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Our Ruckman Ancestors

John Ruckman (1590-1650) and Elizabeth

The Ruckman Family
Thanks to Ted Kuhn and Glenn Smith who supplied the following information on the Hampshire Co, VA (WV) Ruckman family. Ted has done extensive research on the early Ruckman family and most of the earliest information comes from his labor. Thanks to Karen King, another Ruckman descendant, who also supplied information.
Page created 17 May 1998, to help other Ruckman descendants and answer some questions, so please e-mail with corrections, additions, clues or suggestions. Bold type is our direct line; + indicates another generation on this page. Site updated on 12 March 2001.

According to Ted Kuhn's website , John Ruckman's father may have been Robert Ruckman (b. c1561, Merstham, Surrey Co, England), whose parents were Richard Ruckman (b. c1520, Merstham, Surrey Co, England) and Katherine SHARP (b. c1525). Richard and Katherine married on 5 Mar 1540/41 in Merstham, Surrey Co, England.

+1. John Ruckman (1590, Merstham, Surrey Co, England-betw. 13 Mar 1650-2 May 1650, Gravesend, Long Island, New Netherlands/NY) m. bef. 1626, ?England, Elizabeth ___(b. c1604,?England)
John and Elizabeth came to Plymouth Colony on the ship "Abigail", leaving Plymouth, England around 1 Aug 1635, and arriving in Boston on 8 Oct 1635. He was a follower of Lady Deborah Moody (the anabaptist) who left Plymouth Colony for Gravesend, Long Island. He received one of the original 28 shares of the settlement in 1646. His will only mentions one son, John.

+2. John Ruckman (1635, England?-aft. 1703, Middletown, Monmouth Co, NJ) m. c1660, ?Gravesend, Long Island, NY, Sarah ___(c1640, England?-aft. 1703)

THIRD GENERATION: Children of John and Sarah Ruckman
3. John Ruckman (c1660, Long Island, NY?-aft. 1715) m. Sarah TARRT (b. 1660); 5 children: Renshall, Majory, Jabes, John4 and Thomas.
3. Johnathan Ruckman (c1676, ?Long Island, NY-c1741) m. c1702, Middletown, Monmouth Co, NJ, ___ ELDRIDGE
3. Sarah Ruckman (4 Oct 1667, Middletown, Monmouth Co, NJ-bef. 1727) m. 27 Oct 1685, Eleazer COTTRELL (b. 1654, Newport, RI)
+3. Thomas Ruckman (c1670, Middletown, Monmouth Co, NJ-c1715, Freehold, Monmouth Co, NJ) m. Rachel ___ (b. betw. 1670-1680)
3. Samuel Ruckman (c1675, Middletown, Monmouth Co, NJ-aft. 1752)
m1. bef. 15 Aug 1715, Mary ___; 2 children: Samuel Ruckman and Thomas Ruckman (b. 1721) m. Susanna JAMES/Jones

FOURTH GENERATION: Children of Thomas and Rachel Ruckman
+4. John Ruckman (c1697, Middletown, Monmouth Co, NJ-1750, Hunterdon Co, NJ) m. Susannah ___ (betw. 1710/1720-aft. 1750
4. Thomas Ruckman (b. c1705) m. Elizabeth ??
4. Rachel Ruckman
4. Sarah Ruckman
4. Ruth Ruckman
4. Hannah Ruckman
4. Mary Ruckman
4. James Ruckman (b. 1716, NJ)

FIFTH GENERATION: Children of John & Susannah Ruckman
5. Daughter Ruckman (b. 1743) m. bef. Sep 1762, Thomas PRICE
5. John Ruckman, Sr. (1744, Hunterdon Co, NJ-25 Dec 1841, Amity, Washington Co, PA) m. 1770, Princeton, NJ, Elizabeth GULICK (1752, NJ-26 Sep 1852, Amity, Washington Co, PA), daughter of Samuel GULICK and Rensje VAN SICKLE. RWP
+5. Samuel Ruckman (1745, Hunterdon Co, NJ-1825, Hampshire Co, VA/WV) m. 4 Jul 1772, Hunterdon Co, NJ, Martha FOSTER (c1750-c1800, Hampshire Co, VA/WV), daughter of Isaac and Martha FOSTER
+5. Thomas Ruckman (c1747, NJ-bef. 2 Sep 1807, Hampshiire Co, VA/WV) m. 5 Apr 1774, NJ, Susannah ENT (b. c1755)
5. Susannah Ruckman (b. c1749) m. 27 Jun 1769, NJ, Peter OVERFIELD (b. c1745)
Samuel and Thomas Ruckman bought land in Hampshire Co, VA/WV in 1786.

Children of Samuel and Martha Foster Ruckman (taken from will probated on 16 Jan 1826, Hampshire Co, VA)
b>+6. Samuel Ruckman (c1770-bef. 1826, Hampshire Co, VA) m. c1789, Susannah ?WATSON
6. Richard Ruckman (c1775-1866, Richland Co, OH) m. c1797, Mary CALVIN (b. c1784). Couple appears in the 1820 Census of Hampshire Co, VA
+6. John Ruckman (1 Aug 1778, Kingwood Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ-15 Feb 1865, Hampshire Co, VA/WV) m. c1800, Jane SLACK (29 Nov 1781-3 Jan 1867, Hampshire Co, VA/WV
6. Mary Ruckman (c1782-aft. 1825)
6. Wilson Ruckman (bef. 1810-c1830) m. 14 Oct 1828, Hampshire Co, VA, Charity HANNAS

