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The Spangler/Spengler Family

George Spengler (1150-1190)

Matilda Spangler
Wife of John R. Reed
Picture taken April 3, 1900 and given to granddaughter, Eva Reed Roop

Many thanks to Fillmore Spangler who provided a good bit of the information on the Spangler/Spengler family and has now created THE Spangler Family Genealogy page (check it out!). I only had a name found on the funeral home record of my ggrandfather. Queries on USGenWeb brought me to Fil and he was kind enough to share his information. Grateful thanks to Tom Spangler who provided the updated information from The Spangler Annals , published 1896. Sincere appreciation to John Murray who sent me the information on Catherine's Neff's family. And I've found a new cousin, Kathryn Rybak who has added tons of information! Fil's father, Fillmore Spangler, has also been helpful.
The newest donor of Spangler information is the estate of Carl Spangler SHOULTS, Jr. who preserved the papers, pictures and details of Robert W. Spangler, son of Daniel Spangler, adding another branch to our family tree.
The first fifteen generations are direct; later direct generations are in bold; + indicates that there is another generation on this page.
Page created 8/97. Updated 13 March 2001. Links checked 11/12/06

Number denotes generation
1. George SPENGLER (c1150, Poss, Wuerzburg,Bavaria-1190, Crusade to Antioch, Turkey), buried at St. Peter Cem., Antioch, Turkey
2. George SPENGLER (Winsbach, Germany-c1295, Winsbach, Germany) m. c1290, ___ REDTLINGER
3. Killian SPENGLER (c1290, Kutzendorf, Germany-c1323, Kutzendorf, Germany) m. c1309, Margaretha GAUMY (c1294, "of Elbersdorf," Hessia-betw. 1323-1388)
4. Killian SPENGLER (b. c1320, "of Elbersdorf," Hessia, N. Prussia) m. ___ VON ROSENBUSCH (b. c1320)
5. Peter SPENGLER (c1335, "of Elbersdorf," Hessia, N. Prussia-c1393, Elbersdorf, Germany) m. Catherina von der VON DER ANSACH
6. Hans SPENGLER (c1390, Winsbach, Bavaria, Germany-c1435, Germany) m. bef. 1420, Christina WESTENDORFF (c1394, Winsbach, Bavaria)
7. Hans or Urban SPENGLER (c1420, Donauworth, Franken, Germany-15 Dec 1527, Nuremburg, Bavaria, Germany)
8. George SPENGLER (c1443-1496, Nurenberg, Bavaria, Germany) m. 1468, Agnes ULMER (1447-1505). These two had 20 childen!
9. George SPENGLER (1480, Nurenberg, Bavaria, Germany-1529, Nuremburg, Bavaria, Germany) m. 1516, Juliana TUCHERIN (c1495-1522)
10. Frantz SPENGLER (1517, Nuremburg, Bavaria, Germany-1565, Nuremburg, Bavaria, Germany)
11. Lazarus SPENGLER (1552, Nuremburg, Bavaria, Germany-1618, Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany) m. 1593, Bertrand GEROLDIN (c1572-1604)
12. Hans George "Rudi" SPENGLER (1594, Nuremburg, Bavaria, Germany-1685, Schoftland, Berne, Switzerland) m. 7 Mar 1617/18, Schoftland, Berne, Switzerland, Anna GLUR
13. Jacob SPENGLER (c1618, Switzerland-c1664, Switzerland) m. bef 1651, Maria DIEB (b. bef. 1636)
14. Hans Rudolf SPENGLER (c1637, Schoftland, Canton Berne, Aargua, Switzerland-aft 1712, Weyler, Germany)
m. 16 Jul 1678, Sinshein, Judith HAEGIS (c1658, Beiassen, Sinshein-8 Feb 1690, Weyler, Germany), daughter of Jacob HAEGIS
15. Hans Caspar SPENGLER (20 Jan 1684, Weyler, Baden, Germany-bef. 28 Apr 1760, York Co, PA)
m. 9 Feb 1712, Weiler, Baden, Germany, Judith ZIEGLER (12 May 1686, Weyler, Baden, Germany-aft 1730, York Co, PA), daughter of Hans Martin ZIEGLER (bef 1697-aft 1712) and Anna Catherina ___

