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Time Tunnel was one of four major science fiction/fantasy tv series by Irwin Allen in the 1960s (see Lost In Space page). It co-starred James Darren (the night club singer in the final episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine) and Robert Colbert as Doug. The supporting cast included Lee Meriwether.
With the success of the new Battlestar Galactica, the SciFi Channel has ordered a new series based on The Time Tunnel to air in 2006/2007.
Kill the music, Rex
Time Tunnel airs on American Life TV Network, formerly the GoodLife TV Network and The Nostalgia Channel, a cable television network, which also carries My Favorite Martian (1960s), Batman (1960s), Land Of The Giants and Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
                                   2007 movies, times shown EST

Gunman's Walk (1958 Western, James Darren, clash in personalities leads to violence for rancher & sons)
Fri  Sep  7  09:40P on Encore Western
Sat  Sep 15  03:35P on Encore Western

Aliens from Another Planet (1966) guest star Robert Duvall
2 hours derived from 'Time Tunnel' episodes, they're pitted against an alien saboteur
Sun  March 4  7:30/10:30am EST on Fox Movie Channel

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes (James Darren as computer-generated singer Vic Fontaine)
The Siege of AR-522
Tue  Feb 13  02:00P on Spike (TNN)
It's Only a Paper Moon
Thu  Feb 15  02:00P on Spike (TNN)
Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang (Vic's fictional holo-suite Casino fires him)
Mon  Feb 26  02:00P on Spike (TNN)
What You Leave Behind: The final confrontation between the Federation and the Dominion, part 1
Tue  Mar 13  10:00A on Spike (TNN)
What You Leave Behind: Conclusion: female Shapeshifter orders the Cardassians exterminated.
Wed  Mar 14  10:00A on Spike (TNN)