Children of Thomas and Susannah Ent Ruckman
6. John B. Ruckman
+6. Jacob Ruckman (c1777, NJ?-bef. 1814) m. c1805, Catherine COOPER (c1780-6 Aug 1866, Hampshire Co, WV), daughter of George COOPER
6. Peter Ruckman
+6. Joseph Ruckman, Rev. (16 May 1786-22 Jul 1855) m. 10 Dec 1807, Grace CRAMER (15 May 1789, VA-10 Jan 1864); 17 children, but only know 4
6. Samuel B. Ruckman
6. Elizabeth Ruckman - twin
6. Susannah Ruckman - twin m. Samuel PARK (b. 1783)
6. Mary Ruckman (b. 1809, VA) may be a granddaughter

Children of Samuel and Susannah Ruckman
7. John Ruckman (b. c1789)
7. Sarah Ruckman (b. c1796)
+7. Watson Ruckman (27 Mar 1805, Hampshire Co, VA-16 Jan 1845, Columbiana Co, OH) m. 21 Aug 1828, Columbiana Co, OH, Hannah ROWLER (c1800-1859, Columbiana Co, OH), widow of an unknown SMITH and daughter of Baltzar ROLLER and Alse ROSE
7. Hannah Ruckman (b. c1812) m. 17 Feb 1825, Solomon ROBINSON
+7. Samuel3 Ruckman (1815, Hampshire Co, VA-aft. 1850) m. bef. 1836, Elizabeth A. ___ (1812, Maryland-aft. 1880)

Children of John and Jane Slack Ruckman
7. Martha Ruckman (b. c1802)
7. Jane Ruckman (b. cAug 1803)
7. Mary Ruckman (b. 31 Jul 1804)
7. James Ruckman (b. 29 Nov 1807) m. Hannah HUFFMAN; daughter Martha (b. 2 Apr 1847, Hancock Co, OH) m. 26 Mar 1871, Hancock Co, OH, William ROLLER
7. Susannah Ruckman (b. c30 Aug 1810)
7. Samuel Ruckman (b. 31 Dec 1813)
7. Henry Ruckman (b. 31 Oct 1816)
7. John Ruckman, Jr. (7 Sep 1819)

Children of Jacob and Catherine Cooper Ruckman
+7. Samuel C. Ruckman (8 Aug, 1807, Hampshire Co, VA-21 Sep 1869, Hampshire Co, VA) m. 8 Sep 1828, Hampshire Co, VA, Elizabeth WATKINS (23 Feb 1806, Hampshire Co, VA-18 May 1843, Hampshire Co, VA)
Were there two Elizabeth Watkins or do we have the Samuels mixed up?
7. Mary Ruckman (b. c1809)
7. Thomas Ruckman (b. c1812)

Children of Joseph and Grace Cramer Ruckman
7. Elizabeth Ruckman (b. 1820, VA)
7. Harriet Ruckman (b. c1826)
7. Juliet Ruckman (b. 1830, VA)
7. Emily Ruckman (b. 1831, VA)

Children of Samuel (son of John) and Elizabeth Ruckman
8. Ruth Ruckman (b. 1832, VA)
8. James Ruckman (b. 1840, VA)
8. John Ruckman (b. 1844, VA)
8. Stephen Ruckman (b. 1845, VA)
8. Martha Ruckman (b. 1848, VA)
8. Granville Ruckman (b. 1849, VA)

Children of Watson and Hannah Rowler Ruckman
8. Alice Ruckman (16 Jun 1838, Columbiana Co, OH-9 Feb 1917, Adams Co, IN) m. 29 Mar 1857, Jesse WILLIAMS (3 Mar 1832, Westmoreland Co, PA-10 Dec 1913, Adams Co, IN), son of Elijah WILLIAMS and Catherine KOENIG/King .
8. Sarah A. Ruckman m. ___ Long

Children of Samuel (son of Samuel) and Elizabeth Watkins? Ruckman
8. Susan Ruckman (b. 1836, VA)
8. Mary Ruckman (b. c1838, VA)
8. Hannah Ruckman (b. 1841, VA)
8. George Ruckman (b. 1842, VA)
8. Thomas Ruckman (b. c1844, VA) m. bef. Dec 1879, Zulemma J. ___ (b. 1850, VA); one known child: Burral C. Ruckman (b. Dec 1879, VA)
8. Abraham Ruckman (b. 1846, VA)
8. John Ruckman (b. 1848, VA)
8. Margaret Ruckman (b. spring of 1850, VA)
8. Sarah A. Ruckman (b. 1851)

Children of Samuel C. (son of Jacob) and Elizabeth Watkins Ruckman
8. Harriet Ann Ruckman (b. 30 Aug 1829)
8. Juliett A. Ruckman (b. 1832)
+8. James Thomas Ruckman (10 Jul 1835-18 Mar 1912) m. 7 Jun 1853, Caroline FAHS (26 Jan 1838-26 May 1904
8. Rhoda E. Ruckman (b. 1838)

Children of James Thomas and Caroline Faks Ruckman
9. Frances E. Ruckman (b. 1858)
9. William J. Ruckman (b. 1865)
9. Jacob Calvin Ruckman (28 Feb 1868-22 Dec 1958)
9. Rosa Ruckman (b. 1871) m. Edgar LOY
9. Samuel Ruckman (b. 1874)
9. Albert M. Ruckman (22 Dec 1860-15 May 1919) m. 15 May 1885, Alverda ??? (10 Jul 1866-27 Apr 1920); one known son: Floyd Manley Ruckman (2 Jun 1896-14 Dec 1980) m. 25 Apr 1920, Florilla BAILEY (11 Sep 1897, Augusta WV-13 Jun 1980)

Counter added 2/10/99.

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