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The Neff Family

Ulrich Neff (b. c1562)

Many thanks and most of the credit for the information on this page goes to John Murray who has spent years of research on the Neff family. Please see the connection to the Neff Genealogy in the links list.
According to the Neff identification system (created by John Murray) this is the C Neff line.
Spangler researcher Kathryn Rybak provided the link to the two families and contributed the information on the later generations. J. W. Neff's Neff/Stump database added the earliest generations of Neffs.
Page created 10 Nov 1998 and updated 6 April 2001. Links checked 11/12/06. Our direct line is in bold and the + indicates there is another generation on this page. Please e-mail corrections, suggestions or comments!

1-2. Ulrich NEFF's son, Felix NAF (4 Oct 1587, Hausen, Zurich, Switzerland-1649, Affoltern, Am Albis, Switzerland) m. 1607, Heisch, Switzerland, Anna RINGGER (c1587, Affoltern, Switzerland-16 Nov 1628, Affoltern, Canon Zurich, Switzerland).

3. Hans Rudolf NAF (c14 Apr 1622, Heisch, Cannon Zurich, Switzerland-19 Oct 1677, Michelfeld, Baden, Germany) m. 5 Nov 1648, Affoltern, Sm Albis, Cannon Zurich, Switzerland, Ragula ZIMMERMAN (Dec 1629, Affoltern, Am Albis, Switzerland-3 Sep 1679, Michelfeld, Germany), daughter of Kaspar ZIMMERMAN and Anna LUSSI.

4. Hans Jacob NAF (c30 Jan 1659, Affoltern-30 Jun 1718, Michelfeld) m. 5 Feb 1684, Michelfeld, Anna Barbara DONNER (c12 May 1658, Michelfeld-21 Dec 1700, Michelfeld), daughter of Mathias DONNER and Margaretha LANG.

5. Johann Michael NEFF (21 Feb 1687, Michelfeld, Germany-aft. Apr 1756, Heidelberg Twp, Lancaster Co, PA) m. 11 Nov 1710, Michelfeld, Baden, Germany, Anna Dorothea SAUR (10 Dec 1690, Michelfeld, Germany-aft. Apr 1756, Heidelberg Twp, Lancaster Co, PA), daughter of Johan Jacob SAUR and Catherina BECKER

Family arrived on the ship "James Goodwill" on 11 Sep 1728, which sailed from Rotterdam, last from Deal, England where they departed on 15 Jun 1728. Johann Michael and his son Michael were naturalized at Philadelphia on 11 & 13 Apr 1743. The family were original members of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church on the Tulpehocken. Johann Michael, Sr. patented 482 acres of land in Heidelberg Twp, Lancaster Co, PA in 1749.

SIXTH GENERATION: Children of Johann Michael and Anna Dorothea Saur Neff
+6. Johann Michael Neff, Jr. (23 Jul 1712, Michelfeld, Germany-1799, Heidelberg Twp, Lancaster Co, PA) m. bef. 1748, Anna Maria Mueller MILLER, (b. c1715)
+6. Johann Jacob Neff (13 Feb 1715, Michelfeld, German-bef. 4 Jan 1790, Heidelberg Twp, Lancaster Co, PA) m. 11 May 1742, Warwick, Lancaster Co, PA, Eva Christina STOVER (b. 23 Sep 1724, Bermany).
There is conflicting information about Christina's parentage. She was either the daughter of Johann Valentin STOBER and Eva Barbara BAUER (look under second generation) or Rev. John Caspar STOEVER and Gertrude FREISENEN.
6. Anna Catherine Neff (22 Nov 1716, Michelfeld, Germany-c1794, Hardy Co, WVA) m. 10 Sep 1739, Heidelberg Twp, Lancaster Co, PA, Hans Michael STUMP (17 Mar1709, Darmstadt, Germany-8 Mar 1767, Hardy Co, WVA); 6 children: Catherine, Michael, Jr., George, James Leonard, Elizabeth and Mary Magdalene
+6. George Abraham Neff (2 Oct 1719, Michelfeld, Germany-8 Jun 1803, Washington Co, MD) m. 8 Jun 1742, Heidelberg Twp, Lancaster Co, PA, Anna Christina LOESH (c1722-Washington Co, MD), daughter of Johann Adams LOESH and Anna Sophia KAPP
6. Anna Maria Neff (b. 1721, Michelfeld, Germany) m. John SHAEFER
6. Maria Catherine Neff (24 Jan 1723, Michelfeld, Germany-1725, Michelfeld, Germany)
+6. Hans Leonard Neff (8 Mar 1725, Michelfeld, Germany-1778, Hardy Co, VA/WVA) m. 7 Dec 1747, Lancaster Co, PA, Elizabeth Magdalena FEG (1726, Tulpehocken, PA-1816, Hardy Co, VA now WVA), daughter of Leonhardt FAEG and Anna Catharine SCHULTZ
+6. Johann George Neff (1 Dec 1729, Heidelberg Twp, Lancaster Co, PA-1773, Lancaster Co, PA) m. c1753, Maria Elizabeth STUP (b. 1732)