SIXTEENTH GENERATION: Children of Caspar and Judith Ziegler SPENGLER
16. Albrecht SPENGLER (20 Nov 1712, Germany-died in minority)
16. Jonas SPENGLER (26 May 1715, Weyler, German-1762, Paradise Twp, York Co, PA) m. c1744, Adams Co, PA, Catherine Maria KINDIGEN
16. Phillip SPENGLER (b. & d. 18 Feb 1715/16, Germany)
16. Bernhard SPENGLER (2 Sep 1719, Germany-1804, York Co, PA) m. c1740, Anna Margaretha BRAUNA
16. Rudolf SPENGLER (1 Mar 1721/22, Germany-1782, York Co, PA) m. Barbara ___
16. Anna Maria SPENGLER (15 Jul 1725, Baden, Germany-bef. 1765, PA) m. Michael SWOOPE
16. Mary SPENGLER (15 Jul 1725, Baden German-c1726)
16. Judith SPENGLER (c1728, York Co, PA-c1810) m. c1760, Henry BAKER
+16-Philipp Casper SPENGLER (1730, York Co, PA-1782, York Co, PA) m. Margaret Salome DINKEL (6 Apr 1736, Strasburg, Germany-29 Jun 1813, York Co, PA), daughter of Johann Daniel DINKEL (d. c1755) and Marie Ursula VON ERNEST (2 Apr 1713-29 Sep 1793)

SEVENTEENTH GENERATION: Children of Philipp and Margaret S. Dinkel SPENGLER
17. Charles SPANGLER (c1756-16 Sep 1833, Botetourt Co, VA) m. Susanna DIEHL
+17. Michael SPANGLER (13 Oct 1758 York, York Co, PA-28 May 1834, Paradise Twp or Jackson Twp, York Co, PA); Rev. War Patriot from PA
m. 28 Jun 1781, Paradise Twp, York Co, PA, Catherine SCHWEISGOOD (16 Nov 1761, Paradise Twp, York Co, PA-aft. 23 Oct 1816, Paradise Twp, York Co, PA), daughter of Lorentz SCHWEISGOOD (10 Feb 1723, Wiesbaden, Heisse, Germany-12 Mar 1799, Paradise Twp, York Co, PA) and Elizabeth SALTZGEBER

17. Johann Philip SPANGLER (17 Mar 1761, York Co, PA-1823, Strasburg, Shenandoah Co, VA) m. Regina STOVER
17. Frederick SPANGLER (17 Apr 1765, York Co, PA-aft. 1792, Clinton, IL)
17. Elizabeth SPANGLER (19 Nov 1767-aft. 1812) m. John HERBACH
17. Solomon SPENGLER (b. 1770)
17. David SPENGLER (b. 5 Sep 1772)
+17. Daniel SPANGLER (b. 5 Sep 1772) NOTE: the twins spell their surname differently.
17. Anthony SPENGLER (b. 29 Dec 1774)
17. Anna Maria SPANGLER (1777-3 Jun 1811, Bottstown, York Co, PA) m. Henry IMSCHWILLER

