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Star Trek first aired in 1967, the first pilot episode for CBS having been shelved in 1966 ("The Cage" was later used in a 2-part episode, the only two-parter in the series). It was on the Desilu lot next to Mission Impossible, and Leonard Nimoy would later join the IMF (Impossible Missions Force) when Star Trek was cancelled. Though he co-wrote/produced a marginally successful sci-fi series in recent years, William Shatner would not star in another sci-fi series, though he did play himself (as Capt. Kirk) in a cameo on the tv series Mork & Mindy. Other than Star Trek movies, the only cast members of the original series that have continued sci-fi careers are Chekov (playing a new character in Babylon 5) and Majel Barrett (playing recurring characters on "Deep Space 9" and "Earth: Final Conflict," unless you count James Doohan's cameos as Scotty on the Tonight Show and "Homeboys From Outer Space" (an ill-advised 4th-network sitcom). CBS had commissioned the first Star Trek pilot, then didn't buy it (preferring Lost In Space instead), but Desilu Studios had just lost My Favorite Martian when it wasn't renewed and was willing to take a chance on another scifi-fantasy series, along with NBC. In Star Trek's second season, Desilu was taken over by Paramount, and in the third season Paramount was taken over by Gulf-Western Corp. Ironically, CBS now owns Paramount.
Click here for the Star Trek Animated titles list page with my ep descriptions. Five of the stars of the 1960s Star Trek and 1974 animated series guest starred on the season-ending episode of the animated Fox series "Futurama" on 4/21/02
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No STAR TREK 1960s episode titles are scheduled on SYFY or TV Land so far this year STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION has also moved to Chicago superstation WGN weeknights @ 1am EST subtract 3 hours for Pacific Time on WGN listings, and BBC America

Star Trek (1960s) Episodes on TV Land, 12am is morning of date shown:

No upcoming show dates available for TVLAND

    (note: TV-Land, WGN and CW only provide listings 2 weeks at a time)
Broadcasts starring Leonard Nimoy this week:
William Shatner looks at an ad for the new Star Trek movie

18 episodes of William Shatner's TV-series TEK WAR can now be seen for free at the

Stardate 01.22.2010: The son of STAR TREK creator GENE RODDENBERRY has teamed up with movie director RON HOWARD to bring one of his late father's forgotten TV projects back to the small screen. Rod Roddenberry has struck a deal with Howard's Imagine TV company to develop The Questor Tapes into a new show. The script, about a robot with incomplete memory tapes who is searching for his creator, was originally written by Roddenberry as a 13-episode TV series, but after disagreements with bosses at America's NBC network the sci-fi mogul abandoned the project. The production eventually aired as a one-off small screen movie in 1974 - and now Roddenberry's son is hoping to bring The Questor Tapes back to life to honour his dad's memory. "My father always felt that Questor was the one that got away. He believed that the show had the potential to be bigger than Star Trek."

MAJEL BARRETT-RODDENBERRY, the actress widow of STAR TREK creator GENE RODDENBERRY, died at the age of 76. She lost her battle with leukaemia at her Bel-Air, California home on Thursday (Dec.18.2008). Her son Rod was by her side, reports Access Hollywood. She guest-starred in TV shows Bonanza, Leave it to Beaver, and The Lucy Show during her acting career - but she will be best remembered for her association with Star Trek. The actress has played a part in every incarnation of the sci-fi show since it premiered in 1966, and only recently completed voiceover work as the voice of the Starship Enterprise in the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie. A public memorial took place January 2009. Husband Gene Roddenberry (70) died in 1991
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William Shatner News

Star Trek TV-series trailer

* Note: "How William Shatner Changed The World" was originally titled "How Star Trek Changed The World" but Paramount Studios would not let the History Channel use the trademark phrase "Star Trek" in 2005 so William Shatner gave permission for his name to be used in the title instead. DeForest Kelley was in "Gunfight At The O.K. Corral" (1957) as well as a Star Trek ep based on the same story; and he was in the 1959 non-magic western movie "Warlock," no relation to the later sci-fi movie Warlock

