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Roop, Pearce, Reed, Oldham and German Coast of Louisiana Families

Our tree is growing!
Each family page begins with the oldest known ancestor (always looking for more!) and lists what I know of the descendants, although mistakes/inaccuracies, etc. probably abound. Please use the information as a guide to further research; only tombstones are written in stone and sometimes they are even incorrect. Check primary sources!
There are also links to other websites with that surname. To make it easier to search, our families are listed under the part of the country in which they lived.
Legal note: all information on these pages belongs to Margie R. Pearce and the folks who shared. It may be used for non-profit genealogical research, but not given or sold to anyone.

Northern Families
PA, OH and IN

ANDREWS : Descendants of Charles and Elizabeth Andrews of Maryland
Also some descendants of John W. Andrews of New Jersey
New! 6/8/03

COFFMAN : Descendents of Martin Coffman and Sarah Whitehouse
Updated 7/2/03

HOWER: Some descendants of Michael Hower and Eve Veit
Updated 2/13/01

KEMP: Descendents of John W. Kemp and Mary Miller
Updated 2/19/01

KOENIG : Ancestors Matheus Koenig and Christina Hartzel and some of their descendants
Updated 4/13/01

NEFF : Some descendents and ancestors of
Johann Michael Neff and Anna Dorothea Saur
Updated 4/6/01

REED w/ Kirkendall: Descendents of John H. Reed and his two Spangler wives
Updated 3/11/01

ROOP : Descendents of Fredrick Roop and Elizabeth Abbott
Updated 9/3/01

Jacob ROOP : Frank Young's Family of Roops
Created 9/15/01

ROWLER/ROLLER : Descendents of Hieronymus and Magdalena Roller
Updated 2/4/01

RUCKMAN : Descendents of John and Elizabeth Ruckman
Updated 3/12/01

SPANGLER/Spengler: Some descendents of George Spengler of Bavaria
Updated 3/13/01

WILLIAMS : Descendants of Elijah Williams and his two wives
Updated 3/12/01

Southern Families

VA, NC, GA, MS, AL, AR and LA

CHRISTIAN: Descendants of Thomas Christian and Eleanor Kewly
(with information on the BRITT family)
Updated 7/1/03

GATHRIGHT : Descendants of Michael/Miles and Amy Gathright/Garthwaite
Updated 3/4/01

HARRISON: Descendants of Thomas Harrison and Eliza Bernard
Updated 3/8/01

HENRY: Descendants of James Henry and Agness Mitchell
Updated 6/11/02

Henry Land, Bible and Census Records
Created 8/8/01

McGAUGHEY : Some Descendants of William McGuaghey of Ireland
Created 1/19/02

McINTYRE : Descendants of Angus McIntre and Elizabeth Stilley
Updated 3/13/01

OLDHAM: Descendants of Calvin and Mary Oldham
Updated 3/9/01

OWEN : Descendants of Richard Owen and Betty Rowland
Updated 3/19/01

Created 3/16/01

OWENS: Descendants of Charles Pinkney Owens and Malinda Henry
Updated 3/4/01

PEARCE: Descendants of Lazarus Pearce of NC
Updated 9/15/02

PEAVY : Some Descendants of John Peavy and Unity White
Updated 6/7/03

REYNOLDS : Some descendants of Robert REYNOLDS of England
Updated 2/4/01

SPIGHT: Some descendants of Thomas Spight amd Ann Everett
Updated 3/10/01

STILLEY: Descendants of "Natchez" John Stilley and Elizabeth (White) Holloway
Updated 8/23/01

YOUNG: Descendants of Thomas D. M. Young and Elizabeth Knox Boyd
Updated 8/20/01

German Coast of Louisiana Families

BACAS : Some descendants of Jean Baptiste Manuel Bacas and Marie Louise Catherine Landrony
Updated 6/9/03

CAMBRE: Some descendants of Michel Kammer of Germany
Updated 6/15/03

CHAUFF/Schaaf/Chofe/Sof: Some descendants of Adam & Eve Schaaf of France
Updated 6/22/03

CONRAD : Some descendants of Phillipe Conrad & Christine Barbe Beauviz
Updated 7/8/03

FOISY/Froisy: Descendants of Pierre Foisy & Marguerite Foument of France
Updated 3/20/01

HAYDEL/Heidel: Descendants of Johann Adam Heidel & Barbara Eve Schnarberg of Neukirchen, Germany
Updated 2/11/01

JACOB : Some descendants of Benedict Jacob of Kirrwiller, Bas-Rhin, France
Updated 3/19/01

MAILLET/HEBERT: My Cajun Connection: Ancestors of Cleonise Maillet
Created 2/22/01

MILLET: Descendants of Jean Millet & Catherine Mayer
Updated 4/8/01

ORY : Descendants of Nicholas Ory of France & his two wives
Updated 2/11/01

PERILLOUX : Descendants of Jacques Periot & Anne Barbay
Updated 3/21/01

PICOU: Some descendants of Charles Picou & Jeanne Pouppon of France
Updated 2/14/01

RODRIGUE: Some descendants of Joao Rodrigues of Portugal & Suzana Da Cruz
Updated 3/24/01

ROMMEL: Descendants of Heinrich Rommel & Ursula Altofer w/ Hautin, Miville connections
Updated 4/10/01

TREGRE: Descendants of Andreas Traeger & Catherine Callender
Updated 3/6/01

VICNER/Vicknair : Descendants of Johann Nikolaus Wichner & Anne Barbe Frederic of Germany
Updated 3/21/01

If you find a connection or see something that needs correcting,
please let me know.

If you are new to ancestor hunting, try USGenWeb.
I have gotten more leads and information from posting queries on county pages than anywhere else. There is a page for every county in the country.

Don't know what county to search?
Go to Rootsweb Town Search to what find county a town is in.
There are also some great places to search, post queries and/or find others reseaching your surnames in the links list.
Happy Hunting!

Last updated 13 Nov 2006.

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