Note: It was a custom in many countries (not just Roman Catholic) to use the same first name (Johann, Marie, etc) for all male or female children. Civic records are probably listed under the second name, which is the name the child was known by.

Children of Johann Michael and Anna Maria M. Miller Neff
7. Michael Neff (b. c1737)
7. Jacob Neff (b. c1739)
7. Leonard Neff (b. c1742)
7. John George Neff (3 Feb 1744-c1812)
7. John Neff (b. c1746)
7. Catherine Neff (b. 5 Jan 1749)
7. John Peter Neff (b. 22 Mar 1751)
7. Anna Maria Neff (b. 18 May 1752)
7. Abraham Neff (b. 26 Aug 1753)
7. Marian Elizabeth Neff (b. c1760)

Children of Johann Jacob and Eva Christina Stover Neff
7. John/Johan Jacob Neff (b. 3 Jan 1743)
7. John/Johannes Neff (11 Jan 1744-1812)
7. Michael Neff (b. 22 May 1745)
7. Anna Catharina Neff (22 Nov 1746-c1776)
7. Abraham Neff (c1748-1803)
7. John George Neff (b. Dec 1750)
7. Eva Christina Neff (5 May 1752-aft. 1784)
7. Mary Elizabeth "Margaret" Neff (b. 15 Apr 1754)
7. Maria Barbara Neff (b. 8 Sep 1755)
7. Eva Elizabeth Neff (7 May 1758-aft. 1784)
+7. Johann Peter Neff (3 Apr 1764, Heidelberg Twp, Lancaster Co, PA-Nov 1801, Manheim Twp, York Co, PA) m. 23 Jun 1783, Elizabethtown, Lancaster Co, PA, Susan BLASSER (b. 1764, Lancaster Co, PA), daughter of Nicholas BLASSER and Susannah WEYNARD

Children of George Abraham and Anna Christina Loesh Neff
7. Jacob Neff (16 Sep 1744-c19 Aug 1809)
7. Christina Neff (22 May 1746-aft. 1803)
7. Maria Catherine Neff (16 Jul 1747-aft. 1803)
7. Maria Magdalene Neff (25 Nov 1748-aft. 1803)
7. John George Neff (24 Feb 1751-bef. 1756)
7. Anna Maria Neff (18 May 1752-aft. 1803)
7. Abraham Neff (15 Jul 1753-c1824)
7. John George Neff (14 Jan 1756-aft. 1803)
7. John Leonard Neff (10 Apr 1757-1809)
7. Michael Neff (1 Jul 1759-bef. 1803)
7. Ann Margaret Neff (28 Aug 1761-6 Aug 1792)
7. John Henry Neff (4 Jul 1764-aft. 1803)
7. Sophia Neff (b. c1767)