1. Rendezvous with Yesterday
Tony lands aboard the deck of the Titanic on its fateful night in 1912, aboard the ill-fated ship. Capt. Smith: Michael Rennie of Day The Earth Stood Still. Althea: Susan Hampshire. Kirk: Whit Bissell. Sen. Leroy Clark: Gary Merrill. Jiggs: Wesley Lau
2. One Way to the Moon
Tony and Doug materialize on the first manned flight to Mars ten years in the future (1978), where their added weight forces a change in flight plans. Beard: James Callahan. Nazarro: Ben Cooper. Harlow: Warren Stevens. Kane: Larry Ward. Kirk: Whit Bissell
3. End of the World
Tony and Doug land in an American town in the year 1910 at the time of Hailey's comet. As they spin out of the time vortex Tony and Doug land in a mine shaft just as an explosion causes a cave-in trapping 200 miners. Tony and Doug try in vain to find help to save the trapped miners, but the town's people are convinced that the impending comet will end the world as they know it. Henderson: Paul Fix. Sheriff: James Westerfield. No relation to movie Night Of The Comet
4. The Day the Sky Fell In/Down
Tony and Doug find themselves at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 6, 1941, and have one day to find Tony's father before the attack. Linden Chiles, Susan Flannery
5. The Last Patrol
The time travelers are taken prisoner and convicted as spies when they land at the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812. Carroll O'Connor, John Napier, Michael Pate
6. Crack of Doom
Doug and Tony arrive on the volcanic island of Krakatau in 1883 on the day it erupts
7. Revenge of the Gods
Doug and Tony become entangled in a war between the ancient Greeks and the Trojans in ancient Troy. John Doucette, Dee Hartford, Paul Carr, Joseph Ruskin
8. Massacre
Tony and Doug arrive at Little Big Horn in 1876 on the eve of Custer's battle with the Sioux. Joe Maross, Christopher Dark, George Mitchell, Perry Lopez
9. Devil's Island
Tony and Doug are taken captive when they arrive on Devil's Island in 1895
10. Reign of Terror
In Paris during the French Revolution, the time travelers agree to aid Marie Antoinette in exchange for safe-conduct passes. Marie Antoinette: Monique Lemaire. Shopkeeper: David Opatoshu. Kirk/Querque: Whit Bissell. Simon: Louis Mercier
11. Secret Weapon
Tony and Doug are sent back in time to investigate a scientist's claim to have built a time machine in 1956
12. Death Trap
Tony and Doug become embroiled in a plot to assassinate President Lincoln as he passes through Baltimore
13. The Alamo
The time travelers arrive at the Alamo in 1836 on the day it falls to the forces of Santa Anna
14. Night of the Long Knives
Tony & Doug land in an Asian desert where they become involved in a battle between the British & a border chieftain
15. Invasion
When Tony and Doug arrive in France two days before the D-Day invasion in 1944, the Gestapo captures them. John Wengraf, Lyle Bettger, Robert Carricart, Joey Tata, Michael St. Clair
16. Robin Hood
The time travelers are in merry olde England at the time of Robin Hood and the signing of the Magna Carta
17. Kill Two By Two
Tony and Doug become engaged in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a Japanese flyer on a Pacific island in 1945
18. Visitors From Beyond the Stars
Tony and Doug materialize on an alien spaceship that plans to raid the Earth of all its food
19. The Ghost of Nero
In World War I Italy in 1915, the travelers try to keep the ghost of Nero from taking revenge on a descendant of Nero's rival who stole his throne. Eduardo Ciannelli, Gunnar Hellstrom, John Hoyt, Whit Bissell
20. Joshua-FKA "The Walls of Jerico"
Tony and Doug are accused of being spies when they materialize outside the walls of Jericho. Rhodes Reason, Myrna Fahey, Arnold Moss, Lisa Gaye
21. Idol of Death
The time travelers vow to delay Cortez's conquest of Mexico and are taken prisoner. Teno Pollick, Anthony Caruso, Lawrence Montaigne
22. Billy the Kid
Arriving in New Mexico in the 1880s, Tony and Doug have a run-in with Billy
23. Chase Through Time
Doug and Tony must find a spy who has planted a bomb in the Time Tunnel Complex
24. Pirates of Deadman's Island
Tony and Doug become captives of the Barbary Coast pirates and must make their escape before Capt. Decatur arrives in 1805. Victor Jory, Regis Toomey, James Anderson, Pepito Galindo
25. The Death Merchant
Tony and Doug materialize at Gettysburg and find themselves on opposite sides in the battle
26. Attack of the Barbarians
Tony and Doug are caught in the middle of a battle between Marco Polo and Kublai Khan
27. Merlin the Magician
In England, time travelers Tony and Doug try to help Merlin the magician secure the throne for young King Arthur in his battle against the Vikings. Merlin: Christopher Cary. Arthur: James McMullan. Guinevere: Lisa Jak. Kirk: Whit Bissell
28. The Kidnappers
In an attempt to rescue Ann (Lee Meriwether), who has been kidnapped by an alien, Tony and Doug travel more than 6000 years into the future. Curator: Michael Ansara. Ott: Del Monroe.
29. Raiders from Outer Space
Tony and Doug encounter an alien who is determined to destroy the world when they appear at the battle of Khartoum in 1883
30. Town of Terror
Tony and Doug are propelled into the future (1978), landing in New England, and discover a plot by alien invaders to steal the Earth's atmosphere. Joan: Heather Young. Pete: Gary Haynes. Kirk: Whit Bissell. Sarah: Mabel Anderson. This idea was also used in Mel Brooks' Star Wars spoof Spaceballs

Time Tunnel was previously scheduled on the Sci-Fi channel
Time Tunnel moved to Encore's Action channel, starting with the very 1st episode:
Rendezvous with Yesterday
When the Time Tunnel Project faces scrapping, Dr. Tony Newman volunteers to be an experimental subject. Before anyone can stop him, he sets the controls and is sent off through time. Tumbling onto the deck of an ocean liner, he finds a life preserver labelled "Titanic." Astounded, he rushes to off to find Captain Smith. Meanwhile, at the Time Tunnel, Dr. Doug Phillips, Dr. Ann MacGregor and Dr. Swain work to locate Tony. They find him locked up after having no luck in persuading Captain Smith to change the liner's course away from the iceburg. Doug goes through the Time Tunnel to his rescue Tony before the doomed liner becomes his coffin...
Tony: James Darren. Doug: Robert Colbert. Titanic Capt. Malcolm Smith: Michael Rennie (of Day The Earth Stood Still). Althea: Susan Hampshire. Kirk: Whit Bissell. Sen. Leroy Clark: Gary Merrill. Jiggs: Wesley Lau.

Official Time Tunnel Website on the Sci-Fi Channel with episode descriptions (simply click year visited and it will pop up). Archived version of page, but trivia links still work unless you use a pop-up blocker

"Time Tunnel" was replaced in 2003 on the Sci-Fi Channel by Timecop, but will return soon with all-new episodes. When that happens, Action will probably have to stop showing the old episodes.

Land of the Giants was also on the Sci Fi Channel a recent year

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