of the Fast Lane
A hit-and-run accident involving the daughter of a former partner leads Michael to a gang of high-class street racers.

Halloween Knight
Michael and KITT investigate after Bonnie believes she witnessed a murder from her new apartment — though Michael and Devon both believe she's simply hallucinating due to a fever.

KARR is discovered buried on the beach by John Stanton, a young treasure hunter who inadvertently reactivates the deadly robot. After using John to commit a daring robbery from the Foundation semi, KARR plans to lure Michael and KITT into a lethal trap.

The Rotten Apples
Michael and KITT are called in to help a psychologist whose ranch is threatened by cattle thieves. Terri Treas (TV's Alien Nation) guest-stars, and James LeGros (Near Dark, Drugstore Cowboy, Enemy of the State) makes his screen debut.

Knight in Disgrace
After he is suspended and subsequently fired from the Foundation, Michael embarks on a crusade to clear his name. He joins forces with LaSalle (John Considine, star of Dr. Death: Seeker of Souls), a known criminal whom Michnael considers the only person capable of clearing him. However, LaSalle wants Michael and KITT's services for himself.

Dead of Knight
Michael pursues the traffickers of deadly chemicals after a bust goes wrong and a young dancer is killed. Matters are complicated when another attempt on Michael's life sees his new date poisoned and time running out.

Lost Knight
A surge of electricity erases KITT's memory while Michael pursues a pair of thieves. After Michael and the car are separated, KITT befriends a young boy (Jason Bateman of Teen Wolf Too, Bates Motel, the TV series Silver Spoons and The Hogan Family) who is the only person capable of identifying the criminals.

Knight of the Chameleon
A master of disguise (Dick Gautier, best remembered for playing Hymie the Robot on the classic '60s series Get Smart) escapes from jail with two agendas — committing one last, major robbery, and killing the man who put him away: Michael Knight.

Custom Made Killer
Michael and KITT's investigation into the suspicious death of a fashion designer leads them to a dangerous businessperson who employs an assassin with a powerful custom car.

Knight by a Nose
Michael suspects foul play when he discovers a friend's horse has apparently been shot and killed. His investigation leads him to a cover-up by Maxine's partner, a desperate man trying to recover his gambling debts before a syndicate gangster catches up with him.

Junk Yard Dog
A raid on a toxic-waste dump goes terribly wrong when KITT is destroyed. In an attempt to rebuild the supercar, the Foundation must call in the original team assembled by Wilton Knight — but there are fears that the car will never be the same again.

Buy Out
Michael investigates after a supposedly attack-proof limousine is destroyed, killing its driver. Suspecting sabotage designed to prevent a management buy-out, he goes undercover as the replacement driver for another seemingly impervious limousine.

Michael is called in to investigate the mysterious death of a construction worker, and soon finds himself facing a dangerous international criminal.

The Nineteenth Hole
After a young journalist is run off the road and nearly killed, Michael and KITT arrive in a sleepy town about to be awakened by a road rally that drives right through it. Entering KITT in the competition, Michael has to find out who is sabotaging the race — and the clues lead straight to the Mob.

Knight and Knerd
After a scientist is murdered and his prized black crystal stolen, Michael and KITT race to recover the missing half that would allow the thieves to activate a thermal laser — a beam of concentrated heat that can cut through anything, including KITT. The duo's investigation is inadvertently hampered by Elliott, a nerdy FLAG scientist who means well.

Ten Wheel Trouble
Investigating the murder of a trucker, Michael finds himself at the wheel of a big rig to help a small band of independent truckers fight a hostile takeover.

Knight in Retreat
Michael investigates the death of one of Bonnie's mentors, and discovers a plot to steal a prototype missile-guidance system. David Hedison (the classic 1958 horror film The Fly, TV's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) guest-stars.

Knight Strike
After a truckload of laser rifles is stolen from a police warehouse, Michael goes undercover as a survivalist at a weapons convention to hunt for the inside man.

