This page is devoted to the tv series "Monsters," as well as monsters as the subject of books & videos. Monsters was a first-run syndication tv series that originated as Tales From The Darkside in 1984, both series attracting some well-known guest stars and writers. So far the Sc-Fi channel has not aired any of the earlier Tales From The Darkside episodes. It's popularity in syndication encouraged HBO to try Tales From The Crypt based on the EC horror comic books.
An animated movie, Monsters Inc
is now available on video and on DVD

Here's a list of any episodes scheduled on the SciFi (SYFY) channel:

The Doctor needs help

Up to 6am is night of date shown. Tales From The Darkside eps scheduled:
Sep 23 05:30 AM  Dream Girl
Sep 29 08:00 AM  The Word Processor Of The Gods
Sep 29 08:30 AM  The Odds
Sep 29 09:00 AM  Slippage
Sep 29 09:30 AM  All A Clone By The Telephone
Sep 29 10:00 AM  In The Cards
Sep 29 10:30 AM  Snip Snip
Sep 29 11:00 AM  Answer Me
Sep 29 11:30 AM  The Madness Room
Sep 29 12:00 PM  The False Prophet
Sep 29 12:30 PM  If The Shoes Fit...
No episodes scheduled for October on the SYFY Channel
No "Monsters" eps are scheduled this month, though it may be showing on sister station Chiller TV.
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Monsters, Inc
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Monsters Vs. Aliens

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