Children of Michael and Catherine Schweisgood SPANGLER
18. Philip Spangler (b. 12 May 1782, York Co, PA)
18. Michael Spangler (13 Oct 1783, York Co, PA-29 Aug 1836, Cleveland, OH) m. 11 Sep 1808, Canton, Columbiana Co, OH, Elizabeth MILLER (2 Jan 1790, Hagestown, MD-5 Mar 1880, Cleveland, OH)
18. Elizabeth Spangler (15 Nov 1785, York Co, PA-7 Jan 1849, York Co, PA) m. 6 May 1802, William EYSTER (4 Dec 1777, W. Manchester Twp, York Co, PA-6 Sep 1824)
18. Margaretha Spangler (b. 13 Nov 1786)
18. Margaret Spangler (b. 17 Nov 1787)
+18. Samuel SPANGLER (15 Apr 1790, York, York Co, PA-27 Mar 1871, E. Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, OH) m. 1811, Christ Lutheran Church, York Co, PA, Catharine NEFF (1793, PA-15 Jan 1865, E. Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, OH), daughter of Peter NEFF (c1761-Nov 1801, Manheim Twp, York Co, PA) and Susanna BLASSER (c1760, Lancaster Co, PA-1810).
+18. Benjamin Spangler (5 May 1792, York Co, PA-18 Feb 1876, Stark Co, OH) m. 16 Jul 1816, Stark Co, OH, Margaret Priscilla WEYER (25 Jan 1798, PA-1 Oct 1877, Stark Co, OH), daughter of Anthony WEYER and Catherine KURTZ
18. Zachariah Spangler (6 Jun 1794, York Co, PA-17 Jan 1875, Jackson Twp, York Co, PA) m. 24 May 1818, Anna Maria MENGES
18. Rebecca Spangler (18 Jun 1800, York Co, PA-10 Mar 1863, York Co, PA) m. John LAU (21 Jul 1796, W. Manchester, York Co, PA-20 Jul 1864)
18. Jesse Spangler (9 Feb 1804-14 Feb 1886, Jackson Twp, York Co, PA) m. bef. 1843, Lydia ??? (bef. 1843-31 Oct 1855, Jackson Twp, York Co, PA

Children of Daniel Spangler
18. Mary "Polly Spangler (12 Oct 1794-c1864) m. Robert MOSBY (c1770-1864)
+18. Frederick Spangler (28 Nov 1798, ?VA-18 Nov 1872) m. 29 Nov 1821, Lucy CORNELIUS (15 Oct 1799, VA-23 Feb 1863, KY)
18. Daniel D. Spangler (b. 1800)
18. Philander Spangler (b. 1802)

Children of Samuel and Catharine Neff SPANGLER
+19. Michael Spangler (12 Jan 1812, Tuscarawas, Stark Co, OH-8 Sep 1877, Williamsport, Allen Co, IN) m. 1833, Medina Co, OH, Dorothea KIESS (16 Feb 1811, Stuttgart, Germany-3Oct 1869, Williamsport, Allen Co, IN), then Nancy ___
19. Eliza Spangler (8 Nov 1815-c1830)
19. Susan Spangler (23 Dec 1816, Tuscarawas, Stark Co, OH-24 Jul 1901, Poe, Preble Twp, Adams Co, IN) m. 9 Jul 1844, Adams Co, IN, Jacob KIEFER (b. c1807, Prussia, Germany); one child: Catherine KIEFER (b. c1848)
+19. Peter Spangler (20 May 1819, Tuscarawas, Stark Co, OH-c1860, Adams Co, IN) m. 27 Jun 1843, Adams Co, IN, Hannah MEWHORTER (c1826, OH-bef. Jul 1865), daughter of William MEWHORTER and Diana MCKENDRY
19. Elizabeth B. Spangler (24 Dec 1821, E. Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, OH-7 Jan 1911, Congress Twp, Wayne Co, OH) m. 20 Dec 1843, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, OH, Isaac W. CULLER (15 Aug 1821, Tuscarawas, Stark Co, OH-3 Feb 1896, Congress Twp, Wayne Co, OH), son of Henry COLER and Elizabeth MUMAW; 6 CULLER children:
i. Loretta J. Culler (b. c1847)
ii. Henry C. Culler (b. Jul 1850)
iii. Jeremiah J. Culler (b. Jul 1854)
iv. Louisa M. Culler (18 Jul 1856, Jackson, Ashland Co, OH-25 May 1928, Jackson, Ashland Co, OH) m. 26 Nov 1878, Wayne Co, OH, Josiah A. STONER (25 May 1847, E. Huntingdon, Westmoreland Co, PA-26 Nov 1927, Jackson Ashland Co, OH)
v. Harriet A. Culler (b. 10 May 1860)
vi. Jay W. Culler (b. 16 May 1863)
19. Catherine Spangler (24 Dec 1824, E. Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, OH-7 Feb 1849, Cleveland, OH) m. 29 Sep 1841, Cleveland, OH, John H. REED (1800, VT-1904, IN)
+19. Sylvester Spangler (27 Mar 1827, Cleveland, OH-c1856, Adams Co, IN) m. Elizabeth ??? (b. c1827)
19. Matilda Spangler (30 Sep 1829, E. Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, OH-22 Jun 1909, Root Twp, Adams Co, IN)
m. 19 Apr 1909, Cleveland, OH, John H. REED
(her sister Catherine's husband)
19. Harriet Spangler (10 Aug 1832, Cleveland, OH-22 Jul 1912, Euclid, Cuyahoga Co, OH) m. 14 Jul 1848, Cleveland, OH, David Zabulon CLARK (9 Apr 1818, London, England-27 Dec 1915, Euclid, Cuyahoga Co, OH); 3 CLARK children: Samuel (b. c1849), Jacob William (b. Jun 1852), and George (b. c1859)
+19. Jacob Spangler (12 Dec 1834, Cuyahoga Co, OH-15 Mar 1921, Kirkland Twp, Adams Co, OH) m. 19 Jan 1858, Adams Co, IN, Margaret BAKER (1835, Bavaria, Germany-29 Jun 1891)
19. Louisa Spangler (10 Nov 1837, Cuyahoga Co, OH-17 May 1865, Cuyahoga Co, OH) m. 7 Jul 1855, Cleveland, OH, John G. DORSCH (Aug 1832, Germany-1914); 3 DORSCH children: Simon S. (b. 9 May 1857), Jesse Cyrus (b. 27 Mar 1860), and Franklin W. (b. Feb 1863)

