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The Oldham Family

Calvin & Mary Oldham

Many thanks to Anis M. Kashani for adding information to our Oldham family and to Dot Golliher for her additions. Page updated 9 Mar 2001; links checked 12 Nov 1006. Bold indicates direct line; + means there is another generation on this page.

+1-Calvin OLDHAM (c1822, ?Chatham Co, NC-30 Sep 1864, Ft. Harris, VA) m. c1846, NC, Mary ___ (c1815, NC-aft. 1870, ?Carroll Parish, LA)
Calvin and Mary are found on the 1850 US census of Moore Co, NC, along with the Ephraim Oldham family. In 1860, both the Calvin and Ephraim Oldham families appear on the Bibb Co, AL census. Calvin joined Co. F of the 44th AL Volunteer Infantry Regiment on 7 Apr 1862. After 18 battles including Gettysburg, Chickmaugha and Spottylvania, he was killed in action at the Battle of Ft. Harris, VA. According to Florence Stewart McKoin, in her book "Between the Rivers" p. 80, the Oldham family, along with several others, left AL after their homes were burned during the Civil War. They were going to TX, but a relative died and they stopped to bury the relative in Carroll Parish, LA. The wagontrain went on, but Mary Oldham and her children settled just east of Floyd, LA.
By the 1870 census, Mary and her children are living with her oldest daughter's familiy in Carroll Parish, LA. Ephraim and Sarah Oldham are living nearby. Mary is not listed in the 1880 census and Ephraim has gone to Texas. Ephraim Oldham was the son of Chatham Co, NC. Since the families moved together for almost thirty years, Calvin and Ephraim were either brothers or cousins. Would love to find out which!

2-Margaret Jane OLDHAM (23 Mar 1847, NC-25 Feb 1923, Pioneer, LA) m. 18 Jul 1867, W. Carroll Parish, LA, John H. MCINTYRE (27 Jan 1824, NC-Betw. 1871-1880, Pioneer, LA), son of Angus McIntyre and Elizabeth STILLEY
2-Thomas OLDHAM (b. 1848, NC)
2-Mary E. OLDHAM (b. 1852, NC)
+2-Malcolm OLDHAM (1851, NC-1885, Floyd, LA)
m. 5 Jan 1879, W. Carroll Par, LA, Nancy Elizabeth MCINTRYE (1846, Floyd, W. Carroll Parish, LA-1900, Floyd, LA),
the widow of Darrell WRIGHT, Jr. and daughter of Angus MCINTYRE and Elizabeth STILLEY
2-George Oldham (b. c1854, AL)
+2-Robert Oldham (b. c1856, AL) m. 29 Oct 1885 W. Carroll Parish, LA, Mary E. WRIGHT, daughter of Darrell WRIGHT, Jr. and Nancy Elizabeth MCINTYRE

Children of Malcolm and Elizabeth McIntrye OLDHAM
+3-Robert Wright Oldham (3 Dec 1879, Floyd, W. Carroll Parish, LA-15 Feb 1954, Delhi, Richland Parish, LA)
m. 10 Nov 1903, W. Carrol Par, LA,
John Neil Ider "Ida" OWENS (13 Jun 1884, Carthage, Leake Co, MS-12 Nov 1970, Zachary, E. Baton Rouge Parish, LA), daughter of Charles (C. P./Dick) OWENS and Martha Elizabeth "Mattie" YOUNG

3-John M. Oldham (3 Jan 1883-7 Feb 1907); never married
3-Nannie Oldham (c1884-Oct 1905) m. 29 Nov 1903, W. Carroll Parish, LA, Sidney Alfred OWENS (1 Jul 1882-29 May 1960), son of Charles Pinckney OWENS, Jr. and Martha Elizabeth "Mattie" YOUNG; one son: M. Byram Owens.

Child of Robert and Mary Elizabet Wright OLDHAM
3-Willie "Cudd" Oldham (20 Aug 1891-12 Nov 1977, Richland Parish, LA) m. 1914, Henry Harrison STEVENSON (20 Mar 1888, Morehouse Parish, LA-28 Sep 1978, Richland Parish, LA); one son: Robert Edward Stevenson m. Lora ___

FOURTH GENERATION: The children of R. W. and Ida Owens OLDHAM
4-Malcolm Neil Oldham (9 May 1905, Darnell, LA-20 Nov 1965)
m. 24 Dec 1925, Lilla Lucille PEARCE (3 Apr 1909, Wesson, AR-5 May 1986), daughter of Logan Boyd PEARCE and Ida Jane CHRISTIAN; 5 children
4-Mattie Elizabeth Oldham (28 Jun 1907, Darnell, LA-5 Aug 1974)
m. David Lazarus PEARCE (8 Sep 1905, Wesson, AR-28 May 1984, Baton Rouge, LA); son of Logan Boyd PEARCE and Ida Jane CHRISTIAN; 3 children
4-Nannie Ida Oldham (b. 16 May 1909, Goodwill, W. Carroll Parish, LA-28 Sep 1999, Baton Rouge, LA)
m. 24 Dec 1925, Curtis Wheeler PEARCE (3 Mar 1907, Wesson, AR-3 Feb 1937, Shreveport, LA), son of Logan Boyd PEARCE and Ida Jane CHRISTIAN; 4 children
m. aft. 1935, Floyd HAYLEY (1898-1972); no children
4-Stella Dixis Oldham (21 Sep 1911, Darnell, W. Carroll Parish, LA-18 Jul 1988)
m. Mike Lee VINING (19 Jul 1906-10 Jan 2001); 9 children
4-Rev. John Robert Oldham (18 Oct 1915, Darnell, W. Carroll Parish, LA-19 Mar 1995, Baton Rouge, LA)
m. Dixie Constance Modell LAY (b. 16 Mar 1914, Kilburn, LA); 4 children
4-Mary Madeline Oldham (4 Mar 1918, Darnell, W. Carroll Parish, LA-14 Mar 1977, Zachary, E. Baton Rouge Parish, LA)
m. Edgar Black PEARCE (5 Dec 1914, Wesson, Union Co, AR-26 Nov 1993, Baton Rouge, LA), son of Logan B. PEARCE and Ida Jane CHRISTIAN ; 2 sons

4-Rev. Edward Lincoln Oldham (26 Oct 1922, Pioneer, LA-23 Mar 1995, Baton Rouge, LA)
m. Meriam BOZE (b. 18 Sep 1924, Baton Rouge); 3 children

Yes, the OLDHAMs were all siblings and the PEARCEs were all siblings, so these two families share many double first cousins.

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