New Twilight Zone episode titles

All 1980s/90s episodes of "The New Twilight Zone" were in color. For the most part, these were all-new stories, not stories from the original series. Some were based on short stories published in Twilight Zone Magazine and were quite good. Others were not so good. But the best ones were Rod Serling-quality stories. Note: some of the stories are only 10 minutes long while others are half-hour episodes. The first season was an hour long, consisting of 2 or 3 stories, so the "Season 1" list is quite long. This list has nothing to do with the UPN series of new episodes that started in 2001.

Here are the next or most recent episodes scheduled (EST / Pacific Time) on TNT, followed by all the original "new" titles according to:

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. Episode title(s) .........  1996 ...... Description/TNT date/time
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1. Shatterday (by Harlan Ellison)
2. A Little Peace And Quiet
3. Wordplay
4. Dreams For Sale
5. Chameleon
6. Healer
7. Children's Zoo
8. Kentucky Rye
9. Little Boy Lost
10. Wishbank
11. Nightcrawlers
12. If She Dies
13. Ye Gods
14. Examination Day
15. A Message From Charity, Part 1
16. A Message From Charity, Part 2
17. Teacher's Aide
18. Paladin Of The Lost Hour
19. Act Break
20. The Burning Man (by Ray Bradbury)
21. Dealer's Choice
22. Dead Woman's Shoes
23. Wong's Lost And Found Emporium
24. The Shadow Man
25. The Uncle Devil Show
26. Opening Day
27. The Beacon
28. One Life, Furnished In Early Poverty
29. Her Pilgrim Soul, Part 1
30. Her Pilgrin Soul, Part 2
31. I Of Newton
32. Night Of The Meek
33. But Can She Type?
34. The Star
35. The Little People Of Killany Woods
36. The Misfortune Cookie
37. Monsters
38. A Small Talent For War
39. A Matter Of Minutes
40. The Elevator (by Ray Bradbury, also a Bradbury Theatre ep)
41. To See The Invisible Man
42. Tooth And Consequences
43. Welcome To Winfield
44. Quarantine
45. Gramma (by Stephen King)
46. Personal Demons
47. Cold Reading
48. The Leprechaun Artist
49. Dead Run
50. Profile In Silver
51. Button, Button
52. Need To Know
53. Red Snow
54. Take My Life...Please!
55. Devil's Alphabet
56. The Library
57. Shadow Play
58. Grace Note
59. A Day In Beaumont (by David Gerrold)
60. The Last Defender Of Camelot


61. The Once And Future King (as in Elvis)
62. A Saucer Of Loneliness
63. What Are Friends For?
64. Aqua Vita
65. The Storyteller
66. Nightsong
67. The After Hours
68. Lost And Found
69. The World Next Door
70. The Toys Of Caliban
71. The Convict's Piano
72. The Road Less Travelled
73. The Card
74. The Junction
75. Joy Ride
76. Shelter Skelter
77. Private Channel
78. Time And Teresa Golowitz
79. Voices In The Earth
80. Song Of The Younger World
81. The Girl I Married


