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Our Owen Family

Richard Owen (c1686-1756) & Betty Rowland

Mary Texas "Teck" Owen
Picture taken in 1938.

Much of the following information comes from Carole M. Castleberry, who solved the Owen mystery and even gave us another Revolutionary War Patriot. She has published a book, "The Montgomery & Owen Family History and Genealogy" Many thanks, Carole! Her information caused several Owen cousins to contribute to the cause and I thank each of them and hope more cousins will continue to add information.
The Owen Family Association also has a ton of information.
Click on the link to find the ancestors/families of the Owen wives. Bold print indicates our direct line; + means there is another generation on this page.

Last updated 19 March 2001; links checked 12 November 2006.

Richard OWEN was born c1686 in VA, and died 17 Jun 1756 in Halifax Co, VA. He married Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" ROWLAND. The couple had eleven known children.
2-John Owen (1704, Caroline Co, VA-bef. 20 Sep 1771, Pittsylvania Co, VA) m. Martha NICHOLS
2-Richard J. Owen (c1707, Goochland Co, VA-aft. 1782) m. Lucretia "Lucy" ____
2-Ralph Owen (b. c1709)
2-Henry Owen (b. c1711)
2-Elizabeth Frances "Betty" Owen (c1715, Goochland Co, VA-1798, Halifax Co, VA) m. bef. 1731, Henrico Co, VA, Thomas STOVALL (b. Henrico Co, VA); 9 known children, including Martha "Patsy" STOVALL (b. c1755)
+2-William OWEN, Sr. (c1715, VA-c1782, Wilkes Co, GA) m. Drucilla ECHOLS (b. 1736, VA), daughter of Richard ECHOLS and Catherine EVANS
2-Mary Owen (c1717, Caroline Co, VA-aft. 1782, Halifax Co, VA) m. bef. 1743, Goochland Co, VA, John NICHOLS
2-Thomas Owen (b. c1718)
2-Sarah Owen (c1721, Goochland Co, VA-c1790, Rowan Co, NC) m. c1747, VA, Thomas WOMACK
2-James Owen (c1723, Goochland Co, VA-26 Jun 1799, Rowan Co, NC) m. Nancy Ann ___
2-Ambrose Owen (c1727, Goochland Co, VA-Betw. 1808-1817, Halifax Co, VA)m. Elizabeth STOVALL

THIRD GENERATION: Children of William and Drucilla Echols OWEN
3-Uriah Owen (1758, Pittsylvania Co, VA-Sep 1820, Wilkes Co, GA) Rev. War Patriot m. 1780, VA, Sarah EVERETT (3 Jan 1761, Richmond Co, VA-4 Sep 1832, Wilkes Co, GA), daughter of Daniel and Frances EVERETT
3-William Owen, Jr. (b. 1761) m. Sarah EDMONDSON
3-Rhoda Owen (10 Feb 1763, ?-7 Sep 1842, Wilkes Co, GA) m. 17 Mar 1792, Malachi REEVES (b. 10 Feb 1763)
3-Obediah Owen (c1765-1807) m. 21 Dec 1788, VA, Dicey TOMBS; 3 children: Levi, Lemuel and Lucy E. Owen
3-Reuben Owen (b. c1769) m. Patsy WELLS
+3-Ezra Owen (17 Mar 1770, Halifax Co, VA-11 Nov 1859, Dewitt Co, TX) m. 16 Jul 1793, Lydia VANCE (17 Feb 1780, GA-1860, Dewitt Co, TX)
3-Franklin E. Owen (c1772, VA-3 Aug 1825, Randolf Co, IL) m. 26 Nov 1809, Hopkins Co, KY, Elizabeth T. BERRY
3-Lucy Owen (b. c1774)
3-Tabitha Owen (c1776, VA-c1845) m. 13 Jun 1801, Oglethorpe Co, GA, Sydnor EVERETT (1775, NC-c1855, Trigg Co, KY), son of Daniel and Frances EVERETT
3-Catherine Evans Owen (3 Jan 1781, VA-14 May 1834, Greene Co, GA) m. 3 Apr 1803, Oglethorpe Co, GA, John CHENEY, Sr.

