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Past movies have included:
Halloween: H2O (Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh), Dracula, Dead And Loving It, Trekkies 2, Bram Stoker's Dracula,
The Stepford Wives, Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers, Flowers In The Attic, X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes (Ray Milland),
Night Of The Living Dead (1990), Return Of The Living Dead, Troll (good witch June Lockhart teaches magic to Harry Potter Jr), Amityville 3, Futureworld (PG sequel to Westworld, return of Yul Brynner as the killer robot), Stephen King's Dolores Claiborne,
and comedy movies including Ghostbusters (Aykroyd, Ramis, Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver), Captain Ron (Kurt Russell of the Caribbean) and Who's Harry Crumb (John Candy)
007 in Casino Royale (Daniel Craig, 2006), The Last Dragon, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (pulp heroes vs. CGI robots attacking 1930s New York)
Cold Turkey (small town Dick Van Dyke vs. Big Tobacco executive Bob Newhart)

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Bangkok Dangerous
Nicolas Cage stars in this remake of the action classic about a lethal assassin who travels to Bangkok to perform a quartet of hits but falls in love with a beautiful, deaf pharmacist, and takes a young hustler under his wing as a protege. Charlie Yeung costars
Cast A Giant Shadow
This big-screen biography of Arab-Israeli war hero Mickey Marcus (Kirk Douglas) features solid performances, engrossing battle sequences and a number of all-star guest appearances. John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Yul Brynner, Senta Berger, Angie Dickinson, James Donald, Luther Adler and Topol costar.
Escape To Athena
This tongue-in-cheek war adventure stars Roger Moore as the German commander of a POW camp during World War II, whose charges (including David Niven, Sonny Bono, Elliott Gould and Telly Savalas) are planning to escape with a fortune in confiscated art treasures. Claudia Cardinale and Stefanie Powers costar in this film from George Cosmatos.
Exit Speed
Bus passengers heading home across Texas for the holidays are terrorized by a psychotic biker gang after accidentally killing one of their number in this suspenseful thriller starring Desmond Harrington, Fred Ward and Lea Thompson.
Fight Night
A female boxer eking out a living in the world of underground prizefighting gets mixed up in an illegal fight-fixing scheme with her corrupt promoter in this gritty action drama starring Rebecca Neuenswander and Chad Ortis, originally entitled "Rigged"
Hard Cash
Christian Slater is a con man trying to stay one step ahead of a corrupt FBI agent (Val Kilmer) and pull off enough heists to bankroll his girlfriend and child in this darkly comic crime thriller. Daryl Hannah, Verne Troyer and Balthazar Getty costar in this independent production also known as "Run for the Money"
Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man
Outlaw bikers Harley Davidson (Mickey Rourke) and the Marlboro Man (Don Johnson) flee from both the law and the unlawful after mistakenly stealing underworld property. Chelsea Field, Daniel Baldwin and Vanessa Williams co-star in this sly action adventure
Ninja Cheerleaders
3 college students conceal triple identities as cheerleaders, strippers and Ninja assassins while trying to rescue their kidnapped sensei from the Mob in this tongue-in-cheek action comedy starring Trishelle Cannatella, Ginny Weirick, Maitland McConnell, George Takei (Star Trek) and Michael Pare.
Red Mercury (2005)
A trio of fundamentalist extremists with a homemade bomb containing a mysterious, experimental element called "red mercury" take the patrons of a London restaurant hostage in this gripping thriller starring David Bradley, Stockard Channing, Pete Postlethwaite, Ron Silver and Juliet Stevenson. Rated R for Violence, Adult Language & Content
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"Beware faux miracle workers, yogis, dervishes, televangelists, zealots and cult leaders. Penn & Teller have you in their cross-hairs with a new series that strives to spark controversy, headlines and water cooler fisticuffs!"
Why is the series title called "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!" you ask? Penn says the Showtime lawyers told them that if they called a UFO Alien Abduction Therapist a fake or fraud, they could get sued, but if they just called it "Bullshit!" they couldn't sue because that's a personal opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinion in a free country. That's why. Unless you think that explanation by Penn is just BS. Their 2011 season will be on the Discovery Channel, no lie
There's no crying in baseball

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