Children of Hans Leonard and Elizabeth Magdalena Feg Neff
7. John Leonard Neff (1747/57-c1800)
7. Henry Neff (c1749-c1800)
7. Michael Neff (c1749-c1826)
7. George Neff (c1750-c1840)
7. Jacob Neff (1760/69-c1847)
7. Unknown Neff (b. c1762)
7. Unknown Neff (b. c1764)

Children of Johann George and Maria Elizabeth Stup Neff
7. John George Neff (30 Nov 1754-Aug 1812)
7. Michael Neff, RWP (15 May 1756-22 Jan 1825)
7. John Jacob Neff (4 Oct 1757-aft. 1824)
7. Christina Elizabeth Neff (b. 22 Apr 1759)
7. Catherine Neff (b. 28 Feb 1761)
7. Leonard Neff (17 Jan 1763-Oct 1844)
7. Maria Eva Neff (b. 16 Mar 1765)
7. Elizabeth Neff (b. 1767)
7. Peter Neff (6 Jun 1770-22 Sep 1860)

EIGHTH GENERATION: Children of Johann Peter and Susan Blasser Neff
8. Susan Neff (b. c1784) m. 9 Oct 1810, York Co, PA, Gotleib KUNKEL
8. Martha Matty Magdalena Neff (b. 1785, Heidelberg Twp, Lancaster Co, PA) m. 4 Dec 1814, York, PA, John Knaub/KNAUL
8. Jacob Neff (18 Aug 1787-29 May 1862, Freytown, Spring Garden, York Co, PA) m. 26 Sep 1809, Hellam Twp, York Co, PA, Mary DRUCK
8. Johannes Neff (15 Oct 1788, Donegal Twp, Lancaster Co, PA-aft. 1790)
8. Daughter Neff (c1791-aft. 1800)
8. Catherine Neff (1793, PA-15 Jan 1865, Cleveland, OH) m. 1811, York, PA, Samuel SPANGLER (15 Apr 1790, York Co, PA-27 Mar 1871, Cleveland, OH), son of Michael SPANGLER and Catherine SCHWEISGOOD
8. Elizabeth Neff (b. c1795) m. 14 Dec 1819, York Co, PA, George KIPP
+8. Peter Neff (17 Jan 1797, Manheim Twp, York Co, PA-28 May 1883, Plain Twp Wayne Co, OH)
m1. 23 Jan 1816, York Co, PA, Elizabeth SPANGLER (d. c1845, Plain Twp, Wayne Co, OH)
m2. 23 Sep 1847, Wayne Co, OH, Polly Mary SHAFFER (8 Mar 1802-20 Apr 1884, Plain Twp, Wayne Co, OH)

NINTH GENERATION: Children of Peter and Elizabeth Spangler Neff
9. Jacob Neff (b. 26 May 1817, York Co, PA) m. 27 Mar 1836, Stark Co, OH, Sarah SCHNIEDER
9. Michael Neff (b. 1819, York Co, PA) m. c1846, Polly Mary ___; one child: Peter (c1846-28 Jan 1907)
9. Sarah Neff (b. 1821, York Co, PA) probably died young
9. John Rudolph Neff (19 Feb 1822, Manheim Twp, York Co, PA-1909, Plain Twp, Wayne Co, OH) m. 11 Nov 1855, Stark Co, OH, Mary SNIDER (d. c1909, Plain Twp, Wayne Co, OH)
9. Henry Neff (b. c1828, Wayne Co, OH) m. 15 Aug 1848, Wayne Co, OH, Elizabeth SHAFER; two children: Aaron and Jerriss
+9. Benjamin Neff (4 Jul 1829-25 Apr 1896, Union Twp, Knox Co, OH) m. 6 Apr 1852, Coshocton Co, OH, Jane CASTEEL (22 Apr 1832-19 Oct 1892, Union Twp, Knox Co, OH)

TENTH GENERATION: Children of Benjamin and Jane Casteel Neff
10. John E. Neff (1853-1940)
10. Lydia Neff (1855-1946)
10. Sarah Neff (1858-1930)
10. Amanda Neff (1857-1924)
10. Thomas Neff (1861-1933)

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