There have been a lot of Star Trek spoofs and pseudo-documentaries over the years, but the best I've seen doesn't even have Star Trek in the title. It's called Galaxy Quest (1999) and is now out on DVD. Peaceful aliens being menaced by a powerful conquerer see episodes of a 20-year old science fiction series and beam up the actors onto a real version of their tv starship. It takes them awhile to get used to the idea, but the captain (Tim Allen)'s inventive use of magnetic mines against the much bigger and more powerful foe is right out of Captain Kirk's play-it-by-ear-and-hope-it-works rulebook. And you won't even recognize Sigourney Weaver at first (she says she prefers comedy to the intense movies like the four Alien movies). By the way, if you're looking for a way to introduce science fiction to your kids, check out Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins. It's even better than the two computer-generated Toy Story movies that the character is lifted from.
Click here if you think Tim Allen is the best actor there's ever been since the beginning of time

Hey! Didja think that "Generations" (the 7th Star Trek movie) was the best one in the series? Me neither. Here's the official Generations review, including comments from that guy stuck in space with two robots on Mystery Science Theater 3000

Monstervision review & host segments for Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan, sequel to 1960s episode "Space Seed"

All the Star Trek movies so far, at www-ST-org

Click here for the best Star Trek parody song ever made - Star Trekkin'

Can you name two Star Trek movies directed by Nimoy? Or the one about Spock's brother? Or what went wrong with the first man to come back from Venus? These and other questions are answered on MonsterVision host segments for Cold Hands, Warm Heart / I, Robot, the Outer Limits episodes that starred William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy

After Star Trek went off the air, Gene Roddenberry tried some other ideas as movie/pilots including The Questor Tapes (1974, an android sent to save Earth from itself) and two pilot/movies about a post-apocalyptic Earth called "Genesis II" (1973, starring Alex Cord of Airwolf) and "Planet Earth" (1974, starring John Saxon of Enter The Dragon), then the horror/suspense SPECTRE (1977, starring Robert Culp and an evil druid spirit)

Too weird? Well, did you know that in the late 1950s, Gene was head writer for the western series "Have Gun Will Travel"? At least 2 episodes were later redone as S.T. episodes: Monster of Moon Ridge became Devil In The Dark, and his version of Shakespeare's Helen Of Troy/Taming Of The Shrew became a Calamity Jane episode, then ST episode Elaan Of Troyius

Star Trek - Complete Seasons 1 to 3 are available on DVD from, as well as complete seasons of the "other" Star Trek series

Star Trek - The Seven Screen Voyages (boxed set)
Star Trek Animated Adventures - on Laser (1994)
Deep Space Nine (1993)
Star Trek V - The Final Frontier (1989)
Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home(1986)
Star Trek III - The Search for Spock(1984)
Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan(1982)
Star Trek - The Motion Picture(1980)
Star Trek Animated Adventures

*** Star Trek Books & Videos***

Star Trek Cookbook by Ethan Phillips (Neelix of S.T. Voyager)
Starfleet Academy (Cadet years of Kirk, Worf, Janeway & others)
The Women Of Star Trek (3 different: ST, Voyager or DS9)
The Physics Of Star Trek (4 different books)
Star Trek Biographies and Memories (by Nimoy, Shatner, Koenig, Nichols, Engel with Fontana, Solow & Justman, Takei, others. Note: copies signed by the author(s) are sometimes available on auction list. Takei's book & I Am Not Spock are out-of-print, try auction sites)
Harlan Ellison (Over 100 new & used the last time I checked, including novels & biography)
Star Trek music on CD & cassettes (over 30 different inc. sound track albums)
Science Fiction music...or, just for the heck of it, google Hell music

COPs: Star Wars edition

Mr. Spock Lights In The Sky & Little Green Men
Every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (Episode Guide is of titles only, all 7 seasons) in English, or with descriptions in Spanish (archive copy) from the Scifi channel Latin America website

Official NASA links & info

Note: after some delays, the ashes of James Doohan (Scotty) were launched on April 28, 2007, in New Mexico. The remains of 200 people will be aboard the rocket including Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper, at a cost of $495 each. That's less than the cost of a conventional funeral, as noted 5 years earlier in episode #309 of Ripley's Believe It Or Not!