Children of Uriah and Sarah Everett OWEN
Family moved from Pittsylvania Co, VA to Wilkes Co, GA in 1787.
4-Garland Owen (1781, VA-1818) m. 24 Dec 1806, Wilkes Co, GA, Sarah WOOLBRIGHT
+4-Obadiah Owen (b. 1782, VA) m. 1805, GA, Jane MOSELY (1786, VA-1825, Wilkes Co, GA), daughter of Edwin MOZELY (b. 1764, VA) and Sarah GATHRIGHT (b. 1764, VA)
m. 2 Jul 1826, Walton Co, GA, Lucinda LASSETER (b. 1805); children: Job Owen (b. 1827) and Obadiah Owen, Jr. (b. 1829)
4-William Owen (b. 1783, VA) m. 9 Dec 1807, Wilkes Co, GA, Margaret LACKEY
4-Brice Marshall Owen (b. 1785, VA) m. 14 Jul 1812, Jasper Co, GA, Sarah LAW
4-Benjamin Owen (b. 1788, Wilkes Co, GA) m. 27 Nov 1810, Oglethorpe Co, GA, Ruth RILEY
4-Frances Owen (b. 1790, GA) m. 19 Dec 1820, Wilkes Co, GA, James MCLAUGHLIN
4-Sarah Owen (b. 1792, GA) m. 22 Aug 1826, Riley WOOLEY
4-Lucy Owen (1794, GA-1836) m. c1817, John CHANEY/Cheney, Jr.
4-Rhoda Owen (b. 1796, GA) m. 24 Mar 1830, Wilkes Co, GA, Thomas JEFFERS

Children of Ezra and Lydia Vance OWEN
4-Drucilla Owen
4-Frank Owen
4-Eliza Berry Owen (5 Aug 1819-4 Jul 1839) m. 24 Jan 1839, Edward Walsh WILLIAMS
4-George Frank Owen
4-Thomas Jefferson Vance Owen (15 Apr 1801, KY-15 Oct 1835, IL) m. Emeline HOTCHLISS (b. 4 May 1807)
4-William B. Owen (b. 1802)
4-James Monroe Owen (b. betw. 1810-1820)
4-Eliza Berry Owen (5 Aug 1819-4 Jul 1839) m. 24 Jan 1839, Edward Walsh WILLIAMS (a very short marriage!)
4-Shadrach Bond Owen (b. 9 Aug 1822)
4-Lydia Echols Owen (b. 1828, AR)
Other possible children:
4-Mary V. Owen
4-Esther Owen
4-Ezra Madison Owen
4-Benjamin Franklin Owen

FIFTH GENERATION: Children of Obadiah and Jane Mosely OWEN
+5-Ransome Franklin Owen (10 Sep 1806, Wilkes Co, GA-6 Mar 1875, Columbia Co, AR) m. 28 Aug 1826, Walton Co, GA, Elizabeth Jane Portlock SWINNEY (7 Aug 1811, Franklin, Newton Co, GA-6 Aug 1879, Columbia Co, AR), daughter of Lewis Anthony SWINNEY (b. 1774, NC) and Elizabeth PORTLOCK (b. c1789, SC)
5-Griffin Smith Owen (b. 1809, Wilkes Co, GA) m. 31 Mar 1829, Walton Co, GA, Mary Ann ALLEN
5-Malachi Reeves Owen (b. 1814, Wilkes Co, GA) m. Eliza MCCLENDON; 3 children
5-Uriah Bell Owen (1817, Wilkes Co, GA-aft. May 1887, AL)
m. 4 Jan 1844, Carroll Co, GA, Isabella C. JONES; 7 children
5-Dock Garland Owen (27 Nov 1819, Wilkes Co, GA-3 Mar 1900) m. 15 Nov 1838, Walton Co, GA, Sarah J. CHICK
5-Carolyn Owen
5-Asa Pruit Owen
5-Walston Harris Owen m. Laura ___
5-Orie Jane Owen (9 Feb 1825, Monroe, Walton Co, GA-1920, Bienville Pa, LA)
m. 23 Nov 1845, Carroll Co, GA, Edwin Moseley NOLAND, son of Peyton NOLAND and Sarah MOSELY

