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Showing occasionally on Encore Westerns channel, both starring Robert Conrad and Ross Martin:
"The Wild Wild West Revisited" (1979)
The clever duo returns to hunt down a villain who's been cloning world leaders in a world-domination plot.

"More Wild Wild West" (1980)
Secret Service agents James T. West & Artemis Gordon tangle with a crazy megalomaniac (Jonathan Winters of The Shadow)
The 1999 Wild Wild West movie (Will Smith)

This page is devoted to the tv-series Wild Wild West, which starred Robert Conrad and Ross Martin. One year Martin had heart problems and was temporarily replaced by a series of guest stars, mainly William Schallert (who also got to guest star in Night Of The Gruesome Games as an eccentric with a very dark sense of humor). "W.W.West" went on the air as a CBS Production in 1965 with Night of the Inferno at the exact time that CBS production The Twilight Zone left the air for retooling (emerging 5 years later as Rod Serling's Night Gallery), so it inherited many of TZ's writers, directors and guest stars. The first 2 seasons in particular bore more than a passing resemblence to the sci-fi series, especially the Richard Donner-directed ones. Gene L. Coon later adapted as a Star Trek episode his 1965 episode The Burning Diamond, about people who give West something to drink so he can see them - their metabolism has been speeded up to the point they're invisible. In #6606 Night of Flying Pie Plate, a small town is visited by green women from Venus who need gold for fuel and are willing to trade genuine diamonds (common on their planet), though West and a local businessman (William Windom) seem skeptical.

The series ran 9-17-65 to Spring of 1970, when Rod Serling had work again for his staff (Night Gallery).

Wild Wild West Michael Dunn became the series' most popular guest-villain, as a self-proclaimed genius determined to take over the world one way or the other: in one he uses inter-dimensional doorways disguised as framed paintings (Night of the Surreal McCoy). Everyone in the series did their own stunts, sometimes getting injured in the process, and Michael Dunn was particularly proud when he was injured doing one of his, remarking that now he'd "joined the club." For an article on stunts (and injuries) on the series, click here.

In a 1966 ep (wWatery.html">Night of Watery Death), West reports that he went to a waterfront bar to meet a tipster, where he's shot by a mermaid with a blowgun, and wakes up on a ship that's sunk by an exploding dragon. When he returns, the bar doesn't exist and he can't prove anything else (picture if you will, a man on the edge of insanity...), and other eps were based on urban legends about disappearing rooms the hotel says don't exist, a deadly bed, and getting a fortune cookie with a plea for help hidden inside. Some of the death traps were right out of Edgar Allen Poe
And then there were the Jules Verne/futuristic gadgets decades before the term "steampunk" was coined...

Robert Conrad admired the way horsemen in Portugal could control their horses with their knees, leaving their hands free (important for soldiers holding a sword or gun), and learned to do it himself for Wild Wild West with a horse named Superstar. After the series went off the air, Conrad bought the horse, which lived on into the 1990s.
Wild Wild West has been the subject of Wild Wild West books, Television books, and Classic Television books. Of course if you want a CD of Will Smith's current version of the Wild Wild West themesong, that's available too.

"More Wild Wild West" (1980) starring Conrad is sometimes seen on Encore Westerns channel

Wild Wild West is currently scheduled Sat & Sundays in 40 states on the myRTN cable network channel.
Robert Conrad's movie Flying Misfits is featured on the History Channel from time to time, along with his spin-off tv series Black Sheep Squadron (last seen there in 2001)

The History Channel currently has Wild West Tech hosted by David Carradine, including an episode about traveling Freak Shows that weren't really what they appeared to be
By the way, on Thursday 6-15-00, NBC reran the episode of "Just Shoot Me" guest-starring Robert Conrad as himself. Jack has written a biography in which he claims to have beat up Conrad, who then shows up at the magazine demanding to know when and where... the episode ends with Conrad and Jack (who by then are pals) trying on a garish Nahru jacket. Conrad looks at himself in the store's mirror and complains that it makes him look like Will Smith ...

Conrad also starred in the Hawaiian Eye. On 4-14-00, TV Land ran this episode:
"Total Eclipse," Tracy and Tom disagree over whether or not a beautiful young girl is guilty of murdering her wealthy husband, despite the fact that a jury has acquitted her. The situation is not resolved until they uncover another murder attempt.

The 1999 Wild Wild West movie (described on another page)
starring Will Smith is on cable occasionally, as is "Making Of Wild Wild West" 15 min. docu. Mel Gibson had originally considered starring in it, but was also committed to the movie version of "Maverick" the same year with James Garner.

Showing in 2006 were:
Hawaiian Eye (b/w TV-series, running on American Life Network @ 10pm & 1am Monday nights)
Jingle All the Way (1996, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger & Phil Hartman, with Robert Condrad) on various cable channels
The following have been available on video in the past:
Wild, Wild West (1965)
More Wild, Wild West (1980)
The Wild, Wild West Revisited (1979)
Wild Wild West, vol. 1 (1965) If you are interested in a video not currently available, click on the title and follow instructions to email your request - if the video company gets enough requests, they may start making more episodes of Wild Wild West available! Wild Wild West episodes were seen on the Hallmark Channel starting with this marathon in 2004:

The Night of the Inferno
Masquerading as a gunfighter, West tries to quell the activities of Mexican revolutionary Juan Manolo
1pm The Night of the Deadly Bed
Facing execution at the hands of a madman, West learns the crazed assassin plans to reclaim Mexico, as the new Napoleon
2pm The Night the Wizard Shook the Earth
West tries to protect Prof. Nielsen, a demolitions expert. But he fails: Nielson is blown up by the evil Dr. Miguelito Loveless
3pm The Night of the Sudden Death
West suspects his search for counterfeiters is getting warm when he`s shot at with arrows, and thrown to crocodiles
4pm The Night of the Casual Killer
West tries to do what the Army couldn't: penetrate the stronghold of a corrupt political boss and return him to Washington for trial
5pm The Night of a Thousand Eyes
When a pirate's crew fails to murder West, the renegade captain calls for a professional killer: a beauty named Jennifer
6pm The Night of the Glowing Corpse
Trying to recover stolen radioactive material, West follows his only clue, a set of glowing fingerprints found on the ankle of a pretty secretary
7pm The Night of the Dancing Death
While rescuing a kidnapped princess, West runs into trouble, like a booby-trapped doorknob and a fully armored man wielding a mace
8pm The Night of the Double-Edged Knife
An Indian demand for gold must be met: they've threatened to kill five railroad workers a day until it is paid.

Here are past episodes seen on TNT - Turner Network Television
Note: In June 2000, "Wild Wild West" went to a weekly broadcast so that "Babylon 5" could be seen Mon-Friday (before it moved to the SciFi Channel) and Wild Wild West was seen 6 days a week

West's train

Previous TNT broadcasts, in alpha order:

(all "Night Of" unless noted) 6721, The Amnesiac 6716, The Arrow 6705, The Assassins 6811, Avaricious Actuary 6522, Bars Of Hell 6801, Big Blackmail 6604, The Big Blast 6821, Bleak Island 6628, The Bogus Bandits 6608, Bottomless Pit 6619, The Braine 6701, The Bubbling Death 6526, Burning Diamond 6626, The Cadre 6810, The Camera 6505, The Casual Killer 6710, The Circus of Death 6624, Colonel's Ghost 6822, The Cossacks 6712, Cutthroats 6508, Dancing Death 6502, The Deadly Bed 6625, Deadly Blossom 6622, Deadly Bubble 6724, The Death-Maker 6720, Death Masks (description now available) 6820, The Diva 6802, Doomsday Formula 6509, Doubled Edged Knife 6517, The Dragon Screamed 6703, Dr. Loveless Died 6524, Druid's Blood 6601, The Eccentrics 6808, Egyptian Queen 6711, The Falcon 6515, The Fatal Trap 6617, Feathered Fury 6809, Fire & Brimstone 6702, The Firebrand 6519, Flaming Ghost 6606, Flying Pie Plate 6525, Freebooters 6807, The Fugitives 6507, Glowing Corpse 6602, The Golden Cobra 6518, The Grand Emir 6610, The Green Terror 6805, Gruesome Games 6618, Gypsy Peril 6708, The Hangman 6717, Headless Woman 6514, The Howling Light 6512, The Human Trigger - Burgess Meredith plans to take over Wyoming with man-made earthquakes 6613, The Infernal Machine 6501, The Inferno (1st episode of series) 6714, Iron Fist 6706, Jack o' Diamonds 6818, The Janus 6803, Juggernaut 6806, The Kraken - San Francisco attacked by something with giant tentacles. Ted Knight 6704, Legion of Death 6615, The Lord of Limbo 6612, Man Eating House 6812, Miguelitos Revenge 6709, Montezuma's Hordes (sometimes listed by TNT as Montezuma's Revenge) 6527, The Murderous Spring 6813, The Pelican 6819, The Pistoleros 6824, The Plague 6607, The Poisonous Posey 6521, The Puppeteer 6603, The Raven 6611, Ready Made Corpse 6511, The Red-Eyed Madman 6605, The Returning Dead 6715, The Running Death 6817, Sabatini Death 6707, The Samurai 6804, Sedgewick Curse 6723, The Simian Terror (based on an Edgar Allan Poe story) 6614, The Skulls 6814, The Spanish Curse 6516, Steel Assassin 6504, Sudden Death 6528, The Sudden Plague 6623, The Surreal McCoy 6621, The Tartar 6510, Terror Stalked the Town, Night That 6506, The Thousand Eyes 6513, The Torture Chamber 6616, The Tottering Tontine 6713, The Turncoat - Agent West is framed for a shooting & recruited by bad guys! 6523, Night of Two Legged Buffalo 6823, The Tycoons 6722, The Undead 6719, Underground Terror 6620, Vicious Valentine 6718, The Vipers 6609, Watery Death 6520, Whirring Death 6815, Winged Terror (part 1) 6816, Winged Terror (part 2) 6503, Wizard Shook The Earth, Night The 6627, The Wolf, not to be confused with Doctor Who's "Bad Wolf"
* I'm not sure if these are episode numbers showing year and ep # or just numbers made up by TNT, though Night of the Inferno is listed as #6501 and was the first episode of the series to go on the air, in 1965
Note: if you are using Google Chrome and the TV-series themesong is not playing, click here to hear it
For more Wild Wild West stuff, including Robert Conrad's thoughts on the movie (he may sue), and the trains used, see link below. For more background on the series and how it was created, click here. For biographies of West, Gordon, and the major villians go here

The 1999 Wild Wild West movie
More Wild Wild West stuff (archive link from 1999) with interview with Robert Conrad from 1995 and episode guide
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Dead Celebrities

Official Wild Wild West Website at tnt.Turner.com (if it's still there)

For previously broadcast titles in TNT broadcast order by date, click here

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