Steam Trek: The Moving Picture (1899)

This lost silent movie from the 1890s is set in the far-off future year of 1980, with the USS Isambard taking the place of the Enterprise. A popular film on the Sci-fi and Star Trek convention circuit for over a decade, it was only recently posted online. Click here to see video and complete info on Steam Trek: The Moving Picture

Previous Star Trek episode titles seen on the Sci-Fi channel (2003-2011)
Every episode of the 1960s tv series
Official Sci-Fi Channel Schedule for today

Heroes sometimes cry

ST Enterprise transporter 2001 fans - click here for Hal to open the pod bay doors

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40 years of Star Trek

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Star Trek: The New Voyages episodes available free online (latest new ep guest-stars George Takei)

From the studio that brought you the 2-minute trailer for Illegal Aliens (From Another Planet) starring Anna Nicole Smith

Fun fact:
One of the witnesses invited to the launch of Apollo 17 to the Moon was 131-year-old Charley Smith, who said he still didn't believe it. "I don't believe they're going to the moon. They say they brought back rocks, but if they did, they took them with them." Charley had been a skeptic since before the Civil War, ever since a slave ship captain in Africa tricked him into going to America, where pancakes grow on trees.

Star Trek TV-series description in German:
"Der Weltraum, unendliche Weiten... Dies sind die Abenteuer des Raumschiffs Enterprise, das in Galaxien vordringt, die noch nie ein Mensch zuvor gesehen hat..."
- die Abenteuer rund um Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock & Co.
From the official Scifi Channel Star Trek page in Germany

What if Star Trek had been done as a Flintstones cartoon? It might have looked like this: Stone Trek starring Fred Flintstone as Captain Kirk

Previous Star Base Homepage (ads and all)
Email letters to the Sci Fi Channel
NASA page

William Shatner previous appearances other than Star Trek episodes, last year:

CINEMAX Sat, May 2, Miss Congeniality  
WGN Sat, May 2, Boston Legal  
BIO Tue, May 5, Biography  
BIO Tue, May 5, Star Trek: Captain's Log  
BIO Tue, May 5, Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond  
MORE MAX Tue, May 5, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan  
ION Tue, May 5, Boston Legal  
BIO Tue, May 5, Shatner's Raw Nerve  
CINEMAX Thu, May 7, Star Trek Generations  
TCM Fri, May 8, The Explosive Generation  
OXYGEN Fri, May 8, PM Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous  
TVGN Sat, May 9, TV Guide Close Up  
HISTORY Sat, May 9, Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier  
HIST Sun, May 10, How William Shatner Changed the World  
TBS Thu, May 14, Showtime  
TBS Thu, May 14, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air  

Leonard Nimoy previous appearances other than Star Trek episodes, all times EST:
AMC Mon, May 4, The Brain Eaters  
BIO Tue, May 5, Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond  
BIO Tue, May 5, Shatner's Raw Nerve  
ABC Fri, May 8, The View  
HIST Sat, May 9, Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier  
FOX Tue, May 12, Fringe  

Patrick Stewart previous appearances (EST) other than Star Trek episodes on SCIFI Channel:
FX Sat, May 2, X2: X-Men   
HBO Sun, May 3, Robin Hood: Men in Tights  
MORE MAX Sun, May 3, X-Men  
FX Sun, May 3, X-Men: The Last Stand  
WGN Thu, May 7, Star Trek: The Next Generation  
AMC Thu, May 7, Star Trek: Nemesis  
SCI FI Thu, May 7, Star Trek: First Contact  
HBO2 Fri, May 8, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  
DISNEY Fri, May 8, Chicken Little (animated) 
HIST Sat, May 9, Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier  
STARZ Sun, May 10, Conspiracy Theory  
FOX Sun, May 10, American Dad (animated) 

Star Trek movies on SCIFI & other channels in 2007:

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)
(not currently scheduled)

Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan (1982, revenge served cold)
(see above)

Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock
Wed  May 30  on More Max

Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home (the whales one, in present-day San Francisco)
Thu  Sep 27  on HBO Family

Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier (Shatner apologized for this one when it came out)
Mon  Sep 17  on Cinemax

Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country
(not currently scheduled)

Star Trek: First Contact (1996, Patrick Stewart)
Sat  Jun 16  on SciFi Channel

                            Star Trek related:
Biography: William Shatner (2006, 60 min) 
Sat  Sep 15  on A&E