82. The Curious Case Of Edgar Witherspoon (starring Harry Morgan as an eccentric whose basement invention keeps the world from blowing up. Must-see episode)
83. Extra Innings
84. The Crossing
85. The Hunters
86. Dream Me A Life
87. Memories
88. The Hellgramite Method
89. Our Sylena Is Dying (story by Rod Serling)
90. The Call
91. The Trance
92. Acts Of Terror
93. 20/20 Vision
94. There Was An Old Woman
95. The Trunk
96. Appointment On Route 17
97. The Cold Equations (the sci-fi channel has since used this same story for a tv-movie)
98. Stranger In Possum Meadows
99. Street Of Shadows
100. Something In The Walls (and it isn't mice)
101. A Game Of Pool
102. The Wall
103. Room 2426
104. The Mind Of Simon Foster
105. Cat And Mouse
106. Many, Many Monkeys
107. Redezvous In A Dark Place
108. Secret Service
109. Love Is Blind
110. Crazy As A Soup Sandwich (by Harlan Ellison)
111. Father And Son Game
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The following list from my videotapes collection is not complete, but gives you some idea what the original eps looked like. The 1st season was on CBS, from then on were 1st-run syndication hour or half-hour episodes.
9-27-85 (1st episode)"Shatterday" by Harlan Ellison, followed by "A Little Peace & Quiet"
10-11-85, "Healer," "Children's Zoo," (a troubled girl visits an unusual zoo) "Kentucky Rye"
10-18-85, "Little Boy Lost," "Wishbank," "Nightcrawlers"
10-25-85, "If She Dies," "Ye Gods" Robert Morse
11-8-85, "Paladin of the Lost Hour" Danny Kaye, "Teacher's Aid" (A demon possesses a teacher)
11-15-85, "Play Time," "The Burning Man" by Ray Bradbury, "Dealer's Choice"
11-22-85, "Wong's Lost & Found," "A Dead Woman's Shoes"
11-29-85, "Shadow Man," "The Uncle Devil Show," "Opening Day"
12-6-85, "The Beacon," "One Life Furnished in Early Poverty" Martin Landau
12-13-85, "Her Pilgrim Soul," "I of Newton"
1-3-86, "Still Life" John & Robert Carradine, "The Little People," "The Misfortune Cookie"
1-24-86, "Monsters" Ralph Bellany, "Small Talent For War" (the only thing unique about Earth to alien visitors), "A Matter of Minutes"
1-31-86, "The Elevator" by Ray Bradbury, "To See the Invisible Man" by Robert Silverberg, "Tooth or Consequences" Kenneth Mars as a nasty tooth fairy
1986 (date unknown), "Welcome to Winfield" Henry Gibson, "Quarantine"
2-21-86, "The Leprechaun Artist," "Dead Run" (Steve Railsback as a sympathetic trucker hired to take truckloads of souls to Hell)
3-7-86, "Profile in Silver" (what if JFK...), "Button Button" a couple is given a box with a button on top and told if they push it they'll be rich but someone they don't know will die. Suggested by an actual psychological experiment
3-14-86, no episode broadcast this week
3-21-86, "Need to Know," "Red Snow" (what if vampires were running the Russian KGB?)
3-28-86, "Take My Life Please," "Devil's Alphabet," "The Library"
4-4-86, "Shadow Play" (remake of b/w ep about man dreaming he's on death row), "Grace Note"
4-11-86, "A Day in Beaumont" by David Gerrold, "The Last Defender of Camelot"
2-21-87, "The Card" comes with stiff late penalties, "The Junction" A miner from 1912 emerges in the present
7-10-87, "Time & Teresa Golowitz" Gene Barry, "Voices in the Earth"
7-31-87, "The Once & Future King" (Elvis), "Saucer of Loneliness" Shelley Duvall
10-23-88, "Dream Me A Wife" Eddie Albert, Barry Morse
11-4-88, (preempted last week by Halloween programming) "Memories" of past lives, Barbara Stock
11-5-88, "The Helgramite Method" for alcoholics, guaranteed to work...if you survive, Timothy Bottoms
11-13-88, "Our Selena Is Dying" by Rod Serling, grandma's a witch
11-19-88, "The Call" to a lonely bachelor in love, follows phone line to a statue...
Note: eps were half-hour from now on
11-26-88, "The Trance" Peter Scolari as a fake mystic who...
12-4-88, "Acts of Terror" a wife-beater gets his
12-10-88, "20-20 Vision" Michael Moriarty can suddenly see the future
12-18-88, "There Was An Old Woman" Colleen Dewhurst as a children's author
12-30-88 (repeated from 12-25), "The Trunk" grants wishes, happy ending
12-31-88, "An Appointment on Route 17"
1-7-89, "The Cold Equations" a one-man rocket carrying urgent medical supplies to a remote mining colony has a stowaway and only enough fuel for one person. Based on a story in "Astounding Science Fiction," previously broadcast on CBS radio's "X Minus One" series, 8-25-55
1-14-89, "Stranger in Possum Meadows"
1-22-89, "Streets of Shadows" Charles Haid, wierd story with no ending, man can see mystery people everywhere
1-28-89, "Something in the Walls" no one believes a woman in an asylem who says there's something in the...
2-5-89, "A Game of Pool" (remake of b/w ep, not as good)
3-4-89, "Cat & Mouse" one's a timid housewife, the other's a black cat
3-11-89, "Rendezvous in a Dark Place" Janet Leigh
3-18-89, "Many Many Monkeys" Nurse: Karen Valentine
3-25-89, "Love is Blind" Ben Murphy
4-1-89, "Crazy as a Soup Sandwich" by Harlan Ellison
4-9-89, "Special Service" a man discovers hidden broadcast cameras in his home...shades of The Truman Show!
4-16-89, "Father & Son Game" Ed Marinaro
Note: these notes are my personal videotapes, which are not for sale
                        Previous TNT broadcasts in 2003
  Thursday, January 30th @ 5:30am(ET) 
"The Hellgramite Method" TV-PG-  - An alcoholic, attempting to kick his addiction with a miracle pill, unwittingly swallows a Hellgrammite tapeworm that threatens to kill him if he doesn't stop drinking. 

