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The McIntyre and Cawthon Families

Nancy Elizabeth McIntyre
Picture on smooth glass. Date unknown.

Many thanks to Brenda Sullivan for most of the information on this page. Thanks also to Bea Drake, Anis Kashani and Sandy Schmitz for more recent information. Special thanks to John D. McIntyre for the McIntyre Clan plaid background.
The McIntyre, Cawthon and Wright families were among the early settlers of Carroll Parish, LA, which was split into two parishes in 1877. East Carroll Parish includes the towns of Richland and Delhi, among others. West Carroll Parish includes Darnell, Epps, Floyd, Goodwill, Oak Grove, Pioneer and Unity.
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1. Angus MCINTYRE (b. 1788, Morvin, Argyleshire, Scotland-bet. Aug, 1850-Jul 1860, ?Carroll Parish, LA) m. 5 Feb 1824, Claiborne Co, MS, Elizabeth "Betsy" STILLEY (c1803, Claiborne Co, MS-aft. Jul 1860, ?Carroll Parish, LA), daughter of Reuben Paul STILLEY (1784-1820) and Mary Polly CLARK (c1784-c1820)

Angus arrived in Charleston, SC, in Oct 1822, age 36, and was naturalized 1 Jan 1827, SC. He and wife appear on the 1830 cenus of Hinds Co, MS. In 1837, they are on the census of Kemper Co, MS, with 4 males under 18, but the information on females and slaves is totally unreadable. They are also listed in the 1840 census of Kemper Co, MS. By 1846, the family appears in Carroll Parish, LA, and are listed on the 1850 census. Angus was a surveyor and school teacher. He doesn't appear on the 1860 census, but Elizabeth is living with her oldest son and his family in Carroll Parish.

+2-John H. McIntyre (27 Jan 1824, NC-bet. 1871-80, Pioneer, W. Carroll Parish, LA) m. 18 Jul 1867, W. Carrol Parish, LA, Margaret Jane OLDHAM (23 Mar 1846, NC-25 Feb 1923, Pioneer, W. Carroll Parish, LA), daughter of Calvin and Mary Oldham
John owned land in both E. & W. Carroll Parishes, LA in 1859.
2. Mary J. McIntyre (b. 1827, MS)
+2. Rueben S. Augustus McIntyre (b. 1828, MS) m. 19 Jun 1870, Susan Jane KILCREASE
2. Margaret Ann McIntrye (b. 1832, MS) m. 16 Sep 1856, E. Carroll Parish, LA, m. 16 Sep 1856, E. Carroll Parish, LA, Robert WRIGHT (b. 16 Sep 1834, MS), son of Dorrell WRIGHT and Mary Ann LANFAIR; 4 children: i. John D. Wright (b. Aug 1859)
ii. Robert S. Wright (b. 1862)
iii. William D. Wright (20 Aug 1866-23 Oct 1942)
iv. Arch A. Wright (22 Jan 1870-5 Sep 1962)
2. Hugh L. McIntrye (b. 1837, MS)
2. Flora McIntyre (b. 1840, MS)
2. Nancy Elizabeth McIntrye (c1845, Carroll Par LA-1900, Old Floyd, W. Carroll Parish, LA)
m1. 5 Dec 1867, E. Carroll Par, LA, Darrell WRIGHT, Jr. (1838, MS-bef. 1879), son of Dorrell WRIGHT, Sr. and Mary Ann LANFAIR; 2 children:
i. Mary Elizabeth Wright (b. 1869, W. Carroll Parish, LA) m. 29 Oct 1885, W. Carroll Parish, LA, Robert OLDHAM (b. c1856, AL), son of Calvin and Mary OLDHAM
ii. Female Wright (b. Mar 1870)
m2. 5 Jan 1879, W. Carroll Par, LA, Malcolm OLDHAM (1851, NC-1885, Floyd, LA), son of Calvin and Mary Oldham
2. Daniel C. McIntrye (b. 1848, MS)