Airplane II: The Sequel (William Shatner as Commander of the Moon)
Thu  Jan 18  on Cinemax
Sun  Mar 11  on HBO
Fri  Jun  1  on Spike TV (TNN)

The Devil's Rain (William Shatner vs. Satanic cult in a ghost town)
Feb 10, 2007 on American Movie Classics

Free Enterprise (1999, Two sci-fi buffs befriend William Shatner, 2 hours)
Sun  May 20  on The Movie Channel
Sat  Jun  2  on Flix Movie Channel
Mon  Jun  4  on Showtime Women
Thu  Jun  7  on Showtime Beyond
Wed  Jul 25  Showtime
Wed  Aug  1  Showtime #2
Tue  Aug  7  on Showtime Showcase

Futurama: Where No Fan Has Gone Before (2002 animated, ST cast members gueststar as 
Fry retrieves lost tapes of Star Trek, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, George Takei)
Fri  July 20  on Cartoon Network

Galaxy Quest (1999, Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub)
Dec 27, 2006  on TBS

Gunfight At The O.K. Corral (1957 western, DeForest Kelley, later reprised by him on ST)
03/31/07  on Turner Classic Movies

Warlock (1959 western, DeForest Kelley)
Sat  Aug  4  on American Movie Classics

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978 remake starring Leonard Nimoy)
Sat  July 7  on Turner Classic Movies
Sun  Sep 16  on WOR New York

Judgment at Nuremberg (1961, dir. by Stanley Kramer)
Shatner, Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Max Schell, Werner Klemperer
Mon  Jun 18  on HD Movies

Them (1954, giant mutant ants attack Los Angeles, Leonard Nimoy in an early role)
Sat  Jun 23  on American Movie Classics

Living in TV Land: William Shatner in Concert (60 min, 2006)
Jan  8, 2007 on TVLAND

How William Shatner Changed the World: real science & technology compared to the original ST
Tue  May 29  on History Channel (2005, 2-hour docu)

Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier (Shatner, Patrick Stewart. Leonard Nimoy hosts)
The influence of the Star Trek series & films on pop culture (2007, 2-hour docu) 
Mon  July 2  on History Channel

Roast of William Shatner (Jason Alexander hosts. 90 min, 2006)
March 24, 2007 on Comedy Central

Ancient Mysteries (Leonard Nimoy hosts, 60 min, 1996/1997)
Ancient Mysteries "Rites of Death" Burial customs. Included: India, Tibet, ancient Egypt. 
Sun  Jun 10  on Biography Channel

Outer Limits: I, Robot by Isaac Asimov (Nimoy as the lawyer for robot charged with murder)
Wed  Jul 25  on SciFi Channel

Star Trek: The Next Generation "Unification" part 1 & 2 (Mark Lenard, Leonard Nimoy) 
Capt. Picard searches for Spock on Romulus. 
Tue  Mar 13  on Spike (TNN, 2-hours)

Twilight Zone episodes: Nick of Time
William Shatner plays a newlywed obsessed with a small town fortune-telling machine
Fri  July 20  on SciFi Channel

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, dir. by Richard Donner: Shatner sees a gremlin on plane's wing. 
William Shatner later starred in Horror at 37000 Feet
Tue  July 3  on SciFi Channel

Quality of Mercy (Nimoy)
Thu  Aug 9  on SciFi Channel

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Fun fact:
The Frankish Empire dominated Europe for centuries, so the Persians called the place Crusaders came from Frangistan and the people as farangis. Some Orthodox Christians on Greek islands still refer to themselves as Frangoi and Arabs referred to Westerners as al-Faranj. In Bengal, men were recruited from villages under the Zamindari system by local landlords to fight off "Feringhi" pirates (the term in Hindustani language), and some Muslims still refer to Westerners as Feringhis.

According to Ripley's Believe It Or Not, human blood is red because of iron content. The Horseshoe Crab, like Mr. Spock, has copper-based blood so it's blood is bluegreen in color

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is named after the USS Enterprise and has the website, named for the aircraft carrier the company's founder served on in WW2

"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" was written by Mozart when he was 5 years old, believe it or not