Children of Benjamin and Margaret P. Weyer SPANGLER
19. Michael SPANGLER (b. 28 Apr 1817)
19. Unknown son SPANGLER (b. 1819)
19. Anthony SPANGLER (b. 1822)
19. Unknown daughter SPANGLER (b. 1825)
19. Lewis SPANGLER (b. 1830)
19. Joseiah SPANGLER (b. 1832)
19. Sarah SPANGLER (b. 1834)
19. John Wesley SPANGLER (b. 1838)
19. Margaret SPANGLER (b. 1846)

Children of Frederick and Lucy Cornelius SPANGLER
19. Mary Elizabeth Spangler (22 Oct 1822-Sep 1824)
19. Edmund Terrell Spangler (23 Nov 1824-1845)
+19. Robert William Spangler (3 Dec 1826, Petersburg, Boone Co, KY-12 Jul 1887, Milledgeville, OH)
m1. 3 Apr 1855, Ross Co, OH, Margaret SOMMERVILLE (24 Sep 1825-13 May 1866, Bourneville, Ross Co, OH)
m2. 23 May 1867, Delilah Adaline WRIGHT (20 Dec 1832-20 Dec 1914, Washington, Fayette Co, OH)
19. Richard Dyctisin Spangler (5 Nov 1828-Apr 1843)
19. Charles Bingley Spangler (29 Jul 1832-1873, Paris, IL); 3 known children: Manford, Edith and Lena
19. Margaret Terrell Spangler (24 Aug 1838-25 Dec 1907) m. 1866, John BRADFORD; 2 known children: Joseph and Irene
19. Daniel Mosby Spangler (5 Jan 1842-29 Aug 1846)

