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Bravo, the Cultural Cable Network, was launched on 12/7/80.
It shows foreign and domestic movies, prestige-type network miniseries, narrow-interest TV-series reruns, and an occasional concert. They have also shown British series such as The Lenny Henry Show and The South Bank Show.

Inside The Actor's Studio hosted by James Lipton started in 1995 (he even played himself in a spoof of it on parent NBC network's Saturday Night Live)
Followed 2 years later by Bravo Profiles in 1997, and then The Awful Truth (1999) writen/hosted by muckraking filmmaker Michael Moore in the style of his popular movie "Roger & Me."

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The story of "It's A Wonderful Life" told in 30 seconds by cartoon bunnies...unless you prefer The Exorcist Bunny

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