Circus Knights
Michael and KITT go undercover at a circus to find out who killed an aerial performer. As "Turbo-Man and his faithful flying carpet KITT," they revive the fortunes of the circus — and make themselves targets for the evil clown who wants to close the show permanently.

Season 4

Knight of the Juggernaut, Parts 1 & 2
Michael and KITT must guard a mysterious and volatile new isotope, "Cernium," inadvertently created in a Foundation laboratory. Feared international terrorist Phillip Nordstrom (John Considine, who'd previously guest-starred in "Knight in Disgrace") plans to steal the isotope during its transportation and layover in Chicago. He intercepts Michael with "The Juggernaut," a specially designed mobile battering ram that smashes into KITT and destroys the trusty Trans Am. Separated from the Knight Foundation, Michael enlists some new friends to re-build a better KITT and retrieve the missing isotope. The guest cast includes Blair Underwood (L.A. Law) and indie-cinema star Mary Woronov (Eating Raoul).

An escaped prisoner might be the key to apprehending a criminal who has evaded the Foundation for years, but Michael is left almost powerless when he loses KITT in the raid.

Sky Knight
Bonnie, en route to Boston for her sister's wedding, is on a plane hijacked by terrorists. Michael races to the location where she and the other passengers are being held, only to find it is a government installation populated by tanks, land mines and a nuclear doomsday device. The cast includes Brian Thompson, the shapeshifting alien bounty-hunter on The X-Files.

Burial Ground
Michael and KITT investigate the kidnapping of two archeologists and stumble onto a plot to forcibly remove a tribe of Native Americans from land that is rightfully theirs. Michael Horse of Twin Peaks guest-stars.

The Wrong Crowd
Michael and KITT embark on a mission to track down the Foundation semi after it is stolen and RC3 is left wounded. The truck's thieves soon discover that the computerized car in the trailer is worth a lot more than the liquor they were after, and plan to use KITT's advanced technology to steal a computerized vehicle with an armed warhead on board.

Knight Sting
KITT is transformed into an exotic custom car in an effort to trap a sinister businessperson who intends to export a deadly gas to the Middle East. Due to the nature of the case, the entire team goes undercover together — and Bonnie finds herself in grave danger.

Many Happy Returns
Michael's birthday vacation is interrupted when he is assigned the task of recovering a stolen prototype hovercraft.

Knight Racer
Bonnie talks Michael into helping a friend who is involved in Indy racing, and whose team is being sabotaged. Michael goes undercover as a replacement driver and finds his head in a hired killer's crosshairs. Hasselhoff's future wife, Pamela Bach (Kaye Morgan on Baywatch) plays Betty.

Knight Behind Bars
Investigating the theft of some stolen designs, Michael and KITT discover a plot in which prison inmates are being used to commit crimes.

Knight Song
Returning to Chicago, Michael and KITT discover all is not well in RC3's old neighborhood; a "blockbusting" operation is forcing a nightclub out of business, and the chief suspect is a childhood friend of RC3's. New FLAG agent RC3 finds himself torn between old loyalties and new ones, and must choose one or the other.

The Scent of Roses
After Michael is shot and almost killed, he falls into a deep depression and decides to quit the Foundation. As a parting gift, hoping to help establish Michael in his new life, Devon reunites him with Stevie, (Hasselhoff's then real-life wife, Catherine Hickland), Michael's long-lost love. Now, unhampered by cases or deadlines, the two decide to finally marry — but neither is aware that a contract has been placed on Michael's life.

Killer KITT
An embittered former FLAG technician, who was responsible for much of KITT's technology, reprograms the vehicle to enact revenge on the Foundation. The sabotaged KITT's first mission — to kill Michael Knight.

Out of the Woods
Michael is called in to keep the peace after Eric Whitby, an angry lumberjack, takes a chainsaw to the possessions of Jonathan Dutton, one of Devon's friends. Matters are complicated when Michael takes Whitby's side — his family business can't compete against the Duttons' larger corporation, which is undercutting them. Michael's investigation reveals that someone within the Duttons' organization is pirating timber stolen from national parks.