Child of John H. and Margaret Jane Oldham MCINTYRE
3. Mary Elizabeth McIntrye (21 Jan 1869, Carroll Par, LA-17 Feb 1921, Floyd, W. Carroll Parish, LA)
m. 19 Dec 1885, Floyd, W. Carroll Parish, LA, Chesley Ludd CAWTHON (1857-1912), son of Asbury CAWTHON and Martha A. DEMPSEY (see below for CAWTHON family)

Children of Rueben and Susan Kilcrease MCINTYRE
3. Louis McIntyre (6 Feb 1874-30 Apr 1890)
3. Ophelia McIntyre (b. 11 Nov 1875)
3. Elexandia Anna McIntyre (5 Feb 1877-Jan 1954) m. 23 Dec 1897, Eugene French FLANAGAN (1869-20 May 1932); 7 children:
i. Susie Beatrice Flanagan (30 Dec 1899-1956) m1. W. E. HUFFMAN; m2. 1 Dec 1917, Garlin A. MIXON (d. 4 Apr 1918)
ii. Willie Eugene Flanagan (27 Dec 1900-5 Jan 1901)
iii. Anna Audrey Flanagan (b. 24 Oct 1902) m. 20 Nov 1917, George HOLLIDAY
iv. John Bennett Flanagan (b. 25 Mar 1905) m. Gertrude SPINSEL
v. Clinton Elexander Flanagan (9 Oct 1907-25 Aug 1922)
vi. Ethel Eugene Flanagan (b. 16 Dec 1910) m. 2 Aug 1926, Merton Watson OWENS (b. 7 Feb 1907), son of Theophilus Z. OWENS and Martha Jane CAWTHON
vii. George Luey Flanagan (b. 2 Apr 1912)
3. John C. McIntyre (7 Aug 1879-11 Dec 1912) m. Ellen MCELREATH; one child: Basel McIntyre (b. c1913) m. Evie TYSON
3. M. S. S. J. McIntyre (d. 29 Jan 1898)

The CAWTHON Family

Many thanks to Frances L. Yost for the information on her FTM site

1-Charles Cawthon (c1700, England-1767, Tryon Co, NC) m. c1725, Charlotte Co, VA, Elizabeth WOMACK, daughter of William WOMACK

Children of Charles and Elizabeth Womack CAWTHON
2-John Cawthon (c1730, NC-aft. 23 Sep 1824, Franklin Co, GA) m. Rebecca MOUNT
2-Mary Cawthon (b. c1730) m. in Franklin Co, GA, John E. WALTERS
2-Lydia Cawthon (b. c1730) m. in Franklin Co, GA, John WARAEN. Lydia may have died in MS
2-Sarah Fanny Cawthon (b. c1730) m. c1770, NC, Thomas TATE; m. c1780, William WILKINSON
2-Elizabeth Cawthon (b. c1745)m. c1789, Franklin Co, GA, Moses WALTERS, son of Robert WALTERS and Johannah MCBEE
2-Claiborne Cawthon (c1755, VA-1818, Belleville, St. Clair Co, IL) m. bef. 1795, Franklin Co, GA, Hannah Johannah WALTERS
2-Judith Cawthon (2 Jun 1762-1844, Franklin Co, GA) m. 1784, Franklin Co, GA, Elijah WALTERS, son of Robert WALTERS and Johannah MCBEE

THIRD GENERATION: Children of John and Rebecca Mount CAWTHON
3-David Cawthon (c1775-TN) m. in Elbert, GA, Jane GATES
3-William Cawthon m. Margaret ___
3-Rebecca Cawthon m. Thomas PAYNE
3-Sarah Fanny Cawthon m. Thomas CARTER
3-Charles Cawthon (1773, Franklin Co, GA-20 May 1845, Carroll Co, MS) m. c1800, Franklin Co, GA, Elise/Elizabeth TATE (NC-5 Sep 1836, Carroll Co, MS)