SIXTH GENERATION: Children of Ransome F. and Elizabeth J. P. Swinney OWEN
Family moved from Heard Co, GA to Columbia Co, AR about 1855.
6-Egbert Bell Owen (10 Sep 1829, Walton Co, GA-8 Jul 1890, Columbia Co, AR)
m. Mary Jane BOWMAN (7 Oct 1831-1 May 1870, Columbia Co, AR); 8 children
6-Alfred H. Owen (15 Apr 1831, GA-25 Oct 1838, GA)
+6-Rufus Benjamin Owen (17 Oct 1832, GA-6 May 1908, Columbia Co, AR) m. Zeltha COCKRELL (b. 1833), daughter of William COCKRELL and Nancy Ann COX.
6-Harriet T. Owen (11 Jun 1834, GA-8 May 1862, Columbia Co, AR)
m. Wm. Benjamin WARREN (1826, Gwinnet Co, GA-1886, Columbia Co, AR)
6-Lucy Thomas Adeline Owen (12 Nov 1835, Heard Co, GA-27 Nov 1912, Columbia Co, AR)
m. Benjamin T. MULLINS (28 Jul 1830-30 May 1914); 1 child: Benjamin Thrice MULLINS
6-Ransom Franklin Owen (19 May 1837, GA-3 Dec 1878, Columbia Co, AR) m. Fannie THOMAS
6-Amanda Frances Elizabeth Owen (25 Apr 1839, GA-Jan 1929, Columbia Co, AR)
m. Lafayette B. SMITH
6-Martha Caroline Owen (25 Jan 1841, GA-16 Feb 1929, Homer, LA)
m. 22 May 1861, Peter Wiley KERLIN (16 Dec 1837-22 Sep 1874)
m. John KERLIN
6-Nancy Jane Owen (25 Jul 1842, GA-30 Jul 1918, Columbia Co, AR)
m. Joe W. MULLINS (27 Jul 1840-26 Jun 1923, Columbia Co, AR)
6-Samuel Owen (b. 1844, GA) m. Mattie BROWNING
6-Lucius Elzie Owen (11 Dec 1845, GA-19 May 1912, AR)
m. 1 Feb 1872, Louisa Frances CHRISTIE (1854-1944)
6-Jerusha M. Owen (19 May 1847, GA-27 Jan 1935) m. George BURDINE
6-Eudocious Cook "Doc" Owen (10 Dec 1849, GA-15 Oct 1936) m. Tallulah Catherine THOMAS
6-Elizabeth Ann Owen (6 May 1852, Heard Co, GA-1905) m. George T. H. "Wid" GILLESPIE

SEVENTH GENERATION: Children of Rufus Benjamin and Zeltha Cockrell OWEN
7-Mary Texas "Teck" Owen (14 Jan 1853, Heard Co, GA-17 Jul 1941, Union Co, AR) m. David Allen CHRISTIAN, Sr. (16 Oct 1844, GA-31 Dec 1903, Union Co, AR), son of Elijah Osborne CHRISTIAN and Mildred Arnold PEAVEY
7-William Owen (b. 1856, GA)
7-John Albert Owen (b. 10 May 1857, GA) m. Susan MCCOLLOUGH
7-July Owen (b. 1859, AR)

If you find anyone you have a connection to, please get in touch!

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