  Thursday, February 6th @ 5:30am(ET) 
"Shatterday" TV-PG-L  - A man named Peter Jay Novins accidentally dials his home phone number, and it's answered by Peter Jay Novins. 

  Friday, February 7th @ 5:30am(ET) 
"Dream Me a Life" TV-PG-  - After discovering that the woman in his nightmare is a real person, a retired man enters his dream world and fights the forces that torture her. 

  Monday, February 10th @ 5:30am(ET) 
"Appointment on Route 17" TV-PG-  - A recipient of a heart transplant finds his lifestyle mysteriously changing, and is drawn to places and people he's never met. 

  Friday, February 14th @ 5:30am(ET) 
"Shelter Skelter" TV-PG-L  - An obsessed survivalist may get the opportunity to use his most prized possession--a bomb shelter. 

  Monday, February 17th @ 5:30am(ET) 
"Shadow Play" TV-PG-V  - In this remake of the 1961 story from the old series, a condemned man claims that everyone is part of his nightmare and will cease to exist if he is executed. Dennis Weaver starred in the original. 

  Thursday, February 20th @ 5:30am(ET) 
"The Shadow Man" TV-PG-V  - 

  Friday, February 21st @ 5:30am(ET) 
"Wrong's Lost and Found Emporium" TV-PG-  - After three years of searching, a man catches up with a transient shop where anything that's ever been lost can be found

"Little Boy Lost" (1996) A photographer torn between taking a plum overseas assignment and getting married, meets a strangely familiar little boy. Feb 19 @ 5:30 AM
Saturday, February 22nd @ 6am(ET)
"The Convict's Piano" TV-PG-LV, CC - A musician serving time in prison finds an old piano capable of transporting him back in time.
Monday, February 24th @ 4:30am(ET)
"A Game of Pool" TV-PG- - A young hustler dreams of challenging "The Best Pool Player of All Time."
Friday, February 28th @ 4:30am(ET)
"Extra Innings" TV-PG- - A washed-up pro baseball player finds a baseball playing card with the power to transport him back into the game.
Monday, March 31st @ 5:30am(ET)
"Button, Button" TV-PG- - A financially strapped couple are given an odd little box with a button on top and told that if they push it they will immediately receive $200,000 and someone they don't know will die.
Tuesday, July 1st @ 5:30am(ET)
"Many, Many, Monkeys" TV-PG, CC - A hospital nurse uncovers a strange epidemic that blinds unsuspecting people.
Sunday, July 6th @ 5:30am(ET)
"The Once and Future King" TV-PG-LV, CC - An Elvis impersonator travels back in time to meet The King, an aspiring Memphis singer who thinks the time traveler is the reincarnation of his dead twin.
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