FOURTH GENERATION: Children of Charles and Elizabeth Tate CAWTHON
4-Claiborne Cawthon (d. 1840, GA) m. GA, Jerushy PULLUM
4-Tilethy Cawthon m. Johnathon NELUMS (GA); 8 children
4-John C. Cawthon (d. 2 Jan 1830) m. Frances PULLUM (GA); 4 children
4-Charles Mount Cawthon m. Sarah COX
4-Fanny Cawthon m. John CAMP
4-James Tate Cawthon m. ___ BREWER (Carroll, MS)
4-Elizabeth Ann Cawthon m. John BARTLETT (Noxubee, MS)
4-Wilkinson Titworth Cawthon (30 May 1810, Franklin Co, GA-1895, Selma, AL) m. 15 Jun 1828, Franklin Co, GA, Sarah Holland CAMP (5 Apr 1809, Rutherford, NC-18 Mar 1846, Green Co, AL)

FIFTH GENERATION: Children Claiborne and Jerushy Pullum CAWTHON
5-John Cawthon
5-Ludlow Cawthon
5-Thomas Cawthon (b. 1820, Morgan, GA)
5-James L. Cawthon (19 Apr 1823, Morgan, GA-19 Apr 1893, Warden, LA)
m. 23 Oct 1859, Carroll Par, LA, Virginia SHAW; 5 children
5-Asberry Cawthon (13 Feb 1831, MS-23 Nov 1863, Darnell, LA); died in Civil War
m. 22 Dec 1856, Darnell, LA, Martha A. DEMPSEY
5-Chesley Cawthon (b. 1836, MS) m. Sarah DEPSY (b. 1841)
5-Sarah Cawthon (b. 1841, LA)

Children of James L. and Virginia Shaw CAWTHON
6. James A. Cawthon (b. 1850, MS) m. Ollie J. ___
6. Mary A. Cawthon (b. 1852, MO)
6. George C. Cawthon (25 Jan 1857, LA-18 Jun 1914) m1. unknown; one son: Geoge C. Cawthon (9 Jan 1906-7 Mar 1985, Darnell, LA
m2. 1 Mar 1883, Eugenia CUMMINS, daughter of James CUMMINS; six children.
Children of Asberry and Martha Dempsey CAWTHON
6-Chesley Ludd Cawthon (20 Sep 1857, Floyd, LA-19 Aug 1912, Floyd, LA)
6-Sarah Cawthon (b. 1860, Floyd, LA)

SEVENTH GENERATION: Children of Mary Elizabeth McIntyre and Chesly Ludd CAWTHON
7-Flora & Geoge Cawthon (died at birth, buried together in Bayou Macon Cemetary, W. Carroll Parish, LA)
7-Martha Jane Cawthon (19 Dec 1887, Pioneer, LA-31 Aug 1957, Pioneer, LA)
m. 17 Feb 1903, Theophilus Zimmon OWENS (12 Oct 1878, Freeny, Leake Co, MS-9 Jul 1945, Pioneer, W. Carroll Parish, LA), son of C. P. OWENS and Mattie YOUNG
4-Althea Ethel Cawthon (4 Jul 1889-10 Dec 1931) m. Fred STANFILL; 5 children
4-Mary Elizabeth Cawthon (24 Nov 1891-26 Aug 1970) m. 1919, Pioneer, LA, Herman Claude EUBANKS (16 Dec 1896, Waco, TX-8 Dec 1969); 6 children
4-Barbara Sarah Cawton (11 Sep 1894-17 Feb 1934) m. Allen Lafayette HAWSEY
4-Emma Edith Cawthon (24 Nov 1900-Feb 1986, W. Carroll Parish, LA) m. Robert A. HOLIDAY (27 Sep 1886-9 Jan 1973); 2 children
4-Stella Ida Cawthon (24 Nov 1902-24 Dec 1911)
4-Anis Eunice "Tot" Cawthon (14 Mar 1907, Darnell, W. Carroll Parish, LA-9 Aug 1996, Oak Grove, W. Carroll Parish, LA) m. Lewis Carson MARTIN (b. 4 Oct 1900, Ringold, LA;
one son: Louis Chessley Martin (6 Dec 1927, Shreveport, LA-24 Jul 1980, Delhi, LA)
4-John Chesley Cawthon (23 Sep 1909, Darnell, W. Carroll Parish, LA-9 Apr 1998, W. Carroll Parish, LA) m. 3 Aug 1931, Oakdale, Allen Parish, LA, Coriene Dales KILPATRICK (b. 20 Apr 1915, Georgetown, Lasalle Parish, LA); 3 children

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