Children of Michael and Dorothy Kiess SPANGLER
20. Harriet Spangler (c1835, OH-1 Apr 1910, Adams Co, IN)
m1. 17 Apr 1854, Adams Co, IN, Frederick FRAEGER (b. c1835) m2. 6 Mar 1855, Decatur, Adams Co, IN, Mathias LONGABACHER (23 Nov 1823, Germany-6 Aug 1903, Decatur, Adams Co, IN); 2 LONGABACHER children: Amanda and ???
20. Catherine Spangler (b. c1838, OH)
m1. 10 Aug 1858, Wesley J. SELBEI
m2. 30 Sep 1859, Zion Lutheran Church, Friedheim, Adams Co, IN, Ferdinand MEYER (b. c1838)
+20. Sylvester Spangler (19 Feb 1842, Crawford Co, OH-28 Oct 1921, Decatur, Adams Co, IN) m. 25 Jan 1866, Adams Co, IN, Julia GILLIG (14 Sep 1844, Blue Creek Twp, Adams Co, IN-6 Dec 1917, Decatur, Adams Co, IN), daughter of Francis Joseph GILLIG and Theresa SPULLER
20. Sophia Spangler (24 Jun 1844, Preble, Adams Co, IN-1 Aug 1891, Admas Co, IN) m. 10 May 1866, Adams Co, IN, Jacob F. MANGOLD (17 Mar 1847, OH-8 Oct 1908, Adams Co, IN)
20. Susanna Dorothea Spangler (5 Aug 1846, Preble, Adams Co, IN-13 Jun 1926, West Point, Cuming Co, NE) m. 12 Mar 1870, Adams Co, IN, Frederick G. REPPERT (7 Apr 1846, Adams Co, IN-3 Feb 1892, West Point, Cuming Co, NE); 3 children:
i. Clara Eleanor Reppert (b. 23 Nov 1870)
ii. Leo Alfred Reppert (b. 26 Feb 1873)
iii. Franklin Earle Reppert (b. 5 Aug 1881)
20. Barbara Spangler (b. c1848, Preble, Adams Co, IN) m. 12 Oct 1876, Adams Co, IN, Jacob R. SHAFER (b. c1848)
20. George W. Spangler (b. c1851, Preble, Adams Co, IN) m. Catherine ???; one child: Nellie SPANGLER (b. c1876)
20. John Frederick Spangler (b. c1854, Adams Co, IN)

Children of Peter and Hannah MeWhorter SPANGLER
All born in Adams Co, IN
20. Catherine Spangler (b. Apr 1844)
20. Matilda E. Spangler (b. May 1847)
20. William M. Spangler (b. c1851)
20. Hannah Ann Spangler (b. c1856)
20. Susannah Spangler (b. Oct 1859)

Children of Sylvester and Elizabeth SPANGLER
20. Samuel T. Spangler (b. 1849, OH) m. Virginia ??? (b. c1849, FL)
20. George L. Spangler (b. c1853, IN)
20. Mary C. Spangler (b. c1855, IN)
20. Sylvester James Spangler (b. c1856, IN)

Children of Jacob and Margaret Baker SPANGLER
All born in Root Twp, Adams Co, IN
20. Mary Margaret Spangler (29 Oct 1858-17 Jul 1940, Adams Co, IN) m. 15 Dec 1878, Adams Co, IN, Jacob Ernest HENSCHEN (5 Jan 1856, Lienen, Prussia, Germany-30 Jun 1950, Kirkland, Adams Co, IN)
20. Eliza Catherine Spangler (b. c1860-1951, Adams Co, IN)
+20. Samuel Jacob Spangler (21 Sep 1862-28 Apr 1928, Decatur, IN) m. 1894, Adams Co, IN, Louise E. ARMACK (Aug 1867-23 Mar 1943, Ft. Wayne, Allen Co, IN)
+20. Daniel David Spangler (25 Mar 1867-12 Jun 1949, Mishawaka, St. Joseph Co, IN)
m1. 18 Jul 1890, Adams Co, IN, E. N. Laurinda GLOCK (Jan 1872, IN-8 Mar 1930), daughter of Dr. GLOCK
m2. 21 Jun 1933, Josephine GLOCK (d. c1958, Mishawaka, St. Joseph Co, IN), another daughter of Dr. GLOCK
+20. Charles William Spangler (16 Dec 1869-20 Nov 1946, Peru, Miami Co, IN) m. 2 May 1895, Sarah C. LEOPOLD (Aug 1873, IN-13 Dec 1952)
20. Jacob Edward Spangler (20 Jun 1872-12 Oct 1937, Preble Twp, Adams Co, IN)
m1. 2 Oct 1895, Adams Co, IN, Cora L. SHEETS (1874-1899, Adams Co, IN)
m2. 18 Jan 1900, Adams Co, IN, Nettie SHACKLEY (3 Apr 1871, IN-28 Jul 1929, Preble Twp, Adams Co, IN), daughter of Howard SHACKLEY and Samantha KERN
20. John Christian Spangler (21 Feb 1872-19 Aug 1894, Root Twp, Adams Co, IN)