Deadly Knightshade
Michael pursues Austin Templeton, a master magician he believes murdered a Foundation trustee, even though Templeton was apparently on stage performing at the time. Matters are complicated when Bonnie begins to date Templeton, and KITT's scanners start to malfunction.

Redemption of a Champion
An investigation into the murder of a sports reporter leads Michael and KITT into the world of boxing, where they must apprehend a villainous promoter and persuade a former champ not to step back into the ring. Promoter Don King and former middleweight champ Carlos Palomino play themselves.

Knight of a Thousand Devils
Michael pursues the criminal responsible for killing a friend and fellow FLAG agent, and his investigation takes him on a secret 1,500-mile race along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Hills of Fire
While patrolling a national park, Michael and KITT discover an arsonist who drives a modified ATV (all-terrain vehicle). The duo race to capture the arsonist and clear the name of a teenage boy who is being framed for setting the wilderness fires.

Knight Flight to Freedom
Michael, KITT and RC3 brave a lava flow to get to a small republic caught in the throes of a military coup. Their mission is to find the U.S. ambassador and bring him safely out of the country — but before they can reach the ambassador Michael is captured and sentenced to die before a firing squad.

Fright Knight
Michael and KITT are called in to investigate sabotage on a movie sound stage that is said to be haunted. Robert Englund (the Nightmare on Elm Street movies' Freddy Krueger) guest-stars.

Knight of the Rising Sun
Michael and KITT come to the aid of Nick O'Brien, a friend of Devon's who is being forced out of business by a powerful Japanese businessman, Taneka, who is trying to abduct Nick's adopted son Coy — whom he believes is a direct descendent of the founder of an ancient terrorist cult, and whom he wants to groom as the cult's new leader.

Voo Doo Knight
Michael and KITT investigate an apparent suicide that leads them to an con artist (Rosalind Cash of The Omega Man) masquerading as a voodoo princess. In an attempt to steal some priceless archeological finds, she utilizes special earclips that turn the wearers into zombies, and Michael must face several and try to avoid becoming one himself.
Japanese version of Knight Rider (anime)

Not to be confused with the vampire cop tv-series Forever Knight, which returned to the Sci-Fi Channel schedule in October 2002 and left after March 31, 2003
Episodes of Baywatch are showing on Spike (TNN)
Or check out the original Airwolf themesong (seen on SCIFI channel in May, 2007)

Richard Basehart, who played the dying millionaire that financed and set up the Foundation For Law & Order to run the Knightrider program,
had previously starred as The Admiral in the
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea tv series (1960s)

TV Guide reports that Justin Bruening of "All My Children" (a daytime serial drama) stared in the NBC TV-movie version of Knight Rider on 2-17-08, playing the son of David Hasselhoff's Michael Knight. Justin has previously played the son of actor Michael E. Knight on the AMC soap. Actor Michael E. Knight used to be married to soap opera star Catherine Hickland, who used to be married to David Hasselhoff. Believe It Or Not!
The new KITT is a black 2008 Ford Mustang, with the voice of Will Arnett. A word of advice to David Hasselhoff: what happens in Las Vegas ends up on YouTube. Oops: at the last minute, someone remembered that Arnett is the voice on GM commercials and has been for about a decade. The new KITT is a Ford, a much more stable automobile manufacturer, so Arnett's out and Val Kilmer is the voice of KITT. In fact, the entire Pontiac brand name is being scrapped. The movie was repeated the following Saturday and did so well in the ratings that NBC turned it into a new TV-series in 2008. The movie got almost 13 million viewers.

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Fun fact:
There were four modified 1982 Pontiac Trans Ams used in Knight Rider for close-ups and scenes in which David Hasselhoff was behind the wheel. In April, 2007, one of them was sold by Tim Russo of Livermore for an opening bid of $149,995 after a decade of restoration, including the moving red light in front. The seller purchased it at an auction in San Diego.

Fans of Knight Rider almost never confuse it with the cheesy TV-series Automan

A Dodge Viper can outrun an Air Force Viper fighter plane on parallel runways, Believe It Or Not!