Children of Robert W. and Margaret Sommerville Spangler
20. Lucy Jane Spangler (b. 18 Nov 1857, Chillicothe, OH) m. 10 Jun 1891, Ross Co, OH, Abraham SHOULTS (27 Aug 1851-1951, Oklahoma City, OK)
Their son, Carl Spangler SHOULTS (b. 28 Nov 1898) m. 22 Jul 1925, Wichita Falls, TX, Mary Ellen MCMAHAN. Their son, Carl Spangler SHOULTS, Jr. is the person responsible for preserving his family's records.
20. John Mosby Spangler (3 Sep 1859, Chillicothe, OH-Perry, FL) m. Lizzie ____; one known son: Robert Spangler
20. Charles Sommerville Spangler (2 Feb 1861, Bourneville, Ross Co, OH-31 Aug 1894, Washington, Fayette Co, OH)
20. Carrie Belle Spangler (b. 23 Apr 1863, Bourneville, Ross Co, OH) m. James William WILLIS
20. Frederick Arthur Spangler (b. 4 Feb 1865, Bourneville, Ross Co, OH)

Child of Robert W. and Delilah A. Wright Spangler
20. Robert Walter Spangler (b. 1 Aug 1873)

Children of Sylvester and Julia Gillig SPANGLER
21. Flora "Ella" Spangler (Nov 1866, IN-9 Nov 1932, Adams Co, IN) m. 1887, Adams Co, IN, Benjamin James RICE (1864-1944)
21. Theresa Adel Spangler (19 Sep 1871, Decatur, Adams Co, IN-15 Jun 1916, Decatur, Adams Co, IN) m. 14 Mar 1895, Adams Co, IN, Craven Ellsworth "Dick" NEPTUNE (b. 1866, Adams Co, IN), son of James Craven NEPTUNE and Isabelle FLAGG

Children of Samuel Jacob and Louise E. Armack SPANGLER
21. Bertha A. Spangler (25 Jun 1896, Adams Co, IN-May 1977, Lagrange, IN) m. 1914, Adams Co, IN, Karl THOMPSON
21. Iva M. Spangler (14 Feb 1898, Adams Co, IN-18 May 1986, Ft. Wayne, IN), never married

Children of Daniel David and Laurinda Glock SPANGLER
21. Beulah Esther Spangler (8 Jun 1892, Kewanna, IN-Nov 1980, Warren, IN) m. 4 Jul 1915, Ernest L. DUKER (10 Aug 1891, New Paradis, IN-12 Sep 1987, Warren, IN), son of Garret DUKER and Susan CLOSE
21. Grace N. Spangler (6 Jun 1898, Vera Cruz, IN-Jan 1981, St. Paul, Minn.) m. 25 May 1921, Mishawaka, IN, Lowell S. FRY (d. 1 Jan 1965, St. Paul, Minn.); 3 FRY children: Naomi, George E. and Beulah A.

Children of Charles William and Sarah C. Leopold SPANGLER
21. Irvin S. Spangler (3 Oct 1897-Oct 1974, Kokomo, IN)
21. Olive S. Spangler (6 Feb 1900-17 Sep 1991) m. ___ BROWN
21. Ralph W. Spangler
21. Lucille Spangler

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